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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Steubenville Herald Star (Newspaper) - August 12, 1958, Steubenville, Ohio Steubenville Herald Star for 152 years a dependable institution take it Hes been sick published daily except sunday by Brus Moore established june 1806 member associated press August 1958 Page 6 dont drop out of school its time to face it school Bells Are ready to ring in the Steubenville area almost any Day now and discouraging As that May be to those of us who cannot stand the thought of summer time will not stand along with the approaching school the United states department of labor is sponsoring a stayin school Campaign which is the Campaign is prompted by alarming Fig ures which show that 4 of every 10 teen agers will drop out of High school before be ing the reasons Are familiar and some Are compelling As in the Case of eco nomic Aeed at Are shallow As in the cases of boys and girls who be Lieve they cannot adjust to school discipline or who believe they do not fit in with other these reasons and important or do not justify the loss the students will suffer if they do drop schooling before obtaining a High school both Steubenville High schools have Good and Complete curriculum which offer much to students whether they intend to continue on to College or any Normal student can enjoy the Normal discipline of either steu Benville High school and any student who tries can fit in with Steubenville youngsters in our Are hospitable and the majority of whom Are Well adjust both High schools offer a Complete Stu Dent life to any student willing to try him Here Are some impressive figures of those teenagers who do drop out of school each year Only half find jobs and the rest Are unit is estimated that a High school graduate earns More in a lifetime than a Grade school dropout and More a High school less than half of All employers will even consider hiring a Young person who has not finished High most jobs for Dropo its Are Low paid and offer Little Chance for the armed forces give top priority to train ing for High school Opportunity is nearly unlimited for Young people who do obtain As much education As Industry needs additional craftsmen each year just to the present work Force and that is without Al lowing for any of 200 Large firms on half said they were unable to hire enough scientists and one in every three said they had substantial Short Ages in such of every four qualified specialist needed by the armed forces Only three currently Are of 71 occupations where shortages the minimum educational requirement in All 71 is High school of 85 occupations open to youths of High school All but 23 require a High school it is apparent that the smart thing for any youngster to do is to acquire All the Edu cation he can and in this country most of it is free and of High it is one of the privileges offered to Steubenville and other american youths which is not available Aav where it was a Good idea anyway this May sound but we think it is taking some of the Shine off discovery of an underwater Northwest passage across the Arctic to Call it an american answer to the Earth satellites lobbed into outer space by the soviet we think there was a better time americans would have looked on the historic feet of the Nautilus and its skilled Crew As something Worth doing for its own we would be astonished to learn that the men aboard the Nautilus during the 96 hours it cruised under the Polar ice Cap kept say ing to we Are doing this to get even with the insane notion that everything Ameri cans do any More is done to prove they Are As smart or a Little smarter than the rus sians is not shared by it is peculiarly the fixation of people who feel called either because they Are Public officials or because they feel responsible for indoctrinating the american to proclaim every hour on the hour that the United states is every bit As Good As the soviet Union and usually it it it is so it there is no need to be on the defensive about there were after who were thrilled last october when sputnik went into orbit not because it was russian but because it was something that had been made possible by the intelligence of human there Are americans perhaps a majority Welcome the Opportunity to compete with a dynamic russian because they believe Competition is the spice of life and hate to think How drab life would be if there were no other society to compete with but the British and the the West Ger mans Are coming up fast and the japanese Are close behind but As of today and now the russians Are furnishing the compe americans who like Competition do not keep they like Competition for its Owa it is their idea that if americans do the Best they can and russians do the Best they can both will be ahead and the rest of the world will they do not think the Nautilus had to be an answer to even if no nervous Nellie Ever had the fidgets for fear the Pesky rus skies might do something it was a Good idea any Way to find out whether it was possible to go across the Arctic Ocean under the ice someone had to try it eventually and were glad americans tried Success lets not leave any Grubby Finger Marks on the credit they three Way coexistence Dag Hammarskjold proposal for economic assistance in the Middle East with no political strings attached adds a new dimension to the forthcoming discussion in the general Assembly of the United the United states intervened in Lebanon because it believed the soviet Union and the United Arab Republic were pulling political strings in the Middle it has Learned since its intervention that turmoil in the Middle East can be blamed on the political strings that it and Britain have been at the expense of heating up revolutionary impulses to the spokesmen for the Middle including spokesmen for have made it Clear that they would prefer to be Neutral in the two Way struggle Between the anticommunist bloc and the communist events elsewhere have made it More that Many nations outside the Middle East Are tired of being pulled and hauled the once Over the big problem if the Summit meeting in new York had not been blitzed by Khrushchev would have been the guest the overflow might have had to be held at the Yankee for helpful personalities we would have invited Casey Perry lady sergeant Brigitte Bardot end Durstine and there would have been critical moments when All seemed and coming out from the Bench to make necessary changes in would have been rushed in at grim can always assure an interlude of Perry Mason could have been used to Clear up any mystery we could have let Russia have his District who has never won a Case yet other guests might have included Luz the 1958 miss her pres ence could interrupt any others we would have invited include Aris Totle Bernard Goldfine and Jim Hardy of the Wells Fargo Aristotle could invite everybody out on his yacht in a tense Hardy can always see that any villain gets his in his silk suddenly appearing during a hot with his press agents and a report of could break the tension at Summit session Nikita Khrushchev will not put on his own version of you asked for it in new due to the demand that he appear As a single performer not As property Man and composer of words and All or nothing at All is his touring new York escapes a blitzing of its noise endlessly Between the anticommunist bloc and the communist Are hold ing a Brief for instead of being committed to the proposition that coexistence would Call for an in easy truce Between communism and anti a sizable group of including the recruits to nationalism in the Middle would prefer that coexistence should become a three Way there would in that anticommunist communist bloc and a neutralise whose members would not be aligned with either of the first the Neutral nations would exist in the Pat Tern made famous by which has refused to align itself with contending Power blocs and thus has stood accused sometimes of wanting to play both ends against the mid for its own advantage an accusation the construed As a tribute to their Phillips less summer program and the avoids chaos and a merger with the fire Washington is relieved of a production in which the performers and routines Are chosen by if not Las terms had been accepted the would have no future outside of Las the Security Council would have been reduced to the status of the old time Columbia including the standardized slapstick and multiple door Khrushchev favors a return engagement at Geneva or the lobby of the Izvestia ikes Golf is 10 strokes better and Dulles is so Happy he could Fly without the the Security Council May now be Able to re sume at the Point where it was interrupted by a Midsummer nights its just As Well Krush wont he does Bis own writes his material and doubles in if necessary he could sing the Road to Mandalay and recite Casey at the if his idea had gone the United nations might just As Well have waxed its floors and staged the Summit meeting on roller by the associated newspapers shapers soliloquies eerie Phenomena Are reported from Washington where a placed under the door of the adjoining can hear nothing but another in today the Swimm Irig Pool is closer to your Cabin than the Bathtub used to War in deep freeze by David Lawrence Nautilus changes military strategy Reuther views the future Walter Reuthers Long term plans for building a powerful political machine for the moment at to be justified by apparently they took shape when he returned 23 years ago from his sojourn in continent Al they were the penetration of the labor movement by a dedicated minority then the acquisition of Cap Tive Money and manpower through the Union after the penetration of the flabby democratic party in selected states by an other minority of his Union it is somewhat difficult to perceive the Wisdom or logic of his present Lon term plans for the labor in an interview with a Brit ish which appeared Over Here in the new Republic in he tells of what he sees he admits that automation in Industry will mean a decline in Union but to offset he would press for the Organiza Tion of clerical and other White col Lar he recognizes that the great mechanical brains Are displacing clerical but Solace himself by asserting that shrinking Job opportunities by Raymond Moley will result in those workers organizing to protect it is hard to follow his logic for if automation is destined to shrink the Power of Industrial How can it be assumed that unionism will increase in the White Collar Field where it has Only a frail beginning now As far As Industrial workers Are he Speaks of the decline in what has been called the instinct of no one gets a sense of creative achievement making he workers Are being starved by in this re Spect his philosophy follows that which was hilariously depicted by Charley chaplins mod Ern and to Check the the creative instinct must be Chan need into what he Calls creative it is a pity that the Man who was asking the questions failed to suggest that if the Way were open to factory workers to Prog Ress up through the ranks of fore men into the management there would be sufficient incentive to stimulate the starved Crea Tures making it would be interesting to pin the question on the Chou a head whether no Ion rules and practices Are not in themselves standing in the Way of such if the poli cies of unionism create a sort of class War Between workers and with emphasis on Standard returns for the efficient and inefficient there is Little Chance for outlet for the am Reuther gets himself into a difficult Corner when he advocates More and More Money for Educa Tion which will teach people to play and at the same time adv As he does in this that the United states should help India by providing great quantities of machinery to move and build highways and transportation int the net of what he is saying that we should adopt a policy of Scarcity for our while we keep on working for our and and if his solution is to turn from educating for workmanship to training people to enjoy More and More How Are we Ever to prevail in a world contest with nations that Are working harder and with More and More to work with associated newspapers daughter of the Deserf last month Young King Faisal ii of Iraq lost both his throne and his the the 90th anniversary of the birth of a remarkable Gertrude whose influence and intimate knowledge of the merging Arab world were decisive in placing the Emir the Young Kings on the Iraq Gertrude Bell died in ancient capital of the caliphs in the Days of Arab on july and lies buried outside Baghdad near the shores of the River almost five years on she had witnessed the Coronation of King Faisal a Triumph of personal diplomacy for Gertrude Blu eyed and miss in her own right a feminine Lawrence of was a key British official in old Mesopotamia now Iraq during and after world War in those Days the Western particularly great Britain wanted to satisfy Iraq nationalistic aspirations and yet keep her Safe in its the in was trying to avoid precisely what happened on july and even then the steely Whitehall Eye was on Russia to the to do this Job Gertrude Bell was the right person in the right place at the right every thing in her life had moved to put her in this unique spot in Henry by Ann Cottrell Bell including the loss of the Man she she had unlimited knowledge of these biblical Cour age and great moreover she knew How to use them on sheikh and Diplomat so when Robed warriors of the As Well As the men around the Green who is to be King they listened when Gertrude Bell Emir she Faisal became states the encyclopaedia Britan and for two years Gertrude Bell was the life and soul of a regime often but left thanks largely to this this the Emir a Leader in the Arab revolt against the was the third son of the famed Hussein Ibn All of the Sherif of Mecca and Law fences chief support in bringing about the revolt in the Faisal also was the descendant of Prophet Moham meds favorite and he was the Grandfather of the 23yearold British educated namesake King who fell last but this woman the new King called thou and desert sheikhs called Light of our from the standpoint of official title and salary Gertrude Bells role would appear to have exalted her position would by Carl Anderson have been unseemly in a land where women were veiled and largely she was Oriental Secretary to the High com sir Percy at the time of her greatest born in North coun try of distinguished Gertrude Bell took a first in history at Oxford and excelled at anything she set her some times it was climbing a difficult Alpine next writing exploring unmapped 1 a n is or really digging deep into history As an archaeologist of and throughout it she dressed with More style and Grace than most of her her Romance with Henry Cado a Young Diplomat she met while visiting in was heightened by their Mutual love of the persian nightingales and they had been engaged when Henry Cadogan died of Gertrude Bells knowledge of these areas was of inestimable value to British intelligence Dur ing the first great part of the time she was in Bagh dad and the Viceroy summoned her to India for delicate discussions about increasing Egypt role in the the War the old ottoman Empire the political course of the area now embracing modern Iraq Hung in various promises had been made could they be carried out miss Bell and her desert warriors Learned at the Paris peace conference that Britain was to have a mandate Over the Yetto reborn but who was to be King by the time Winston Secretary of state for called the Cairo conference a year it was Gertrude Bell who was calling the rivalry for the throne of Iraq was miss Bell stood firm for her candidate even in face of tribal there was bitter enmity Between Faisal hash emite family and King Ibn Saud of saudi but Churchill talking endlessly to the sheikhs of various drinking end less cups of thick Black miss Bell in was practising personal the arabs trusted and a plebiscite showed 96 percent of the voters favored after King Faisal i was crowned on miss Bell wrote a note to a Friend Back Home in weve had a Terri fic she but weve got our King newspaper Alliance the United states Navy has done it it has revolutionized strategic warfare i the world to As it has done several tunes in past for while the sputnik whirl around in far off their military value in rela Tion to a pre Cise target still much in David it has been demonstrated that the atom powered with its capacity to fire can be come a major deterrent to War most people who since school Days have become accustomed to remember maps that separate tip hemispheres do not realize that the Borders of soviet Russia lie across the top of the world and Are bounded by a stretch of nearly Miles of the Arctic Ocean which in turn is accessible from both the Atlantic and Pacific sides of North this geographical circumstance Means that so Viet Russia now is vulnerable to marines which can fire into her heartland and reach almost any City therein with atomic the North Pivotal Point for a plane carrying bombs of the strategic air Force that can go across the Arctic directly to soviet now becomes also the rendezvous of american submarines hiding under the big Icecap in the Polar the latest exploit by the cruised submerged from Hawaii by Way of the Bering sea along the coast of then traversed the Arctic under the ice to a Point beyond Greenland still headed this week for great Britain startling in its military imply perhaps the Best Way to under stand the tremendous significance militarily of what has just happened is to quote from a copy righted interview published recently in news world report cleared by the Navy in which rear Hyman sometimes called the father of the atomic said a Large number of these mis Sil carrying nuclear submarines should be kept continuously at submerged anywhere we want Many of them hiding under tha Polar they would constitute a Fleetin being ready for immediate use at any that Means if anyone de clares War on us and actually fires missiles into our if he should manage to destroy the United knows that inevitably he himself will also be because we will have these submerged missile launch ing bases where he cannot prevent them from firing on so this missile carrying submarine May turn out to be a real deterrent to Rickover then went on to say consider the problem from the enemy Point of he can do something about missile bases which we or our allies May have on he can sabotage them or overrun them or he can fire mis Siles at but suppose these bases Are somewhere in the Ocean or hidden under the Polar Icecap How is he going to find them under millions of Square Miles of Polar Icecap the Admiral pointed out that the United states has a total of 22 nuclear powered submarines that either have been built or have been authorized and that the last three authorized by Congress will carry Polaris Type mis this is a non air breathing rocket which has not yet been fully but the regulus Type is air breathing and can be fired from submarines sur facing at Admiral Are operational right thus the bulwark of our offence and Airpower in development of strategic concepts while de signed primarily for use in can really serve to maintain world for the history of International behaviour has shown where one major Power or Alli Ance of Powers has a military and it can use its potential to secure respect for its words diplomacy and thereby preserve America by reason of what the Nautilus has accomplish is in a position once More to talk from this deterrent emerging in an Era of irresponsible dictatorships which overnight might have pushed the world to the Brink of be hailed As an epochal copyright new York Herald Tribune everything Brand new by Truman twill youve noticed it too that Noth ing is ballyhooed any More be cause it is tried and Only be cause it is even the companies that pay for the Ballyhoo seem to be striving to give the impression of being fresh in the of All the things that Are up for grabs in this country at All the Bucks a buyer will Only whisky is still supposed to be Good be cause it has lost its raw everything else is either a revolutionary new idea or an old revolutionary idea that has been the idea seems to be to avoid promoting anything that has been around Long enough to be but at one time it was the other Way people looked Down their twitch ing noses at All upstart products and they did not favor the idea of fooling with anything that haunt been Good enough for their fathers and mothers before them and their grandparents before the Only thing that lit their Bay ing fuse was a guarantee that the stuff being sold was the same re liable merchandise they had been accustomed to buy in the same place since Hector was All Young dentists and lawyers expected to starve to death until their hair began to fall any whippersnapper with the audacity to go to Market with a new product could expect to be cold shouldered until his crazy idea had withstood the test of if it was still around in 10 his Gadget might Given a 10day with to buildings were constructed to last until doomsday and so was everything even As lowly an a Century from the Herald Star files ninety seven years a military Post was to be established in the name was Camp fifty years a Union service was held on the Lawn of the la Belle View the Lions a love Sto was attracting Large crowds to the Idle hour Nickelodeon next to the Herald Star Twentyfive years the Board of health was to con Sider sealing the North Hill Spring at Mingo Junction after six cases of typhoid fever developed in the Roy Kelly of new Cumberland and Mccort of Follansbee were named supervisors of Pri Mary roads in Hancock and Brooke fifteen years George named chairman of the county gasoline ration William Wilkin and William George beaded the third War loan drive in Brooke implement As a potato Masher was handed Down from Mother to with instructions on what to do with it in Case a Sonin Law followed in a father Laws scouring Home reme household fur banking theatrical books and ideas had to withstand the test of time before they were a everything about society was anchored in the supposition that All things which were old were there fore Good and to be preferred Over All things that were the lat ter might turn out All right even but sensible people would wait to see before throwing away their the madness that made newness for the Sake of newness seem More sensible than boldness for the Sake of boldness began to sweep the coun try after world War in it was not More sensible at it was just More but it did wonders for which in turn did wonders for which did wonders for wages and so the newness madness was Here to what it did not do wonders for was Confidence and not considered to be As important As they once As Long As there is even a fellow with a new Mousetrap that can not catch mice can pitch himself a tent by the Side of the Road and Snag his quota of interesting facts natives of the Faeroe which Are about Halfway Between Iceland and catch sea Birds with nets on Long they catch no Birds carrying this is a sign they Are bringing food to youngsters in their a Clay Tablet was found in what is now a Tablet which was identified As being 3 centuries on it was inscribed you can have a you can have a but the Man to fear is the tax the tax on gasoline in Utah has climbed from 24 cents per gallon to 6 cents per Steubenville Herald Star Herald 170174 4th phone at 25311 editorial at 20701 or a 20711 at subscription rates single copy cents delivered by per 30 cents payable one year in mail subscriptions in Jefferson county and adjoining one 80 cents three six one remainder of postal zone including 50 Miles radius of one three six one outside rates on request no mail subscriptions accepted in localities served by the associated press is entitled exclusively to the use for republication of All the local news published in this newspaper and to All a news advertising representatives Brooks entered As second class mail mat ter at Post under act of Congress March ;