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Sterling Daily Gazette Newspaper Archives May 20 1963, Page 1

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Sterling Daily Gazette (Newspaper) - May 20, 1963, Sterling, Illinois Local Faro cat mostly steady with scattered ass in Likely tonight. Cooler tuesday. The daily Gazette Stirling and Hock Mil his official of Slatton atty Trade err Slorf Over 7mtt not paid circulation Over am a delivered evenings except sundays in Sterling reek fans Prophetstown Morrison Unionville Tampico Chadwick Milledgeville. Polo. Colola. Walnut door Grove new Bedford Manito Yorktown. Galt Como Penton. Normandy. Lynden Netleen. Erie round Grove Emerson and Harmon 109th year no. 119 fall la sad wire associated pros Sterling Rock palls Illinois monday May 20, 1963 mint but of Tho audit bursts of circulation Price ten cent astronaut Cooper tells Story of flight Rockefeller will reassess chances in political race by Jack Bell Washington apr an intensive reassessment of the political situation will be the order of the Day for new York gov. Nelson a. Rockefeller when he returns from his honeymoon what his private pollsters Tell him about the political effect of his marriage to Divorcee Margaret pitied Murphy could have a direct bearing on whether the governor plunges into an Active drive for the 1964 Republican presidential nomination or merely coasts along awaiting developments. If the indications Are that his marriage has built up resistance to his nomination the governor can be expected to tread water for a while until a new canvass can be made this fall. If relatively Clear sailing is in Prospect he May step up his campaigning. Rockefeller is a great believer in polls. He also is a Man who plays his politics close to his Vest Seldom confiding his plans in Advance even to party allies. For example he told sen. Kenneth b. Keating r-n.y., Only 20 minutes before the ceremony that he was going to be married. Although Rockefeller has made All of the familiar motions of a candidate for the nomination his remarriage after being divorced last year by his wife of 31 years has injected a new element of doubt about his intentions. What Rockefeller a marriage has done to his prospects for the nomination and to his chances of beating president Kennedy if the governor should be the gop Standard bearer remain a subject of discussion and disagreement. Senate Republican Leader Everett of. Dirksen of Illinois who has adopted a Neutral stance on the Choice of a nominee said in a separate interview he thinks the whole matter will blow Over in Kennedy and Wallace continued on Page two supreme court wont Speed up hearing on gov. Barnett trial Washington apr the supreme court refused today to Speed up its bearing of an Appeal in which gov. Ross r. Barnett of Mississippi claims the right to a jury trial in the criminal contempt Case pending against him. The High tribunal announced its refusal in routine fashion in a Long est of orders. The order in the Barnett Case gave no explanation. The High tribunal on april 29, ims agreed to hear arguments on the jury trial question but said the arguments would be heard in the courts new term next fall. It said the Case probably would be called some time during a two week session beginning october 14. Barnett then petitioned the court for a special Early argument session and prompt decision. The governor and it. Gov. Paul b. Johnson of Mississippi were cited for criminal contempt by the . Circuit court in new Orleans. The officials were accused of refusing to obey circuit court orders not to interfere with admission of James h. Meredith a negro to the University of Mississippi last fall. After citing the state officials the circuit court split 4-4 on whether the trial should be by a jury or by a judge or judges Barnet and Johnson asked a jury trial. The circuit court requested the supreme court to decide the Issue after which the contempt trial would be held. Johnson joined Barnett in ask tag a prompt hearing and decision. Their petition pointed out their terms of office expire to january. President Kennedy flashes a Grin after his arrival at muscle Shoals Ala., May 18. At right Alabama governor George Wallace follows with eyes downcast. A wire photo Birmingham tense As police investigate dynamite theft the weather forecast from Chicago weather Bureau at noon Sterling and Vicinity a mostly Cloudy with scattered showers Likely tonight probably ending tuesday. Low tonight in the 40s. Cooler tuesday. High tuesday 52-00. Iowa a variable cloudiness a Chance of Light showers in East tonight tuesday partly Cloudy and cooler. Low tonight in the 40b. High tuesday 90s North to 60s. South. Five Day forecast Northern Illinois a temperatures will average 3 to 7 degrees below Normal. Normal highs 70 to 75. Normal lows 49 to 54. Cooler tuesday. Some moderation Likely late to the week. Total precipitation one half to one Tach. Showers Are mostly Likely late to the week. Local temperatures 12 noon 1 pm. 2 pm. 3 . 4 pm. 5 pm 6 pm 7 pm. 8 pm. 9 pm 10 pm 11 pm 88 12 Midnight 52 68 i am. So 87 2 am 48 64 3 am. 47 84 4 am 48 63 5 am 45 83 6 amb 48 62 7 am. 50 60 8 am 53 58 9 am. 58 in to am 60 54 la am. 0ft bombing threatens nato delegates at Canadian meeting Ottawa apr terrorist threats to bomb Ottawa hotels brought increased Security precautions today As top ranking diplomats continued arriving to Tbs Canadian capital for the minister isl meeting of the North Atlantic treaty organisation. Among those due to today were . Secretary of state Dean Rusk British foreign Secretary lord Home and French foreign minister Maurice youve de Mineville. The meeting begins wednesday. A number of hotels received Anonymous letters during the weekend saying hotels housing nato delegates would be blown up. It was assumed the threats came from the Fly Quebec liberation front the underground group that wants to separate French speaking Quebec province from Canada. The Fly has claimed credit for a number of bombings to the past few months to Montreal. So far its violence has been confined to Quebec province. Ottawa is to Ontario and most of the provinces people Are of British descent. Rusk and Many of the nato ministers will be housed at their embassies. West German foreign minister Gerhard Schroeder arranged a meeting with Canadian foreign Secretary Paul Martin for this morning. The German made Clear that he will Back the proposal to set up a new nato command Structure to handle National nuclear units in the Alliance and to coordinate their operations. A Germany supports the regrouping of a part of the alliances nuclear capability under discussion a he said. Quot we believe that such cooperation will mean Progress to handling the difficult task of nuclear Rusk is to see Martin tuesday. He also will Confer with other delegates to Advance of the nato meeting. Diplomatic sources said there is Little doubt that the 15 nato countries will approve the new nuclear command. I by Don Mckee Birmingham Ala. A authorities Are investigating the theft of a Large amount of Dyna mite several Days before twin blasts touched off negro rioting in this City and threw Sparks of racial unrest All Over the nation. Two cases of dynamite were stolen from a storage House prior to the May la bombings of a negro House and a Motel sheriff Melvin Bailey disclosed sunday. Nor Mally that would be too pounds Quot its a frightening amount Quot said Bailey. Quot there is plenty of Loose dynamite to this an uneasy Calm prevailed Dur tag the weekend. Nearly 1,300 Law enforcement officers were Avail Able for duty and potential trouble areas were under heavy patrol. About 3,000 Federal troops called up by president Kennedy for possible us to Birmingham were on standby at two Alabama bases. Gov. George c. Wallace who has sent about 700 state officers into the City filed suit saturday to an Effort to Block any use of the Federal troops. The president and Wallace met a few hours later at muscle Shoals to North Alabama at a Tennessee Valley authority anniversary Observance. They talked during a helicopter flight to Huntsville where the president spoke. A we discussed things briefly a Wallace said later at a news conference. Pierre Salinger White House press Secretary said the discussion was Quot not Wallace maintains that state and local authorities Are keeping the peace to Birmingham and can put Down any disorders that might flare up. One of the leaders of the desegregation Campaign the Rev. Wyatt tee Walker contended to a talk at a Washington rally that Alabama troopers Are trying to incite negroes to riot through intimidation and la Northeast Alabama la persons were arrested for attempting to Complete the integration pilgrimage of slain Baltimore postman William l. Moore. The group included actress Madeleine Sherwood. They were charged with breach of the peace. Reports on View from space minor troubles discusses his flight Cooper relaxes after questions and examinations by Jules Loh Cape canaveral Fla. A with two Days of examinations questions and confetti behind him astronaut Gordon Cooper planned to do absolutely nothing today except relax. That a something that comes easy to a Man who can doze off while perched atop a rocket set to blast him into space. Asked at a news conference sunday if he thought his flight concluded project Mercury. Cooper replied that it was his personal opinion that great gain would come from an extended Mercury flight. Then he tossed the question to or. Robert c. Seamans associate administrator of the National aeronautics and space administration. Quot we Are faced with a decision in the next week or so on another Mercury flight Quot Seamans said but said it is quite unlikely an other Mercury manned Mission will be conducted. Quot the longer you keep Mercury personnel working on Mercury flights the longer you delay putting them on the gemini program a he said. Tuesday the laconic oklahoman with the Huck finn Grin will receive the National aeronaut us and space administration s dist a gushed service medal from Prest Dent Kennedy at a ceremony to the White House Rose Garden. Then he will address a joint sea Sion of Congress and the follow tag Day will go to new York for a ticker tape Parade. Today Cooper plans Only to rest from the one predictable after of feet of his 34-hour cosmic adventure an Onrush of adulation from an admiring populace. His latest taste of it was a Homey and Heartfelt Welcome by the people of Cocoa Beach who turned out sunday along a simile stretch of Sun drenched Highway and waved flags and Bunting and Beach towels and hollered a Well done it was one of the largest crowds Ever assembled in this Neon lighted Sand spit which the astronauts continued on Page two Kennedy s Jet sets . Moscow record Moscow apr president Kennedy a Jet Airliner has set a Speed record for a washing ton to mos cow flight answering soviet taunts that no american aircraft could make the 5,004-mile trip without stopping. Kennedy a personal Pilot col. James b. Swindal of Birmingham Ala., landed the Boeing 707 Here sunday after a flight of 8 hours 38 minutes 42 seconds. He said the Only other Washington mos cow nonstop flight he knew of was a soviet flight which took 12 hours. The plane brought Glenn t. Sea Borg chairman of the atomic Energy commission and nine other . Officials for an Exchange visit to the soviet Union. It by John Barbour also coated press science writer Cape canaveral Fla apr astronaut Gordon Coopers space tale of his whirlwind world tour is a study in contrasts he saw the Bamboo curtained heart of red China. He nearly saw his own Home hidden by Trees to Houston tex. He saw things As colossal As the Himalayas and things As puny As houses in India trucks a boat a train. He awoke startled from his space sleep forgetting for a moment where he was. Yet he had the greatest presence of mind in flying his spacecraft Back to Earth through the roasting and dangerous moments of re entry. But somehow to the telling at sundays news conference in Cooper s own relaxed and Light style it All seemed to come out the same. The first signal of trouble with his automatic Pilot was the flashing Green of a warning Light. Quot i thought maybe at first i d just ignore it but i decided maybe i better not a he said. Quot i was afraid it would t go away. Quot i found that the re entry into the Earth a denser atmosphere was easier on the first portion than what we had been practising to procedures Trainer with the computers. Everything went very Well on with the Calm diagnostic tones of an Engineer he measured the preciseness of each element of his flight. Occasionally his humor caught the situation. One chore aboard was to Transfer to separate containers urine samples collected at various stages of the flight a for later analysis. It would help he said to have larger fittings on the Transfer pump. It took half an orbit a something like 45 minutes a to Complete one pumping operation. His fellow astronauts sitting to one Side led the news conference audience in laughter. He held up a plastic Container of Brown and yellow dehydrated food and admitted some difficulty in adding water to it during the flight. What was it a newsman asked. Pot roast Cooper answered. Cooper marvelled at the precision of his launch. A i Felt As if i was right out on the Point of the Needle being put right to the target a he said. He had no difficulty sleeping to space save one. He awoke once to find his arms to weightlessness Han tag in the cockpit in front of him. Quot it is rather distracting he said especially with the multitude of critical control switches out there to front of him to easy reach. When he slept his spacecraft was powered Down so the problem Wasny to too serious. He added Quot still it seems like you sleep with your arms Han tag out that Way. It seemed like an Odd commandos in Cuba Caracas Venezuela apr a commando unit operating from inside Cuba attacked a militia Barracks near Havana to Mark cubans Independence Day sunday an exile spokesman says. The underground resistance Force raised an anti Castro Battle Flag before fleeing spokesman Segun Tao Alvarez said. An undetermined number of Castro militiamen were reported killed to the predawn raid. Astronaut Gordon Cooper presented these expressions today As he discussed his 22-orbit flight through space at a news conference in Cocoa Beach Fla a wire photo. Today in Washington in the briton reports on tour of red China editors note a Richard f. Lister is a 48 year old British writer who has just come out of red China following a three week British travel Agency tour. Here a his inside report on hts first impressions of a country Long barred to . Reporters first of la series. I by Richard p. Lister peking apr its 7,000 Miles from London to red China. In 24 hours you Are Here if you have $1,540 to spend for a three weeks tour and the chinese accept you. It works out at about 14 cents a mile. Breakfast to London lunch to Moscow where most of the four hour Stop is spent filling to innumerable Green forms demanded by rampant bureaucracy. One wonders of they Are really friends the russians and the chinese. Who makes this journey delegations to workers and Trade unionists from the communist world politicians and technical experts. Land now the first tiny trickle of tourists. We Are tourists and More important organised tourists. The Agency in London saw to that. Individual tourists can make it with a struggle but the Chi by Ami prefer oven the Tourt gig to look like a delegation. This group includes a lawyer a member of Ute House of commons who has written books on famous trials a drama critic of a London sunday newspaper a Farmer baronet from the North of England a retired industrialist and his wife and several energetic old ladies to search of something of More interest than a Beach. On Landing Tea was served. Tea is served everywhere to China at All hours. Now our a a delegation gets taken Over by officialdom. With our guide and an interpreter we strike out the next morning for the Imperial Palace the forbidden City of Imperial times and then to the great Hall of the people which is the red chinese parliament. We re under surveillance not because we re cloak and Dagger types at All but because the chinese want to be sure we done to become Quot incidents. Through All this the chinese show us what they choose to show and its their Best foot Forward. Yet they cannot conceal Many crowded dilapidated dwellings and Tho primitive agricultural it methods which Call for backbreaking human Lascor for Lack of a machine. By the time we were swinging Back toward peking it was impossible though to avoid concluding that the people All seemed to be the same purposeful contented reasonable Calm. Nobody begged nobody stole. No one looked hungry and if Here and there a citizen was wearing Little better than rags the rags were carefully stitched and darned and patched. Certainly there is government and party discipline. Yet the discipline among the people seemed deeper than All that older More sure one of us in our Quot delegation Felt we possessed this chinese Quality. The three week tour ended Bock in peking timed exactly for the May Day celebrations. Presiding Over the festivities were five portraits exhibited everywhere to huge dimension. Mao the Tung in solitary splendor and facing him Marx Engels. Lenin and Stalin. In All the China we saw there was not one single portrait of Nikita Khrushchev. Mast bed China contrast. T Ford workers holding out May los jobs Chicago apr despite a work or be fired ultimatum from the company a member of local 588, United Auto workers remained away from their jobs in the big Ford motor co. Stamping Plant today pending a meeting to discuss their dispute with the firm. Ford officials called orders to each of the workers during the weekend to report to work at their regular shift times and advising them refusal Quot will subject you to the Chicago Heights strike has had a crippling effect on the Auto makers production plants in la states. The company estimated 12,500 employees would be Idle Early this week. Both Union and company officials have acknowledged that the stoppage is unauthorized. The Wildcat strike began May la when the company suspended five workers who protested what they considered inadequate safety precautions in the use of a huge stamping press. Union sources said sunday that it appears a segment of the 3,699-member local 588 is anxious to return to work. The unions International leadership has ordered an end to the strike. Meet to discuss return of u. S. Copter pilots Seoul South Korea apr the North koreans agreed today to meet wednesday with the United nations command to Dis cuss return of two american helicopter pilots forced Down behind i communist lines. I the reds had refused earlier requests from us. Gen. Guy 3. Meloy for foe meeting. The two pilots capt. Ben w. Stotts Florence Ala., and capt. Charleton w. Voltz Frankfort mich., were shelled and forced Down Friday when their h23 helicopter crossed the Hon River Estuary. This is the Western Boundary of the 155-mile Long armistice demarcation line. By Washington a news from Washington latin America ambassador Delesseps s. Morrison says the organization of american states will act soon to halt the flow of funds communist agents and propaganda from Cuba to other latin american countries. Morrison said sunday he expects effective action soon after presentation of a report prepared by the Oas 11-nation vigilance committee on the cuban subversion problem. The american ambassador to the Oas spoke in a radio and television interview. Meanwhile Republican National chairman William e. Miller demanded that president Kennedy Tell the people whether the soviets Are building a naval base at Banes on the northeastern tip of Cuba. Quot fresh intelligence has been received that a a heavily armed naval based is under construction Miller said in a statement. Sen. Hubert h. Humphrey a min replied that Millers assertions amount to a a mischievous nonsense without any foundation Kennedy Macmillan White House press Secretary Pierre Salinger has denied that president Kennedy snubbed British prime minister Harold Macmillan. Relations Between the two leaders Are excellent Salinger said sunday. He was asked to comment after Richard Crossman a British labor party spokesman asserted Kennedy had administered a a deliberate a and monumental snub to Macmillan in connection with the presidents trip to Europe in june. Kennedy does not plan to see Macmillan or visit the United kingdom on his trip. Information the Penta gon s information chief has promised Quot to avoid interference to legitimate news coverage by newsmen and photographers at scenes of military air crashes outside military bases. Quot it is Clear policy of the department of defense to allow Access to information concerning the department of defense to the maximum extent possible a assistant Secretary of defense Arthur Sylvester said in a statement sunday. Last week chairman John Moss d-calif., of the House government information subcommittee accused military officials of illegally restricting photographers covering military plane accidents in civilian areas. Military deaths there were 4,579 deaths in the . Military services in the year ended april 30, with accidents taking the greatest toll. Records made available today show that 1,226 were attributed to Quot natural except for a comparative few the remainder resulted from accidents. The exceptions include 31 killed in Quot hostile action a a reference to the Viet Nam War to which . Personnel to planes helicopters and accompanying South Viet Nam forces on ground patrols against the communist Viet Cong died under gunfire. Of the 31 in this category 21 were army to air Force. Homecoming a astronaut Gordon Cooper and his wife Trudy Are All smiles As they wave from the ramp of plan that brought them to Cape canaveral Fla. From Hawaii. It was a Welcome Home Day at Cape canaveral for the astronaut and space Agency officials fellow astronauts and thousands of fellow countrymen were on hand to congratulate him and cheer him it Nea photo cows object to drum and trumpet rehearsal Hornchurch England apr the Hornchurch drum and trumpet corps went for a weekend rehearsal in Peter reads pasture. Reads 50 cows lifted their Heads with interest As bandmaster Brian Keeler raised his Baton for John Philips Sousa so Semper the Drums crashed out and the horns blared. Five com dropped dead. The rest stampeded. Keeler apologized profusely. Quot they were obviously terrified by the noise a said read. But he added that be sue a a these things f rail bargaining talks continue on work rules Washington apr the railroads and five operating unions resumed bargaining today in their Long fight Over work rules they met at the urgent request of president Kennedy. Negotiators for both sides withheld comment As they started their closed meeting saying they would wait until after the Early sessions. If no agreement is reached before june 12, Only new legislation providing for either compulsory arbitration or government seizure of the railroads can Block a nationwide rail strike. A three Man emergency Board provided the basis for new negotiations in a report to the president last week. Kennedy in making the report Public said Quot there is no time to be lost for completing their agreement in this critical dispute. The ultimate dependence must be upon their own the key Issue to the Battle Over Market members Are agreed on demands for Cut in tariffs by Carl Hartman Geneva apr the european common Market countries agreed today to american demands for across the Board Tariff cuts. This apparent reversal of position was aimed at ending the deadlock Between the world s two greatest trading blocs. But at the same time the six european countries demanded that in return the United states agree to an automatic formula for adjusting gaps Between High american Tariff and lower european ones. West Oerman economics minister Ludwig Erhard claimed credit for the new proposal which he said he thought would end the deadlock with the United states. French finance minister Valery Giscard Deestaing said a it s for the americans to the full session of the 73-nation chairman Hans Schaffner of Switzerland called off an after wit the railroads Call a Feather Akre erne to 011 ars bedding la the Fate of 40,000 fire rades. Cd Terence _7la/�?T f men on freight and Yard trains while the comm marketers and a presidential commission last the americans cockeyed for Posi year proposed that the jobs of t10� these firemen be eliminated with 13.000 Low seniority men being Dis ,. Missed immediately and the other meeting but agreed to pre 27.000 jobs being eliminated As i so Ciai ening session men retire die or move to other of the Dos Putin a. A Crux of the situation is that ministers of the common Market countries a France. West Germany. Italy the Netherlands Bel _ a a glum and Luxembourg a insist Plainfield n j. Api if on reductions to individual . Americans Quot fail to understand tariffs they considered too High that there Are elements of the As Wenj s agreed general cuts. Birmingham explosion to evry the . Delegation has insisted Community where inequality on equal percentage cuts from among races exist then we shall is jes wit i a goal of slashes Uva a i by r Ming hams and we As High As m cent it want shall deserve them says sen Harrison a. Williams . Need understanding to open formal bargaining sessions May 6, 1964. A common Market official said no Date could be fixed for bar gaining talks until tile unit holding de states and the Trade bloc report on Banks Washington a companies control 434 Banks agree on an approach. He said the whose aggregate deposits amount j common Market would agree to to 8 per cent of commercial Bank a Date if the United states con deposits to the country. Report to the House banking committee said today. A successful company president is one who Hoe a worried look on he Toto big amp in amp to Factor _ seats to handle the High Tariff problem on the same level As its proposals for across the Board cuts. Maurice Brasseau belgian minister of foreign Trade conveyed the Market groups decision to Christian a. Herter president Kennedy s chief negotiator at the Gatt talks. The talks wired up tuesday. The us. Proposal Calls for Quot substantial equal linear Tariff reductions. With limited in Short the United states wants nearly All tariffs slashed by the same percentage. At Frances insistence the common Market countries contended that High . Tariffs should be slashed by greater amounts than Low european tariffs. I

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