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Star-News (Newspaper) - August 22, 1976, Pasadena, CaliforniaPasana California sunday August 77, sunday final area party registration said equal democrats gain big in Pasadena by Steve Hemmerick Stalf writer registered democrats and republicans Are almost equal in number in Pasadena Monrovia and Temple City according to the latest report on registration issued by the Secretary of state s office. In most other Star news area cities however registration for one party or another remains lopsided especially in san Marino where 81 per cent of those registered were republicans on May 9 of this year the cutoff Date for the report. Sixteen per cent were democrats. But in Pasadena the report indicated that of those registered to vote 46.7 per cent were democrats and 46.8 per cent republicans. Those figures would indicate Pasadena s political make up has changed dramatically in recent years. In november 1960. 59 per cent of those registered in the City were republicans and 37 per cent were democratic according to the los Angeles county registrar recorder s office. In Monrovia those registered on May 9 were 48 per cent democratic and 46 per cent republicans and in Temple City the figures were 48 per cent republicans and 47 per cent democrats. Registered voters of smaller Par ties and those who declined to state party preferences made up the remaining percentage Points. Registrations for other cities were Alhambra 53 per cent democratic and 41 per cent Republican Arcadia 31 per cent democratic and 64 per cent Republican Duarte 53 per cent democratic and 40 per cent Republican Al Monte 65 per cent democratic and 29 per cent Republican Monterey Park 66 per cent democratic and 28 per cent Republican and in Rosemead 66 per cent democratic and 28 per cent Republican. In san Gabriel registrations were 51 per cent democratic and 44 per cent Republican Sierra Madre 40 per cent democratic and 54 per cent Republican South Pasadena s8 per cent democratic and 56 per cent Republican. There were Large Republican majorities in most Star news area congressional Assembly and Senate districts but not in the 26th congressional District and the 25 and continued on Page a6 inside today quotable Carter in a new Book ill never lie to the inner thoughts of democratic presidential nominee Jimmy Carter Are revealed via quotations collected along the Campaign Trail. Page a9 Tennis anyone hit hard by rising costs country clubs around the nation Are grabbing for every Dollar they can get their hands on and the result is that almost anyone can now join these once exclusive groups. Page by the great outdoors reciting rhymes about a Chick named City youths Are Dis covering new horizons with the Pasadena based program outward bound adventures. Page by rams still undefeated the los Angeles rams remained undefeated by defeating the previously unbeaten Oakland raiders 23-14, in a National football league pre season game. Page do Brent Howell Page ai3 dear Page by Hendrickson Page d2 Art books m classified cl-14 crossword b5 deaths c2 Dine All editorial a8 Aid finance a13.14 people bl-5 real estate a13 sports dl-6 travel All pith i up Adieu area tw-0311 East Valley 445-2434. Los Angeles Mi-4j71. Fur delivery of i tatty paper Cill from s . To 7 . Monday i rough Friday 7 . To . Monday saturday 7 . To . Sunday. After torn Xii Oil Hamto sport weather today fair Early morning fog will turn to fair skies today and monday. Little temperature change is expected As overnight lows will be in the 90s with highs in the mid ids. At fires raging across parched w. Europe Bob Keyes gop Delegate Delegate Blacks key to Ford win snubbed by the Ronald Reagan forces Black delegates to the Republican convention swung the presidential nomination Over to president Ford according to a Ford Campaign coordinator who is a Pasadena resident. Without the nomination votes of 68 Black delegates. Ford would t have had enough votes to win the Nomina Tion in Kansas City said Bob Keyes. The Ford Campaign coordinator for Black Delegate affairs. Ford received 1.187 votes on the first ballot 57 More than the required. Out of the 76 Black delegates at the convention Reagan received Only eight of their votes and five of the eight were California delegates who were required to vote for Reagan on the first ballot he said. While some of the Black delegates Keyes contended were required to vote for Ford on the first ballot under some state s primary election rules Many of them were not. Many of the Black delegates came from states like new York Penn Sylvania Ohio and new Jersey and could have voted for Ford or Reagan on the first ballot he said. The Black delegates overwhelmingly voted for Ford said Keyes partly because Ford As presi Dent had already done a fairly de cent Job of taking care of the interests of All minorities including but he added the majority of them viewed Reagan As running an ant minority Campaign and a Campaign that was forcing Ford More and More to the political right. Before the voting a reception was held with Ford vice president Nelson Rockefeller sen. Edward Brooke r-mass., and the Black delegates. At the reception said Keyes Ford spoke for five or 10 minute about How he envisioned getting Blacks involved in the Campaign and further pointed out that As soon As the nomination was Over he was going to invite the delegates Back to the White House and have them assist him in planning some Keyes who was an aide to Reagan when he was governor of California said Reagan staff members excluded minorities from Reagan s Campaign until it was too late. Steve Hemmerick 18 hopefuls on ballot in Alhambra by Mary Jane Birdsall Alhambra corretto Chient Alhambra voters on nov. 2 will have a wide Choice among 18 candidates and seven municipal ballot propositions including one affecting police and fire pensions an another calling for an elected mayor. The municipal election which coincides with the statewide elec Tion will give voters an Opportunity to change the Structure of the City Council by accepting or rejecting four of the proposed charter amendments. They will appear on the ballot As charter amendment nos. 1, 2. 3 and 5. The other three proposed charter amendments 4, 6 and 7, pertain to City finances directly or indirectly. Two Council seats will be deter mined. A mayor will be elected if one of the proposed charter amendments passes and three school Board positions will be decided. The mayor s position is currently occupied by one of the five councilmen and determined by the councilmen themselves at an annual reorganization meeting. Councilman Frank Townsend walked out of the last reorganization meeting and charged Sham and Deal because he said he Felt that mayor Ernest Duncan was elected by cont Mil on Page a14 thousands flee for their lives associated press fires raged through acres of forests in Bone dry Britain and France saturday forcing thousands of vacationers to flee for their lives. Weathermen foresaw no Relief from Western Europe s longest drought in memory. The 15-month dry spell has drained reservoirs and parched crops in a Belt from England and Wales to Belgium and Northwest and Central France. Some campers and bathers were evacuated in boats when Forest fires swept toward France s Atlantic Beach North of Royan and Cut off All Overland escape routes. At least other vacationers were in a Beach area farther North around the Village of la Palmyre and vans with loudspeakers toured the streets and tent Camps warning an emergency evacuation might be necessary. Black smoke swirled Over la Palmyre and flames could be seen shooting hundreds of feet into the air less than two Miles away. The director of a zoo in la Palmyre appealed to other French zoos to Send him Mobile cages and tranquil izing drugs As quickly As possible so he could move his animals including Lions tigers giraffes and hippos. Hundreds of firemen from communities up to 100 Miles away were trying to Block the Blaze in the pinewoods but Strong winds fanned the fire. South Wales firemen were reported near exhaustion As they continued to fight a Blaze that has already swept through five Square Miles of Forest destroying at least 200.000 Trees. We Are stretched to the said Gwent fire chief Roy Orringer. In London where the famous fountains at Trafalgar Square have been turned off and the City s water Supply is Down to 50 Days there has been no rain for 33 Days. Rally casualty a leftist student is carried away from scene of a protest rally outside thamin asat univer sity in Bangkok Thailand. The rally was in protest of the a wire loto return of exiled thai military strongman prabhas Char Sathien. One youth was killed and 37 wounded when right Wing students fired weapons into the crowd. . Shows military Power in South Korea Seoul South Korea a the United states staged a demonstration of military Power in and Aroi ind Korea on saturday at the same time As Allied forces felled a tree that was the Center of the dispute in which North koreans killed two american officers. President Ford personally approved the plan to go in there and Cut the tree White House press scientists9 fear realized Viking seismometer fails in designing such precise scientific instruments for the Viking exploration of Mars scientists have always harboured a latent fear that something would go wrong and their work would go for naught. Each design in fact tried to anticipate every possible anomaly to prevent failure. Perhaps it was inevitable that something indeed would malfunction preventing completion of any one of the numerous experiments to be per formed by the Viking Laboratory. As Luck would have it the instrument to gauge movement of the Mars terrain the seismometer so far has not been Able to operate. But not because the instrument was defective. For want of a completed circuit Between the Lander itself and the seismometer the delicate instrument remains strapped Down and nonfunctioning. Tests indicate that were it freed the instrument would operate Well. Defects have threatened other sex by Dick Lloyd suit writer delicate and pediments but so far they have been corrected or the malfunctions did not recur on repeat tries. Scientists of course were deeply troubled at the jamming of the soil collector Boom which delivers soil to the various miniature testing laboratories inside the Lander. Engineers were Able to isolate the trouble and get the extendable working again. But similar efforts have proven fruitless with the seismometer even though the trouble has been identified. It Means that unless the seismometer on the Viking 2 spacecraft which is due to land sept. 4 operates there will be no data obtained on Mars quakes. With failure of the Viking 1 seismometer however the total Experiment will not be completed since two instruments Are needed for Best results. Or. Don Anderson of Pasadena s Cal tech is director of the Institute s department of geological and continued on Page a4 Secretary Ron Nessen said saturday at Vail Colo. At Travis air Force base in California Flag draped caskets carrying the bodies of the two slain american officers arrived amid a Brief solemn ceremony. The bodies were taken to the . Army mortuary in Oakland Calif. Loving Travis information officer said maj. Arthur bonifas 33, of Newburgh ., would be flown to West Point For burial and 1st it. Mark t. Barrett 25, to his Hometown of Columbia . Bonifas was promoted posthumously from Cap Tain to major. In the operation an Arnada of warplanes and troops was poised near the demilitarized zone during cutting of the 40-foot Poplar at the Neutral truce Village of Panmunjom. Twenty six helicopter gunships of the kind used in the Vietnam War backed by an unspecified number of f4 phantom and fill Jet fighters and three b52 bombers from Guam circled overhead while a Quick reaction Force of 300 . And South korean soldiers protected the tree cutting Allied military sources said. A Pyongyang broadcast charged that 300 troops including americans in full combat entered the demilitarized zone do a separating North and South Korea and not Only Cut Down the tree but also destroyed North korean guard posts and smashed barriers. Area teen Dies policeman Hurt in gang fight by Scott herhold show Whir a 14-year-old Al Monte youth died at Pasadena s Huntington memorial Hospital saturday morning after a gang fight in Baldwin Park that left a police officer and another youth injured. The victim Rudy Almonte was pronounced dead after being shot in the head in a Blaze of gunfire at the Edgewood drive in theatre 13159 Bess ave. In Baldwin Park. Baldwin Park police said they were dispatched to the theatre shortly after Midnight to quell a gang disturbance when five shots were fired at them. Officer John Budge took one .22-." Caliper round in the left Almonte was struck in the head and a 17-year-old youth also from Al Monte was hit in the stomach police said. Both Almonte and the other youth were said to be bystanders not connected with the gang disturbance. The name of the second youth was not disclosed. Police said More shots were fired later although none apparently found their Mark. Budge returned the fire but officers said they did not know if the assailants were hit. Budge was treated at Queen of the Valley Hospital and released while the 17-year-old was reported in stable condition at the same Hospital. Nonaligned Summit rips . On Korea Panama Colombo sri Lanka a the nonaligned Summit conference said in its final political report saturday that War May break out at any to former 6miss nude universe9 bares dedication to christianity new bidder new. People laughed when Susanne Haines put her clothes Back on and announced that she had become a Christian. They just did t believe that a stripper and former miss nude universe could make such a change. Today with her stripping career behind her Susanne now mrs. Tommy Register travels the country with tar husband telling people How they turned to Jesus Christ. Mrs. Register 29, was brought up in the mormon Church in Roseville Calif. When i got to be 17, i decided the Church was t satisfying my she said during a recent appearance in Wichita Kan. When i got to College an English professor got up and told us Why he was an atheist. I through that sounded pretty she left school and from 1968 to 1974 worked As a stripper in nightclubs and theatres across the country. Mrs. Register reigned As miss nude universe in 1971-72. In March 1974, a Friend loaned her a Book by Hal Lindsey entitled satan is alive and Well on planet earth.5 that Book she said turned her life around. Up to that time i was real cold emotionally and very she said. You had to be that Way to be in that business. My goal was to make More and More Money and become More famous. But that Book showed me that satan was helping be because i was doing great work for him. I could see that everything i had been doing had been going against god. I was really embarrassed and angry with myself that i could have made such a mrs. Register said she realized satan had been blinding her and that Christ was willing to forgive her. I was so glad i could Start Over that i just threw everything in that Basket and said i m going to follow Christ i just knew it was the right thing to do. The first thing i wanted to do was go to the next Job and Tell everybody How Happy i really mrs. Register said. Then i realized i could t go in those places any More. I d always wanted to do something for other people but i could t find out who i was what my purpose was or where i was going. But when i found Christ i Susanne and Tommy were married in april 1975. Register turned to Christ seven months after she did. Since june they have travelled around the country telling their Story speaking in prisons churches and other gatherings. Ment in Korea and that the United states should give up the Panama canal. The chapter on Korea did not men lion the killing of two army officers by North koreans at Panmunjom but referred to North korean statements denouncing the United states during the four Day it. National conference which ended Friday. The conference expressed concern Over the grave situation in Korea created by the imperialists a. Situation in which a War May out at any the declaration said. The conference strongly demanded that the imperialists Stop their Maneu vers to provoke War and remove nuclear military installations and All other Means of War from South Korea. The conference called for the withdrawal of All foreign troops from South Korea for the closure of foreign military bases for the Ter a a nation of the United nations com Mand and for the replacement of the korean military armistice agree-., ment by a durable peace in the latin american chapter of the document which was adopted by consensus without a vote the third world leaders said Panama should be Given total control Over Panama canal. I

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