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Standard Newspaper Archives Jan 23 1879, Page 4

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Standard (Newspaper) - January 23, 1879, Albert Lea, Minnesota News of the week crimes Joseph Dowd was hanged at an Drews Charlotte county new Brunswick Jan 14 for the of Thomas Edward Ward at new River last september Charles the St Paul a defaulter has been found and has made restitution of in Cash and in property he relented and made Tion under the in flounce of hts wife Martin Bergan was Bung at Pottsville a Jan kith for the murder of Patrick Burns it a april lie is the nineteenth Molly already Linns and two others remain to be dealt with the grand jury in the Case of Henry Feltus editor of the ind charged with the murder of rulers county attorney new year to eve the parties were intoxicated indicted cultus Lor murder in the second decree Kight stills have been seized in Ley county North Carolina and eight ers arrested one of the raiding party was shot seizures were made at Lien rut and Walhalla South Carolina but the erty taken at the latter was recaptured by a band of a Norwich it mrs found of murder in second decree for her has been sentenced to imprisonment for Lito mrs Cobb Lias published a statement declaring her entire innocence accusing tie principal witness her of perjury and asserting other witnesses were mistaken on trial Points t w Pitkin was governor of Colorado Jan 14 Joseph 10.3 years died at the St Paul City Hospital a few Days since subscriptions to the four per cent Jan 11 the amounted to As stated in a Washington dispatch a change is soon to be made in the of Tho United states collector and Marshall Orleans gov St John of Kansas was rated Jan loth with imposing Over people present senator has sent a third communication to the Teller com their attention to Points to be examined kith president of j Ranee Frame a banquet at his in Honor of Gen a Brilliant company of invited guests were present the Senate committee on territories Jan 17th heard arguments upon the of bringing the Indian territory under a civil form of government while sirs of Iron ton o near a stove her Ditas lire fatally Burnini her before it was her Mother is it the Point of death from paralysis the legislature have elected John p Jones United states by the following Senate Jones Republican Hillhouse Democrat 0 Assembly Jones 41 8 miss Fanny Davenport Tho actress denies that she is married As recently stated by the associated press and that she does not even know the gentleman whose name been associated with her jewelry store at Indianapolis was on the afternoon of Jan 14th of 24 Gold watches valued at two of the robbers engaged the in lion while a third the watches a new York Telegram of Jan 11 the Thomas the millionaire whose marriage with mrs a year ago created a sensation ii reported at the of death he is about by years of age january w p Hill Republican was elected to the Stales Senate by the legislature of Colorado receiving Over a two thirds vote in both brunches the democratic votes Cust for a h the postmaster general Bas written a letter to postmaster Palmer of Chicago com mending him and his subordinates for their prompt energetic and intelligent action when the building wus totally de by fire the House judiciary committee Jan 17th granted a hearing to mrs Emeline Wells and mrs Seina Young Williams Lake Utah various petitions now before the committee relating to Laws my they in favor of legislation will protect mormon women and Dren at a caucus of the Republican tors at Washington Jan a committee was appointed to report to a future caucus the Success of resumption of specie payments in remarks made resumption in its on the Public welfare generally was glorified the Senate finance committee is considering the tobacco tax in secret session Atis a to yellow lever has reappeared at Rio Janeiro v earthquake Shock was Felt at Jacksonville Fia on the of 12 it lasted thirty up of Tho ice in the Ohio River is of ill the ice embargo at is Ami boats Are running be tween Milwaukee and that port it is uly estimated re quire to carry of the for tie payment of arrears of Sions a London of Jan 12 says the Iron and Coal company have discharged men because of depression in Cornelius Van Horn co of new York City dealers in Carriage hardware have failed with liabilities amounting to Over a London dispatch of Jan 13 says the Steamer Avenel at West from ton reported terrific sales and the loss of most her live Stock a Boston of Jan says it is the Steamer Homer is lost she has been Ekie the state for labor a rental of prison premises an answer Iva made to his suit on tie part of units claiming that the stale failed to Kee the spirit of the contract for the that it had not furnished the und necessary ground and shop room ii which might profitably employ the convict labor forming part of said Cou tract in such failure of state to e As lie defendants claimer to have sustained damages exceeding in extent and value the amount in the Case came up for trial in Washington county during the Manth of May resulted in a verdict for messes Sabin co disregarding the diet the counsel for the stale asked for judgement and supplemented his request by a for a trial both were denied Ami the state took an Appeal to the supreme court where in october Tho decision of Tho lower court was re supreme court holding that the limit of authority had been exceeded by the Warden and inspectors when contracted that the state should at All during the life of lie contract furnish and provide reasonable and necessary ground for the profitable employment of the con vict labor und that they could Only least such shops and grounds As were possessed by the state at the time of the of the lease the state s counsel the action the supreme court a for the state 1877 Iho stale against messes Seymour i a London Telegram of Jan 15 says 80 Yards of tie roof of the Dinas mine at the Shaft fell since the explosion stopping lation explorers cannot enter the mines there is no Hope for the Rescue of go men in the Library of Birmingham and mid land Institute at Birmingham ing volumes Lias been destroyed by fire it contained the most Complete Ian collection in the world numbering volumes few books were saved a Cincinnati Gazette special says Levi grail sons storehouse at Franklin Ohio containing feet of lumber Vail s livery stable with four wagons and buggies and Vail s dwelling adjoining burned Jan 13 loss estimated in the loth legislative territorial Bly of Dakota territory convened and Jan 14 gov message says that territory been wonderfully the past two the indebtedness of the territory at and asks for a Law authorizing an immigration Board great indignation is reported in a among the citizens Over the passage by the Senate of a to Amend the charter of Winona and repeal its provision restricting the Sale of liquor a special melting of the Council has been culled to take measures to prevent the becoming a Law tie l Bradford Prince new chief Justice of the United states supreme court territory of new mex Ico commissioner Southern claims com fas h Howell Iowa Orange Ris new York Aasu a Addis Vermont 13 w Fisher Bucyrus o Nelson 15 Sherwin Cleveland o d a Millington Kan the London times in a leading Ial Haye every reason to believe Yakoob Khan has already been in formed of the terms on which we Are de to make peace doubtless these Are such As he can honorable accept a dispatch from Lahore states that there Are Strong rumours hat Yakoob Khan is quite disposed to make arrangements the object of chief Joseph in his con with the government authorities at Washington is to secure a resting place with area of land in the Indian territory for a Purchase of land will be made from the in the in Dian territory so that chief Joseph and his people May have a Good Exchange for the acres they possessed in Idaho the second annual banquet of the sons of Vermont was held on the evening of Ary 17th at the grand Pacific hotel about 400 Hundred being present including Many notable citizens this society is composed of residents of Vermont now living in Chicago and the banquet was one of rare elegance and the succeeding consisted of speeches and at St Lor is Jan 15th a drenching rain fell nil Day and flush Snow and ice the of the on the ice in the River is however and there is no Prospect of breaking up the Gorge Here for some Days at least even though the weather should con warm the ice is not expected to move exception a big Rise Aud there arc notions of it present a san Francisco Telegram of january 14th says the powder works of Nelson in co situated about a Southwest of Golden hate Park blew up that afternoon four White men and an unknown number of chinamen were killed the works completely and Many Ings in the occupied by Liu ploys including the Dence wrecked the explosion in the House damages 100 at the Cabinet meeting Jan 14 tary Sherman called attention to financial matters and especially the Success attending the resumption of specie payments lie read letters from the assistant treasurer stating More Gold was coining in than going out and showing the b3 the people for greenbacks the announced the resignation of Olin a nomination for Liis successor was discussed but no result reached the Brooks at Broadway and grand streets new York completely burned on the night of january 14 was insured for distributed among Twenty ies Edwin Bates it co who occupied a part have a insurance of in Nineteen companies Kraus Lover cd co have a total insurance of spread Over companies Howard Sanger co have a insurance of and in that amount companies have an interest the committee appointed by the Man suffrage in Washington week consisting of mrs Gage mrs Spencer mrs Weils and mis Williams the two latter of called on the president Jan loth and presented a memorial and or papers in relation to female suffrage and charging that the president had ignored t women of the country in his annual they the attention of the to the recent decision of the supreme court in relation to the polygamous act of and said it would make thousands of women out easts and their children the president said he was deeply impressed by what had been said and requested that mrs Williams and mrs Wells make out statements in writing and submit them to him he wanted All the information on the subject he could procure they promised to do this and the president asked them How he could serve them the reply was by vetoing any to enforce the act of in answer to the memorial and remarks made in relation to female suffrage the president said you say i have ignored tie women of the country in my annual message i will carefully consider what you have said and the papers you have presented to me and in my next message i will recommend according to the dictates of my conscience and the Best Light i have when a at the end of the year settles his account pays his Smith with that of his teacher elector and preacher which tax is in the Fucai Ano if anything is left from the realized by the Sale of his that amount is called the profit but t foils Short he has that is not n Correct estimate of re for the Bills have do connection Tho Cost of planting except the to Bills a merchant doing a s Oil a capital of wanting to Ain the result of the operation is an inventory of the unsold Stock of available accounts with on hand after paying his store t his clerk hire interest paid on de Money and other expenses ital to his business but does not de the expense of supporting his f might if extravagant absorb the profits though it might be 80 or per cent on the there Are a Ige number of banners whose real ate with ail the working Stock Ning implements cannot be valued at than Jet by their s sized have raised clothed Ana from five to ten children which to to 50 or on the Jorge p Rowell american for january 1870 its appearance the total periodical publications in the states is against one school there Are 23 Moru daily and s More newspapers than were in the edition for 1878 total increase of All sorts is 409 the year since the Ial year 1870 has been the Only Goa in the period covered by the eleven my issues of the directory in which number of publications in Congress Hook Jan the Reading of he journal in the Rouse the death of Schleicher was announced and messes Shelley Mckenzie scr Loring Brentano de a committee to accompany the remains to san Antonio tie House then adjourned As a further Mark of Senate Jan Mcmillan in a to return to the Public Domain port Kipley reservation in Minnesota the Senate then attended Ilia of rep Schleicher in the Hall of the House House Jan House did no business except to take part in the funeral of representative Schleicher and appropriate the remainder of his salary to the use of his family Senate Jan Resolution of enquiry wus submitted is to Railroad company was building a Road across tie Public Domain in Arizona a Resolution touching Tho interests of agriculture called up a substitute for the House dividing the Western District of Missouri into two judicial districts was passed a was introduced by senator to refund to Mcleon publishers of the enquirer certain internal Revenue tuxes alleged to have erroneously assessed and collected the consideration of the Patent Laws was resumed House Jan for payment of pensions to survivors of the mexican War was considered an appropriation for the payment of the salary 01 the late Tive Williams to his widow was ordered tie general subject of pensions to vat ions classes wus considered appointments to ill pics on committees was announced the payment of the salary of the late to his widow was Senate Jan Resolution was introduced to into the circumstances of the late escape of indians and their sin or by states troops tie committee of conference on the military appropriation was and agreed to and the goes to the tie for the ment of the three months men in the mexican was discussed at length senator submitted in amendment nuking the to those who served in the hit War for the preservation of the Union wus Laid without action the to Amend the Patent Laws was taken up and discussed House Jan Wood from he committee of and menus introduced a authorizing the Issue of of de posits in Aid of refunding Hie pm this led to a Long und spirited discussion in which various amendments were proposed and Defeated and tie was passed by Juris i it or Wood chairman of lie com on ways and reported a making United slates notes receivable for duties on imports or a providing that such notes should be received As Lou Gas they were equivalent to Coin Harrison of Illinois to has the gentleman any doubt As to the Success of in i have no doubt of the of resumption unless by a As this or some other hostile and statistical list of the two houses showing the occupation age nativity length of residence in Sota and condition of each individual senators Allen j d Able John s Anderson g i Anderson lation it is destroyed yeas 73 nays d in Adams o p w t Bull d l Buck c f Buck Brown a a Castle f n Clement t b e Winona Blue Earth Douglas Washington Bico Meeker be Dodge Scott Faribault Caledonia Winona Alexandria Faribault Forest City to Sueur St Paul Kleo Lake St Charles St Cloud mow Fri cello Perham Carver St Peter Fountain real 35 b dealer Farmer lawyer merchant banker 49 co 49 17 39 44 43 50 43 48 42 52 37 55 48 52 36 36 50 52 31 44 41 32 now York Connecticut new York now York 1860 1856 1853 1807 1867 1802 1804 1856 1856 1851 1855 1855 1861 1854 1858 1855 1855 1854 1854 1856 1866 1860 1854 1805 1856 3800 iks 1858 1805 1856 1854 1858 1854 1800 1856 1850 1800 1800 1867 married married married married married single married married married married married married married married married married married married married married married married married married Mil Fried married married married married married married married married single married single Canada new York water of Farmer editor lawyer Beal in dealer Farmer editor merchant Fanner Surveyor merchant Cooper Mollp r lecturer c d j b Massachusetts Vermont new York new Hampshire Norway Nova now Brunswick new Brunswick Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Germany Ohio Canada West now Hampshire new York new York Ireland Pennsylvania Norway Hui ii w Hinds Johnson u b Helling k h 0 f t j Mccrea Andrew Mills h w d a Miller h o officer w 11 c s Wright Otter Tail curve of muted Mower c a Perkins a d Cottonwood Grove Lake City St Paul Centre City lawyer Farmer Farmer Steamboat merchant Jolt ii Hice a k e o Jonathan Thatcher j a k m Little Falls merchant Farmer lawyer 52 40 new York Maine Virginia new York a o w w Samuel b Wilson 11 n Lieut governor j b Charles w Johnson assistant m a Dailey enrolling o w engrossing w fast 0 s Honn pm Olmsted Rice Lea med corel red Wing Minneapolis Owatonna Kyoto Fountain Rochester Norway Lake St Paul Farmer Fanner civil Engineer 45 57 61 30 57 42 36 co 28 York Vermont Maine Connecticut new York Ohio Canada Kugland Norway Illinois real St dealer age contractor Farmer Clergyman student Minn tin polio Namo to be attack on resumption moved to Lay u on the the i House refused by 11 vote of yeas nays then passed joas 151 Mijs i Jan in a or the of a of to into Lity of migration from Ami they not permitted to their i to Mich suites desire to i und protect them or into f Uch Tori Story j or territories of the states As May lie provided for their use and occupation Laid on the table by request of or to be culled up hereafter the House t for payment of of i up at length Aud a vote of yeas nays 4 the Patent i Jan to the refunding of the nation debt without a the Hill the Mississippi River commission was considered at length the to be further considered houses United in a in of the to join in memorial services in Honor of the late Joseph Henry Senate Jan red a calling upon Secretary Mau for Arf to paid for since and in the Patent Law amendment was taken up Ami adopted Wallace and were excused from on the Teller committee House House spent the Clay in work the private c a yen n is another Force of soldiers in Baxter John Burns Peter Thomas Brink c 11 Bowman duller d Peter olo n Michael f k w Hans Cooper j Cummins Horace s l Covert pan f 7 b i Viii s n Anthony Drew 11 11 t w a m i 1 if 11 j n k k v s n c m j a m it j n f 1 v k c c ii m c Hyland in h g ill Adam Lones 11 a Johnson h county toe to in co Mower Waseca Otter Tail Dakota Carver Bine Karth Anoka steams i occupation nativity Idee Farmer Cambridge labourer St Peter merchant Falls Farmer contractor Warrner Fanner St Farmer Anoka Farmer Saint cold Spring physician Farmer new Ulin Farmer Farmer Farmer Grain dealer York York Vork 39 Milne Vermont insurance Connecticut Farmer i new k it Kew York Vork Vij Sweden Germany 47 Vermont 51 Maine Ireland Ireland new Jerkey 42 -42 Norway Ireland m 47 Norway Tion Washington City Oakland Centre i Blue Lake Spring Valley Kew 47 Ohio of their on the to n of Tho cause of the Foet neb Jan 16 yesterday at diet commanding company e third started in Pursuit of the Savages who Are said to be making a in the direction of Pine or Kosebud Indian Camp and Tho prospects of reaching the wigwams of their sympathizing red Brethren arc greatly in their favor despite the sanguine Hopes of the military to capture Ere can reach there the Savages have a Hood thirty hours Start of the troops and the storm that they succeeded in stealing enough hurts to mount themselves with is not improbable their escape is certain and will be the moans of getting the yous of the Bioux nations to Dit up the and avenge their wrongs the prevalent Here is that we Are near the eve of a bloody Indian War the mail earlier just in from Fine Hidge Agency red new cation states that since the news of the Enne outbreak and its results has become known to Heel people there is in Nch weeping and wailing among them and they say their hearts Are bad capt Wessels started with his company this morning at 4 a m for Indian Creek and will take up the Trail four Laramie by Jan Ron s command camped at Silver Springs forty Miles North of Here on the old stage Road reported that the Eunes were been last six Miles from Bluff station on the Cheyenne and Road about thirty Miles Northwest of lied Cloud they Aro evidently making for the Tion to secure the Herd of horses there ing to to stage company passengers on the coach from the North to Day report that on tuesday a party of indians found the bodies of two unknown men near fort and fort Mckinney Road one was banging to a tree the other lying on the ground it is supposed they were horse or cattle thieves hanged by ranch men who being Short of rope hanged one and when dead Cut him Down and hanged the Ether cause of the Jan officer sent from Omaha by Gen Crookston to investigate the recent Cheyenne outbreak has made an official report he says upon the 3d inst the chiefs were notified to Washington authorities had decided that they must return South they consulted their people and next Day hog gave an unequivocal refusal saying they would die first the attempt to starve and them out was n last alternative on the Kog was arrested As the leading opposition St and ironed after stabbing n Soldier in Tho struggle the prison where the remainder of the indians were confined was by them and Tho windows draped to conceal their movements it became dangerous for the White men to go inside the doors As the indians had knives nil would use them it wus not known they had guns but on the night of the 9th they fired four shots killing two of the six sentinels and made a Rush through All the windows with the intention of killing of being the guard and others pursued in the firing which was now on several women and children who were going in the crowd with the men were unintentionally killed though Many officers bravely tried to save them All the men refused to surrender and when exhausted stood at Bay several soldiers wore killed in trying to capture them none were killed who could be taken they had concealed their arms under the prison floors they had fifteen guns a few revolvers and Many knives a desperate outbreak had doubtless been pre meditated the squaws say the men hanging if they returned South and that in this affair All expected to die the casualties to Date soldiers killed 5 wounded 7 indians Cap tured 71 killed 32 a company resumed the Trail to Day january 15 col Schuyler the who makes this report having thus in that the indians had concealed arms it is probable that an investigation will be made into the manner in which they received them press dispatches have mentioned the fact that lied Cloud indians visited the prisoners a fact which is not stated in the official report Plains City St i Mason i lawyer Minneapolis druggist 1 i Hill Earth Mankato real Farmer hardware apr Fanner far k Lam Connecticut far pc pro new York Farmer Grain dealer Farmer Fanner Farmer Farmer Farmer Farmer married married Klugle married married i married married married Mamed married married married marred ims married married 1870 married married married married 40 now married 40 Ireland 41 Norway 42 new York r e 134 Vermont York 148 Indiana Iso Indiana new York 37 new York 31 new York married married 11 has married 11 my married married married married married married 45 new Hampshire 11 Philip Kendall u p Jacob k Pierce Lutz w in Henry 1 k 11 a on a s j Wabashaw i Auburn Lumberman Farmer Fanner Fanner Railroad agent Farmer 48 43 new York 4.1 now York vow York new York Germany 36 Germany America 41 Germany 53 new York 34 30 Indiana 42 Ohio Verne Lake Giey St James Fanner i Cherry Grove Psi Cokalo Paul it Guy i yellow med Granite fails a tenant Baci been import Ned so for his rent in a Climax of exasperation he turned to the landlord with the cogent and conclusive now old nut on so Many airs owe enough in this All your old houses Olms r u it honors o 7 r Mortice o stary k Al r i rain Smith or James a j riles a n m e l c f Lohn Thompson a Thornton p ii a Thompson to Josiah e v West j p t s Weyl we Francis Wiley 15 c officers g a oilman Chiff clerk Mark b Flower first enrolling clerk second assistant St j engrossing Eugene a Smith Lyman d Baird s erg Dayton assistant Christian Johnson Houston Olmsted Menlo Dakota Olmsted Rice Glencoe banker Ohio 1 Canada Wright Martin wee Dakota Scott Faribault be sneer sneer Bamsey Washington Mcleod Swift Washington Otter Tail it Paul Sank Centre Fairmont Winona Rich Valley Maple Glon Wells Delavan to Sueur Praha it Paul Farmer Fanner lawyer merchant Farmer Fanner Farmer Lumberman lawyer physician a Bur merchant Farmer machine agent Fanner Farmer merchant lawyer Farmer Farmer merchant lawyer manufacturer Farmer Farmer merchant merchant real 3 or lawyer Farmer Farmer and builder St Elmo Rod whig Lenora Benson Austin to Germany 5 Pennsylvania 38 Germany i3 Norway Canada i3 34 lawyer hotel keeper Farmer Farmer Farmer Farmer agent Farmer married 64 married single married 855 married 864 1 married 857 married single married married 960 married married married married Vermont married married 1886 married Michigan 40 new York Massachusetts 45 new York Ireland 33 Norway to 54 now York 40 Vermont 49 Norway Bohemia now York 45 new Hampshire 45 England 32 new York Canada 28 Michigan 21 33 Ohio 37 Norway married married married 1 married isse married married married married married 854 married 873 married 1856 860 married 1857 married 1857 1857 1855 married 1880 married single 1864 married 1871 1861 1856 married 1858 married 1858 married married 1857 1855 1871 1854 married married married married 1857 married single 1883 married 1867 married Minnesota legislature Senate Jan governor sent in the following appointments which were con firmed director of the institution for Tho deaf and dumb and the a Wilson of Bice county directors of state Normal w t Wright of county ban Ford of Olmsted county and Samuel o Gale of of state h Sibley of Hamsey county and Thomas s of Nice county manager of state Reform l Otis of Hamsey county inspectors of state do of Hennepin county and k g Butts of in ton county fish Cameron for the first congressional District w w Sweeney for the second District and r o Sweeney for the third District m of sey county members of the state Board of Rudolph Lehmicke first District James o Lawrence third District n i Donaldson fifth District James seventh Dis William g Hayden ninth District and Albert n boil eleventh District superintendent Public Burt Thacher introduced n abolishing the tester and making the half Bushel the Standard a introduced requiring ten Days notice of chattel mortgage Sale and thirty Days for House Jan the House special com were appointed on retrenchment on the grading of Grain and on the subject of j Ham Mealey and Hill drive Wella Bills were introduced to reduce Bonds Imd Bridges Public senators officer wee Helling Bonniwell Doran and Powers internal Morrison Cutts Brown Adams and Dorau Federal Perkins Thatcher William s e m Wilson and Hinds and Page Mil tary Swanstrom Adams n b Wilson Brown Ard e m Wilson Clements j b Thatcher Bou Niewoll and Mons officer Clement Dorim Anil Rice Johnson Cutts e m Wilson and Hill c d Gilfillan Hico Johnson Brown wedge Mccrea 11 Mealey e m Wilson Macdonald Castle and state Thatcher Kins Williams Donin and insane Clement wedge und Bueil deaf and dumb and the wheat Clement e m Wilson and Pago towns and Johnson Pillsbury Helling and Indian Brown Cutts Powers Mills Public Shalloo Wilkins Ham Hill and Mills wedge Miller Kice Dorim Castlo and Keaney Williams Thatcher and Powers wheat Stiller Donald amt Hill h b Wilson Heaney and Powers Miller Morrison Bonniwell and Dorun Rice wheat Morrison Mills Aud Hill and Brown wheat Wilkins Adams Aud Mills tree Helling Gor the salaries of All state judicial and county officers to define and provide for the ment of tramps relating to fraudulent Rice Dorau and d Buck Normal schools senators o d Perkins e m Wilson Aud Buell joint committees on for insurance i taxes and tax senators j b Gillilland the organization of big Stone c d Johnson Mealey Daniel Buck and county Simmons Senate Jan 15 Lieut gov an state University senators 3 b Gilfillan the following standing Sou h b Wilson Macdonald Aud Hinds senator Hill special committees wheat senators officer Williams Thatcher Pillsbury Page and drive Wella senators Adams Clement c p j b o d Daniel Buck Castle e m Wilson Bnell and o y Buck Mccrea Mealey and Bnell Morrison Thatcher Mills Ana Page wheat Doran and h b Wilson Jishou p Buck and c f Buck Buck Cults and e m Wilson on education of Sirato and county Aud so much of the governor s message As relates senators Miller c d and c Buck Jav of to investigate the charges of cruelty against the officers of the state adopted Bills were introduced reducing All salaries state and county per cent also disposing of the internal improvement fund arising from the Sale of the acres of land and ing it to roads and Bridges senator c f Buck replied to the charges made be had spirited through a relative to the Sale of Liquoriu Winona he disclaimed any attempt at concealment House Jan most notable of fored was by or Don Hae abolishing the brass Kettle and making the the Standard thousand dollars was appropriated for legislative expenses and a was offered culling Down the per diem of members still another cutting Down the salaries of state officers was offered the occupied a Good Deal of time without result Jan wedge Clements d Buck and Kenney were announced As the committee to investigate the prison Edwin Paulson senator unsuccessful candidate for was elected janitor of the committee rooms Bills were i n trod need regulating the weighing of wheat readjusting the judicial districts re lating to Homestead amending the Constitution relative to the Sale of liquor the usual appropriating for legislative expenses was passed House Jan the meeting of the House the speaker announced the standing committees As ways a son Thompsonjr Grover one l Campbell Mead t p West Comstock l l Jones w m Smith or Jones Kniss Sulu Lall Warbeck Public accounts and Chamberlain bar Public lands Cummins pc Koon Kendall Bert a m icy Abell n k f weel Parker Jenson John Hoil p Wesl cowing Parker George Mccurty j Powers Barrett o Hara a Lambert d Anderson Fuller Indian a Peterson m Hon demo agriculture and state prison Dodd Golt Tompkins Moores a j Thornton insurance j Baxter j Beau Kenny Dean 1 Stacy Cooper Normal sold Kiley for Tho Holland j n Stacy and state Schoul c a Allon soldiers a Aurl Hill j or Carly Wiley Thornton Wiley c a Butler Gearry joint a l l tax j j r and ii k Hill w m Ami Asylum c k l 1 joint Taien and tax Meau Holland l l and University Fuller Jones regulating rates of Road freights and passenger legislation a letter read c b Curtis it York urging the payment of old Senate Jan chief interest entered in the suite prison investigation were received from and Jen an in the whereby was Muir Sabin to and am were p o to the us enlarging the scope of the investigating already the Resolution went Over under notice of debate purely local Bills were the Only general being one to abolish the of Ibe Comuni and attach it to that com Jan i several Days ago providing fur a full investigation into the affairs at state Prit on amended so at to make it a joint re solution providing for a committee of seven in the part of the House and four on the part of the Anil the buy settled by authorizing t he speaker appoint four at per Day this occupied a real portion of the the Only important introduced was one or venting kidnapping of color of requisitions from governors of other o Chicago Jan the Keno Itu jury to Day Lieut iconic u seventh Cav airy at fort a Lincoln d t was called to the stand he he in the company of Heno in the of june that Custer ordered Heno to charge upon the that he heard no order to that fact Given by Heno to his troop except the Retreat was made after the in the opinion of the witness it was for Heno to change his position from the skirmish line As a matter of safety for his troops for the indians had to worked in to their rear that they were almost completely the Only Genus Point where a stand could be made was on the Crest of the the Little Horn River where eventually took up his position the witness Stales that he Tell Heno to charge Tho and we will port you in his opinion As a Ueno id the advisable tiling be when be changed his position Heno he said made an attempt to move Mit where it was supposed Custer was but not Able to keep the wounded up with the column it became sary to fall Back to the original position on the Hill there remain when they went into the tight men were worn out and the animals fatigued having made forced marches and both going without regular food nearly a Day when asked if he saw anything that to reflect upon the military Acter of major Heno the witness replied that he had told what he knew about it during the examination to Day the question was raised by Reno whether the inquiry should cover anything More than the movements of his command and the court decided that everything connected with that Battle from the to the of june should be taken into consideration Chicago Jan is claimed by the friends of major Heno that yesterday s evidence before the court of inquiry was important in that it shows that major Heno could not have heard noise of the skirmishing from the position which he occupied when As it will be attempted to prove by subsequent witnesses he should have a hand in the fight the allegations of Whittaker six in number and summed As being Gross cowardice and neglect of duty Are before the court in the form of a letter Lieut George d Wallace of the seventh cavalry was the first witness and by he the Maud on the of june at Little big Horn consisted of twelve companies of the seventh regiment and were so disposed As to March Down the right Bank of the Tiver at about noon col Benteen had four companies major Heno three and Gen Custer the rest after the division of forces major Reno crossed to the left Bank and the two columns Reno s and moved Down a tributary to the Little big Horn about twelve Miles on opposite Banks then Heno re crossed and they together witness was Riding with command the orders Given Reno were that the indians were about two and a half Miles ahead that be should ride Forward by und charge them As soon As he met them again crossing at a deep Ford they galloped Forward with this command of who had been marching three Days and All the night preceding they were exhausted and breakfast less witness gave an account of the Indian Vil Lage As being about three Miles Long Aud of a Width varying from 100 Yards to half a mile he recounted the of the Savages As the troops approached they did not mass but skulked about in nil directions Heno baited 150 Yards from the Stream near a Quick Bend in the River the Indian Village was beyond the Bend but on the same Side of the River they dismounted and advanced when skirmishing immediately began this was be tween and 3 o clock and some 300 indians were in sight they perfectly informed As to the movements of troops for Days ing this the engagement began and Reno utter dismounting went Back to see to the horses that witness did not hear of him again until they began to Retreat from the Lage All ammunition was Gooe from their buddies before Tho Retreat was commenced re wbb ordered they wore in danger unexcelled in Economy of fuel unsurpassed in construction unparalleled in durability undisputed in the Broad claim of being the very Best operating most perfect cooking stove Evee offered Fob ass Price made Only by of 612 614 618 618 n main Street St Louis to bugs a Decker St Paul Minn eminent and physicians certify that these goods Aro free from adulteration Richer More effective produce better results than any others and that they use them in their own families unique perfumes Are Ilif of All doors an liquid dentifrice Lemon sugar a for Lemons extract Jamaica Cincer from the pure Root Steele Price s Pupulin yeast gems the Hap in Steele Price Chicago St Louis Cincinnati sewing machines new Model has automatic tensions elegant Woodwork and huns like a top no cams so gears no and no noise Best machine can be sold at hard times prices insist upon seeing it Chicago trunk from to Ami us it convenient and in no t the Lino Yun can it tie and in United flutes it owns or Miles of railway run alone by it through Council or circulars and on application to Weed s m co Chicago ill and at o a folds to carpets curtains and upholstery and retail and avenues of being surrounded on All by indians without natural defences he did nut see Heno until after to crossed the on Tho Retreat he last saw Custer after he gave the order to move tie court decided to take All the testimony relative to the that was offered in youth East should Beai i la hint is Best i All Points route have Choice of mid the daily sleeping cars from Philadelphia and new York other Eastern Points i insist that the ticket tickets by the examine your tickets refuse to buy if they do not rend Over this Road All sell them and Check usual baggage free Lino i through tickets via this route to ill Eastern Points can be procured at the Central Pacific Road ticket office foot of Market Street and at 1 Montgomery Street san Francisco and at All Coupon ticket of Central Pacific and All Western railroads new York no 415 Broadway Boston office to 5 state Street Omaha office 245 Ham Street san Francisco 2 new Lomery Street Chicago ticket offices 62 Clark Street under Sherman House 75 canal Corner Street Street depot Corner West and canal streets Wells Street depot Aud streets for rates or information not attainable from i four Home ticket agents apply to w ii Chicago pass Chicago while people put no Faith in we May on Caples predict irom a boy s or lie is Likely to succeed or fail in when Money bums in his pocket Aud he is to spend that Pomes into his he spends every cent of Liis salary even lulls he prefers to invest his earn Ings in handsome clothes Gnu amusements to them tit to May safely predict that he will ably never attain wealth without u Ile idea change of habits fifty cents m week saved in youth is often the nucleus of a Large Fortune it is not so much the amount saved As Tho habit of saving that is important a wealthy Inker life seventeen on a salary a year this was forty years ago w Hen a Dollar would go a great and he saved half his salary had he spent it All As he might have done without sex he would probably have been a clerk to Day the Story of Dick May be a fable but it a valuable son lie won the interest and help of his employer by his habit of picking up stray pins and carefully saving them picking up pins May always make a Man a mayor in the end but such Seldom die in the far As own hero arc More extravagant than ical boys thirty years hence we shall Sec the natural result few of i hem will to Rich and prosperous wealth is not to is despised for in the right hands it May do Good that Economy cads to wealth in the Case of nations May b illustrated by thu prosperous condition of France no people understand better How to live comfortably on a it is to save the peasant out of his Small income saves a few irenes every month so it happens that the Small Farmers Are the bloated of France the germans were once frugal but the War indemnity Aud War times have made them extravagant and the victors Are far ass prosperous than the vanquished some of our thousand of Young readers Hope will read this article and heed our advice to them we say if you spare to Day you will be in a condition to spend to Morrow Many a Man not knowing where to turn for the Means to meet his moderate expenses might have been in a position to retire on a competence Hud he As a boy arid Young Man avoided living it is a source of satisfaction to reflect that Economy among americans is much More common than it was five years ago if this be kept up we shall not have Long to wait Tor Good y weekly Hall House i f Albert Lea Minn a h Mcmillen has the old Pioneer two doors North of ii u Brown with for i in to better satisfaction than paid for tallow to wis Telegram of january 2nd says the curtain full upon the last thursday the Oner was taken to Claire by the about two hours after Hii sentence to escape the mob for the third time he in in state s prison at Waupun for life h d d k h d Brown co Bank w Albert Doks a general banking business we have for Sale a Good two Story House and three lots two blocks from opera House for Sale or Lent no 1 so m res improved on Road near Itasca known As place 1 in be from new depot 40 acres in Bancroft of x e Section 21 80 in Carleston s Sec 20 100 acres in or e of s w of 3 Andin w of suction 10 for or on time 100 acres in Alden n w of Section 36 of if 40 acres in Pickerel s e of s w Sec Tion 14 a Small new House and two Lou favourable locality two Story House and lots inca presbyterian Church Ann other City and county properly Brown so
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