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Standard Newspaper Archives Jan 23 1879, Page 3

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Standard (Newspaper) - January 23, 1879, Albert Lea, Minnesota Albert Lea Minn Jan 23 1879 time tables so it it k n x e Sot a p u m a p m n p m a p m a pin n p in a St Louis p m Albert i car tin and in Forth r m p trains arrive from it u m and p m for Minneapolis a Inland p m by k n out us in time 23 minutes than Albert time North a m r m t Rains arrive from the South at p in depart for the South at Juul a m local to 8 cents at 48 on Broadway c w Sells meat at 4 48 cents Sells meat at 4 to 5 cents 48 whole cheaper than dirt at to for meat til to i cents 48 by the Quarter Cut and delivered at Low rates at 48 and Best lot of underwear in the Eity at honest Abe s Oats Corn Wood taken on subscription to he 50 to acceptable farm mortgages amounts to suit 11 co styles of visiting cards just received at the Standard of fice 42 Chicago furniture co have the largest and cheapest Stock of furniture in the state extracted without pain by or Merrill a new and easy process Ami in extra expense in and see the finest of overcoats in Freeborn county dirt cheap at honest Abe s to Call at or Merrill s rooms and have their Teeth sex free of charge 46 prices Low prices for Low prices in clothing hats Caps and furnishing goods Call at honest Abe s 47 if is the time to have your Teeth examined and if any Are decayed have them filled by or Merrill before they com Mence to ache he can not be beaten in filling Teeth or making artificial ones his prices Are is loin As the lowest and All work warranted or Merrill 48 will people suffer with tooth ache and bad breath by one visit or Merrill cures it All by the decayed tooth and at a very Small expense 48 an lot for rent per month House and 12 lots for Sale near apply to 42 c of All kinds Sale at this of fice sole Agency for Booth s township Blanks Justice s and Constable s -30 Are constantly adding to our for doing Job printing Don t scud your work away without calling and Ting our prices Aud examining samples of late work 41 50 cent Japan Tea is still to be had in Quantity at k a suitable deduction to Large buyers it can not be equated for flavor or Price samples free k g Ransom Abe is Selling clothing at Low prices a splendid French suit for and All other articles in proportion cull and see him be fore purchasing have added Over Twenty of the latest and prettiest kinds of Type to our office and Are turning out the neatest bands letter Heads note Heads statements Ever seen in this at St prices Call and Sec samples 50 have made arrangements to club the with Over five Hundred Ferent papers and periodicals at reduced rates no Mailer what one you want to take you can save Money by taking it with the Standard 52 guard that life destroying Scourge consumption by promptly subduing with the Aid of Parker s Ginger every of cough cold or sore Throat there is ing like it acting powerfully upon he blood and skin and the mucous surfaces of the Throat and lungs overcomes these dangerous disorders prevents the development of the dreaded consumption and removes All pain and soreness from the lungs it is wonderfully efficacious in dyspeptic affections and gives the most comforting Relief from headache distress in the stomach nervousness Low spirits of Tho heart heartburn Etc it regulates the bowels corrects both unnatural looseness and constipation and stimulates the liver to healthy action from your druggist wedge Spicer a bottle or a Sample bottle at Loots and test its merits bankrupt Stock i have purchased the Stock of Sun which will be sold for Cash or Good notes for one year commencing Dee 18 1878 of d d school boards take notice the Chicago furniture co Aro Selling furniture at manufacturing prices churches also furnished 2 to Stop that Why in Tho world Don t you go to wedge Spicer s or some other drug store and get a bottle of cough cordial and cure that cough which is wearing you slowly but surely out we Don t ask you to take 11113 chances on this remedy if you have not tried it we urge you to get a Bot tie and if after using of it you find that it is doing you no Good you can return it and get your Money Back s b of wis three doses cured Little girl of one of the most aggravated we would not be without it Price cents and per bottle our family bread truly the most important adulteration to avoid Aro those which Are calculated to injure lie of life merchants who Supply their customers with pure articles like or Price s dream baking powder retain better patrons have a larger Trade and make More Money than those who recommend cheap adulterated powders congregational Church j 11 mers pastor services sunday morning at 10 Sabbath school 12 in evening service at 7 o clock subject for the ing discourse Host or horns and torches text Vii All Are Standard depot at Manly Junction is being m Chase of Freeborn recently lost a valuable horse is reported that Tho county Ney of Mower county spells god with a Little g Dills boys living North of the City dug out two wolves Aud a Fox Tho other Wells advocate Ezra Stearns of Freeborn we learn fell Down the other Day and broke his leg father of tiie living near this City died in Vermont not Long since at the age of years s resident of Section 28 in the of Nunda died last saturday of consumption aged about 00 years City Council at its lust meeting passed a Resolution requesting mayor to reduce the police Force to one officer w g Foster once proprietor of the fall House in this City won a of in a Patent Case United states court at St Paul last week Tho Western part of the City a pocket handkerchief with u Small amount of Money and other articles of value Call at this and prove Perty coughs and colds take or lung syrup it cures thousands recommend it to your Friend and Bor Price Only cents sold by wedge dec Spicer Friend in need is a Friend indeed such a Friend id or Marshall s lung up for coughs colds it Only costs cents a bottle and May save Many a doctor sold by wedge Spicer store of Walker Paulson at Den was attached last week by sheriff Shiehan an an execution in favor of Mons of la the goods arc advertised to be Jold january at Aiden Hull s cough syrup has been be fore the Public for years and is pronounced by thousands Superior in All other articles for the cure of coughs colds and All pulmonary complaints it costs Only -5 a bottle Johnsrud has Laid out about in providing additional boxes and making other improvements in lie Post there Are now 704 Call and lock boxes All conveniently Arr and one the neatest Post offices in tie country Milter of the custody of the children of or and mrs Shell whom a divorce de at the december term of court was argued t he adjourned term week and Pace to hear further Mony in the matter at any time the parties might fix p is making to a third on his building us soon Spring opens Outh top of which he erect a Tower and put in it a Tower for the purpose of Standard time the clock strike upon a Large Bell and will Cost Complete a reduction of freights the propose to give the ers the of it and have consequently advanced the Price of wheat to cover the former an 1 present to our report it will be trial Are from four to six cents better on wheat this week than for some time past Tho soul Way co a warded to for tic of cattle killed during the Mclinden d Brown d Holmes the following Bave made to Section b fur the Beyt results in track ring Iver 1 Shea Matt Olson j j Bright and shows in its very that it i by Hood not with opium Etc t o Coin of an to in that valuable and for of or Hull s syrup is free from and All other dangerous Ami can to employed at All limes 25 cents exciting rotting race look place last saturday on Spring in this City Between horse Fred and a sorrel from the race awarded to Fred but not without a dual of dissatisfaction on the part of the of the sorrel who claimed hut the race was not conducted to National rules it was finally decided we believe that there no National rules on even in hot weather wedge is chairman of the special committee to investigate the state and a member of the standing com on the he is also on the committees on education Kail roads and insane Asylum representative i Ishie a of the committee on Kail roads and is chairman of the committee on Aud m n and is also on the committees on elections and Commerce Asa Walker of the town of died Verv suddenly on tuesday last she was taken sick Tho saturday previous with a severe cold together with overtaking herself in waiting upon her husband who has been very ill and who is so Low at present that his death is feared when he learns of his wife s decease mrs Walker was 00 years of age and came into this county with her husband 20 years ago her death will be mourned by a Large Circle of relatives and friends she leaves her husband and two children concert on Friday ing lust not very Ivell attended but those who were present enjoyed a musical treat such As is Seldom offered in this City and which to the shame of Albert Lea be it said is not appreciated by citizens Tho singing was exceptionally Good the time perfect and of the voices Fine the manner of their singing a Ful musical discipline which reflects much credit upon the director As Well As upon the company it is a society of which this City should be proud and which All should encourage last Friday at the state line Church Llev Torgensen was about to perform the ceremony for nes and a miss Nelson and in propounding the usual question to the Bride it was elicited that she could not lawfully contract a matrimonial Alliance because of circumstances of which the Groom was unaware and in Stead of being a marriage in the presence of All the friends it was declared a draw until Tilio should produce papers showing Tho Legal parentage of her child about a and a half old All parties returned Home and indulged in a genuine on the liquor they had got in Albert Lea to celebrate the wedding with they had spree if not tie wedding correspondent sends us the other Sidy of the Story we published not Long since about the Man who ran away with Tho old Man s girl it is As follows a Young Man in the West part of Tho county wanted to marry an old Man s daughter but never had asked the old Man s consent As Many Young men do he had detained her from Home two or three Days contrary to her parents is when they returned the old Man de him the reason for his strange conduct the Young Man insisted that lie had a so to do but As the pair had not intimated to her parents their betrothal the old Man insisted that he had no such right and ordered him to leave Tho uses never he should not marry her after the exit the Young lady said a i expect to marry him very tha old Man behave like folks and we will make a wedding for but the Young Man ran away with the girl and married silly Young folks do chasing a horse thief As we last week George Woodward of this City recovered his team which was stolen Deo 12th the team was first discovered at Houston to which place it was driven by a Farmer with it Load of piles a person who had re a postal card from or Woodward team identified this team As the stolen one or Woodward was promptly notified and at once to Houston where he Learned that his team was in Possession of a Frenchman named who lived on the Ridge about Twenty Miles below Winona on the old la stage Road Rieur or Woodward found the team to be his and Learned from that he had traded a pair of steers for it a few previously giving difference the thief had a lumber Wagon for which he had traded the buggy and was on his Way to Crosse to which place or Woodward went at once and after considerable search he found where the thief had de for several Days at a hotel making eral trios Back to la Crescent where his steers were which he finally sold to a Man at the latter place and disappeared or Woodward then took the Back track to his buggy calling at school houses on the Road and having the teachers relate the circumstances to the scholars and ask them if they knew of any Ono in the flood who had lately bought a buggy Nally in a school near Troy Winona to one Little fellow spoke up and said he knew who had got a buggy lately and gave the Man s name an investigation soon unearthed the stolen vehicle minus the lop which the thief had removed Tor the purpose of preventing Tion find which has not yet been found or Woodward traced the thief Back to Hamilton in county where he took dinner on Tho second Day the team was stolen this Side of that Point nothing could be heard of him it is thought he secreted himself somewhere West of City until dark on he night of Tho Day the team stolen nud that night drove around through Mower to to Frankford live Miles this Side of Hamilton and a notorious resort for thieves or Woodward secured a Complete de of the thief and a Large number of postal Havu been sent out which it is thought will result in his capture the above was written sheriff Sheehan received a letter from a livery Man at Sparta into whose hands a postal card describing the thief had fallen saying that the same Man stole a team from him dec 21st in the same manner under pretext of going a Short distance in the when heard of the thief was about sixty Miles North of Sparta and is in w no doubt somewhere in the wineries what Hijo about ii o tiie penalties of physiological Laws Are not speedily some by they Are void but when the system Breaks Down and almost hopeless Winch the family physician by reason of his limited experience fails to relieve the pertinence of the above in it apparent r been i r ii 111 1 Many physicians Are for patronage As before making a Purchase of land a is required and the title Caref u so invalids should the claims of to treat chronic diseased or medicines Are Well known and have Many cures where nent physicians have failed yet to and id cases an 1 those restored ily or Pierce erected an elegant at a Cost of nearly half a million dollars no institution in the world offers advantages Superior to those four d this half a score of tire in at several of whom Bave been connected with leading american and hospitals every facility for hastening a cure a Liberal expenditure of Money could secure can Here be found fully to go invalids is hotel for circular transfers of Kcal the following transfers of real estate have in this county since our last w to George Llen of Sec Oakland consideration 300.00 m c co in k Wiseman j 320.00 o i to l o is Nej s be con Ernt Ion 700.00 c s to w of 1 2 and 4 Block cily of Albert Lea action 425.00 win to Charles undivided of a tract of Laud on West of Washington St in the Dity of Albert Lea consideration 112 50 Mary f Armstrong and c wedge to c Jorgenson same As above consideration 112.50 John Holland to 0 f a Sec 30 Freeborn 500.00 m Leary to d j Leary Nej and Sec 0 town of Moscow consideration Andrew Lea to Peder Jonson 13 acres in Sec 31 consideration c s Prescott to win Fenholt on i lots i 2 3 and 4 Block 12 Albert Lea consideration 361.00 c Enderson to Erik Ingebretson on of Sec 20 Hay Ward consideration m s Wilson to j h Parker on lot 10 Block 1 Parker s Tion to Albert Lea action e Christiansen a c wedge and l o Spicer on Sec 20 and and Sec 21 Bancroft Edmund town to a Bradley on Sec 21 and and the Sec 1 Man consideration 120.00 m Anderson to h d Clark of Sec 20 consideration l o Waaler to ii d Clark on so Sec of consideration a to 0 a Johnson on Sej Sec 11 and Sec 12 town of Albert Lea consideration j w Peterson to j c Morrison on i Aud Sec 34 Earth action ii c Lacy to w p sergeant on lots 4 5 arid 6 Block 2 Village consideration 0 Thompson to h d Clark on adj Sec 12 and no Sec Bancroft consideration 300.00 p to g b Hayes on in Sec 11 Oakland 800.00 500.00 275.00 75.00 200.00 200.00 40000 425.00 f m Snyder to p t Day on Sej Sec 17 and Nej and Sec Freeborn f m Snyder to ii s Brown of Sej Sej Sec 17 Vej Nej and Vej Sec 20 o k Wiseman to Chas Eunice on Sec 25 Oakland consideration 250.00 m Christopherson to f t Day on Vej Nej and Vej Seo 27 consideration a Hanson to w James on we and we Jwj Sec 10 Don consideration j tack to j c Ford on Seo 13 and so Seo 14 Freeborn 40.00 400.00 130.00 800.00 800.00 personal c d Fuller of Waseca was in this City this week Burnham of Itasca is confined to his room by sickness d Miller of Northwood called at this office while in the cily last tuesday Morrell of Iowa was in the City this week visiting her Many friends Sherwood formerly of this place has been visiting relatives and friends Here for the past Lew Days Cargill of Whitehall wis who Lias been absent two or months re turned on monday last Tor a few Days prank Lee of Waverly malt Miles late partner is in town culling on the boys has him in charge while Here j f Reppy of this City was de grand Junior Steward of the masonic grand Lodge of this state at its session last week Morin a w White and w p sergeant went to St Paul on wednesday morning 10 interview gov Pillsbury in relation to the Pardon of w c Lincoln Hon Asa Walker of the town of Carlston is reported to be very ill miss Walker his daughter who has been in St having her eyes doctored returned last week regret to learn that Tiou s n Frisbie is at Austin quite sick he got hut fur 1 is saturday on his Home and was taken with a fever he Hopes to be Able to return to St Paul Tho first of next week wedge was at Home Over Day he is boarding at the merchants hotel in St Paul while Frisbie and wife Are slopping with lives and representative is at the scandinavian hotel n Well known Farmer living in the town of in this to suddenly dropped dead in Blooming Prairie on the while unloading wheat at the elevator he had about his unloading when he fell into his and died almost instantly heart disease is supposed to be the cause of his death Freeman Grange the following were elected officers of Freeman Grange for the ensuing year i Lowthian Kelly v Stev 11 re win homing Rew Lang Kelly h Gale us Jones n 1 mrs Kov land Lillian l a my Tho our saved five Livoi by Sellin Low House them Jos of h h of j tin re Sta City 3 in of n county for about Twenty Yei of ii i u f of thu 1 Boon in poor went to u ii a to ome years i leu one District the con it met on monday the of v a made t n i i v i site is of slate is 1 do state Sci state k of Tion of to is j ii on Davit of the life of a Ini n would be endangered by trying now slate is w t indictment quashed and ordered to jury Rivil d is t j tried briefs to be j j Hogan is 11 u Collins Assignee e w Hall is o f Southwick red to f Morgan a h Michael Murphy it no trustees of school no to briefs to be submitted within in Days the fallen Clear out All kinds of Winter clothing and Aero at the g 0 p c h court the big has been trans acted in the probate office of Freeborn county since our last in the matter of the of Ruby t deceased affidavit of w w Williams showing publication of order of hearing proof of foreign will and Vit of e c Stacy showing personal vice of said order filed receipt of county treasurer for in lieu of probate fees filed on motion of Petitioner the hearing postponed to the of March 1870 in the of the estate of William Elliman deceased receipt of the to treasurer paid into the Treasury in lieu of fees filed Tion of the executor for appointment of commissioners to audit claims against the estate tiled appointing Warren and to p puch ers made and and warrant to them issued order limiting time for ing to six months filed order iting time for payment of debts to one year filed for Sale 360 acres Choice farming bind in the town of Erel Lake near Armstrong station caution to the editors of Standard i urn informed that a Man sometimes calling himself and at others James is representing himself in the North part of this county As a Deputy sheriff in collecting claims i wish to say that the Man is not a Deputy sheriff but is a fraud and should be arrested t j sheriff juvenile templars to the editors of the Standard the following officers of the Temple of True workers at Gordonsville have been elected for the ensuing Quarter c t Cook Robinson v t Ellen Beighley i c Martin Buly p t Susan r s Agnes Buchanan t m a p s Emma Miller is James g Grant Marshall t Louisa Langdon a s Emma Buly d m Cora Abbott r s Liva Joppa l s goo Langdon Public installation saturday Jau at the school House mus m a superintendent exquisite doors the unique perfumes made by or Price Are the favorite perfumes for the handkerchief and toilet his Floral is surpasses in Rich fresh flowery Grance any other Cologne or toilet water or Price s pet Rose Alista bouquet and other extracts Are ecstatic acknowledged chemists and physicians say or Price s special Flavouring extracts Are the purest they Are daily increasing in popular Vor housewives who desire the most delicate flavor in their cakes puddings and pastry will get it by using or Price s extracts local Hope our throughout Tho will bestir Aud make this of tie full and by us local of every kind from their such an ill everything of h we do not want but local of kind items to the editors of Ike Standard during he late cold weather As or Phelps children were going Home from school their feet became so Frozen that they Are now confined to the House the dance last thursday night owing to the storm the night before was not a Success As to numbers but those who did attend had a very time As there is a demand for amusements there will be an other party at the Hall on Friday evening Ian 31 when it is hoped the Young from a neighbouring Village who showed modesty and Good behaviour to be alike strangers to them will make selves conspicuous by their absence last n Constable charged upon and kidnapped a Large aim re of the goods and chattels of mrs Overby and sold them to Tho highest bidder mrs t j Holton is suffering with a Dis ease of Long standing but we Hope to hear of her speedy recovery is that Greenback club we Are informed that the numbers of Hope Grange will soon be increased by several new Bers Jack twin Luke items to the editors of the Standard twin Luke cily is situated at Ibe fool of lower twin Lake Oil tiie so of Hue 12 of contains 70 -17 of which Aro single of these 24 14 Are males Ami 10 females the following Ami trades arc represented curler run in Christ Baptist or d 0 Rowland Eclectic physician Mill with two run of Stone and with one run Hoth owned by win three mores h Katun keeps a general input f Call p m keeps and tin 1 Sells groceries and j Ole Nelson to hold 1 Madagan maker Kalon u is kept by die the cily limits to inc a Ruuti the rail is wild cat and have seen near town lately they and the will Likely Tho Rabbit of Lilue Earth cily is Ping with or Nelson a few lie brought Sporl Wilh while chopping in the is near or Jones made a and Cut his foot eve rely Al freely fora time Bat a t n off j is improving mrs or has been i a few at t is t in 1 Hope he Means business of or of position Kuler Kiepper quarterly meeting ill to the quiet in our Little Burg no births or re Vival in doing some Good by the Pri of the but it not Tubu enough to any or to juin the Church still a have g to tiie tent Lor and to Lope i they and Many inc e averted attending Albert but to meetings Here again the first of n Foster is Tine up a very in to on our cily Hirum King and family to Albert Lea last week or been a resident of this county for 3 and we were o see him go but to s is your humor if that our id Friend j Abbott i Irving sell out his or e a Jid or p j Milser snid to lie his or Abbott is n As one of our j Rij we regret o him we Hope lie May in some business that will i voc More congenial lucrative than l r a child very sick fever or cok of is j Gordon Ruid wife or Jacob Ley or and others from this Vicinity viewed the sights and took in tiie meeting service at your City last sunday to the of the Standard everything in our cily quiet and Lovely a number of our citizens Are at Albert Lea this week Mur laugh is stopping at tue Alden House Aud we understand intends starting a Marble establishment Hern lie is an agreeable gentleman and we Hope will find enough encouragement to warrant him in starting this new con Cert troupe of your City is advertised Here for next saturday evening at Davis Hull they arc Well spoken of and will undoubtedly draw a Good House ing of entertainments Why Don t your Matic troupe come up and give us we Are just spoiling for a dramatic entertainment and think they would meet Wilh of airs Der was very largely attended almost every one in town and for around being in correspondent feels very badly because Alden shipped More wheat than Hayward Oakland and Armstrong combined never mind Jack we Are not proud and Don t feel a bit above you we Are getting wheat every Day from within three Miles of Albert Lea and they Don t say a word about it Hayward did Kably Well for the Collins hns been Juite sick for two weeks but is now slowly Surprise parly last Friday night this time it or cast of town and All it a Walker brother of our postmaster is dangerously ill we hear there is but Little Hope of his recovery his daughter who is under medical treatment for her eyes at St Paul has been telegraphed a m Trigg hat a brother him notwithstanding the hard times we Bear of 11 number of improvements spoken of made in the Spring Pike married Jim 8th lit die real of the Mother in alb it b but 11 Abbott w of of this City ill this Jan 21 by ii Esq 3 Vav and Mary Nelson to the editors of the Standard this a a week owing to Here being Many near Austin it t almost impossible to buy wheat Here As nulls arc bound to have it this Ion does not Over 100 per Lay Hon s x started Home yom St last but a sudden it tack of sickness i him from coming than Frith fever and in in Here hat lie for mrs Frisbie j j Smith Section fore Nan Here has taken a Premium Rood truck j m Lee schoolmaster of has been of sick u week during which the school was closed there s considerable around Here at is troubled u cold in worse our going around he last about in More o around i Sun of m who so injured last fall by a if a half monthly paper called the de id George Sanderson of the debating o you my belter look m your is tie number Ivas read at the the weekly i per 75 it 2 3 per no 4 Pur 38 m Clorn to on per 25 per Bushel -15 50 per cwt 2 00 3 50 Corn per cwt do j per owl 40 an m per Tou 4 no in r in per ton 2 60 a 00 per Cord 4 00 try 5 in Pur Cord 3 50 4 50 per la per Doz 10 per 05 per ii of 10 75 by per of i 03 Lii us foot per 2 i to 2 v per cwt 2 00 n 2 per 25 05 a per i 04 new advertisements dissolution the of bran in clued by Mutual h will the collect and till h Albert Lea Jan 14 1870 3 publication Jau 9th Sale has made in tic of u mortgage by j and Ole 7 to w a Tou dated a and duly in thu of of m fur county of the Day of january a 1j m Book j of Oil Page 515 the premises de by Haid Are in Haid county of of and in follows t o wit Quarter of no of then in no nue Hundred and Range Haid containing according to vey there in t i be due and if due of at the Date of ibis the sum of and and to action or at us to t lie now til in that by virtue i f a Power of contained in Lijich by reason of the aforesaid and to the in filch and Faid mortgage be fore closed Bale of the mortgaged above at auction by the of Haid at the front the in Albert m paid on saturday the it Day of March a d at 10 a in to the amount that he due on together the mini of fifty Lara in an an in f a or claimed a u part f the debt by Haid mortgage tiie and allowed by Law Albert Lea january a w a for publication Jan Legal notices publication january 2 to in the matter of the of notice in hereby Given that Tho of probate court of fixed monday of april May and Rune Aud Day of june and the in the time and place and where he Wilt receive hour and adjust All of All persons against and thai Hix Bave been the time for creditors to present kid dated thu Day of december it administer matrix Juu Sale by virtue of All execution out of and under the Seal of court in and the futility of and of no a judgment rendered and docketed in the Mil i on the sol Day of january a d in j and lame m were and la Austin in of the said Ai die fur the of live inn ired and live and i Bave this 4th d if january levied upon and t lie described and real a property the defendant Arthur Austin the East half of the e of no in and three North of Twenty three of thu tilth the Haid land held by virtue of a of a u in said Given that i sell Eal property to tie bidder for Al Pic auction at the front door of the court hulls i i in Iii county of Freeborn Aud state us the a Day of la it 10 k m of Flat Day he Haid execution the thereon dated january a d 1879 t j of Jah h publication Jan 0 of county of the state of to i s Yuu arc hereby summoned to be 111 before the one of the i said county untie Day of january a t it in the Forenoon at my be town of in said county k and o o in a civil i you fall to Appeal at the time and i Fui it will b against y t Pun tie evidence adduced by said l p 1 our Uch Iii entitled to Given under my baud this Day of january u Hoflan of the peace i n in o Hud by a in i ing of l cd i i e us in 1 lie per Forth in o the week 1.0 and the Effort unite so another Lias been Ion of to hold from last t e or editor that your 11 a Ward Are serving in the same Way the the Afagh them of sympathy but very Little your Alden correspondent with me because i could not afford a Turkey bin Hays never a word about fending me of Hayward advises me to Brace and not be cast Down pimply because i had Frozen my Eara until they stuck out a foot or such a on the Side of my but not a thought to have his pathetic sending me a Cap that will me warm or even a pair of now Don t poke fun at a you May know time Ami l in of the j for Al on i the of ill b of m of m of j by in i of of Al re 1 a j of of number m and lets Aud two m Aud in Block in the of a Ami for in the of of m the county of to of i claimed to to due and due on paid at the of notice the us two and no Tion or at instituted to Tho or any thereof notice in hereby that by virtue of a of Hale contained in Bald mortgage become operative by reason of default aforesaid and to Tho statute in Case and air by of the it auction by thu of haul it the door of the f it in Albert in com you saturday tile Day of March a d 1 at 11 cd a m to the that then be due debt the Curt if january 2 to 1 or county of l no in decia account on at 111 Al i Bert Lea in de that i of i of to r i t by tin Ujj a m it in and u in by to All persons y i r Ive j to Day f in Standard u Albert Iii said and a u a Lea i Day of j n of january j state f county n t i Tutu ii a above de Iriti by 1 Ert or Tai Ull fre r their c i l to the ill action v i u Lor the of on one r dated dec Al Aid county and in t in a i it v Days and if time ill take u Hundred and and m Oku Lea Minu itty How it u yourselves in paid Portem lie As an attorney fee in Cai e of a f there f a Art f cared by the i College to the of the the College committee of the of on loth inst in St to Confer with a committee of in regard to the of an of learning to be under management the meeting was chiefly for a Survey of the situation All agreed thai such an institution is desirable and ble and another meeting was appointed for feb pros to take u step in Advance if practicable the of location was not fairly before the committee for the re Sou that Oiler press for solution first the principal difficulty in the Way of immediate is the ence on of an imaginary institution culled macalester College and the actual existence of a fund of about fifty thousand dollars to support it u Board of trustees to manage it and a president Rev k d a reformed minister the trustees Are men of wealth and ence and they cling to their pet scheme and its president with much enthusiasm most presbyterians in the state cannot see How that fund or its reverend or Neill can be made available for the founding and maintenance of a Ian University at the time the trustees of College Enn not How such an institution can be built in Minnesota on any other foundation this is briefly described Tho present situation Rev or Breed pastor of the House of Hope St Paul was appointed to Confer with or Neill and ascertain in what Way if any might be brought into closer relations with the Synod of Minnesota it is hoped that our next meeting will clop something 11 b Shell items to the editors of the Standard the Young bloods of Shell Rock went up to Albert Lea saturday last to see the horse Trot they came Home and a jockey club at once and will give their first exhibition of Speed on the Ico South of town next saturday expect something marvelous in the Way of Speed will be assembles regularly every tuesday evening at Grange Hall if you want to see How that body is conducted come Peck is buying hogs and he will ship some thursday Trade is very Light with Strong Falk shutting of the houses at this place which Means thai some of us will have to Rock has a dramatic club that will Render the laughable drama entitled Down by the sea sometime next month prof Fiak has the management of the affair a guarantee for the Cess undertaking Geo Little son has been very sick but is now considered out of danger or d c land attended Culvert is quite Hiram Cordell was taken with severe in the stomach Day night or Rowland of twin lakes was summoned and soon gave Relief she is now slowly Sophia Gillett Mother of mrs George Smith of this Village died at Tho residence of or Smith on the twentieth inst she buried in Greenwood cemetery on Day elder Klepper preached no Sermon to a very Large number of relatives and friends of Tho deceased she Lias gone to meet the loved ones Derth never enters f f Lea school by official it stands at the head to the of the the lost report of state Burt contains among much other ing find valuable matter the results of the examination of sixteen High schools con ducted by lion 0 s Bryant Secretary of state High school Hoard to ascertain their Grade of scholarship was sufficiently High to entitle Thorn to state Aid under the Law for the ment of higher education it is a singular fact that though in the n of general averages of the seven branches included in the four schools arc shown to stand n trifle higher than ours yet in each of cases the result As any one readily see by examination is either from incorrect averaging or from graphical Aud when corrected Leavis Albert Lea school at Lite of the Isi with an average standing of 07 per h is but fair to state in this that among the thirty two Pils examined Here were included nearly All of the class who had not the brunches embraced in examination and were examined Only for individual Benefit that it might be to them while two of had never studied two of hence their ing in them Ivas nothing and loitered the general average of the school the schools examined were the ing in the order of their standing in Albert Lea Lake City Monticello Austin Lilue Kurth City Howard Faribault St cily Wells hustings St Cloud Henderson red Wing two schools Only stand higher than ours in Oue in geography and Oue in penmanship while in written arithmetic our school leads All by about five per cent eleven of these schools Only ones reporting this item show an average for each of fifty seven different pupils enrolled in the High school during the year while we had one Hundred and seventeen a further comparison with other schools of the state As to the relative number of teachers and pupils shows the following results teachers 12 11 10 id 7 8 All North held St Peter new Ulm Albert Lea Cannon fulls pupils 057 562 509 450 421 -120 a 297 y the highest of pupils in Tho state to four teachers for the year 1878 exclusive of Albert Lea although tie number of our teachers for the ent year has been increased to five the number of pupils has increased in a or ratio so that the condition of things in this respect for promises to be 110 improvement upon last year it also appears from the state report that ours is the Only school in the state of its size that is not organized and working under the special or Tho Independent District system and there is no question but that it would be of decided advantage to our school to adopt one or Tho other of these plans the accomplishment of Tho result under these circumstances simply Means hard work on the part of pupils arid or and we want the credit of it and pose to have it with a fairer Chance in the matter of an Equality of circumstances we would be to attempt still More favourable results but in the time we want credit for what to have done which is my reason or excuse if any is needed for this communication c w Albert Lea january 20th a a d l u 1.111 the in said and Juart to of the no 7 in 101 n 4 according to Luni been made m the of a executed by William and Abella wife mortgagors to a c wedge Aud l v Spicer dated december a n recorded in the of in Aud for county state of in the it Day of january a in k of us Ved by Haid Are of Freeborn mate of f n 21 wit f there to by due if due on said at the of tins notice tie urn of and Aud no or at has been to recover the or any part thereof and Bald a c and y is icer Bave the the in for the year 1877 which with Aud charges to Tho mini of four nud As an lion of now therefore no Tice in hereby Given that by virtue of a of Sale contained in said mortgage which has become by reason of the default and pursuant to the stature in such Case made and provided mini will be by Pale of the described at Public auction by the of said at the front door of the court Hoime in the Eity f Bert leu in Haid on saturday the Day March a d at in the that shall then be due on said debt including the Laxen together Wuh the sum of dollars in said to be paid us an attorney fee m Case of a thereof v hich is claimed As a Parl of Debl seemed by said mortgage costs Aud expenses allowed by Law dated Jau 20 a a 0 Wedoe l v attorneys for mortgagees first Jim 23 first publication Jan 10 to state of county of in c in the i f Tuc Sarah and m of ii of said estate Forth 1 Jat i m state n Ami caul j a of condition and re f Hereof Ana t Ujj Thi 1 1 1 i do u 1 v no on rib of n o and it by u n r j in i i k and mid is in to pay he same in of it order nil in estate the Al o and thu him the 24th Day f 1 p in at Bert Lea in cause if any court of a d at one o clock e of probate in then Ami to show be Why not said t t 11 Jeal to the and it in Lui ordered that n e shall be published e to Day of tin of which shall be at d Kef re Day of in irn i1 a r an 1 Airt in i inv d on in n in -.11 1 at fourteen Day of us Accord Ujj to Law by the court Jamrs ii or of r Minn dated it Albert a the of j a first publication Del by of in issued out of and under the Seal of Uip in and for the of and state of Minnesota on a judgment rendered and Iii the said court on the Day of a in an wherein Aud being were and John ims and were in favor of said Aud the said defendants for the sum of two Hundred Twenty one and and which said judgment docketed in county on Tho Day of a d 1878 and Haid having been to me i 1 have thib 18th Day of january a d 1879 levied upon All Tho right title and interest of the said in and to the f lowing lauds the Northwest Quarter of Tho Northeast Quarter and the of Tho Northwest Quarter and the thirty six acres of the of the commencing nine cast of the Corner of the Southwest Tor of the Northwest Quarter of three in town one Hundred and Range Twenty two sight of her grief stricken Bun made in the i 1 executed by Charles e Booth n is r 1.1 duly recorded in of the of needs n aul for e r state i 111 1st Dav of Lal Ber a d 1872 m 11 of Hiti the convened by Saul situated county of state of m and described As follows thu Section seven one and one of Twenty two 22 v e which was for a valuable considerate on the 24th Day of november a d 1876 duh by paid Charles to Henry Kef and said assignment duly recorded Iii the o lice of Register of deeds Afi on the a of november a d 1870 in Book in i pcs on Page there is claimed to to due is duo of at the Date of this m tit the sum of live Hundred Ami i dollars and no action or Hay been instituted to recover tiie same or any t thereof now therefore notice is by of a of Sale contained m l which has become o of the default on and to then Ute in such Case made and provided said will be foreclosed by of the 1 above described at Public auction by the of said county at the in door of the court House m Albertia on isl Dity of s 18711 at 10 o clock a to satisfy t then be due on said debt r with tie sum of forty in i mortgage to be paid As an fee 111 Case 11 foreclosure is claimed As a i the debt secured by said mortgage besides the Aud expenses by Law dated Albert dec a d ally s for Assignee and has widowed few Ai c of her life the of East thirty four rods North her eyes was one that will South half of the Southwest Quarter of auction thirty four in township Oue Hundred and four Twenty two West of the Lif the principal Dian being and lying in thy county of Minnesota notice is hereby Given that i will Bell Tho above described real property to the highest bidder Tor Cash Al Public auction at the front door of the court House in Tho City of in the to of and on Day Tho 8th Day of March a d ill k u m of that Day to satisfy the Gether with the intercut and costs dated january 18 a d 3879 t j Sheehan sheriff of county Kinder ally s for never Lade from my memory notice notice is hereby that i will receive bids lip to ii o clock a m on saturday february 8 for the unsold of the of floods assigned by John a Anderson of Albert Imo to Nie on the Day of november Hans dated Jan 20 i whereas my wife has left my bed Aud Board i without due provocation notice in that i will not pay suy debts of her i Tiou Alden Minn Jan 18 1879 Colt wanted r five Hundred bushels of Corn in payment of notes and accounts duo a subscriber or on notes and due the firm or Parker highest Market Price paid j i unless expenditure at funerals and weddings ased nowadays Money is literally wasted in ostentatious display which is always objectionable but particularly so at neral very often too they involve expenses which the arc poorly Able to meet and which entail distress and sometimes Dishonour still the ural that impels the lavishing of Honor upon the newly dead is very Strong and hard to be controlled too often the conscience of the survivor smites him for his neglect or wrong of tiie dead while and he wishes to make compensation it is the last can be done let us do it is Bat this feeling should be kept within proper Bounds an Dence of Good sense is to be seen in the growing simplicity of our wedding Feu it is becoming considered in rather bad taste to permit at the weddings even of our most wealthy people the profuse displays either of apparel jewelry or bridal presents that were the Correct thing a few years ago a elegant but inexpensive weeding is becoming Best rather than the this is right and shows a wholesome tendency to practice Thrift and Flowers Are Able As
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