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Standard (Newspaper) - January 17, 1878, Albert Lea, Minnesota I Market quotations we state Tho full Market report this week and carefully Correct up to the time of going to press it has been left out for a number of weeks owing to the crowded stale of our columns will you read the on your papir and tee whether you Are indebted to us remember the donation visit at j f Hall s residence in Manchester to Morrow evening Reward if adulteration is found in spices or ground or guaranteed strictly pure lit Burl s Tlle nest meeting of teachers association will be held the lust Day of this month 24th just the gramme will be substantially he some As that Laid Down for the last ii ing which at Best was not very Good has almost entirely disappeared within the last two Days a Newt Novelty in per sacks at Chandler Bros your order and get the Best fresh bulk oysters sack Given away from the Burlington Oyster depot cheap As the cheapest we Are requested to say that the election of officers will take place sit the Good templars Lodge on saturday evening of this week and that a full attendance is desired Money saved in buying your Tea at county commissioners out saying anything of any of our previous county boards it to a that the present one is com posed of As Good a class of men As can be found in the county they take hold of business evidently determined to discharge their duty re of fear or favor and it would seem that the Public business id in Good and Safe hands Vermont Maple syrup at our thanks Are due to lion Al for copies of the daily pro of the House of Tives when pork brings a Low Price no Farmer can afford to keep a scrub hog if you have that kind of an animal on your farm dispose of it it any Price apply to Botsford of the Dard and procure one of his Fine Grade sows at reasonable figures mrs bar Hans has for Sale a first class piano also a Fine Taylor Farley Organ Susan b who is one of the original Stock of male orators that first agitated this with the question of women s suffrage and who has earned fur her a National reputation has promised to be Here on thursday next 24th lost and will lecture for the Benefit of ithe Library association the title of her lecture is we believe Al woman wants bread not the ballot the place of Tho lecture will to an in seamless text boots and shoes the warmest cheapest and Best kind of warm for Sale at Boston Boot and shoe store donation visit the donation for the Benefit of Jer r Abbott which announced to come off some time since but was on account of and bad roads will be held at lie linage of j f Hull in Manchester on the 18th Day january j f Hall sri cited saturday list Broadway was the scene of Large and noisy crowds two auctions were running in opposition to each other ind there was As much rivalry in the bidding As there was Between the two one of the latter was lurched upon a dry goods bos while he other in order to bring himself still Urther in sympathy with his towers mounted a Sleigh with a Hay rack on it then the Market opened the voices of the animated vendors Rose and higher is each tried to the other in his Effort to eulogize Liis goods the crowd of men and boys Back and Forth under the inspiration of Tho hour loud Hurrah arose the excited throng As one auctioneer would succeed in inking a Good Point upon the other goods sold Lively and cheap even honest Abe became Dis Turbed lest the infection might reach his crowd but All Good things must come to an end and so after the crowd had been duly clothed or otherwise supplied and Tho had become hoarse by their loud and much speaking the Sleigh was drawn away and the dry Gooda Box split up for kindling never were there so Many in this Community before never wore so wearing Good cd people naturally say what is i lie cause if so much any Why honest Abo the poor Man s Friend is in town with a Stock of ing huts and Caps it prices that come within the reach of All Call and see him Strong Appeal the St Paul and Minneapolis of Trade have United in a circular making to urgent Appeal for an appropriation by our legislature to defray the expenses of a grand state exhibition at the Paris exposition the coming season illustration by pictures of the great contrasts Between the school books used by the fathers and mothers of the when Young and those now used by the children is the of pictures As a curious instance of illustrating the meaning of words by pictures look at the pictures of a ship on Page 1751 of unabridged trate the meaning of than did words and terms belter thin they can be defined by any description in words wonderful result of a Little item in the Standard some time ago we to the re Kable meeting of two Brothers in Shell Rock after a separation of forty it appears that the whole by had become widely scattered and had lost sight of each other this no Tice was copied from the Standard into other papers in different parts of the Union it fell under the Eye of other members of the family afforded a clue which followed up by cur res until the of Mother sister and one or two other Brothers have been pie meat prepared for use in pails cheap at wishing to Purchase a class musical instrument will do Well to Call on mrs ii n who will to found at the Hall House every wednesday and saturday for Wool lined boots that will not Only be warm but Wear go to the ton soot and shoe store do you want to buy Souie extra Nice Breeding sows Call on i Ford this week s August Peterson is out with a real estate card the directors of the school District at Shell Rock advertise for proposals to build a new school House j h Parker has a Law card c Anderson brings his furniture to the notice of our readers mrs ii n Burhans deals in Al instruments the publishers of Webster s unabridged dictionary desire to make some sales in this part of the country the fort wort Democrat has a Small notice the Chicago Northwestern Way insert their advertisement when you buy an article of Dler Brothers Carter you can on it just As represented they believe that this is the Only Way to up and hold their share of Trade and they propose to live up to it Choice Coffee of any variety or Quantity very Low at the Best styles and Best assortment of men s and boys Winter in Bert Lea can to found at resolutions of Lodge i 0 u t in the mysterious dealings of an Al Wise Providence our beloved brother l Monroe Hall has been re moved irom us by by which had event parents Are bereft of a son on whom they had hoped to lean in their declining years a Young wife of an affectionate and devoted husband a family Circle of a kind Loving brother this Lodge of an efficient worker and the Community lose an esteemed citizen and honorable business Man therefore that we As a Lodge Cerely mourn the loss of our loved brother has served us so Long and efficiently As Lodge Deputy thai we tender our Felt sympathy to the afflicted ones As we believe in the oven of a kind father whose tender mercies Are Over All his who does not afflict to Bow submissively to his will be Lieving that in his own Good time we shall see Wisdom and mercy of the weight which now Falls so heavily that As to expression of our sorrow we drape our in mourning and Wear a mourning badge on our regalia ninety Days and resolved that copies of these lotions be sent to the family and to the county papers for Tion and that a copy to placed on our records in behalf of the Alden Lodge j k n Backus Mary u Greene committee unfortunate Accident the Large number of friends of or p gent will regret to learn that be has Hud the misfortune to fracture his Arm and the one that has Given him so much trouble from former injuries he had it entirely recovered from the Accident on the Burlington Road which took place Over eighteen months since and from which he then miraculously is caped death with broken ribs Der and the Arm that has again been fractured or Sargent with his by have but lately come to Albert Lea to reside and is in charge of the Ness at the round House of Tho r ton and Minneapolis roads a business in which he has had experience and is competent and calculated to age his inward capacity had Ever been a favorite theme of speculation for his friends but the mystery had never been solved until he went to honest Abe s where he got a perfect fit and went rejoicing proceedings of the county Board Frum fast fourth Day s proceedings 4th 1878 Board met pursuant to adjournment All the members present minutes of preceding any read and of proved the Bills were allowed ii Thurston postage and express 07 Fobes Brothers Zinc Lor grand jury room 128 j Wood return if births and deaths town of Albert Lea 1877 2625 j p Duncan return of births and deaths town of Hartland 1877 750 curler Hussey drafting per 1 50 Johnson Smith Harrison Blank books 43 00 Parrott Girton Sherman probate Blanks u 90 Parrott Sherman deed 3200 a White clerk s Albert Hull painting and it court 580 of s 11 duly stationery from june to january 1878 allowed and auditor directed to draw an order for 28 balance of having been by special order 21 the following amounts were reported by the officers us the re of heir several offices for the year year ending dec 81 1877 t j j Larson Deputy 27 Register of deeds 1790 25 a w White clerk of District court 25 application of John Slater or and tra for the formation of a new school Dis to be composed of Sec 3 and be and new and no so Sec 4 and cd Sec 5 All in town 102 21 Ami so and Wise Sec Lis and Vej so and one Sec 32 Sec 83 and new and wine and All of so Sec 34 All in town 103 Range 21 taken up and on motion the Board direct t Hummer to Post notices required by Luw and de the Day of a n 1878 and the auditor s office Albert Lea As the time and place of application of Lewis and others for the of a new school District to be composed of a sections 1 2 and 3 town Range 10 and sections 34 and Range 10 taken up and on motion the directed Lewi to Post notices required Liy Law find appointed the Day of March a d Mill auditor s office Albert leu the time and place of hearing the auditing Board filed a report of examination of treasurer s Hooks Anil on motion the directed that the be on the minutes to the Board of county born Minn undersigned re report that under the provisions of Section 131 chapter 38 Laws of they did on the Day if december carefully examine and audit the accounts books and vouchers of Chas kit Telson of county and that they counted the funds reported 011 hand the items and amounts Cor rect and lit Gen in the following of receipts i do k its county or to in Treasury March 1 1877 of examination 08 to collections on i Orn tines interest up to oct 1 1877 01 to school fund Uci 377088 to collodion on duplicate from 1 to dec 071337 to amount assignments on hand 00 to and Cost on duplicate of 1st and prior years to on duplicate 1877 Bot 74 total for dec 28 03 treasurer or Liy presented for paid from March 1 to oct 1 08 by vouchers paid Binic oct 1 1877 20074 72 currency on hand 03 03 respectfully submitted a w White clerk dial court Jas county Board w c Lincoln county auditor on motion the Board adjourned to meet at one o clock r m Oxe o clock p m both met pursuant to adjournment All the members present the following Bills were allowed e d Patrick fees in various climes less co charges Case slate is t slate is k Wiele amount 10 t j Sheehan boarding prisoners t j Sheehan services in criminal cases 9 50 i Hammer Deputy sheriff fees in various cases 70 allowed Sll 00 charge Case stale is amount allowed 19 20 t j searching for witness Case state is wedge 500 t j Sheehan sheriff ii Justice fees state is ii Lyons 2 30 ii Justice fees in ing cases slate to m Dugan 40 state is Jorgen Olson 2 40 state is Severt Ramsey 3 60 state is Andrew Johnson 1 80 state is Jno Hare Tel 2 75 state is Jno 235 suite is Jno 35 amount allowed 71 1 Day drawing jury 2 00 France Patrick articles to court and jail 43 17 on the Board adjourned to meet at 8 o clock a m 5th inst fifth proceedings Jan 5 1878 Board met pursuant to adjournment All the members present minutes of the preceding Day read and approved the following Bills were allowed m publishing notice of elimination of 25 j c Johnson return of births and deaths for 1877 town of Alden 4 75 w c Lincoln services on auditing Board one Day 3 00 Gardner Hunter boarding mrs Clifford 650 ii Blackmer Justice fees in ing cup us is ii 30 is 11 Wylie 6 68 state a Daley 1 75 is Martin 5 65 Sute is l Bailey 2 30 e pc d b Germain 5 60 state is 1 75 and action at the present yes Sion amount allowed of Ole Tang juror Cense of state is m 0 Peterson Laid Over of c Bullock Justice fees of state is Alfred Fero Laid Over Case not settled h Justice fees state is e Ai Peterson disallowed Case not determined Tho Board selected the names of 72 from which to draw grand jurors and same from which to draw Petit jurors Aud filed the same with the clerk of the District court according to Law the application of or a c wedge for release from his Bond Laid Over to session for the reason that it presented too late for careful con on motion the Bills presented by j Larson for 14 rejected fur the reason that said is indebted to the county in the sum of 9134 66 Money improperly drawn out of the county Treasury As jailor or turnkey for services claimed to be rendered when there was no in the county the is referred to said Larson to credit the sum so fur As the same will apply and Tho chairman of the Board is directed to of Larson the payment of the balance of said sum so due to the the Treasury of j witness tees Case of state is t Cochlin and j 00 allowed of d Herron witness foes of state is t and j Herron 85 00 allowed of a o Learry fees Case of state be t Cochlin and j Ron 00 allowed of w c Lincoln far 100 boxes to keep records in office As per re attached 910 00 allowed of c Lincoln postage and express charges 810 20 allowed of w w Johnson services of committee on court House supplies s42 00 allowed application of John Roach to have s w 1 26 and s k i Scoti m 27 town 101 22 from District no 69 and attached to District no 45 taken up and on motion the Board appointed John to Post notices required by Law and pointed March 14th 1878 and the auditor s office at Albert Lea As the time and place of hearing of i 0 Green livery hire 93 00 allowed on motion the Board fixed the Ary of the county superintendent of schools at per annul during Lusi term of office Dae 3d 1877 the Board sustained the county treasurer in appointing the time and for collecting taxes assessed for the year 1877 in the townships of Geneva Newry Moscow Oakland London Shell Rock Alden Carlston Mansfield Hartland Freeborn and hath on motion the Buard adjourned to at 1 o clock m wonderful Linen soap Dubbins soap Kirk s soap Rose soap and Many other kinds of soap at a successful surgical Tion a or two ago or Black Mer of this place performed a surgical operation of to difficult a character that not half physicians in the state Ever attempt it a gentleman in town has been suffering with what is known As Stone in the bladder for the past two or three years until finally it be came unendurable or was called in and on removing the Stone it was found to weigh one and a half ounces the patient has recovered in crockery lamps and glassware at ready made clothing marked Down to match the most accommodating Sellers in the country w if your John happens to Converse in an absent minded manner and has taken to a Moody mate of mind Chews Slicks hangs bin boots on the hat rack and takes the water pail right past the pump to the Wood pile for if he opens the cellar door every time lie starts for the work shop cats by and nuts and is nervous and and Cross if in fact he acts like some other John Don t him Don t think he is turning crazy Don t scold but patiently wait until Days of Resolution Are past he probably one of the and Don t want to pay the five Kilkenny a station on Apolis St Louis Roud has probably commenced shipping those famous cat in historic fume As messenger Adams received two one Day last week which were bagged and boxed without or Mark and were evidently going to the dogs for gloves mittens scarfs under clothing Buffalo Coats co to honest Abe s Cost Wool lined slippers at Cost at Boston and shot store one o clock p m lie Board met Suant to All members pre sent of w Johnson for services in connection with building a privy in connection with Dence 54 50 list of property tax for the year on motion Laid Over to the March session 1878 further examination on motion the Lime Piven to j m to report of mad View in of Freeman extended to the March session of 1878 of j m Geissler january Sion 1878 817 40 allowed of w n january session 00 of v Johnson january Sion 00 allowed of i a january bus Sion 1878 sic so of k Fitzgerald january ses bion 1878 20 allowed of the last Jay were read and approved on motion Tho Buard adjourned until March 13th 1878 John m attest county Board w j county auditor a Good assortment of ladies cloaks cheap it Hazelton s Lead us not into temptation Are impressed with this thought every time we up the St Cloud for the current events of the times arc so concisely and fully written up in paragraph form each week that the temptation is Over whelming to clip from it bodily cheapest place to buy All kinds of Beaver and Felt goods is at the ton Boot Anil shoe store has a Gigantic Mouth and her nose is a magnificent failure As be Low said who bought a suit of clothes at honest Abe s to go and see his personal Jacob one of the pioneers of Freeborn county been away some time in the far West prospecting the mining regions of Colorado returned last week satisfied that there Are not Many regions after All Superior to Southern Minnesota or h has enjoyed life during his absence exceedingly Well and looks As fresh As when we saw him 20 years ago m of our attended the editorial convention at St Paul this week owing to t Liberal patronage bestowed upon t printing interest of this place at the present time it was thought hut Only one Well be absent and our Friend h was selected As a fitting Tive capt m of the ton land office made us a Call on Day morning the Captain has just made arrangements to engage in the wheat Trade at Hartland the Ness being conducted through an Agency 5 Burlington Oyster depot special inducements offered to to purchasers of oysters from Peter to Rons Oyster depot i ship by express daily direct from Baltimore the Best brands of Oyster and have Michigan celery Ders by Telegraph or mail promptly filled Anil warranted the Best Quality at the est figures Send trial order and be con Peter Berens 45117 Iowa shawls shawls Hawls in Large variety and cheap rat if you should not like them after getting Home we will take them Back for nothing and no questions asked letter from or Batchelder Albert Lea Jan editors Standard ill you me the favor to publish the following extract from the opinion of the supreme court of this state in the Case s Bruce is the county of Dudge county which cabe was tried at the april session of 1874 and a referred to by the county attorney in his report As the orbiter dictum of judge to a recent Case judge delivering he opinion the court used the following Gunge it appears to a that the decision of present controversy turns on the meaning to be attributed the term 1 salary in the act of 1871 we think it includes All the compensation which the county auditor is entitled to re j it Trie act the language is the salary of the county auditor shall be regulated by the value of the taxable property in their respective counties As follows then inquiry is what and the answer is All the subsequent provisions of the Section follow that which cives the allowance for clerk hire these provisions not Only follow in the of after the phrase As follows and in the same Section but the opinion that they Are included in that is ported by the further consideration that they Are All provisions by which the amount to which the auditor is entitled is regulated by the value of the property in their respective counties again the words the county editor shall be allowed for clerk evidently mean that he shall receive the allowed for clerk hire in All when the amounts to or exceeds eight Hundred thousand dollars reference to whether he in fact employs a clerk or not in words he h entitled to receive cent age though to performs in person the for which such percentage is intended As a compensation and even or clerks he is Legal obligation to pay him or full amount of percentage All clerk hire lie can pay his Price is agreed upon retaining any surplus of the percentage for his own use in other words the percentage allowed for clerk hire would seem to be part of the compensation Lowed the pay for the Dis charge of the duties of his office and a portion of his salary just As is the cent age allowed in the earlier visions of the Section the construction which we thus adopt would appear to derive some ther support from the location of the proviso in limiting Tho compensation which the auditor is to receive for his personal services the proviso evidently percentage prescribed in of the Section preceding that gives the allowance for clerk hire j yet it is placed at the end of the Section instead of offer the provisions which it qualifies this fact is of some Tance in supporting the conclusion that in the legislative mind All the provisions of the Section preceding the proviso were regarded As relating subject namely the salary of f he county Tor and that it was very properly thought Best to Complete Whit was to be said in general on that subject be fore adding the proviso of any other theory its natural would seem to have been after the provisions qualified by it having determined that the word in the act of 1871 includes the allowance for clerk hire we and that by Section 4 chapter 209 special of 1872 the auditor of Dodge county is to tie paid As a salary the of 1871 and 1875 Are tical so far As the question of clerk hire is Yery respectfully s dealing Ott the o Tom did you rail Rodd or by bunt and How u a you to eur a by Don t look on cheap bold up your head mid fling Al cure come in and see How Oil the Square gome in old Rig a style that nil will flock and ask you out to and whore did you get Thone 1 111 but you what you Dure at Tho Friend where they dual upon the Square there old Covey that s the place and thing they be got is made of Honor truly and will fit Yon like a Dot Aud every morning when you dress h fervent prayer for the men Heads Are level and who Deal upon the they occupy Tho of any in the town they la Dresh you out from top to toe in Black or Blue or Brown on what Wiy you May rely no matter when or for their Are always level and their dealing of the Square won t forget to Sec honest Abe s Stock of clothing Hills and gents red flannel undershirts with Buckskin lung protectors a Good thing for persons with weak lungs can be found at w Hazelton s an astonishing offer the of new Yolk of fers in another column to give a Worcester s unabridged Quarto pictorial dictionary which retails for and is of course a hold necessity How they can do it is we a mystery but thut they do there is no question the Independent is now publishing Rev Cook s famous Boston Day which Are creating so much everywhere see of the Dent in this paper if you want a Good standing Collar that will fit your neck Call at two Fellows came into honest Abe s store the other evening both secured for themselves a suit of clothes and one says to the other As they were going out of the door is that the Sun or Moon the other said he did t know As he Wasj a stranger in this country the attention of agents 19 called to the housekeeper s company of Cincinnati Ohio who make a of gel Ting up and manufacturing Foi housekeepers sol Piru employment to of of both out the whole suites 10 introduce them and offer inducements Ilia will pay them handsomely Many of tire now making from so to per Day and some of them even More write at and will Send you circulars giving you full description o each article and their terms to agents Ami will assign you sex elusive territory to sell in their address the Supply company no Eli Street Cincinnati Ohio the highest Price paid for Good but Ter at the new passenger depots at this place is Are nearly completed a gentle hint of climate with its Den changes of wind and Sunshine often in a single is no wonder tha our children friends and relatives arc so taken from a by pm Hail the deaths resulting i from this a bottle by German syrup kept about your Home for use will rious a doctor s and death by the use of three or Tuur doses for curing consumption Haemorrhages pneumonia severe coughs croup or any disease of the Throat or lungs its Success is simply wonderful As your druggist will Tell you German syrup is now sold in every town and Village on this continent Sample bottles for trial 10 cents ular size 75 cents Arctic overshoes in All styles and at Bottom prices at the Boston Boot and shoe store several Choice Breeding sows which have been bred to Botsford s famous Shire boar on exhibition at the to fair Call and me them at the Colby farm at Itasca l j Thomas to loan Fin farm no commission attorney fee or other charge principal and interest at Home h t Brown co hip hip Ransom s fruit store the place to buy your dried fruit of which he has a very Large Stock Aud All he wants is to have you Call on him Brazil nuts and pecans Only 10 ets per quart at Matt Miles Warren old stand Hurrah for Ransom s to buy Teu and coffees to Stacy Are pleaded to an that they have a Large sum o Money to loan it much loiter of than they have heretofore been Able to give two cigars for 5 cents at the new tobacco store sign of the Indian Money to loan apply to to Blackmer 3 Albert Lea Minn Good Fine Cut chewing tobacco 50 cents per Pound the new tobacco store sign of the Indian Stock Fok Sale 7 cows 3 yearlings 7 Cash j c Rose Albert Lea or on time 62t2 cheap plug tobacco nod Fine ment of pipes at new tobacco store Chicago time of passenger trains from la Crosse in effect Jan 1 leave for Chicago and the East the life and Call thin for certificate of tuition 38113 Money to loan on real estate Security approved note bought apply to a h office Over drug of Post office 00 00 00 00 00 00 50 Ilbert Lea o it i us of the join 17 1878 per 60 John per Bushel cats Bushel per 00 do flour per cwt 3 00 00 Graham flour per Juck flour Corn meal per teed per cwt Jay per Ion per Cord dry Wood per Cord per in per 11 eggs per per in Green hues per in dry pelts jams per in country hams per in sugar cured shoulders per in lard per in per cwt on foot pork per cwt potatoes per Bushel per in 08 00 00 per in 07 cd of e 3 00 Tiz 50 08 chickens per in lumber first 00 second common 16 00 third common 13 00 first fencing 18 00 second fencing 1c 00 Stock boards dressed 28 00 lath 3 00 00 battens 00 finishing lumber Clear 00 00 shingles 4 culls 1 Freedom county Standard published at Albert Lea i Parker Botsford proprietors 50 Ilo All whom it May Al his is to certify 1 have Given my son Orvie h Foster his Lime from Thi Date to do find net for himself he paying All Bills of his contracting and receiving All Benefit s of Niento died dec 24 1877 s a Foster cheap House a House and lot in Albert Lea for be for ply to the undersigned at his so the court Houpe j h tub Standard is oldest paper on line of the Southern Minnesota Road has sin extensive circulation among the rending portion of the Community is increasing and its As an advertising medium has Long been by a Large Lim of paying immigration document the Standard in Especial aim to publish nil the valuable of the county rendering in Atti Active an immigration document Many of i lie county this Laet and Are bending the paper to their e friends we desire to increase the Ness ill this regard would be glad to add Many More such names to our list Brothers Gilbertson Brothers people s store a Complete assortment of dry goods groceries boots and shoes hats and Caps crockery stoneware Glass Ware Yankee notions and in everything belonging to a first class county store give them a Call notwithstanding the fact that we Are doing first class work promptly and at Honable rates we arc adding to our and shall Endeavor to fully up with the times Legal Blanks we veep the of Blanks of any country office in and we Pride ourselves on the fact our Stock in will com pare favourably Wilb the Best work to be found anywhere first now is the time for bargains Brothers buy the Best the is now admitted the most perfect family sewing machine in the Market it is the Only machine having a self threading shuttle there being holes to thread but ready for work As soon As the Bobbin a placed in it the in drawn from a Short deep Bobbin causing no variation in be tension from a full to in to Bobbin and making a perfectly even stitch alike on both sides the is aug re Quiring no Mark on Needle bar or guess work to set it right every time machine Gnu be Back without breaking either thread or and the stitch from the top while in Tion it hns room under the Arm makes the least noise Anil is everywhere known As the Queen of before purchasing be sure and try the new and be convinced of the above for Sale Only by Albert Lea Minn if they also keep in Stock a full line Needles and other ing machine ments lit w p denier in All kinds of Well seasoned Minneapolis shingles lath Sash and building material Yard on Broadway North of Hall s livery stable Branch 1 Hartland e a Wicks at Woodside j at parties wanting lumber will d Well to Call at the convenient my As my Fok bundling lumber avre de i am w prepared to

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