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Stamford American Newspaper Archives Jul 1 1926, Page 15

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Stamford American (Newspaper) - July 1, 1926, Stamford, Texas Classified advertisements. Con Tim uss a a poultry and Coos Bary t Hicks write for our Altim pried or Pur Brod Hod Rock and lift men re lit rom Trggnrot or it Grinner. Dossey 1�?~qul try farm. Corietta. Tom. Rary Chicks. Inf Ink or War Lawborn a tvs a to i a. Brood lie to lie a amp. Zooi Ury. Rot ill. Re up. In dogs for our boy 8 and girls of aunt Mart. Schools and colleges a Mer Iron Hoovy Dodds Hatch. Chicks a 8�ndrd Sci a it Moidl leghorn Rock. A a no no. Orpington. Wood Otto. Quot a grit Erie. H mfr to lot fro Oia in Poull by farms. Brenham to tag on million Chicks to him. Chi to ch�mi4, 21 we attain Whit. Leehmon. Fly ten the v h a eth a Krudo. Ltd a a it a or in to a i hatchery. Oro t i a to it or i her. Kon a my. Hest Schick Al. shoot shoot. Ruth Reg. Okla. A i no 7\t t a. we the nub paler in Al Guarani Rod we Stern Al uni i s. I Veta. Colorado. For Gai k German Belle Lupine. Ref a Tigre. From Breeding mtg i of. 110.00 n l. Avgi or Chapman. Kin Fike it Rogi Tigro Pointer Bari Kiwi Lim in Amarin perfect Art till sea too for Guarani a to Tam per Rome. A Al Png Piloun Winner name and add win i -.,-nt it a a. To 102 Stephen ill. To at St pm gears >n.rr, Bra grand. I must Harn Pion a or a Ham and import r. A per to Bloo in a Peg la Sand a hark a in Matron do i r. Mar tin. Anguilla. I Whit col i it a Dpi of afr Rob Nat i go a Fin for the held run Shary i Ank farm. Hydro of. Hart. 2esil22s. A Miheli it rank Pup. By urn and Blan. 4 101 Ltd yer army. Opt a. St out up. . Marl Ort. A Hicks big Trong baby Chirk of Alt the boding Breed int or Sirry guarantee. A Kim in Polick it of a bark and Tan or aim do custom hatching writ for my huk a Road for delivery no. Out if Prim mat or. The Quitman Hatch Madam Hatnot. Acc 4mtm air 1#�lr#i Nhy. Quitman. My. I von naturist a is a k c if set Chicks a a is Asao whim j l4# Mut m la a Harrod Rock. Red Ruff Ort tag. Bry. Kamr lib. Tim. Iii bund my Angl re lab Ems. Ancona. I 0 Hundred prepaid. Id Doi Rory. Tischhauser la Atill Kry a Rhita. Kau. Bushsr Ommer Chirk All leghorn. Sunshine Fok shit ins cub news. Tho club by fairly grown by leap and 1 Bounds. There Are Over Igo members now and More App rest Iona Are coming in each Day. I think you All Are just wonderful to be of eager to help me in this great work Tome on boy a and girl Send in your application for membership on the Blank below. The Luh la free to All Reader of Thi Page. You will receive a Lovely membership card a birthday card Ami be told the name of a shut in you May help. Add re a your letter to. Aunt Mary Umi dartmoor i fort Worth text membership col Pon. Mar a an ther new airs a it going to Tell of about next month August Mintier Lier Are the Little shut in that Are our ape Tai charge and that Are Dew of my on vol for lot of Sun him pm it to thy my a special ii. It ried r a a a i k a Kle a �n.,i in Ghat Antawn pm a end Sun help Jet k ran. R r a by lit la a a a i no Fragd to a Ehalt n it of to. It i of i re Diwi .5 or Flint a a n Tailer ill la ill til who fat to. Ned Efti Oiivia a Nim in. A ii to it in to Tat William k it a a it a i it rat Ltd dead to a i ii i n to bar i Ltd to age int him la r i nit a r a a Farad tag so r tha it get r i pm re ale a Edh Kim. I it Al ail Aud add and in Nam and at Tiai i Tut it min. Min a f a Boob Pihi i Ion fam i a i p>�?T4, we a. I it egg the lag n a. Aaa Xoi a a a n a a a a if taut he a the a graph in 0t the a Aal i a 4 i. I be # nth i a a a Tina Han t hat it pm to i to Bier a a a a a. A i of a put t. He it Chr wkly tar dab a i to Aga a add cd air Tel pop Goa from i. A Tan Dina femal had a a it or a a our a Raat i fire right pc Khok. Trip land to my a Bull kits Gro fit Kaye Guarani my Rura a a a was Sefl r Tkv. miu4�&Quot running fit it of Rifg nerd la the a i in a the i at a tag of ill i a. I the h a a la a in a. A a it. It Success insurance a my i i Ipi it i he a a he a t an of wanted private secretaries a by in it n to a. 4ffg h to it i to i it n a Tabu n Umit us i i. Ill a a t. C. U. To tan1 it my knit. Rangott. Buff Ornong it fee who. Bill Var ton. Minorca. Ill in medial u e Dall by guaranteed. R�0 paid i so so poultry farms. Boa Irish no. To a Uve Stock Chuern by Hull Cal Effi ital Era a Prier a a it Nalvie Herd. L. E. Vaisman. Bag lift. Oro. No it in my Murks ear Rorn Falo Ell. Si�1 head. Johnston co seamed. Nab j l a j shepherds do Rocs Al ended kept. Us a lured by la Nogue a Tup Cal. Anti rms mat a Herd bar pro Nee i immune. Recorded writ in Iuka c m. 8hbphf.rd. Lyon. Ken. I is Star White March me tee dal Iara go Thane Are Beauty of i. Furio. Cantata. Tax it pc Iai or or called Sbur he in in in tin Alemar Herd a if s la Iii Chat. Kantral. Ban. Pets Price la 2ft. Naim d to Ferachi it it re vie. He afr Glt Fernmer of tee. Amended murmur for dog. Anti Tan aborted Lee Quot i d get a poop d Thi i Itak it it Lanora a Toros we la a i Champion ii Chr i no Litdia Hull Teener 1 puppies All White a of ii Zimrut ix., Ort in write j am Ith Haita. North Che to fund a Kennel. Fir. St to a go to for Sai i imported German a i it Herd male f gut old Fine Bur Fri a. Reg a k t Flat k j met Crary. Nur Trig ban a a Kob it Alk pillar niggle and genian dog of fam the or Prim a inti no i Quot Trudt of tier Many writ. Ken ski h . Ark Morran i Tun i Range Mack and ahle Heartly Ruami it Quot try Ger tiered p Ippie mrs r la Morgan r 0 Coldwater. K y Girman pol it k so it. Eligible to regi tear. A a Haj Lohse. Alan. Kan gun a inf Airedale Pun foe a ale male to. Female it Ray Wyman it try. To i Germyn i tee pug Tea for in Imit red a a Turk finest in the a re unto c m Kirk a i re k til Sti Raee Kamalii Rah Kodak finishing Lii is developed free or at i Reft East h write far i Irr ular and Mph pen j Rry ant studio Kim Worth Tete. Rubber Stamps Rurik a s Tams s Ink pad hand Rater. Autograph Rte in a. Stencil. Seal. Advert Wing pen. He egg Start in airing tin �e.iui Amarillo rubber stamp co. Amarillo ten a postcard will bring Yog our a tote Bouk and in Stop Izreo Hee and Pine sat of rubber stamp. Timer. Candle Brick. A Lempha a Eal. Etc Muskogee i ii her s. Ami fur decorating write Attr re Talt a Cne us a so Al co. Mph tire okla i Aroma education Ai Supply co i it weal grand Oklahoma City. Of. _ motto Nam Sunshine for shut ins. Appl to at Ion for mrm Wrahtz i want to bring apr no to orb a at feat or Rural route teen. County. Age Sant in by stat birthday la in a a Tift i in latin i a it a a age tin he to numb a a no to i it be r. R f Naby a a fat a on fun a if. St i but a no Medina Tai i 4 but n us a like t.& Ltd Gge to Yap 4 print number lift if it 9, Hal re a a net i Lect in far a time s us her. Tata Tat Erie Toto us the me i a tinier Fine la hair number Foft. Tith w ill be Tamte a end her Attar re. Trill he a urge Edt it her a it i approx a i 11 a i a Earl Zygara rid the Lith a of to chair i Nan fiery in a a a ii. Pm birth card a a in a the Jal Roy 4 str put a a re Horn Euh Ehe Etal i Hon it Ell make he very if cd to bed Pear la a. To. I a it i % High equipment of by �41 i get Muter prey Al be Nutmeg new a a Beautiful la lege Cam Aarn or a Bali i of we Ara a shut in or know of on fill out and and in the coup it a below and Alan Tho Coupon. We want to know Tho name of All Thomac who Arp either shut ins for a loner Limp or Only a abort while. Of any of the members of the club arc sick please senti in a shut in Coupon or have some one do it for you so the members can write to you As soon As you Are Quot Ell write aunt Marx. Sump other shut inn. Not Temh a vie a tinted a my lit that nit shut ii but so by grown it Well. The Arr Tho i courses offered a do. A Pat it i trat the Thomas school i or sri Natl fat is in ii in i i Al in it Rill far i Al Ling a ply Prieb All Breed Large angry of Bird Monk a. Cuon. cat Gold flail and upgl4aa. Tri a Yaar a a a a a we a hip Gawhar. I ii b Pkt shop Sis it. Nth main Tut. A a Koa electric motors new and a id Mot and Gene Atar at by a it a by Price. He. Hiding and re Muiir tug Nur i Ecta Lay Tut Outfl�iarn in. Mich Akl Al i t i he i o. A a ill by front fort a rib a leva plastic Art supplies mom Nam Sunshine for shut unix. I want pm map plea in of i in a shut in i Bart in Karat Ruuti Fawn county. A. Hot in by stat air thar i am in had in a hair or a Nfn Del in nut tit indicate Roar in tar a d 14 i a her _ Tab in a Mitt win it at mull w a it tit my a to w to to urn. It in or a a my wig a in ill to i it to Mutt 4 m a a in in x 0 in i a a i aae i it a it in w. Git my a to a a a in. I him str Hee in a i Quot a rn4 i to a a Ftp a it rata j w care cow pkg a orig. It Quot t3 go thu a f the Elk in i got Mph an i a it #�4 m 1 Grot i it cgt4 a re ref the Man r for it i i i a i my i in ii a a Man m the thu to to Tail go ref a in Mem or to furs a offering la urn i a dating f in Ai a popular pric Al Larry full in of a a trimming in muck write rating iwo for Nur Pertal jul it and Aniwa fur a Vanek fur co to ish Oklahoma ii rid Tex a i Ehnot if Hhd up. Ill n livid my a a Okuhn Ifim t Iii. Okla musical instruments if Yolk town or organization to a hand or la Cone Lenng Mort my on. Mar in insertion to give Valuate and it a and a air Tonce. And Quick re Tabie her a in a1 order it Iru Sirum it Uprate and in Uati. Alf its Mush Al in trl a Menta f Ort Worth Tiva hotels a trea Fure . I know it will deeply Grieve All members f f our club to Krum of the death of one of our Little shut or Charles whited Thorndale Texas on May 2x, ten minutes to five of clock i Mattie Louise in his sister and a member of the club. Aunt Mary and All the Nury Shine member extend her our sympathy Ami love at this time. Trust id and he will guide you through All trouble and tribulation. Bags Why not get Tiu ? Sawder Gravity bag Balder a a Prog. Til gel into if order Grant Whlig Ait a bag had by pm or mfg co fort Wurth Tega. Sell log puce i. Mrs bar a to no arh prepaid packed Ama to Corti to. 11 of Beavy material bonded collectors any we erf rcprr�ntativ4 All Hin did collections no result no charge Ritu la a Coll pc Ting Agency d ii. Siege. Prop Harr e siege ally a Inver to Gate it in and adj ariment. Sit pan american bldg tuba. Of. Harvey hotel when in Fen i a try Thi Hor. Ult Walt of by St by nth hats 11 without in c farm. Hotel. Nar Ltd cite in room t a Aith Light Kate Van Quot Ladu real inure special i a i a it a. Hotel Iii Uson jut a Chi a i in the Mountain i4r�1 for Fame Kim k to Allan i he furnished cot tag Jai h w huf min. fall a Creek cot Trad it w Drummy a Blue Bug a exterminator guaranteed Sec and packages a i on paid kills ulue Buga. Lice and stick tight fleas. Ack your dealer or writ Uri my Bead a Floral edit Worth. Tea. Cah of Jersey heh ers for san Saha pm is. _ a Carload of Jersey Heifer will la chipped to san Saba a during the coming county fair and by distributed to the boy. And girls of the agricultural i club. The Bank of san Saba j and Richland Springs Are financing the project and it i expected that through Thi medium a greater interest will be created in the raising of a a a a purebred jerseys on Sun Saba county farms. By Ati of 5ms? or o in Amin to vat cd # f c a mild �.4. I4 or Lur. My Girth. We. Aha Palm Kiir Quot by room of tur Quot is. All work guaranteed writ i at in a Vii Dakov Southern plating company in la. E,�ii1m it service de luxe of your interurban Between fort Worth and Dallas Rio we Quot a lines Speed with safety a baggage checked Northern Texas traction co. Fort Worth Texas. of thank. Little Norris Fisher our youngest shut in. Wants to thank Mildred Hoffman soc of Texas Charlotte rather to on Les Texas and Raymond Foster by Franklin Texas. For their gifts. He Send love to 11 the club mein hers. Leta Cav Williams Quot ant to thank Frank n. Edens Grapeland Texas Marie Hoffman Nocona. Texas and Edna Lee Gray Lei phone Texas feta Jay is delighted with the club and wants a Chance to bring Tun Shine to others As it a been brought to her Helen it Haney wants to thank aunt Mary and her Little friends for the Nice things she received. She Hasni to had time to answer an it of the letter but intends to do so soon be cause they have helped a r pass away would have been lonely otherwise. Now All of you can tee How important it is for All of us to do our part in making the club a Sucre. The members must Send their Sunshine when a a a i the shut in Nurise knowledge the Sunshine either by personal let Ter or through this column by wrung to aunt Mary. The worst faults that can he Laid at any ones door Are lngratf.f1 lnfs8 and neglect. These Are two giant i want the members of this club to stay. Herr Are your shut ins and a new idea. Now that we have the club making a a h rapid Progress. Aunt Mary wants to introduce to the club members our Little shut ins. The a Tittle folks Are going to look to us for much of their happiness and we must not fail them. I know you will not for you Are go so wonder Ful and kind. There is one the my you must re member and that in please do not spend More than ten cents for your Sunshine in doing this we can bring happiness and yet not Mak the club a hardship on any one. I Hope All my Little member will co operate with me on this first and important Rule i also want to re mind the shut ins again to either write the members that Send them Sunshine cards of thanks or thank them through the it Lub news on Thi Page. Here is the new do a i want to Tell you about before i introduce the Bhut ins. A there a. A Many members of the club now. Aunt Mary has found it very difficult to notify each Ore of a Khut in to whom they Are to end Sun Shine. So each month i will print the Nam of the shut ins and each Nam. W ill be a list of number. You All remember in the right hand Corner of your men be ship card. That number is a secret by tween the club members and aunt Mary. When your number appear after a shut in a i a me you Are to Send them a Little Sunshine in a least a week after you receive your Home news the fun will be to watch for your. Umber and then the shut in will be so anxious to know which members have those num by a. Be sure and Tell the shut in your num her a this Wilt be a Nice Surprise for them so of course you will have to watch for each Issue of this newspaper and for Thia Page. The boys and girl a Page u supplied to our boy and girl readers once a month. If you do not receive your copy regularly have your parents to Call or write the owner of your Home newspaper requesting a copy. If you have forgotten your number write me at 1941 u dartmoor court fort Worth Texas. Aunt to Khmer Quot c on Fol announcements in Rie award. I am Happy to award the prix la the in Tugg Hon for a Bhut in girl to Velma we lie Bra Henderson Tina heir an the Auger to in i in tile the 1 girl a letter describing you he no my a Eil 12 Bend her handlta"n i lure Aith bes t if Utic in a on them la b r Gir a it nah club to Quot end some of the pretties quilt a it a he they Mac get and it a let her in a a a m ill of them and a All it the. Uns hut it tub twi lit ism t you like these suggestion i thick Trey a splendid to j the heal suggestion As to what i a a it a hoi. The prize Quot Ai awarded to rub Hack Ler Lex Egton Oklahoma Hernry Thig Gist it a ii i m a k a in. I i it i w Aketch s of Peru. Insular a apr Only bios different persons Anith. A a m for it it in life omit to Quot n ii i a n. And a mall gift a us it As a Bug of marbles a top a it a a Ball i a play with 3 \ kind and cheerful biter writing sum the of other boys their games Ami sport also boy n oui new i to in ate Fine suggestions Ami i ant aute Quot til help u great a it to and Sunshine i Ion i forget the b g a Uteri that i come g in August with the Calt a prise i in Ltd Quot a a i a ill be delighted Ai d it Pri. A i i Here Wen so Man. Quot on Darful suggest it my that i should like in. I. Able t a Tell a a about All of them one suggested a Send Bible stories and pictures i ilk this cd very much Home egg Ted we Erin our on pictures. This Snail by All right if w. Sent Oil ,, Ai an. Other kind would Cost too much May some a it Quot a can work oui an Des one girl suggested thai a1 the in a Lier Send me their pictures arid i would make of them a scrap Bool. There Are a a Al l or. Too that i am g a g to keep in mind a j try to help you do them got id i want to thank triad i Rig for o Dir g four new no Emier that u the in sent in yet by anyone i Bel lev his of of the Soi i la. Aims Texas Christian University Iori slim it Iai Tex is k pm her Hies in Minikin Miharu a ii on �3, Quot in i thy owner of the h�ri1 of tit River rum h num in to Iii Tom it liven morality urn re it tit Vit of ten ablation 15 your dict in , Angl kill a a of Tadiar to a Cable Fum re a give by l. I. Hart. To Bual new agent Iii no i Quot ill a i rub in . A a a and Birthplace to in Bur Wonhi i ate planing xxx it i Poult t v anti voting Stork on i Arm a near Kar Tifft Branch. I Lilias count \ Sun rail pay a the rain of Toff ii i it John Vav fluid have Brott killed in thu Lait month and ii Groat Deal of poultry Hax in in ill St Tov so free land in Texas to be is to a re. A a a a a. A. Aft. Ell in Mumm a i. 44 a. I # t i. 4i i or i 004 a a Aills. Gnu i i in re in Fis i in 4 to a a Khi As Dpi Vamba j la by i Llvy is a to. Agu 11qro is a a Ieese i j a psf Ltd is i i t Ort xxx Orth it Titer i i it i Here is one Little Friendly i we has that is i suppose next to the cooing do a the most mercilessly slaughtered to ird in the world. This Kin of our Domestic i. Ken a a a to Best by la. No to a constant to it ails him of Bob Quot bite. Bob hit Quail it in the Early spa Iii Tbs male and ferns i. Quail build a nest Togo the in unit or and Gri Field a or in the. Stump of an old log Girth female Lay for in ten to eighteen eggs in giant White that Are parked in Point a end Down to a spate of an egg err m moved it would a difficult to rearrange would it not he cruel to Rob web a pretty or a which the. Outraged owner would at one a sell ? the Little Bird follow the Mother a a a d in Ich a do Little Chick Ells a to Iea i the rules of life. Man Aith i gun and do a and mewing May hire. The r greatest enemy a heft comes the of a air a weasel Ai d also the Hawk. While the Mother sits on a second arid thud litter of eggs tin father Bird lake1 f ill it Barge of the family at night Quot hit roosting they squat in a Circle on th1 ground Tail to Ltd Quot an tin Center to be Able Loiet it any danger. Bob the male usually Remans outside the run i to Ait a Sentinel. At the a goal of danger the Covey a with a we r or a at a considerable Angle from to ground on stiff aet Short Wing and Are u Gally off in a line sudden or drop All at once the majority of them e tog ther and Seldom Fly farther . Joo Yard in for dropping i he my by almost trodden upon before the Mil Rise again. They Hor close to the ground which they resemble it color Wing t a a a to bad it it has been Aid they can re pre their of or Aid Soin Timea the be of Pointer a go fail to it f f d them v. Tai that May know their it harm to Ltd a nothing of the i economist slue a Are to it it a this Friendly Little Bird every Farmer w shoots or allow Ither to moot them de a troys not Only thi1 us Ful ally in to fight he atrial Weed Are a insects which Are the or main food by deprives himself of a Joy in having this Friendly Bird make it Home rear it voting year year in i Fields a the. Seldom Migrate How Many of my Little readers Are help g aunt Mary in her Campaign to preserve the Birds of the Booth j1 to your parents your friends and explain to them As i do to you the Good they do. Aik them not to kill them. Protect neats and put a Bel on the family cat. Raymond Foster of Ben Franklin Texas write me a i am with a i on the Bird promo sit Ion. Gad sent us the wast of the Field arid the fowls of the air and i done to think we Kilt _ Al a j the so no Ilc work clothing for men a it Lihr in the i if 4iitl on lire term in a a a a a h itty amt in la get Al twitch or it a i ii arc men who to men work Nee in Ami com Ltd re a by it lie in la to amount no Vic Oil i shirt an i fouler in a ital Cut. I Rill sirs ghz i a a a i acc a to a Jack Label Shir i s -1mft a dim a Durn. To gut to a left hmm % toll a a i a a a Mil z a. A weft i Mem it i a a a a a a a fowl to urn Ftp Fri a a a. It la a a a a 4 in i a. Mar it mm4m it a a a a a Ulm. I c a i Ltd it a a a a him in it a i a a a Tutu o r a a a a a Rio Kwh to i 4 t i i t ,4� no it my a Mcc pc a a a a a a t 1 a of in a or 1 to 1 Alk m a hit Knolk Rte of Yimau i of or re Simc Hoo Rig Facto Rte in fort Loor Tii a a a it Hist Welt a pm avoid halitosis and prevent Pyo Rhea Chew Oev Wmk sunni of of. Delight i i. Flavor wm.�. Easterwood,jr.,co. National Shatri Hulorn 519 8. Akard St. I Allish texan

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