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Stamford American Newspaper Archives Jul 1 1926, Page 14

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Stamford American (Newspaper) - July 1, 1926, Stamford, Texas A Many West Texas cattle the Large cabbage Heads the first Carload of new men Are flipping cattle Cli-1 recently marketed in Hen a Ftp to arrived _ in port rect from the grass to the Derson by. J. Walker of Worth from Shackelford packers the Southern part of Rusk a county june 14th, and county four of which graded dark hard and teat classified advertisements farms and ranches a Tsui farms and ranches Muskwa Iii my opportunities machinery rom Balkh Cholee lbs Here w a Edward Coy nip form. Is acre. Suitable fur i Felfe. 66 a Roe Choice for sorghum. Balance mature. Fetch for immediate sow at s7.600.00. Wan. Okla. In can in or him hymn n. M. Patterson. Wood the Farmers in the weighed 24�, Pound of �0� to undid to a Tad Jet. Gar Community Aix mite i a a it to have broken the it Brou fat $1.30 per Bushel Smith of n oakum Are a world record As to single f. It. B. Albany. Grain men Sou in of Yoakum Are no Van i u\,e4v i Cilufo that no red a bumper Corn and Naos. Feed crop. 040 acres Winter District. Dimmitt co., unimproved All tillable. I mile off main Kirkesy Isi so per Arret Tim. 10 erred. Ata Acona co. I mile from Lutrett 160 per Arret terms. 620 Arras Wilson co. Near Sutherland most Quot a i. Achim Usu tar. Its f. Homers#-109 it Alfalfa. Too tillable Bottom land. Him of in my lifter Xvi Fiji pm i Katt Wmk a am a a if Jim of tilt lira _ 60 acres la a Ilott Patlon so Poi acre. 1 ,.so a i. O. O. A Many Vrr Tui men a a pm. 6 i to. From City limits of in. oking Oil in fort Worth believe that a a a a a a i gig org 1hk�?oh a Texas will measure up to a >.�. A a l it Ltd comr to . . Is Tai. T Ait i the tool in mint estimate of b1 in in ranch lands ranches farm lands City. Approximately 100,000 Ernam Esu mave m twas. Properly. Business Opportunity a in a Renil Liufu of Tii Finif Clit 31,000,000 bushels of wheat my in. Karnes county. Wark land. Tkm9tmuw mn<1 pro try .n.wered, the first new wheat in pounds of Spring woo clip a a Al tillable priced to sell. Tulsa Sale. Co. I mites bldg. Tulsa. Of a us or from of wet in in can and this year. The oat crop is m.0w Arret Barrita count. This a a. Grayson county which a from Hocks in t Orient Anania jmj or Wynn t1 i Hare far tale in Laralle fruit Aad Dairy a in a i Limp Leilh and mar Runnels counties have been a mrie is Piacesi i Wuhu Job wow in Dewitt ., asm land Sou i Rai near the ozarks Grain and Alfalfa jetted to Shlrman Tel a old at prices ranging from 75.000.000 and 80.000.0001 a a a 58 pounds and brought 30 to 35-t, cents to buyers bushels. Ssh Majl. $1.25 Lier Bushel. Of about ten Northern and Eastern firms. Sam Maness of Rusk claims is raising 800 a Poland China sow Liitt Turtum to g who i see in it lol i machinery Pip Maui not Hataeff Are skit Lisa go. Inc., offers is act Quot Fig i Swep w it Isje a Lustre franchise rights . Ark Jun m Ach lorry a Supply ., Char antas Louisiana. La Tesla Auppl new "gn.1 in. If custom. Tfx a. Antas. Louisiana mrs Whippi. Canal hts Houston. Leo and tests to Mea and women a a a Tonto Preston 416 and pro urn tilt. Moral character. Kain eat ability and flan phone Are. Hie to Bandi a of Jan of machinery. It. Worth Well Macht in Supply co. To a. i Worth reel air a it. 4lt-tt int rigs tool. A 1.m of Dally a win to or Quot a kind. Our or Dud n nationally i am a lat a a in to two irs one of arid Quot our system of dispensing it ensures our deniers big Murreee. hers a w. Root Beer. A it different. Hanker Lertg bid Houston. The a. Makr my Money at Home. Nettle Romp or Home outfit for permanent in ring. 616 big Stork supple on Day service Kex tra discount on Large order. Nichols. To main. Houston. Testa. Joo Plant weekly paper p1?1&Quot Twiny hoes mod amp Lino i fully Elul Ppd. H.0m popu Lytton 66.poo, terms genuine crates of tomatoes to the longing to g. S. Dalph acre. Some of the tomatoes s Farrish of near Van Alii so Large that Only Sty has made what or. Twelve Are required to fill a Parrish believes is a record crate. In bringing pigs. In the last twelve months she has this is the first year brought four litters of six that Palestine has gotten teen pigs each or a total into the Tomato shipping of sixty four pigs in a year. Business but it has marketed a Good crop from 125 at a meeting of Farmers acres which the county june loth at Hillsboro the agent said proved profit Hill county onion Gro Wable to the growers. Ers association was formed with Carl Reese presi crop conditions Iii the Dent and Jim Vaughan Sec District just West of san rotary treasurer. More Antonio Are better than for than a Hundred acres in the first Bale of Cotton a inform., writ. Usa yrs to harvested in the j a Mon to. Tease. United states for the 1926 1vim count Retae my a season reached Houston Quot a an., and cd Rpu . Or . A. A. Mum fit a where do you Ila flock Dairy and poultry farm heal har line Iutin irom Elwinna Iii can you drive All Ute i through your i gait a to found anywhere in North run Lorn count v another first hmm to a Road. And on Good Grad Uit Lahoma. Where pure water health toll Lingo county a nuttier lir to Law r f0rm a rth Purton Lukra abound write for Lief. In Sarbu part of the South wee t. Mccarthy i Kalat co. Is Braniff i bldg. Oklahoma City. Oka in the Otarah Chute Grain farm on famous cd wait Prairie grand River. Elk River. Honey Cleek and Spavinaw River Bottom land where Alfalfa and Champion Corn groan. Sex eel i. It fruit lands for Straw Burnea. Grape and applet live a., m _ la _ to Tere rut nun your Fermi Arm oppo Tunnie abound were or int Bale was ship died from Mer i can it a raise Amaat All the Maple or in. A 1 in Ihu in laity. Oakley a Cox. In. my twin Midi a it in a rate i tit nil. Grain in Rikuma. Ran and in add Grove. Okla. Ranch and White far cd cattle one mile from Wichita Forest will wit Worth the Money. Add owner to. P. Magness. Sedan. Okla. Cedes Hidalgo county june True but ran Aru m Aooi-22nd. And was consigned to a a a a a a Rob fruit. Mam grape fruit. The Dallas Cotton sex maw land on which the above can pro chimere Rock flt of the first can a might in rec county at from Mange. Ike Cipi i in per acre up a in a. Arid improved a and Bale this season is 18 Days can bought at from l�0 or acre up to later than that of last y an inquiry will bring you More informs i. A a pm. A Hamlet of com Mot. E Hee die. Tex go to Norman. Okla. And educate your i children no acres. Is mile of Norman. Tho big Spring t Hambor Ijac ten or. Farmer. I 1 a quote in a a a engine. It rata foundry. A cd sir. _ Concrete mixers Hoiu. A Rig pump crushers. Draw line dump u swim. Everything in to . Firm or Mem w a Saow Nino machinery co ri26, Hallow tix a. I let Ltd a Puu Roe a a bargain pull particular. Box 66. Santa want heavy machinery have Crux. Calif. _ buyer have it of Muhi Icv am will Marc Alfice millinery Stock in Mcalea material for ask. Of a Veraa. In Ivor a raking. Rawlings Milli Kervick us b rot by a Tel Hwu Tan. Taxa. Nery. Mcalester. Okie. A Mal a nary kor in for Balkh Nursery Buei Nero near Yak i to. In. 66. A 1�6 and in it h p Ajril Ima. Was a. On account of a a knew. Will Rev hid. In. 0 and 160 h. P. By Ike offer very return Nab for Quick turnover. For from to 166 k b oat. Garo t. Eilertsen route 6 Yakima. and Oil engine. 16 h6 6. P. A a newly and fully thirty or Skaee. Jajw fwd motor. Chattanooga. Pipe fitting and Daw. 3 us i a prot id the equip mint k prs. To any a it few at in than half Price. Or or Roll and Exchange Good a red v. Machinery co. Box is. Mow ton. To a. I acres farm land Good ilk Oil Blair u t. Oklahoma. To loll. Fort Worth. Tega. Photograph studio equipped i Brot location in Chattanooga. Tens. For ask or would Trade for Florida a i Cage. West Dimiat or Polk county. National studio my Market St. Chattanooga. Tenn. Drug store for Aal in Good of Lahy a a town of population Oil and farming Trade. Will take one half Ca h. Balance town real rotate or Good farm land. Invoice run last year. Address pharmacy Box 1611. It. Worth. Tex. On adv i pro Hokr 1-1116 left hand engine. I Heater and boder pump. I a Cam hydrator pm vex Jet automatic Transfer and Cylinder t aka Krs a merchants Gin co. Anna. The two left Hor Etna wer a Tab pee Sattre Bolar. Several years according to onions have been planted in a. L. Smith District agent this county. J of the Extension depart l Undine a q in or Gnu i Austin. To Baa Merit of a. 4 m. College. I the Spring acreage of a a a i of , a aral communities of Howard county. The territory sur cake ire Cream Candle to few Haccord drinks heat of location. Rent. 664pm�piw� automatic Frost a a 626. Average daily in. Lid a High us a tank. With All futures and fit a i2d Brite Gilodo hurry. So Karo. A Nini pm a for a Eta a Rifle Price write h p. Jonen . Colo. 1h,�?~ Nur rpm Neey to. Ated in Baria. Texas. Hay. Frt Quot a 11.1, Ila no a a it a Salk go of n. D hotel for pm Rte Claro a rite 1 -. Altro a a bargain owner i to Uhn and Mac Hinn 0 i it Surg. Leg. Retire. Otto Redeker. Vanderbilt. Tex for Salk Pool Hail of four so in of it Jln rat a. Wen farm Ipi Are in Clarendon i aunty. Mro and humping Hou. Marble i a a. St Mth Carolina near Manning roam isling manager want for a Large Merchan of Good farm land Monee into j a sultry Altro who run Inlet idea. Garage right tenant to Bhave Jujj Logan. I and Tii och Oft film tint a w. Shac k 1. In cos Quot a a a a a pm Etc Hank a to Mai and a fixture new Fountain. T d Ltd teau land. Pasture land Virgin Oil exp Colorado tor Walter Neel. Eckhart. To Rel Lent for production. Talk in Bunny san Lula Valley a of got id toying Floral Altro. Fine on Boswell wind Mil barn. Box of Mun to for health ing for a-no-1 grower Navasota Reker. So screw of level land with room j Floral co Navasota. , i it pm or write t la i. A and land in. Of Commerce will d. T. Roe a a Simonds Secretary of tin the sooner you Rome the better for South Carolina Texas Jersey cattle club . A the und Man karm Tut in Clarendon car to assist in the selection of acres must my proc right. And the ten registered Jersey h. I. Happy bulls that Are to Pur farm for balk att Arr. Dewitt cd a a a a Otolith chased and placed in the a a ii to a a my a a a it. Ione Idad Accel or Parater. Ley Overton. Itry act. Okla. For Kalk line Mary to. Ctr Gaa a not i4xtd. And in Avery yellow kid separator 2.inch Cylinder in goad condition. The first state rank Hurt him no Olla p Fop Kai at a bargain a Romp let Cotton Reg in outfit con rating of about y Gin land approximate capacity about la to to Hale Dally run. In her a a ii Wai intr twin try a or Lent Tai tomatoes in Texas this sea i a mini nip a a a a i a a tax. I a i Quot Man Ante trained to a or a in fun in Mouth for Here of a or Salk As Arrow wheat farm. A him Brice la 000 Aland Nib san Anta i owl lunch of Tom �6� Day renting per Miro to Par Long Ollyn Lam u i a wheal . Aund term Llan i 4rw�n Baa an4_artei�n_wem or a i i Maine u�cat4 in Brot Oil town in state r a a so Cli entire outfit and preen a Quot a in a a excellent it Rove Menta i left. Ran 4o�ni h is and a troian Well a Kara jul Fords but with the cutting Dan county. Tea a will prod uen Over Ide s Kirra a a _ a a i a a us a no a a i 60 Worth of wheat Fri year. Poe a pm. Up of ranches has come the a Law Ash. Facia. Of a f a a a. A a in a of aw.4r Maxi an f Alae As. A a rot of naia Frank a. It Ute can try cola a it �e1 kor Star Georgia Dairy farm equipment and route far Sale. L.t66.n� by inroad Leat month. R. Decatur has one of the i son is estimated at 12.150, most up to Date milk Cool Jas compared with 10,150 7 7 j Jyz Rte in Tow Quot a a _ it to Xix i a nit nil or Uriu inc a frail flt f let hit to first importation of a Kour Good farm of 1,666 acre Graal Kimmons. Mccook neb my Plant. For try a anti Mark Rex issued tired Dairy bulls in Large ,tww�?~,im6er 2<v Quot rom ,2l Bor Sale hardware. Imp ent and states the milk is Herat pc reps and Lark Etc Issi Uii i Fli iou a is Ltd minis Kama Ltd h a a or Datum. Ako Gold mine that i furniture store Good growing Butine la of and cooled to 36 degree by the United state number. _ v and stored in a thermos apartment of agriculture. Hio Grandy Valley and Medina vat Buchanan. I Borgia ailing la Akk Naro in family. Writ k a a a t it Aoa Mullnix urine 1 Linen tax of Liefh tar shift the Bermuda onion crop Ley irrigated farm. 6166 to a per acre row., w or any. In ii Harrah. Of tank of 3,000-gallon Capac because 01 Vignier snip 1t Iak no crap failure Ideal chm i Vius Wyoming 1 it. Moentk from Florida. Texas has All often snippet 1, in for kale ranch to Cero. Miscellaneous for Sale _ shippers Are experiencing a Carload being sent from a aaa jury a. A it Ron. Roro pro. M��.ane�05 r onion growers of Lamar much heavier demand than Laredo from the latter part Irrol Lanka a my t 9t a. A a a a a. Third of March to june i. I his buy to Are with Koue Aal Well. 6 Micro and i aniline counties will j in Formi r tars. A. East a of Cleburne. No in to writ if you sell their crop co operative Nova a decrease it i s. Mean Hinau Rome and age l in. These two counties Toronto a Dainty planted 300 acres to onions and will ship in carlot s. Through a Central sales Agency to facilitate stand utilization and uniformity. Madison Kan As 610.060 Wye. To fat a. M. Wells drek., Wes. Addio la k Gumbel Ai Gray lag St new or in a la. Parm machinery _ Kich Many Sci in la Armnler. Pinr Many a pore. No 26 of with Bun it Lle lying ate or hmm fro Catalon Flag Pkt Raa of . Tom i Salina. Ran. Concession supplies blaster la in and net or for Cunt a it a ton in win fur ski Ighac. Carni. Val doll and Novelty co., lit i used cafe and Stoke. A Kly. S a equipment business colleges i Dakhe. A in Vee teem table it plates. Vat polite table r nun tee. Of Lee urn. Attend an Are edited Meh on where All half the commercial okla harm a my a Anu Oklahoma. Peal a vorp write my a a Are Ana i u of t or Shioo Tiht Pahon a Carlisle 6 Jackson two Parms 66 area to Salle Lanin Tgu amt red and Green in Burrel at si.66 w. G. Pierson of Parker Ter fat and 11,3. Pounds of a pm r. I estate u mile East acre Angelina gallon Mack roof and Iron paint in v n Hrut a i two cars of of milk with this record when they dropped below Mercedes Texas county a mile. It of Lufkin. Barm. At or or . Us a Dou Gill iwo cars Oioi Mik p i Ltd my Sill fifty Thour a Aero. Chute or both fog Brot Mon a offer or Trade for trash order. Freight allowed fancy Jersey cows and heir she qualifies for the Regia Normal but All gun to. Mhz Sale rms Sta a Jsidro a or g. g to a Ippu it a Texas ers from lond and Blakey Ter of Merit of the amur made Money. To. N. R j to Ruf tors talk turn of mount Vernon and hip Iran Jersey cattle club. . A Quot Quot c a a a a nod them to his Home town let leu to a Hui Nna to a a or do Tributino to Farmers the Home demons a Cut Over land has la in jew to a there lion club of Everman. Tar drawn up but Aisi Pisni air a a. Iota of Aprina amt reek. A hours. Gun to a. Una i Stoa Blier a r. J Ullh barn. Aii under Gore John Gri ilk n wha. A a rant county has purchased i Wop uen Erm a a Man. I it a no Hrany a. T u,.e mrs. Elliott Way of its second steam pressure Dolph conveying to Ines Carlisle a Jackson real est at 6 Mercedes. Texas firemen brakeman baggage men i White or cultured. Sleeping car. Train Porter i a lored it 9i&0.61m monthly. Sex per knew 125 railway Hurrah. East by. Lout. Iii. Earn 6116 til 1266 month ,. T a Nam paid 16.46�. T66i, 6___ a to products manufactured and guaranteed to give satisfaction. By a Rathbun company inc p. O. Box no. 1246. Houston Texas a. A a. Von him a a railway traffic inspector. Ancora want a Alc for Jany of to Patin for us after completion a t Hiu you hear Over the radio Hon Tody Roura. Or am. Of , to vol l Vav Riu fuds Al excellent a White Grimes. A Wing piano t to. Woith. Texas. Do you want to buy a Exchange for a farm in the ozarks Send for hat. Oaks realty co. Wast Plains. To. Sale or Trade improved it Heb Quot a a Tut it Ryk month Home �t.,d urae or Money farms Burgain Price. A it a a Quot a 1. Iwko Pluitt o port Kex Rellma Opportunity to. Writ t Hare you to offer ? cosand White Grimes Lazim. Biano co. Tort flip us Klet �i2oa. Stand. Busi m i loud. Mich. Moi the. Texas. J Ness training inst., Buffalo. N. Y. For Salk 4.660 acres land in Mita trek killers i Denard k a a i ill no. Men pc pare foe the future. Fop. A Ippi. 6 mites leading City. On hard and. A Rou us in no ult arte Quot Ufa Quot hers Grant Alvan tags Arrajj improved Ith dwelling barn Gran a gallon. 12.66. Hoho co june. Foreign information Kervick k. a a mls a i. Cedar Branch Shreveport. La. The Best East Tex As. Kitchen honors. M. P. Parker who lives three quarters of a mile West of the masonic Home near Arlington. Tarrant county has a Grapevine w h i c h measures eight inches in diameter and from present indications will yield Twenty five bushels of grapes this year. Melon lice or Honey Dew will soon appear doing damage to melons. For these a nicotine dust with a 2 per cent actual Content nicotine sulphate applied on a warm quiet Day with a Good dusting machine is fairly effective. Has bought a steam pres Neri ments. The land sure cooker for the school Montgomery county Cost lunch room. $9,792.60, or to. Realized 180 an Hui Luble to Unith vat Missouri farms local Deeb Well cab drilling machine for to apply a. A. Tip cd a a veg a for Northeast mins ii i a a a san work. W w Littlefield put Linter a a. R write owner. I. Korll 40 Mil wrote of Rit i. address it jul. And was the second portion Brown lumber to. A a Imus l4. She iwo. My. I in Sib. A ale Trowbridge 14a aukes Sec 11 j-i�2-rtk. Adam Conn 1 a Buri Bro. Ark. ,. In ii tos to town. To Aero in uhf or m t Jack mat Raj w a flu ambitious Man to my a hid w used for Wagon and Auto Lack. Wire � inter a Klig it one fete Bux a a. Routier stump Pulker Vise. Clamp Etc. In Armand big Money Lowe Cost. W my a number of other a a. No farm or Furnoh , write today Lank a. I wanted Tux Export Linter nun. Must to Well Romm and Ltd h prent or former employer us hut conic event men need i at on. E to r. Air and co a in in order the other wanted. State Alary or wage exported the Rig Ell the settlement of a storage a a Frion Oil count came into in Uez Ion of a limited it number of Beer Lem Jack that can wanted ambitious Man to Bisk hoi l heart of Giard fruit Ami Rew a a a a Quot Quot to mda4. A in,.�?zn, and a number of other my no farm a Kutrub . Write to. Lane a for Lamorm Goloa add Box id Ronald 1 Grovne a. California 1 my a without one. Three Bol Kaui hold Houston. Tega. Ark anywhere or what Hae you in la of or Ola of 1j# Cru or Art it fio if them or. A a i Sadr tag 114 w i the St. Loa Angel. % ,.fcl Fortha Al holes w Antl eve it a rom a to Wear a Ghin snap. To Acra of Good land. Frost 66 76 12 66 with order balance c. A gloves Brid Gumro linemen Railroad and from an investment of commission. Up Ltd a a a a iwo a of surf thu ,7 Lii Harai Aku snuff habits cured o d Texas Eik Broch storage mss to a amp 520 for seed pot toe they of Bryan is Tho state for a it a ,0. A a. Of on a Roi Coill. Us Al 1 Baa Taxa Utor 1 Florioa after rsm i a Guh a sacks oat saes Brot grail second will get about . I rift Ester. Florida opportunities afr Loul filthy <8ui Abba in of is2s. In Ltd by a a Ltd Price prompt from ten acres of potato Bill and a a a a a or the forestry an investment of commission. A. N. Nit pm Waler go. In my a. A l. A 4 i is a �4, Tai land on which the crop is planted is Ordinary Black Upland soil Well drained. And the yield will at least too bushels to the acre. Trees punts seeds Cottom seed Rhyness to Luik i the a Wilt Resit Tot a it thin i m pamphlet free. Rhyne Bros. Benton. Ala. For Sale �?66 tons Lone Star Cotton i san Ion a Toad. A up a by hoi mail Lota delivered first year of id Antig from certified said. A a. Irina Eson Victoria. Texas plants plants i Trees i thru if lure Dairying poultry trucking fruit j on trial. Rich soil. Healthful climate highways bul Ding fur real dirt Farmer. Booklet free chamber of Commerce. Starke. Fie Muskogee. Okla. For rent Mississippi Yon rent desirable furn bed House in j Mhz of Plantation near Woodville a Fayetteville. Ark. For tar summer month tenants about 1.606 acres being Farmed. Nhok in pro drop get Al inc rang. Lexus 340 acre to paper Shell Pecan running one or a us Atn it a. Near new swimming Paul it. ?. Quot a if to sixteen year old. Vomer hearing tree Meta exp Kavette Ille. Ark. I. Shipment. Farmers a Mil Lens bag co. San Antonio. Texas Calcium arsenate for Sale v i ing Best Calcium in mat in Els at 411 Pound f. A a h lined wooden Hart. Attractive Price to Quantity buyer Sarin co. I it Lur. 43a.4h West Federal St. Youngstown. Ohio. Male Ano female help wanted ambit Miu men and women to. A a a a a a a qualify for us at a Presentato it of out Daniels Minh. Wayne liboro a. Offer it Ham of real state or parts rap a ii Nee in. 266-th. Paper Rosary teach you thoroughly by mail. Start Yna in Buat new make 6266 to Ivy monthly. Free Booklet. Dawson Keal estate co. Fort Smith. Ark of delightful climate Ken feet Elevation cat tie. Hogs beep and Dairy All do Hun account advanced at bargain tie hog beep Aad Dairy an to Wen. A in account advanced age will sell All or part the metropolitan poultry show to held in fort Worth nov. 21 to 25, will include five National Bird shows Ith Many Cash prizes and cups offered As awards. Arrangements Are being made to House from 3,000 to 4,000 chickens said n. A Spearman Secretary of the metropolitan. What is believed to the first Carload fit the l.t�.6 plants a a n Cunningham. Wheat crop grown in the in ants tikes shrubs Wou Dvo ii. My Panhandle or South Plain. A a a a received at Plainview Ijsz. stat is. Zyx Jas was Quot june 19 by the Plainview Jay in Bike Rry Lnu Gladioli Frank Hamelin n. M. Grain Exchange from the pm �2? no a a Kun Edwards Grain of a in a fur Gold Floe Dada the wheat test in 1 it rank is Rio Janoa. Inc a Nisi in. I half. Yellow Bermuda. 560. 58.4 pounds. No. 2 dark 4,6�<i 5�?o� cry Fri hard and 10 8 act cent was 466. 7.v i to 1-w co 94-66. Nard Ana pro Uchim 4#u�#r#4 a try Girg ply no. The rlt6 moisture according to red t a of cabbage and , i reit to 260. Ake ado la to l j. B. Helweg a Pauo Hokr. Itoi 47, engine. Tax a garage. I ii i Swaw Vav w in f l. Kerr. Fayette ill. Ark write ,1.0 monthly. Real estate miscellaneous female help wanted wish to learn present Addran of w. Wanted two intelligent women in Tuia a a Taf v to a it a it it to a Ayne and c. E. Whitehead. Of a or territory to Toke order for children a hour come to am Killu. Merly of Setrog Texas. Box 16�. Isert in a a a or Hinki. Houghton Mif. For information concerning Amarillo and Worth. Texas fun co. Kane a cite. Muth Panhandle Uit of a vhf. To rite a it Wells i Nii acco or snuff habit cured or no a Era inspection Wallace. Ranch in Mexico. have Nome of the biggest bargain Iii Ranche nor offered in this country. Harris real state co. Kat la vegas n. M. _ Kansas Finek acre giant land. 66 mile Kau Aga City to Good improvements Blue gras Corn Clover Alfalfa $76 acre. Other real bargains. Casida. Ottawa. Kan. Missouri int run Nunu Iulai la or spun Naon t Urru or no _ _. Nelson invest Mem to. To years j j cured. Remedy sent in trial. Salesmen wanted on the blam. Land and Rity property. co. N-16. Habi Mure. My Boll Oiron it Mvi i if on the Blains. Amarillo. Texas. A women s Rooming hours near University Campus income 11.266 to a ear Brice h2.60u. Goad tarns w. I. Schorz like Oil. Glen Rose a wonderful health Aorl four kind of Waler 466 Artesian Well can cell propel to Star Trade for car write or come at once. A. In Radler Glen Bim Texas. 8uperba co. Nio. I Alimore. My can handle 6 More retail merchant to stable Salesman to represent Tabbs Eloa to Al or retire from Busine by our Quot a a a a House yell restaurants Bot i new guarantee plan. Please give us is fountains Cigar stores Rte. Comp in of Stock and Linas carried. Address Hor a tape repeat line highest commission Burgh a Cannon. Room 4. 12th St Lincoln. Neb. Home workers Magazine Roial. I it in giving method and plans whereby oar May earn Money at hum spar or i full time. To a copy none free Home Magazine. Mux 612. Nav Huille. Tenn. It no. Pm main or incline. Write i experience and territory covered. Address Edward Don co 11 w. Washing room it 42 Chicago. A. Ton St. Patents Bermuda onion Plant. Prepaid., u Crystal Wax or a grazing land 2,446 acres Well Anim a. A a hot and dry weather has to yellow do bar or a cattle Hrop. Go to. Hew four >0u. 462 commie St. Dallas in the Rule in most Texas a �6�st ss., railway. Brice 1510 main St. Fort Wurth. Tik in inc lim1 in in Ibi ice a guaranty a Ted r at i. 8. $5 per acre. Tern. Write owner a t Hauber Trad taught by pm Speten counties which has done . Tax. Barber colleges if you Are looking for a Good drilling a a. Proposition on producing Lea South of write Burton Barker collage. In for Fork. Or want to buy an inter rot Loyal j. Miller hurl stored Patent attorney. United stat and Canada. Patent trademarks. Oklahoma in Brown county there Are two Champion Bee Hunters a Frank Blair who lives i Fht Miles Northwest of Brownwood and Ray Cason who lives six West of Brownwood or. Blair has found 15 wild Bee Trees this year and or. Cason 21, this season has been very favourable for Honey making in West Texas. Write Burton Barker Cal to hug 7� in Robu our new Cataluna. A a a Burtob _ to used for drilling. T to okla a St Tsoh. In write or Roe guaranty Oil company. At its.,of you. 462 cd a a j�l.w6y� ios 46k, Sand Spring okla patents protectively Serure Hauber Trade taught by cd pm a Rte by la Atrue tora. Earn while it a a and .t-Equippad Salleg la the the. Write for catalogue. Tera colleges. Uis wanted Mitch Lanaous it per acre. Terms. Write owner a w Brewster Ironton to. Wonder in pushing the to l2ivl a ?7z,? Mhz Cotton crop along making Money bark Walker Plant of by. Ursoi Mcgrath Mountain View to _. I hit Alfus lift Tismis up gigs Blini a a a a up to a go eat extent the Utt Tuti a Bono by. Acreage in Ozark Imp Quad a Watt in men and ladle to item bar wanted capable doctor to locate Here. No a. in. U i millions Nancy Hall awl Facto rho an for Frau truck. Wanted men Ana a Ala. To to. La Mux lb-.,. Early losses due to a wet i w go Thi Mumm . Sweet a Fultn ant Lulu a a a a a for iwrg.in., Aurora. patents protectively j11 a a a .msm.w-, Fri expert. Guar Anty building Oklahoma City. Refers. Elv secured. Thirty oldest . Roll a wifi Barrer i wanted to buy Carload Stocker Boga a or inventor if rom have a Patent or Walnut fort Corgi wire or write Mcdonald backing co., j invention for Sale write Hartley St a i a a it i i i Lith. . Texas. Court Street. Bangor Maine. To of 1622 Elm a iwo. Tex. Lubbock. Tex. Early losses due to a wet i la Sweet Spring. Com is backward Msj no m?i23. Ohm Arite William id Elk. Hub Iriwa Fri Fly. Stud in a. 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