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Stamford American Newspaper Archives Jul 1 1926, Page 11

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Stamford American (Newspaper) - July 1, 1926, Stamford, Texas Current comment by j. H. Lowry the glorious fourth. Tayts an old subject More than 150 to years old but to ignore it would be to Manifest the Mast ignoble to Jwj be to Manifest the Mast ignoble attribute of humanity ingratitude the fourth of july the anniversary of american Freedom should never pass without notice and appreciation of the lighting of Liberty a fires upon the altars of americans congenial climes to ignore or forget would stamp us As unworthy of the priceless heritage bequeathed us by the heroes of 1776 and the dark Days following that really tried men s souls. Well May Silver tongued j orators speak of the valor of those whose Hopes whose suffering whose patience and whose love of Liberty wrought out the government under Meh the highest and the humblest worked out their destiny unhampered and breathed the Sweet air of Liberty. The love of Liberty which enabled Moses to Lead the children of Israel from egyptian bondage by a pillar of Cloud by Day and a pillar of fire by night to a land made free led the american forefathers to the declaration of Independence. And even As it led the immortal ten Thi Sand from the Plains of Babylon through drear armenian snows across countless Rivers and Over the mighty Hills to the shimmering water of the Black sea to escape the chains of slavery forged by the treacherous Mithridates even so did it Lead the boys of �?T76 across the Frozen Delaware to Valley forge and finally to Yorktown to throw off the Yoke of tyranny of King Ger be. Where liberties have been prize Progress and Power have attended the March of nations and Peoples but where they have been forgotten or neglected desolation and decay have followed. Greece became but a Vassal state when she refused the draught from Liberty s Golden chalice. Venice after flourishing for ten centuries la came but the Pale memory of a Republic mirrored in the Waters of the Adriatic when she forgot to do homage at Liberty s shrine. To speak of these things is Tot to Patitu Inize it is to give attention to our country a deepest and most abiding interests so let our bands play the a Star Spangle banker and our orators Tell of the heroism and sacrifices of the forefathers that Liberty might come to full Flower in our beloved land. And let them not fail to warn us of the Fate of Nineveh and Babylon and Greece and Venice and Rome the nations that were great for a time but were Given to the sword of retribution when Thev ceased to Hearken unto Liberty s voice. Let them demand for every american All that our country s Constitution guarantees a free ballot Freedom of conscience a free press free speech and Freedom to work out ones destiny unhampered. These Complete the magic Circle in which a free people live and move and develop and make a people and a nation great. T a a a in. Entangling alliances. Making alliances has always proved a dangerous protecting. The master prohibited his chosen people from making alliances with the egyptians the Moabite and the philistines in order to clean up with the hittites or any other ites that made life miserable for the israelite. Washington the father of his country in his last official document warned the people of the ignited states against entangling alliances. For a Long time we heeded his advice but a few years ago we did a a entangled a Little. And now those with whom we entangled Are saying mean things about us because we want one half of what they owe us and do not care to extend the period of payment beyond sixty years. Not Only is it dangerous to make entangling alliances with Peoples and nations but it is also disastrous to make alliances with the lower animals fowls or even the herbs of the Fields in order to conquer other lower animals fowls or herbs. Many years ago the insects were blithering the Trees of the Eastern states and instead of fighting the insects with the weapons they had. The people entered into an Alliance with the English sparrows. A few Well meaning but misguided people went to England and were told by the English that the sparrows of that country would destroy every insect in this nation if Given a Chance. It was a sad Dav for this Lind of the free when our English cousins drove the bargain with the people of Uncle same a Domain. The English gathered up the pests that were giving them i so much trouble and sold them to americans at fair prices. Today we have More insects than Ever before and it is almost impossible to raise a Garden or keep trash out of the House gutters for the Pesky English sorrow. Another disastrous Experiment was our Alliance j with the guatemalan ant Many years ago. The guatemalans sold us their i ants at fair prices under the Promise i that the ants would eat our Boll Weevils and make big yields of Cotton certain. We had Many stings from the ants. And the Bol Weevils Are still with Quot us. Many years ago some Lazy Fellows in the Eastern states found their land washing terribly. And being too Lazy to fill up the gullies and Terrace their land Thev entered into an Alliance with Johnson grass. Seeds of the greatest pest known weight. The fellow who Are trying to to the Western hemisphere were import i ruin this country Are the Fellows i am it from Europe to prevent the land j against. The Fellows who Are trying to from washing and now Farmers of our save the country banish corruption and country must give half their time and enthroned purity and righteousness for labor to fighting Johnson grass. In the face of these disastrous alliances a fellow up in Illinois is drying to work us into an Alliance with snakes think of it. Be sons and daughters of eve an Alliance with a Snake but for the Snake people would today in dwelling in a Beautiful Garden of Ambrosia fruits with no work to do no hat or hosiery to buy. And yet we Are asked to enter into an Alliance with a descendant of the slime Serpent that forced us into work. Taxes and millinery Bill the Illinois Man Learned that there Are a few rattlesnakes in Texas. His state is infested with it Lack snakes Aud so he has hit upon a scheme to rid he state of snakes and at the same Tim it enrich his Ever Are the Fellows i am supporting in this race. Is that Plain enough and j Clear enough for you a a a Beauty is. Mammon. For once the love of the Beautiful has triumphed Over Many a ignoble ambitions. Time and have we seen Art trampled under the ugly feet of greed. We have seen Mon whose souls were connected by a direct current with heavens ethereal Blue cast aside for men who found nothing in our world of Beauty so delightful As stretching their tinny fingers Over piles of Gold and gleefully exclaiming a a that a mine a we have seen Art anti Beauty sink int the mire in same time enrich his pm Surv while vulgar wealth pushed people. This Illinois Man of Fern to sell we a 0 Attila we have even seen texan one Hundred thousand Black poetry hushed by the grunts of Swine snakes giving us his word tor it that Hank heaven we have at last seen the one Hundred thousand Blacksnake the or of the Beautiful stand against will kill every Rattlesnake in Texas Ini onslaughts of Gold and Semi sordid three years. Let us heme that our grand w<4tb to the discard. Out in Central old Commonwealth will not fall for this t Texas nil found. With the discovery of the liquid Gold shacks Tumble and great office buildings arose in their Stead. Big Banks took the places of hamburger stands anti cathedrals pushed aside the Little chapels where for Many years a simple people gathered for their devotions. Germans followed Church festivals and golfers flourished where once the Marble players and the horse shoe pitchers consumed great quantities of Navy tobacco. But one Lone Sentinel stood guard Over the ideality of the Hillside and the valleys and like Marmion of old defied the cohort of greed. The Lone Sentinel was Dick Mccarty a red haired Irish editor of Albany. For years Diek has loved and Sung of the Flower be spangled Plains of Central Texas. The lands indeed were or but every Spring the Vernal go it j Ries weft spread there and every orto Lier autumn reared her stately banners. In the sunlit splendours of the perfect Days Dick rested his Eves ii hoi the bluebonnets and the snap dragons Ami when night Drew her curtains arum pinned them Back with Star he went birth and sniffed the fragrance of the wild flow Yankee trick. A Snake is a nuke re Gard i is of his color or habits. And even if we knew the Blacksnake would kill All the rattlesnakes we could never j Welcome one Hundred thousand Snake emigrants into our proud state or so far forget the Mother of us All a to enter into an Alliance offensive or defensive with a Lineal descendant of the Slimy scoundrel that induced her to eat the Apple and ruin the world a a to save the country gain. July is the month for acing the country and before another spasm it current comment reaches you the country will have been saved . It s All argument claiming boasting and Guesswork now but then we shall know the verdict of the people. Then arc always those who Are anxious to ruin our gov i eminent. And they would succeed were it not that there Are also Tho a who Are determined that the government shall not be ruined. Right now men a go ing up Ami Down the country trying to ruin it. But others Are camping on their a trails to see that the government is not ill ills in in nun in ohm a a m a a i ruined. Of course you Are anxious for or. Came the derricks and hot drills i i _ i a a i. A aul ,1 it Tuini nmn it it Imerti lit till me to be a Little More specific and say who Are the would be government Juinor and who Are the government savers and i am Brave enough to do that very thing. You May Boycott or cuss me but i believe in speak ing out. Even though the heavens do occasionally take a Tumble and crush to under their and with them men with Plethoria Bank accounts. Where there a been scant pocket change there were Bills and Cheeks of High degree. But Dick protested. Quot Don t soil the grips where our coins Wax fat and our calves play with Greasy Oil Quot said he. A a done to crush these Flower be spangled Plains with truck or break the snap dragon with Auto. Don t hush the churn of the feathered songster or disturb the vespers of the Katydid with the hum of to Dick a Bluebonnet is greater than a Derrick and the song of the red Bird is sweeter than the screech of the whistle anon Ming the bringing in of a Gusher. Even if the Well should spout Petroleum so High that it soiled the Robe of the Angels Dick would my be recompensed for the pm of i Arcadia and though the gushers rained dollars into i till or would cry out in anguish for his Gower be spangled Plains and the music throated Bird which ministered unto his soul. Truly it is a magnificent Triumph of the Beautiful Over the sordid of the nobler passion Over the passions that befriend us less. Father s Day. Sunday june 20, was fathers Day. It was a great Day throughout the land. Father is one of the great institutions of the country and when his Day Rolls around we have a season of glee glitter and glory. In the matter of general Observance and noisy demonstration it towers it hive Christmas mothers Day. Labor Dav the fourth of july and june tee nth like Pike Peak above a crawfish Chimney for weeks preceding the great Day great preparations had teen under Way tit make father have the time of i life. Huge bouquet of rarest and sweetest Flowers with which to Shower him were in waiting. Beautiful boxes of chocolates Ami creams wrapped in Art designs am tied with immaculate ribbon a been stored for pre sedation. Father awoke to find his Tom scented with magnolias Ami Jas amines. His eyes roiled upon new silk sock and ties and sop velvety Slipper in which to encase his feet were at his bedside. There was positively Noth ing for father to do and wife daughter and son vied with each other Iii smothering Bim with kisses and pm i braces and making him have a great i Tim. When he marked the breakfast Tab. He found it glittering with new i Silver Ami bedecked with Flowers of rarest hues Ami sweetest fragrance. His i Coffee was poured and he had a double portion of eggs. In the Church m great service was held in his Honor the pulpit Ami Chancel timing richly decorated in his favorite color the choir Sang main songs in i Praise and the preacher paid High tribute to bus Virtues. Father had not shone Sci resplendent by re revived so Mueh attention or Felt so in Hgt rant since he was a Brit i Gros a. I j say sunday june so was f Ather s Day. Did you hear anything about it richest Indian tribe in the world Taaffe tribe income $20,000 a Day by m. K. Wyatt. Even million dollars a quite a sum you say and one to interest any Community that is the beneficiary of this amount distributed several times annually. Naturally a town deems itself fortunate to he locales in a District where this enormous sum in actual Cash is available every four months of the year. Ponca City Pawhuska Bartlesville Fairfax and Hominy in the Osage country Are the fortunately located cities of Oklahoma to Benefit most from this vast sum of Money although Many smaller populated communities in the same District receive considerable Bene fit also. This Money paid quarterly by the United states government to its wards the Osage indians comes almost entirely from Oil either in Bonus Money paid by Oil men for leases on Osage Indian lands or else from the Royalty paid by these same Oil men to the indians. $20,000 a Day. Addition to bonuses and royalties the Osage indians Are entitled to one sixth of the Oil taken from their land which adds very materially to their big Bank oils. At the present time this one sixth Oil production is amounting in actual Cash to More than $20,000 a Day. When it is considered that Only about one half of the Osage Indian land has been leased to Oil men to Date this would indicate that within the next six years the time set by the government ruling for All land leases to he sold that the Osage Indian bonuses and royalties will be swelled to enormous proportions. The present policy adopted by the United states government is to hold about four of these Indian land sales a year and the payments to the indians Are also made each Quarter. It waa in 1907 that the United states government allotted this Rich tract of land to the Osage Indian tribe and All indians living at that time and unborn Indian children when it was known that a child would be born that year it was placed on the Osage citizenship Rolls. But children born after the year 1907 were not allotted any land and do not participate in the government paying at the i of Paramount interest to people of the Indian territory in 1907. It was considered a Mark of distinction for a Man with the blood of the Osage Indian coursing through his veins to be Able to show a wife and a Large family of children for each child himself and wife were allotted something like 700 acres of land and today Are sharing in the big quarterly payments made from the Indian Agency located at Pawhuska. It has not been unusual for the father of an Osage Indian family to have under his control from 5,000 to 6,000, Aud More acres of land whereupon in 1907 he had enrolled a wife and from five to six and More children. In addition where the children have not reached the age of maturity his i share in the quarterly payments will approximate $25,000 and More. These i Indian families still reside mostly in the Osage country on their lands j though Many of the younger Mem. Ber of Pioneer Osage families have located in other sections of the United i states especially in Western California towns within the past few years. Their checks Are mailed to them regularly wherever they May reside. All such checks Are considered by the to i Cal postmaster As a registered letter i and Only the person to whom it is addressed is entitled to obtain the letter from the Post office some postmasters reusing even to allow the White husband or wife of an Indian to take the letter out. Of the 2,290 Indian names originally enrolled in 1907, there Are about 1,600 of those enrolled now living. However the number of shares remain in the same As when the Rolls were made up. Of this number 526 Are full bloods whereas More than Soo enrolled As full bloods in 1907, through continual increase of intermarriage with the Whites there is an unwritten Law among this tribe that prohibits the intermarriage of an Osage Writh a negroid is estimated that within a few years there will be very few full blooded Osage indians living. Der is grazing land. Since the Rolls were made up million of dollars have be a i paid the Osage indians the smallest payment la ing made in 1915, when each headlight received Only $26.40. Since that time As High a $4,000 has liven paid to each Osage Indian enrolled. J. George Wright superintendent of the Pawhuska Agency is said to handle More Money than any nth r Man in the Indian service the am Ltd uni approximating $100,000,000 annually. I red la Likout. Principal i of of the it a a a Indian of Oil shia. Many of the Osage indians Are held aside for the purpose of erecting i i to be a i Acorn be tits by the United Able Monument commemorating states government. Where such is the part in the world War. Present time. Proving up a citizenship claim and getting each child properly enrolled was 1,500,000 acres of land there is not an acre of waste land in the a Sage country which embraces about 1,500,000 acres of land one fourth of which is tillable the remain Case a guardian is appointed to handle the moneys and look after the interest of the Indian Ward. At the request of the Osage themselves this Wardship will continue in Force till 1934. Recently Between a half and three quarters of a million dollars was paid additionally to the Osage indians this amount being an accumulated fund held it the Osage Agency for deceased indians. Through instructions from the Indian department at Washington this fund was ordered to be paid to executors Arni administrators of the estates of dead indians. Hearts from Washington state that the Osage triple now has in the United states Treasury mime $25,000,000, Arni on Deposit in different bunks about $35, Joo too. Living As neighbors with the White Man and inter marrying with Whites for several generations the Osage Indian has taken readily to the modern manner of living and although credited with being one of the last of the Indian trips to discard primitive customs and dress their Homes in the lag country Are models of luxurious living with All modern improvements and equipment. Many of the sons and daughters of the families a Are enrolled in the leading colleges and schools of the nation they Are Given every advantage in the arts and j sciences or whatever particular in. Deavor they choose to cultivate. The tallest race. In physique the lag Indian is Well proportioned distinguished and Good looking they a pro flounced by authorities to la a eth tallest ran of people in North America either of red or Whit they rang in height from a Root six to a Veri feet and More. In the world War the Osage Indian held a Fine record both by serving in the ranks and by investing much of his Money in War activities. President Coolidge sent them a message by spacial messenger commending them for their patriotism and willingness to serve their country. A Bill has been introduced in Congress asking an appropriation of $25,000 of Osage Money to be set a suit their part i j a plans Are now being formulated and worked out on the completion of which there will be presented to the department of the Interior for approval the use of $17,000,000 of restricted Indian funds for the foundation of a demonstration farm near the Osage Indian school buildings at Pawhuska and the improving and restocking of More than 1,000 Osage allotments in lag county. With All their wealth the indians As a int have riot interest in agriculture their Lov is for the open Plains Ami in no other a cation have they found the Means to enable them to remain clo to Mother nature As in the Pursuit of agriculture. A an evidence of their loyalty Ami appreciation to a a Rulh a of hair tribe they have elected for the third time. Fred Lookout to la their principal chief. Chief Lookout in a Farmer whose wealth has been the in ans of enabling him to build up his Fine Osage lands and add ing High Grade Stock to his vast Herd of cattle that roam hit grazing lands of the lag Hills and valleys. Tex a income taxes show Good increase. An increase of $ 1,095,8m4.93 in inform tax collections june 15 for the first District of Texas has been announced by James w. Bass collector of internal Revenue at the close of the second instalment period. Collections on june 15 totalled $3,268,-834.97, compared with $2,172,950.04 j in 15, 1925, or. Bass said. This increase has been shown despite the fact that a decrease of 40 per cent in the number of taxpayer was made during the year. General Prosperity in the state coupled with development of natural re Sou re Are Givin a the reason by or. Bas for the increased income. Roy Beans a a court damaged by Fike. Tile old Saloon a courthouse that once housed a fall of the Law West of the Pecos a As dealt out by Justice of the peace Roy bean at Langtry 50 Miles from Del Rio was slightly damaged by fire which recently destroyed the Southern Pacific depot and Railroad restaurant. In Pioneer Days Justice bean s court was famous throughout West Texas because of his unique methods of administering Justice and because it was the Nelv court room West of the Pecos River judge bean also owned a Saloon and it la said that his court room was in tha rear of his Saloon

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