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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

St Johns Daily News (Newspaper) - May 20, 1963, St Johns, Newfoundland Conditioned Quot used cars a lot open til 10 . Hova motors Ltd. Daily news St. Johns Newfoundland monday May 20,1963 seven cents. Lyssia recalls top to Moscow flies off Orch a new York a the soviet Union Quot shaken up Quot Over Western penetration of its intelligence system has recalled to Moscow at least i 300 of its top operatives stationed throughout the world the new York Herald Tribune said Juse. A Quot of sunday. To i rec the newspaper in a Washington dispatch by raid Oft Sai Urdy James e Warner says John reports. A a ,. ,. Quot apparently every russian attache or Civi decided reports Iri Diffin Quot i i a Jim by a Quot j. An area 1 tact at any time anywhere in the world with Quot thirty he had col. Vladimir f. Penkovsky executed last week a Ved like a i As a traitor in the latest Moscow spy Case has Rynn Black a a a a a a organized an been summoned Home. A there is Little doubt that the a top Man in soviet t if Orch party irm l a thinking the Quot u. Rati hat Ltd of . Tkv or .1 1 intelligence r double agent dealing with the Jurf Ard his 12-Ycar. A West As the russians them. It,., hive selves charged. A timid. Quo ram Varner wrote that the joint ont. When mation �0�i it birr found in to it a tangle he general change Shi Laos a Toi pro a communist pm in the plane Des m a changed inter a lie which cannot be named out which arc considered unit pm a. Reachable in the shadowy world a a pc of intelligence and a names Trio the Story names three sians among those it said were called Back to Moscow including one rom Ottawa. It listed two of them As . Arkadi y. Goltsov assistant air attache in the soviet embassy a military attache office and who May be a civilian. The third russian was Lis id As col. Anatoli f. Rybakov assistant air attache at the soviet embassy in Ottawa. Rybakov was Quot the a first to go Home to Moscow when the Case first started to break Quot the newspaper added. It gave no departure. Dates for him or Kolchin but said Goltsov was recalled april 1. Schroeder arrives Ottawa Chi West German foreign minister Gerlard Schroeder said saturday night on arrival Here for this week s nato ministerial meeting that his country supports the regrouping of a part of the alliances nuclear capability. Meanwhile a source close to the Canadian Cabinet said Security measures have been a creased at Ottawa hotels where nato delegates will be stay my during the wednesday to Friday conference. Increased Security or ecu Tiosh were taken in Light of threatening letters received by several hotels warning them not to put up nato delegates. Source of the letters was not Cape canaveral the Atlas 130-d Booster which inserted astronaut Gordon Cooper into orbit May 15, lifts majestically off its launching pad no. 14, and into space. A a Dpi telephoto after a a a May so. New York the camera caught Many expressions on the a facts of people in grand Central station Here May 15 As they watched on a giant to set astronaut Gordon Cooper ride into orbit atop an Atlas rocket. Up telephoto no arms for by Dave Mclntosh Ottawa up a the Liberal government plans to continue the former conservative administrations policy of refusing to ship any arms to Portugal a partner of Canada in the North Atlantic treaty. Organization informants say. The ban on Canadian arms shipments to Portugal has been in effect since november 1960, because of Portugal a denial of any move toward Independence in its West african Colony of Angola and the suppression of revolt there. Informed sources say the liberals done to want to see any More than the conservatives Canadian arms used to shoot angolans. The Canadian policy May result in some Strain at the nato Niini Sterian meeting Here this week. Thousands cheer space heroes return to by Bem Price Cape canaveral Fla. Apr a huge crowd including space Hel meted kids waving United states flags cheered astronaut Gordon Cooper with yells of Quot i Gordo Quot and Quot Well done Quot sunday on his return Here. It was one of the largest crowds in the history of this Garish Florida Sand spit Frontier town of the space age. Cooper and his wife Trudy drove from a Beach House at Patrick air Force base toward a press conference seven Miles away at Cocoa Beach he Nad returned to Cape canaveral from Honolulu at 11 04 . By Jet. It was a Beautiful Day and people from Miles around converged on the area for a glimpse of the newest space hero the Man who flew around the world 22 times in 34 hours and 20 minutes. Bands along the Way struck up the moment his car approached Camala 14. And Janita 13, made the trip with wet hair. While their father was being Given a medical examination they changed into swim suits and went splashing in the surf off the Patrick air Force base officers club area. Seems shy America s newest space hero and the new Holder of the . Record for sustained Orbital flight�?34 hours and 20 minutes a seemed somewhat shy. On hand at the Airport to Greet Cooper were five other astronauts a All except John Glenn who is vacationing in Japan after talking Gordo through a Sticky Landing situation thursday when part of the electrical system went on the blink in the space capsule Faith 7. The wives of the other astronauts smeared him with lipstick and he had time to say a a it a been a Day or two and i be travelled a few Miles but finally got Home As i said i would. Its Good to be Back among people you the 36-Ycar-Oid air Force majors major problem for the next several Days is to stay in Good condition. On tuesday he will receive the National aeronautics and space administrations distinguished service medal from president Kennedy at a ceremony in the White House Rose Garden. Will address Congress then he like Glenn will address a joint meeting of Congress a something nobody else from Tecumseh okla., Ever did. His Mother mrs. Hattie Cooper will be there to see All this. She flew into Cape canaveral sunday on vice president Lyndon b. Johnson s plane and the same Craft will take her to Washington. After that comes a ticker tape Parade Down Broadway on wednesday in new York. Then Cooper is to have some time with his family before go ing Back to work telling the scientists and engineers just what happened on his flight which is another step on the . Highway to the Moon. Gordo already has one wild Orchid strewn Welcome under his belts that in Honolulu were he went to school met and married Trudy and where Camala was born. They Hung so Many leis on Gordo and his family in Honolulu where 100,000 greeted him that at times they looked like Perambo plating Flower gardens. Newspaper Man Dies Montreal up Alfred s. Labelle 72, who Long served in various capacities on the editorial staff of the daily newspaper la Presse died thursday in Hospital after a Long illness. He retired from la press in. 1958. Rumor takeover Modena Italy a sources Here said thursday the Ford motor company of America is negotiating to take Over the Ferrari firm maker of racing cars and luxury automobiles. Ferrari executives wee not available for comment. . Sailor faces death for spying new York a testimony by a Parade of 17 Fri agents has unfolded in Federal court a tale of International espionage that might rival a cloak and Dagger spy thriller a up to a Point. An american Sailor is on trial on charges of Selling military secrets to russian diplomats. His lawyer is scheduled to begin the defence today. Fri testimony last week disclosed some of its counterspy methods including surveillance by closed circuit television As Well As the sailors signed statement on How the spying As done. But it was not All stealth secret rendezvous and disguise. Fri agents testified that the defendant Yeoman first class Nelson c. Drummond 33, of Baltimore walked in the front door of the russians United nations commission office in Park Avenue at least three times and probably More. Officials probe dynamite theft Birmingham Ala. Apai Large dynamite theft preceded night bombings that set off rioting by negroes a week ago in this integration target City sheriff Melvin Bailey disclosed sunday. A there is plenty of Loose dynamite in this area a Bailey said. Theft from a storage House of two cases of the explosive several Days before the blasts has been under intensive investigation he said. Its a frightening amount a the sheriff added. Authorities had nearly 1,300 Lafr enforcement officers on Call this weekend As a guard against another strike by bomb tossers. Eco rejects . Proposals Geneva up the euro Pean common Market nations rejected United Stales pro. J to a rack world Trade barriers through sweeping across the boards Tariff reductions a common Market source reported sunday. The decision a was it reported r meeting of common mar. West go a Many Italy Belgium the Netherlands and Luxembourg f Christian a. Herter president Kennedy a chief Trade negotiator had Wigod saturday that a. A Kennedy round of Tariff talks open on May 4, 1964, with the of achieving across the Board Tariff reductions of As much As 50 per cent. The Otomori Market nations adopted the position that proposal is unacceptable l1 use it does not take sufficient account of the fact that some . Tariffs Are much higher than european tariffs the source reported. Maurice Braescu Belgium s minister of foreign Trade was delegated to convey the d to Herter. Victory for French the decision was regarded As a Victory for the French woo want to approach Tariff in duct Igns selectively contending that some High . Tariffs should be Cut by greater amounts than others. Actually some common Market members Are More inclined to the . View especially West Gar comics minister Ludwig Erhard said on leaving he meeting that the common Market nations had acted unanimously in rejecting the . Approach but Birmingham a racial a roubles were discussed briefly saturday by president Kennedy and governor George Wallace who met at a Tennessee Valley authority ceremony in North Alabama. Neither disclosed what was said. Earlier Wallace filed suit in the . Supreme court to bar use of about 3,000 Federal troops which Kennedy has stationed at two Alabama bases for possible action in Birmingham. Federal state and local authorities Are investigating last week s blasts which ruined the suburban Home of negro minister Rev. A. D. King and a negro a Motel Headquarters for integration leaders. No substantial Progress has been reported by investigators. Exchange greetings Wallace and Kennedy exchanged formal greetings saturday after the president stepped from his air plane at muscle Shoals Ala. A surging throng of alabamians cheered the president. Wallace and Kennedy talked during a helicopter flight to Huntsville Ala., where the president spoke briefly. That he still held Hope that the Trade talks. Next May vol achieve results. A the conference will not fail a he said. In fact one agent said Drummond related he was Given a $1,000 Bonus to stay away from the place. Were the secret documents carefully selected an Fri agent testified that Drummond usually dipped into a file in his office and brought out a fistful of papers a in grab bag contacted again Drummond told the Fri that when he was Transer Rcd to Newport from London where he said he was first approached in 1958, he was contacted on a Street Given $140, a Black bag and one of a pair of Matching cuff links with a horse head design and a rendezvous was arranged. Drummond told the Fri he met his c n n t a c to exchanged passwords and. Matched Cut links. He said arrangements were made that he would receive $400 to $500 a month. Fri agents testimony indicated that the payments with bonuses May have totalled $48,200 Over four years. Drummond was arrested last sept. 28 while he was sitting r his parked car near a diner in Larchmont a suburb of new York City. Fri agents testified that a few hours earlier they had watched from hiding while Drummond slipped secret naval papers to two russian diplomats. The russian diplomats left the country soon afterwards. Drummond who is married faces a possible death sentence if convicted. To raise Reward for terrorists Montreal up police beset by an unchecked wave of terrorist bombings Are considering increasing a Reward of $10,000 for information leading to arrests it was revealed saturday. Montreal a police director j. Andrien Robert made the announcement after a closed door meeting with representatives of 26 other municipal Federal mid provincial police forces. The meeting was arranged hurriedly after terrorists planted 15 time bombs throughout Montreal Friday. An army explosives expert sgt. Maj. Walter Rocky Leja 45, was critically wounded when one of the bombs exploded in his hands while he is trying to dismantle it. He was reported still unconscious and in critical condition sunday. A spokesman said he was responding to treatment and had a 50-50 Chance to survive. Amputate doctors amputated his left at the Elbow and tried to close gaping wounds in Nis Chest and face during a five hour operation immediately after the explosion. Several of the other bombs also exploded shattering windows and causing minor damage but no other injuries. Most of the bombs were planted in mail boxes in the residential suburb of Westmount. Montreal has been hit for several weeks by bpm by nes by a group of self styled suicide commandos calling themselves be front de liberation Quebec ois who have vowed to free Quebec from the rest of. Canada by violence. A night watchman w. V. Of Neill was killed a month ago in a violent bomb blast in a Lane behind an army recruiting Centre. Meanwhile All available policemen were ordered on 24-hour Alert for expected further trouble. Some police officials expressed the fear that a renewed outburst of bombings could come monday Victoria Day because of its symbolism. Set up special squad director Robert said that Montreal is setting up a special 200-Man squad to Deal with the terrorists. It will a work 24 hours a Day in 12-hour shifts. A the country Parson the lord could help us More each Day if we weren t always tolling him to wait and talk to us about it a flu ii lips 18 a a ;