Sports Clipping from Boston Sunday Post, Sun, May 1, 1898.

Clipped from US, Massachusetts, Boston, Boston Sunday Post, May 1, 1898

}| Billy Brady and Fitzsimmons Mix Up in Madison Sq, GardenWRESTLING MATCH,eTerrible Turk Fouled Roeber, Who Struck Back.MATCH DECLARED NO CONTESTt,drnIse. o s s n tyxtotytot-J NEW TORK, April SO—The wrestling'* . bout between Yousouf, the “TerribleTurk,” and Ernest Roeber, the Ameri-can champion, wound up in a free flght J tonight at the Metropolitan Opera House, and the match was declared “no contest.”After the men had been wrestling for some time Rceber was downed, and went on the defensive on his hands and knees, c- ( Finally he sprang to his feet and was violently shoved by Yousouf. Martin Julian, Roeber’s second, and others cried “foul.”^ ousouf again shoved Roeber and the latter struck Yousouf. Billy Brady. You-souf’s second, claimed a foul. Bob Fitzsimmons, Roeber’s timekeeper, then tried to drag Brady out of the ring throughthe ropes. The 3000 spectators yelled likemad.Four police captains and a dozen police-[s | men jumped into the ring, and by vigorous action restored order. Some men in the orchestra chairs who had engaged in a free fight were hustled from the building. The referee then declared the wrestling bout “no contest.” 11It is not likely that the police will ner-is mit the men to meet again In this vicin-es it;'.s. There were three preliminary contests, of George Richeleu of Paris, France, de-r* feated Tony Lewis of Tennessee two falls out of three, catch-as-catch-can. WilliamJohnson of Vermont thre w Harry Reed ,,of Connecticut twice in less than three *minutes at collar and elbow style. AGreco-Roman contest between John Mc-n Cormick of Philadelphia, Yousouf’s wres-j_ tling partner, and Leo Pardello, who ls travels with Roeber, was declared a„ draw.0*