Sports Clipping from Boston Sunday Post, Sun, Jul 11, 1915.

Clipped from US, Massachusetts, Boston, Boston Sunday Post, July 11, 1915

.V-V'v'mmmW.vv.v.:Shapes up like our own Tris Speaker does Miss Wilson when she steps up to the plate and takes a free and easyswing at the ball.Ifeel as thong*! myself and if know I’d putI wereI wereon© of fhem pitching theyounce of my*1*everystrength on the ball.”Miss Murphy, incidentally, can pitch.In th© seven games that Miss Murph}' played with the Warren A. C. againstother crack amateur nines of Rhode Island last year she made only one error. She averaged a hit a game andI n fac t s he c an pi ay an y p o si 11 on o ri among the leading base stealers ofi’t■ Ithe team. First base, however, seems to be her most natural position and it is a baseball treat to see her field the position with remarkable grace and frequently better than her opponent.Rather Play Than Eat“I’ve been a tom-boy all my life and that’s as much of a reason as any for my playing with the men’s teams today,” averred Miss Murphy. Mother has pleaded with me not to play ball on Sundays but I’ve had to refuse her request lor Sunday is the only full day a week that I have for the game.My hours at the rubber factory in Bristol where 1 work do not permit much playing but when lunch hour comes you can always find yours truly out practising with the boys. I’d rather play baseball than eat.“I see. the International league games occasionally at Providence and you can bet whenever I see a new bit of inside baseball pulled off I put it right down in my memory and it stays there ready for use when needed. But there’s no fun for me in -watching the men play unless I’m in the game myself.”her team.This year cold weather has discouraged baseball in Warren and sh© has played in only one game. This was on Decoration Day last. Miss Murphy's fielding was errorless and her batting record, a pass, a hit, a sacrifice bunt and a strike-out..Advertising the girl champion’s appearance means a big attendance when the games of her team are played. As many as 2000 have gathered and applauded her in action.Miss Murphy Is ambi-dextrous, batting and throwing with either hand, and there is nothing girlish about the way in which she around the diamond.Unless Miss Murphy while playing, it is stranger to become aware of the fact that it is a girl who is so cleverly and ably handling herself on the playingfield.The girl ball player ts 5 feet 5 Inches in height and of slim physique, but her 128 pounds are well hardened by constant exercise, but with a roundness of flesh that all her years of baseball playing have not eliminated.whips the ball removes her capdifficult for theI guess I should have been a boy,” said she, for those sports that girls usually go in for have never held any appeal for me.- I’ve tried to organize a girls' ball team In Warren, but the girls won’t come out, so unless I sign with some one of those girls’ clubs that travel around the country I’m doomedto play wttt^ th© boys all my life.Even Plays FootballTo play on one of those girls’ teams, which they tell me are composed of wonderful ball players, is my ambition. Just give me the one opportunity and I’Ll make good.”Just to showr her versatility Miss Murphy, during the football season, dons the moleskins and practises ■with the hoys. She balks at actually playing in a regular game, however. The girl wonder has engaged also In track sports, and strange to say her favorite distance is two miles.It’s a great game, baseball,” concluded Miss Murphy. “If there were more boys playing it there would ho better men. And if girls played the game, and they certainly can if they want to, there would be better women, for there’s nothing more conducive to broadening one into clean thinking and dealing than baseball.And the girls need thos© virtues ! more than the men.”