Sports Clipping from Boston Sunday Post, Sun, Jul 11, 1915.

Clipped from US, Massachusetts, Boston, Boston Sunday Post, July 11, 1915

When the Newark Woman Suffrage team reaches Fenway Park the suffragecause is hound to get a boost in Boston.*41Am I shy on speed pitching? Ijust dote on speed. The faster theycome the harder they go back.Imagine this from a demure youngThen:miss just out of her teens. I’d rather play baseball thaneat.There’s no fun for me in watching themen play unless Pm in the game myself.ftElizabeth Murphy of Warren, R. I.,does get out and play baseball withthe men. She asks no favors for hersex, either, and has her home town wild with excitement every time she dons a man's uniform and plays in theregularly scheduled game of the Warren Athletic baseball Just as good as anyman.”How this spirit of confidence In herself works out is seen in the last game the Warren Shoe Company nine played with the fast Naval Training Station team at Newport with Miss Murphy at first base.The Warren nine lost, but the girt at first accepted It? chances without ar. error, made a sensational stop of a line drive with her gloved hand and caught It with her bare hand as it bounded away, and figured in a sen. sational double play. A hit, a pass and a sacrifice was her hatting card.“I guess the baseball craze was born in me,” continued the young wonder. ”1 played catch with ‘Dad’ when I was a mere tot; then in scrub games with the bo|.s and for the last six or seven years with the amateur nines around Warren.” »An AIERound AthleteEasily the best girl ball player in ;he country is the rating given Miss Murphy by keen observerg who have , lt;een this phenomenon of the diamond n action at Providence, Nowport andn other places in Rhode Island.”They came to make fun of me;’aid Mias Murphy to the Sunday Post eporter with all the assurance of a Ty’obb, but I showed them that I can 1Mtss Murphy’s prowess as an athlete, however, ia not confined to baseball by any means, fihe is an ardent ice hockeylst, captaining the East Warren Ice hockey five and holding her own in this strenuous game with the boys.“Do I mind the roughness of baseball and hockey? Not a bit. Rots of people mistake fast, aggressive playing for roughness and in my opinion a checker game is Just as good a spectacle as a ball game that isn’t chock full of pepperish playing.trlt;