Sports Clipping from Indianapolis Times, Thu, Jul 4, 1935.

Clipped from US, Indiana, Indianapolis, Indianapolis Times, July 4, 1935

tfc* Plenty of tro-ui* nurroundi fa.r-*«*■ a*a§ jgrtfR. Tree* and rougr. will trapft iosfe- . v .Ift II, 370 yards. par * Trees and h«*a*T ** .gh or both ndrt off the t*t de-a dm* and an accurateAth to * *harp.v elevaed green,Ho S« *''2 T*rd« par A fair If e**gbtrcr* for the Jor.g arid accurate ft3»terf.fy» a d/fl-rult 5 for the atSira*| golfer. Second «ho* mat carrf ditch and climb•harp :r.e!:ne »• approach creep Hoo**r* Bi'jf, ft*aaje of an eutdf oounds on theRn IT 1*9 yard* par 4 Reoulre* one of ?he igiiJgMetf *** %hota on the course ct*r a d;tch and between uee* and rough- _ . Ixiffthe t**» is ua*fu’. and a very accurate approach *r ••» * »e of trap* to 'he green.ft dex.a.-.deT There t» plenty of trouble a approach shot, which mavHv* a lie behind a trae and trap to theYardage in 3S53 Total yardage dill.I--1