Sports Clipping from Boston Sunday Post, Sun, Feb 21, 1909.

Clipped from US, Massachusetts, Boston, Boston Sunday Post, February 21, 1909

even has a notion in Hint direction regarding any formation, liis idea is squelched at birth. However, each season more liberal views in that regard are being taken by adherents of the new school of basket ball and anything which might produce good results is found useful. The formation shown in the drawing is efficient in the highest degree, especially when played witi^ speed.Stake that formation slow and the sphere at once is liable to fall into the hands of the opponents, for the reason that it is in their territory, but let the pass from the centre to guard and across to the other guard be made with all the speed at both players’ command and the aggressive squad will have a tidbit which will not only confuse opponents, but will tend to make it a bit more exciting for the spectators. But let me sound a final note of warning: Don’t use this play until you have mastered it absolutely by practising upon the team against which you practice. Have it down fine or theresult when first used may be disastrous.DR. JAMES NAISM1THFather of the Came,Simple as the art of '‘passing” a basket ball may seem, that one accomplishment constitutes perhaps 50 per cent of the pastime. If a team has not mastered throwing the ball and receiving it, the fundamental principle of the sport is still to be learned. Perhaps you accost a basket ball playing friend on the street' and ask him how it came about that his team was trimmed by a live which on “dope” was inferior.The chances are that he will either I tell you that “we couldn’t shoot baskets” or “we didn’t get any ‘passing’ into the game.” Hence, to the coach who finds j his men are growing a bit stale, I would give this advice: Line your men up around your gymnasium and keep them at work for a half-hour or more before scrimmage begins at nothing save passing tlie ball back and forth, each player putting as much speed into his throw us possible. Make your men try to knock each other over by the speed In the throw. Then line them up for the practice game and you will see the result inthe improved team work.How to Throw the BallTeam work is constituted in the use of gray matter and accurate throwing of the leather sphere. In starting Pie throw under ordinary circumstances the fiat of the hand should balafice the ball, which is raised slightly over the head and to one side. The rest of the toss is the same as that used in pitching a baseball, except that you let go of the basket ball a trifle sooner, chiefly because it is much larger and unwieldy. Thereare dozens of methods of passing theball. The one I have shown above is : the overhand throw. Then there is the underhand throw—as used in pitching an indoor baseball—this pass being generally effective at short distances.In a light pinch where a player is compelled to leap into the air after the J basket ball, which threatens to go into j an opponent’s hands should he let it J get past him, it is best to shoot the ! sphere from an overhead position with j both hands. This throw is hard at first, because it brings into play muscles seldom used in ordinary passing, but with a little practice its efficiency will demonstrate itself to the player. Besides those passes there is the underhand pass with both hands, which is used when a player gets the sphere by scooping it j from the floor.Hence, while delving into the art of passing, I am presenting a play which up to the present article presents perhaps most opportunity to study this feature.* 'a —1First Play ExplainedTn the diagram to the left, the centre’' (Xu. ■'!) of the team represented aa aggressor knocks the sphere behind him toniusRet c lt;i delt; nerve neveiand lt;mentres ulfellotAre you weak? Are you nervous, fre parts of your body? Is your back weak at results of the waste of force. The gentle every night soon restores all energy and m of electricity into the nerve centres, satu it come the vim, the energy, the fire of pei I want every sufferer to try my belt, sc for at least one year, atCall or write todayfor those who want