22 Oxnard High Baseball Players Scramble for Starting Positions

Clipped from US, California, Oxnard, Oxnard Press Courier, February 11, 1959

;ol-yo22 OXNARD HIGH BASEBALL PLAYERS11SCRAMBLE FOR STARTING POSITIONSfTtoeSome 22 Oxnard High School who was No. 2 pitcher behindAll-CIF “co-player of the yearbaseball hopefuls, survivors of d the first cut, are scrambling for Denver Lemaster last year, will starting assignments on the Yel- be used mainly z| lowjackets’ 1959 club, et0mmthis year.The squad will open its season Saturday afternoon when s faces an alumni team headed by replacement,”Others who are In the battle for positions are Mike Linnett, a third baseman with Legionon the mound baseball experience Tom Luna,an outfielder who also played t Legion ball; Erode Miller, a sec- 1 baseman: Bob Steele and t“He may see some action at it! third if we don't find a suitable ondLuther Wallace, first basemen:Killings w orth5 Mike Dalton, a former 'Jacket said. “Newman batted well over anc* Andy Striker, a pitcher and ^s|hurler now playing in the Milwaukee Braves’ organization. The game is scheduled for 1:30 on the Oxnard High diamond.11Coach Burt Killings wort h,.300 in league play last year.outfielder.Will Start JaleMore ( ut* ComingKillingsworth said there willt- Tlle t^! n,f is centei- severaj more cut3 before the vfielder Ken McMullen, a powerhitter and excellent outfielder.regular season starts. He plans. who hopes to find a combination He won't be out until after the slavers*116 ^ sfluat* c*ov'n t0i that will bring Oxnard its fourth baseball season ends. He is a ‘ ‘‘ ' consecutive Channel League ti-i regular forward op the1 tie, said only three positions squad.3 seem to be pretty well settled.i KillingsworthiiIFvc• t“We could boost it to 20 if we cage have a couple of other boys whoshow that they really want to n play,” Killingsworth said. “But f we’ll have to wait and see.”Killingsworth said all the boys 0 are a bit rusty yet and probably T won’t whip into shape for an-said the bigAll-CIF Returnee loss was last year’s battery ofHolding down the three posts Lemaster and Phil Lloyd. Le-• are returnees from last year’s master, who signed a contract i team. They are pitcher Terry with the Milwaukee Braves for-' Tackett, who made all-league a $60,000 bonus after last season 0ther week or two and all-CIF (second team; last was over, is now pitching in the1 season, second baseman Clar-i Braves’ farm system.- ence Wood, and shortstop Pat “We’ll be weak behind the Dalton. plate and at first base,” Killings-?! Tackett, who gained his hon- worth said. “And a bit shaky ati ors last year as an outfielder,'third. Our pitching won’t be\g“Then I’ll be able to tell you how we’re fixed.”1lt;NThe ’Jackets open their regu-lar season Feb. 24 when they travel to Fontana..I , T1 , i . . ,. . , ... , Following is theti will probably see some action in! what it was last year either but schedule*’ ’ ’ *.......... used that must be expected. You can’t )pateup with at right field but will be)mainly as a hurler. He was one come of last year’s top hitters, batting|Lemaster every year.Other Returnees.400 in regular season play and ^.410 in the CIF playoffs.- Two other regulars from last were reserves on the varsity lastcatchersJohnleft Apr.Apr.Opponentchucker like Feb. 24 FontanaFeb. 27 Santa Monica Mar. 6 Burbank Mar. 10 HartThere are four other boys who \l san.ua° MaS^Mar. 20 Santa Barbara Mar. 23-24-25 Pomona20-30 Tournament 2 Santa Paula 9 Ventura Apr. 14 Santa Maria Apr. 20 Hartmay aiso oe usea as a relief Aprils coiton1* Valley Jerry Newman, a 11 - league! pitcher. (May i senta Barbarathird baseman last season, came Up from the jayvees are Hec- Viay 8 Santa* Paula out Monday after nursing an in- tor Alvarez, an outfielder; ,Sid May i2 Ventura_jured knee back into shape. He| Hill, a shortstop; Dave Rami-: suffered the injury during the rez, outfielder; Ben Valla, outfielder; Ed Wall, infielder; Ted Hostetter, outfielder; and Joe: i Espinosa, outfielder.■ yearVs squad are getting late year. They are starts but will probably be in Campbell and Jack i the starting lineup when regular fielder Ernie Carrasco, and out-season play begins.Newman to Pitchfielder Richard Velasquez, whoalso be used as atentativePlace •TimeThere3:00Here3:00Here3:00There3:00Here3:00There3:00There3:00PomonaHere3:00There3:00Here3:00Here3:00There3:00Here3:00Here3:00Here3:00There3:00Here3:00vsiwBRB112,bipast football season.Killingsworth said Newman,n ii 1 n r\ n rl i v~i r~\ 1 n