Sports Clipping from Indianapolis Times, Sat, Feb 2, 1929.

Clipped from US, Indiana, Indianapolis, Indianapolis Times, February 2, 1929

PAGE 12THE INDIANAPOLIS TIMESFEB. 2, 1929Wabash-Notre Dame Encounter Tops Tonight’s College Basket ProgramrOff theI BackboardNorman E. Isaac* -Cavemen Entertain Hopesof Downing StrongIrish Aggregation.BUTLER AT EVANSVILLEHere's a “hot one’* from the PeruFribune:OUR BEEG TEN1. drofdeB2. trofknarF3. lAClnhceT4. aennescniV5. submuloC6. mlknarF7. eicnuM3. «lt*aC w«N 9. lhpleD10. yraG fo lebeorFP. S.—That looks worse than Wisconsin's lineup . . .PS. PS—It aint’ a bad Big Ten for theshape IPs in. . • . _HOT SHOTS. :nunIndiana Central TanglesWith Muncie Normal.WE STAND CONDEMNED!Frankfort, Ind.Dear Backboard—I write this note, my first to you, with what I hope may be called a spirit of fairness and moderation. Mere words are too inadequate to express my opinion of Tech's chances to be crowned “champion’* in the state tournament. You are wrong about the odds! In my bet book I am offering odds of 8 to 1 on Tech.In looking back over the Tech-Frankfort game here I feel much like the Greek of old speaking ofthe Trojan war, *A11 of which I raw,and a part of which I was.’ (A Spectator.)Hundreds of fans here naturally are first for Frankfort, but after Frankfort comes Tech. You'll hear I us tell those sentiments in March. |OLD TYMER.The Wabash-Notre Dame encounter tonight at South Bend is the headlining conflict on the collegiate basketball program for the evening. Although the Irish holdan early-season triumph over theLittle Giants the Cavemen have improved a lot and are hopeful of upsetting the Koegan team.Butler, still setting the pace forHoosier fives, goes to Evansville fora return clash with the Purple Acesand the Bulldogs are heavy favorites. ■•'Indiana Central, trounced Friday night by Butler, journeys to meet Muncie Normal and the Greyhounds are out to wipe out some of the memories of the Butler slaughter.Manchester will play host to Earl-ham tonight, as State Normal meetsConcordia at ..Ft. Wayne and Hanover plays Bliss college at Columbus, O.Vermajo TakesOrleans FeatureBy Ini ted PressNEW ORLEANS. Feb. 2.—Taking the lead at the start, Vermajo, a sleek coal-black colt Texas, held his advantage throughout and won the New Orleans Handicap Friday, which carried a prize of $33,037.50 and a $2,500 gold trophy. A $2 mutuel ticket on Vermajo paid $15.38 to win. Solace was second and Wellet third.Shining Lights With FastTechnical Net TeamnunIS THIS AN INSINUATION?Lafayette, Ind.Dear Backboard—Just a line to remind rou that Purdue, who was downed by Butler, recently instructed the University of Chicago to the rudiments of basketball •*a» she is played.’' When the massacrewBig Four A. A. 4* Woodsldes .... 3 Marmoru 3I#.! W.OLlnk Belt..... 22*Meteors........ 12 Br’t’d. Big Four 0L.3 24was over. Chicago silently slipped away on the short end of a 64 to 16 count. Whyawlnsri/e and admit the Chicago sportswriters are right as you did in Thursday’spaper? There are other college teams In this bir state of ours besides Butler! I’ll bm seeing you and TECHNICAL at the flaals. BAMCO.nun•’GINGER” REEVES OF DANVILLE STILL LEADS THE INDIVIDUAL POINTGETTERS IN INDIANA COLLEGES. THESORREIL-TQP HAS AMASSED A TOTALOF 146 POINTS IN TWELVE GAMES WHILE PURDUES GIRAFFE. CHARLES fSTRETCH) MURPHY. HAS 123 IN TEN GAMES.You’ll have plenty of room tostretch your legs at the sectional tournament, March 1 and 2. For negotiations have been completed *to hold the event at the Butler field-house. Season tickets for the Indianapolis event will be $1.50 and session ducats. 40 cents. Fred Gorman of Technical again will be in charge of the ticket sales.O ff ttATTENTION I. H. S. A. A.The State Catholic high school basketball tournament will he held on March 8and 9 at the Cathedral gym. Invitations have been sent to fourteen schools. The winner of the Indiana title will represent liocsierdom In the national Catholic high school tournament at Chicago. Mr. Tres-ter and company please note!Indianapolis Big Four retained their lead in the City BasketballLeague by downing the WoodsideMerchants, 30 to 10, in the featuregame of Friday night’s, session at the Pennsy gym. Richeson led the Big Four attack. ' , V Marmon Motors remained in a tiefor second place with the Woodsides by losing to the indianapolis Meteors, 30 to 20. McCloud starred forthe Meteors.Bright wood Big Four lost their ! fourth game in a row, 57 to 14, to | the Link Belts. Thompson counted 22 points for the Link Belts and went into the individual scoringlead with a total of 48 points. Summaries :BIG FOUR G F TPI WOODSIDE G F ITWehrel.f 1 6 2 Thtesing.f... 0 0 0Richeeon.f... 8 0 16 Bradbury.f... 0 11Perking,c.... 2 1 8;Birch,c.......3 0 6Kelly.g 3 0 4j Flanagan,g... 0 0 0Modlln.g 0 0 0 Blake.g .... 0 0 0Larrlson.f... 0 0 0| Flora.! 0 0 0Terhune.c... 0 X 1 Skomp.f...... 113Davis.* 10 2Totals ....14 2 30' Totals 4 2 10METEOR9 G McCloud.f... 5 Henderson,f. 3 Callahan,c., 2 Hickman,g... 1 Bennett.g.... 1F TPI MARMON G F TP 3 13,Dixon,f 1131 7 Bledsoe.1..... 06 Eavens.c 22 Hitch,g 02: Brown.g 0Spaullng.f.. .► 3 Allison,g 1200Totals* ....12 6 300000090062Tech ClashesWith BerriesWith Big Four in Clash TonightHere TonightArsenal Five Noses Out Connersville; Ready forLogan Drive.Reproduction shows two ox Technical’s outstanding performers, Bert Davis (left) brilliant forward, and Ben Parrish, star backguard, who is rankedamong the best goal tenders in the state. Parrish also is noted for his high-scoring activities. The Arsenalites have amassed an enviable record and are ranked among the favorites for the state crown. The locals battle Logansporttonight at theArmory. Logan has displayed impressive formin recent games.With another victory tagged to its already lengthy string, the Technical high school basketball team was back in the city today ready for its clash tonight with Cliff Wells’Logansport squad at the Asmory.Logan has been setting a stiff pace recently and a hot conflict is expected The Berries are regarded as standing a good chance of upsetting the fast-flying Arsenalities.Tim Oampbell’s crew barely nosed out Connersville Friday night at the Spartans’ home court, 25 to 24. A scintillating Connersville rally late in the game almost turned the tide in favor of the Spartans.The Indianapolis five led at thehalf, 14 to 3, but a spurt broughtthe score to A to 11 at the resumption of play and the teams battled neck and neck the remainder of the way. Summary:TECH G F Ti’l CONN’V’LE G F TP Davis,2 1 5 Sheilhouse.f.. 0 0 0Miller,! 1 0 2Enuis,f 4 12 4iSparks,c 2 02 lOjFunk.g 21 3 Ridge.g 00 O'Gansert.f.... 31 1 George.f OGerman PugKnocks OutJohn RiskoClevelander Absorbs Ter rific Amount of Punishment From Schmeling.Carl HowardHills, e Lc-iOwry.g 4Parrish,g.... 1 Babcock.g... 0Conner.i 0Reissner.c... 00 0Myers,f 0Craig,£.......0104000945 06 0 0 0Totals .... 9 7 251 Totals .... 9 6 24Butler TramplesIndiana CentralBoston Braves Puzzle, With FuchsButler's Bulldogs were in Evansville today ready for their return clash with Coach John Harmon’sas Manager of Doubtful OutfitSome of the ‘Rookies’ Are Old-Timers Already; OnlyThree 1928 Regulars Are Sure of Places.iiHiHUffiBWimiajiMn1 a n [i mmumtmmmmmBY GEORGE KIRKSEYUnited Press Staff CorrespondentNEW YORK, Feb. 2.—From manager to mascot, the Boston Braves have been overhauled.With a former New York city magistrate who never played professional baseball as new managerTotals7 6 20DOESN’T WANT MUCH!BRIGHW’D G F TPI LINK BELT G F TPHuggins Hopts to Land Big Ed forYankee Staff.Wade.f 2Erdman.f.... 2 Graham.c... 1 Daubenspk.,g 1 Hunt.g 001010Bu United PressNEW YORK, Feb. 2.—Miller Huggins. manager of the New York ankees. was due to arrive here today to attend the annual dinner of the New York chapter of the Baseball Writers’ Association Sunday.While here Huggins is expected to negotiate with the Boston Red Sox for the services of big Ed Morris, star pitcher. The Yanks are said to have offered Cedric Durst and Ben Paschal, outfielders, for Morris.4 Demary.f 4 196j Thompson,! .11 0 222 Franke.c 43 Fisher.g 60 Neighbert.g.. 0I Britton.f ... 1Brehob.g 0 0 0A. Wolfe.g.... 0 1 10 8 3 13 0 0 2 4Totals .... 6 2 14| Totals ....25 7 57Semi-Pro, AmateurBasketballRace EntriesSaturdayAT HAVANANARRATIONS OF A MASCOTMuch Ado in Clubhouse During Shower Bath Time, Jimmy Learns; Allowed to ‘Jerk’ Bats Third0 ■* v*Year and Dreams of Future.and two heroes of the 1914 miracle team as assistants, the Boston club is the most uncertain looking outfit in the National League Judge Emil Fuchs and his lieutenants, Johnny Evers and Hank Gov/dy, have a squad of thirty-seven players, sixteen of whom are newcomers.Many Positions Doubtful(Editor's Note—This is the second article of a series written by the Indians' 1928 mascot dealing with his observation* during the time he was foul ball chaser, clubhouse boy. bat boy andthen mascot. He describes the playersfrom a standpoint new to the fans. The mascot’s first article appeared in Friday’s Times.)BY JIMMY CAFOUROSTribe Mascot. 1928.First Race ($800; claiming; 3-year-olds; five and one-half furlongs)—Discreet, 103;Agitation. 107; Catherine of Russia. 107; Vitalise. 103; Checkmate, 103; The Miss,Peggy M. 107; Ima Little, 102; C„at O'Mail. 107; Marble Heart, 102; Charmalne, 102; 108; Administrator. 103; Vandlon, 112.-year-Y. L. S. basketball team of Sacred Heart defeated the St. Par’s Girls, 8 to 2. at Sacred Heart Wednesday night. TheSecond Race ($800; claiming; 3-ye olds: five and one-half furlongs)—DixieBeauty. 103; Alacrity, 103; Western Eagle, 107; La Querida, 103; Nicolett, 103; Billytwo joints scored by the losers were onfree throws. Y. L. S. has won ten and lost one this seasonFast Sacred Heart team met defeat at the hands of the St. Joseph Y. M. C.Y. M. C. has a record ol six vlcories in a row.Lauter All-Stars and Lauter Greys degames for tonight. Cali Be. 3641 ask for Kelly.sire games for tonight. Cali BeandCENTER GROVE. Ind.. Feb. 1.—The Greenwood Noblitt-Sparks basketball team defeated the Burgersvliie Independents here Thursday night. 50 to 31. The Greenwood five scored nineteen points in the last seven minutes of play.McFadden. 112. Mary C., 10$; Conflict, 98: Frills. 98; Linda Archer, 102; Mukerji, 112; Veraevale, 103; Apvaal. 98.Third Race ($800; claiming; 3-year-oldsand up; six furlongs)--Zuker. 109; Coloratura, 101; Brlgan, 103; Brown Silk, 111; Shasta Flapper, 106; Marabou, 104; Vio-lado, 102; Girasol, 107; Sun Dance, 113; Model, 108; The Runt. 113; Always, 113; Necromancer, 99; Two Bills, 105.Fourth Race (The Union Hotel handicap; $1,200 ; 3-year-olds and up; six furlongs)Nichelson, 112; Baby Gar, 102; CamjJanlnl,109; Dear Inet, 98; Jack Blener,Fifth Race $800: claiming: 3-year-olds and up; mile and a sixteenth)—Milord.112; Arsaoid. 112; Richelieu, 107; Trum-Bet Rock. 107; Gen. Ginockio, 112; Three •’s. 102; Levoyant. 112; Yachtsman. 112;EARLHAM COPS GAMEJenkins Leads Quakers to Victory Over Hanover Rivals.By Times Special f . ■ %RICHMOND. Ind., Feb. 2.—Led by Red Jenkins, captain, who scored four field goals. Earlham downed Hanover Thursday night. 19 to 10. Score at half was 14 to 9. Wallin shot three from the field for thelosers. Summary: ;t4RLHAM OF TP HANOVER G F TP verman.f.. 2 1 5 Hammer,f...0 1 1Druley.f 1 0 2 Wallln.f 3 0 6WaTl.e 0 0 0 Rockwell.c... 0 2 2Jenkins.g.... 4 0 8 Whitcomb.g.*. 0 1Powell.g 1 1 3 Garriot.g.... 0 0 0T.Fellx.g 0 I 1.Totals8 3 19 fjtals3 4 10Bedford Dream. 102; Student Prince, 112; Scotland Belle. 107; Sniper, 107- Stella May, 102; My Destination. 107; Lawless,107.Sixth Race ($800; claiming; 3-year-olds and up; mile and a sixteenth)—Tomana up; mue ana a sixteenth)—Tom Hayes. 107; Tim Gleason, 112; Silvermire, 107; War Boy. 112; Quaen Emma. 107; Blue Beans, 107; Bachelor's Error. 107; Sporting Life, 107; Angleplane. 102; The Maid. 102; Wedding Flight, 112; Chief Tierney,112; Antonio. 107; Goodnight, 107; Shasta Grande. 102.Seventh Race ($800; claiming; 4-year-olds and up; miie and three-sixteenths)— Fasciste, 109; Opperman. 112; Drone. 105; Gee Eff. 101; Cartbe. 105: Porto BelloGold. 112; Street Liz, 100: Texas Ranger, “ ‘ ~ . 110,AS clubhouse boy at Washington park in 1925, after serving a season as foul chaser atop the grand stand, I learned that Trainer Jim (Hump) Pierce is the personification of wit, as well as commander nf the player quarters. He can tun. the most caustic remark into a spasm oflaughter.Oftentimes a player comes in from a discouraging game in which he has pulled a boner or made a costly error, feeling downcast and dejected. The game has been lost when it could have been won, and there is a silence of charged atmosphere about the clubhouse. And always Hump lives up to the occasion. A bright remark, a word of sympathy and the player snaps out of it.rooters. But at the same time I was dreaming and picturing myself as the future tribe mascot-uniform and all.Players TemperamentalAnd I learned that ball players are peculiar in some w'ays. In the first place the average leaguer is temperameentdl. His feelings easily can be hurt. You also can please him just as easily. They are sensitive to slight things—easily irritated. As a rule they do not talk much. Some do not say more than a dozen words through an entire game. Very few are talkative.They dress in splendid style, with j the younger players wearing flashier attire than the veterans. A player usually is a good judge of human nature, with a keen sense of humor. Conversation is clubhouse and dug-out, when the game is not in progress, runs to banter, with much “wise-cracking” between the men. No one is spared.(To Be Continued.)Heavies FeatureJimmyPopular Around LeagueWrestling Bill109; Babe K . 105; Captain Martin.AT MIAMIFirst Race ($1 000; claiming; 3-year-olds; five and one-half furlongs)—(a)Success.94; The Doctor. 107; Fanta. 102; Carnivorous, 102; Circumference. 104: (x'Marty B.7hl99; Miss Ontne, 101; (x)Charmlng Lady.104.Second Race ($1,000; claiming; 3-vear-Pierce is a gem as a trainer and his admirers are legion throughout the league. He was a player and manager in minor circuits for years before becoming a trainer. Keeping up the morale of the athletes is Hump’s long suit.For two years I spent most of my time in or near the club house andI learned that pranks are not rareamong ball players. I’ve known tirae8 when a bunch of the Indians would get together and throw the hats of others into the shower roomJack McCarty and the Y. M. C. A. wrestler, Ray Rice, heavyweights, at Tomlinson hall, are scheduled for forty-five minutes of action. They met in a fifteen-minute bout on last Monday's bill, but neither was able to gain a fall.Ralph Wilson and Cowboy Jones appear in the top bout on the program.. They are heavies. Jones hails from Wyoming, while Wilson is an ex-collegiate star. This boutwill be no time limit, two falls outof three deciding.I Speedy O'Neil and Jack McCauleyi open the show at 8:30.KntiBANS MOVIE BUILDINGThe ranks of the Braves will be made up of a strange mixture of youngsters and veterans. Only three of last year’s regulars, excluding the pitchers, are certain of places, George Sisler at first base, Lance Richbourg in the outfield and Zach Taylor behind the bat may be reasonably certain of their positions.Three newcomers are expected to fill out the infield. Freddy Maguire obtained from the Cubs in the Hornsby deal is slated for second, but may get a battle from R. B. James, a 22-year-old, who batted .323 for Omaha.Rabbit Maranville, who was a member of the world championship Braves with Evers and Gowdy, fifteen years ago, has been obtained from the Cardinals for shortstop. Joe Dugan, vet third baseman of the Yankees, is slated for third if Lester Bell is traded to the Cubs.Purple Aces and the Evansville collegians were looking forward to an unpleasant evening. The Bulldogs romped to a 67-to-19 triumph Friday over Indiana Central at the fieldhouse.The Greyhounds never threatenedand the Bulldogs raced wild. Hildebrand scored 21 points for the locals. Summary:IND. CENT’L G FTP A.Balley.f.... 3 0 6BUTLER G F TPWhite,! 3 0 6Chandler.f .. 71 15Hildebrand.c 8 5 21Hosier.g.. .. 3Bugg.g 0Fron.uth.f... 3 Christopher,! 2Allen,c 1Reynolds,g.. 0 Caskey,g.... 20001002P.Balley.f..., 2Rider, c 26!lnman.g 0O Brenneman.s 06! Bright,! 05 Enlg.f........02 Swan, ..... 006Bales,g.. .... 0 Humbert.g... 200010000044010000429 9 679 1 19Kirshbaums MeetAnderson QuintetOne of the stars with the Indianapolis Big Four team is Carl (Chesty) Howard and he will bein the Railroaders’ lineup tonightwhen they take the floor at theHoosier A. C. to tangle with the strong Morgantown I. O. O. F. quintet. The Hoosier Demons and Hottentots will clash In the curtain raiser at 7:30.Local PinGossipBY LEFTY LEESweepstakes and match games againwill feature in the ten-pin play over the week-end. At the Capitol alleys the flretCapitol alleys annual classic with doubles and singles evens carded, will hold the attention of the rail birds, as a large number of star bowlers throughout the State will pit their skill against 1lt;against local cracks for a slice ofthe large prize list offered. You can still enter this event as entries do notclose until midnight.The Florsheim Shoe team composed of Bob Wuensch. Les Miller, Leo Faust, BobHaagsma and Ben Cutsinger were among the last minute entrant* to the A. B. in Chicago.A 380 doubles will be rolled on the Illinois alleys Sunday, with the first squad taking the drives at 1 p. m. The $1.25 per man entry fee will prevail as usualand a large entry is expected to com-Sete. You may roll as often as you wish l this event, but must change partnerseach time.The first half of the Ray Fox vs. ’‘Stub” Mathews match will be rolled on the Illinois drives Sunday. Quite a few in-Sulries regarding a series of matches for ne Junior championship of the city have been received by this column, and an elimination shoot to determine the champ will be rolled in the near future. Contenders for this tile will find stubborn op-gosition with Bob Wuensch. Fonale Snyder, leo Pendegras, Ray Fox “Stub” Math* and Don Johnson standing out.The. cream, of. the. various, women’s leagues will resume the schedule of the women's city bowling tournament at the Fountain Square alleys today, and withthe meet coming to a close Sunday night,Jothe new champions in the various events will be declared. Handsome medals will be awarded the winners In each event, and the girls will be trying their best to bring home the bacon.Outfield TalentGeorge Harper, who came to the Braves from the Cards with Maranville, mil be tried in one outfield berth. Earl Clark, who batted. 373 for Providence, and A1 Moore, who batted .326 for Buffalo, have been touted as finds.Among the Braves’ new pitchers, several are promising. Harry Seibold topped International League hurlers last year with 22 victories and 6 defeats; Bruce Cunningham won 17games and lost 12 for Los Angeles, and Gorham Leverett won 19 games and lost 12 for Indianapolis. Seibold and Leverett are each 33, but Cunningham is only 23.Seibold, who played with Reading last season and who had a tryout with the Athletics at shortstop in 1926, came to the Braves along with Percy Jones, Maguire and Louis Leggett, a promising catcher, in the Hornsby trade.Percy May Deliver' ' 'J4. 4- '?*..(»■/* i* • j1- ’Jones, veteran southpaw, w.ho won ten games and lost six for the Cubs last season, is expected to win a regular berth.Another young pitching prospectis george Perry, southpaw, who won twenty-one games and lost eleven for Wichita last season. He is only 23.Pat Collins, veteran catcher fromthe Yankees, propbably will divideKirschbaum Netters take on the strong Anderson (Ind.) Boosters Sunday afternoon at the Kirschbaum gym. Anderson’s team is composed of ex-high school and college players.Kirschbaums are undefeated and on Feb. 10 take on the strong east Tenth Deaks in a return game on the Kirshbaum floor. Netters defeated the Deaks on their home floor recently.The Ladies Auxiliary to the Grotto rolled on the Illinois alleys Thursday afternoonwith Mrs. E. H. Meyer topping the list of good scores rolled. Next Thursday afternoon these girls will meet again and a six club league will be formed. Help mates of all Grotto members are invited to be present at this meeting which will be called to order at 2 p. m.Danville TakesExciting SettoBy United PressDANVILLE, Ind., Feb. 2.—In an exciting net fray, Danville Normal nosed out Muncie Normal here Thursday night, 26 to 24, the score being 15 to 12 in the locals’ favor atthe half. The crowd was in an uproar at the finish as the visitorsthreatened. 1G. Reeves for Danville and Tolerfor Muncie starred. Summary:DANVILLE G F TPIMUNCIE G F TPB.Reeves.f... 2 0 4 Schultz,f.... 0 0 0 G.Reeves,c.. 6 0 12Qly.f........Hi I BnFranklin,g.. 2 1 5;Fulmer,g 3Johnson,g... 2 15TotalsI 3Toler, f 3 8 11Baker.c 0 0 0Fulmer,g 3 0 6Shirley.g..... 0 0 0 M’Clmnd.f... 2 0 412 2 261 TotaLs 9 6 24RAILROADS WARNEDArrests Threatened for Blocking City Traffic.An intensive drive against railroad companies whose trains are permitted to block city traffic needlessly, was launched today by Police Chief Claude M. Worley.The drive came as the result of a series of complaints to the effect that hundreds of persons were made late to work every morning becauseof the slothful action of train crewswho permit their trains to stand on crossings much longer than the maximum allotment of three min-tlfcea,In a letter mailed to the generalThe Baker Bros, and Bair’s TheaterKls won three games from the C. R. ers and Hatfield Paint as the Silver Flash and Hub Furniture took two from the Mueller Nazh and Northern Coal. MuDanlel rolled games of 168, 189 and 180, a total of 537, which was high. Rutenberg had 504 and Reynolds, 502.The Car Service team, was the only outfit able to win three games in theBig Four League series at the Pritchett alleyr 4**‘ -the Shelby Street Locomotives be-mg the victims. The Beech Grove cars. Beech Grove, P. W. I. and S. and E. Accounts took two from the Zone Accounts, Majestic and Majestic No. 21 in the othera,2,e8' English rolled 608; Kepp, 610; Noffke. 600, and Stienecker, 603. Kapp had high single game with a score of 245.Good scoring was the order in the OUy League at the Elk's Club alleys, with the Marotts a few pins in the lead on a total of 2.953, on games of 988, 945 and 1,020 which was good for a two-time win over the Bradley Warehouse. The Silver Flash Oil and Hare Chevrolet also won two from the Sargent Paint and Ballard Ice Cream as the Moran Trucks took three games from the Hoosier Pioneer Coffee. CharlieCray turned in a series of 658 with games of 225.213 and 220. Spotts had, 604; L. Fox, 609; Daugherty, 600; Bruder, 623, and James, 61*. High single game went to Larry Fox with a seore of 243.By United PressNEW YORK, Feb. 2.—Jack Dempjjey’s double bas proved hie right to ring recognition. Before a crowd of 20.000 in Madison Square Garden Friday night Max Schnel-ing, “the German Jack Dempsey,” knocked out Johnny Risko, veteranCleveland heavyweights in the ninth round of a scheduled ten-roundbout. T ■ Referee Donovan stopper the fight with Risko on the verge of collapse. It was the second knock 1 out in Risko’s long career. Chuck Wiggins scored a technical knockout over Risko in the fifth round ofa bout in 1925.Schneling floored Risko four times before the referee hajted the fight. Risko went downed under a right to the jaw in the first, but bounded back up without a count.Risko hurt Schneling with a right hook to the head in a comer in the seventh round. The blow evidently aroused the German, who immediately assumed the offensive and shot out a right to the jaw which dropped Risko for a count of eight.In the eighth, Risko began throwing his wild hooks at Schmeling. who, weaving like the Dempsey of old .lashed a left and right to the jaw which spilled Risko for a count of nine.Fighting- furously, Schmeling toreinto Risko with both fists at thestart of the ninth. A right to the jaw staggered Risko, and then the Cleveland boy began to topple around the ring. A succession of rights and lefts again knocked Risko down for a count of nine.Schemeling was battering his helpless opponent about the ring when the referee led the badly beatenBisko to his corner. -iSSchemeling now is established asone of the foremost contenders forTunney’s vacated title.Otto Von Porat, Chicago heavyweight, scored a technical knockout over Jack Gagnon, Boston, fourth round. Ben Jeby, New York middleweight, knocked out Cecil Harper. Aberdeen, Wash., second round.Three KnockoutsOccur on CadleFistic ProgramThree of the five beats staged before 5,000 fans at Cadle tabernacle, Friday night ended in knockouts and two went the scheduled limit. Paul Amado, Detroit Filipino, failed to appear to mix in the main go with Carl Schmadel because of an injured hand, it was announced.Billy Woods of Trenton, N. J., was substituted for Amado and fought hard while he lasted, which was only until the second stanza, when he was flattened for the ten count. The veteran ran out of wind because he took the bout on a few hours notice. Results of other scraps:Tut Seymour had a slight shad© on PaulAnthony in six rounds. Th© bovs confined most of thelf punching to the body.It was tameFreddie Hill. holding a five-pound weight advantage over the slender ChuckReggln, won by k. o. the second round LindyCaudon outpointed Red Yeager Infour rounds of slugging, in which both lads lost blood. It v;as hlt;ads lost blood. It was hot action all thewayCasey Jones knocked out Jack White in the fourth round. This clash, the first onthe card. wa6 a stiff punching affair, withboth men putting everything they had into every wallop.FRIDA Y BASKET RESUL TSCOLLEGE8Butler, 67; Indiana Central. 19.Petroleum. 37; Union Center. 27.Huntington. 42; N. A. G. U-, 25.Colgate, 36; Michigan State, 35. Clemson, 46; Auburn, 20.Cedarvllle, 32; Hanover, 31.Duke. 44; V. P. I.. 27.Virginia, 21; Maryland. 22. •Wash, and Lee, 47; William and Mary, 19.CITY HIGH SCHOOLSTechxical, 25; Connersville. 24. Washington, 29; Cathedral, 27 (overtime)Greenfield, 25; Shortridge, 17... CiBroad Ripple. 29; Mt. Comfort, 20. Silent Hoosiers. 54; Llzton. 42.STATE HIGH SCHOOLSAnderson, 60; Richmond, 28. Alexandria. 33; Gas City. 29. Aurora. 25; Lawrenceburg. 17. Atlanta. 47; Boxley. 28.Bedford. 66; Bloomington. 32. Bloomfield. 34; Salisbury. 27. Bowers. 84; Wingate. 32. Brownsburg, 42; Amo. 28.Boswell. 53; Raub. 18.Buck Creek. 30; Stockwell. 20 Brook, 33; Renssalaer. 33. Columbus. 48: Franklin. 31.Charlottesville. 34; Mooreland. 30 Carmel. 20; Cicero. 18.Central (Evansville). 27; Reitz. 5. Cldverdale, 49; Bulle Union. 15.Rushville, 38; Noblesvilie, 22.•, 23.Roll. 25; Chester Center, Roachdale, 26: New Market. 21 Russellville 38: Fillmore, 28. Reynolds. 42; Fowler. 28. Remington. 36; Monon. 32. Round Grove. 39: Buffalo. 17. Splceland. 20; Knlghtstown, 13. South 8ide (Ft. Wayne) 42; (Terre Haute). 29.Scottsburg. 33: Brownstown, 25. Seymour, 29; Edln jurg. 27.South Bend. 39- Hammond. 16. Scirclevllle. 16: Michigantown. 14.WilevTell City. 32; Memorial. 21 Veedersburg, 29; Mellott, 19Valparaiso. 32; La Porte, 31 West Newton, 30; Castleton, 27. West Baden, 28; Petersburg, 18.Washington. 25: Vincennes. 20 Westfield. 41; Fishers. 26.Wilkinson, 37; Marklesville. 29. Waveland. 39: Green Township. 15Crawfordsville. 54; Wsvnetown. 27. Cayuga: 53; Newgeint. 33GJU'.y of Miami. 29; Jackson. 28Converse. 30: Swayzee. 26.snip.Warsaw 29: North Manchester. 26.lsborlt; larpeiWest Middletown. 29; Ervin. 23rsaw. 29: North Wallace. 30; Hillsboro. 23 Windfall. 32; Sharpesvifle. 29Wolcott. 32; Gilboa. 16West Point. 30; Jackson Twp.. 17West Lafayette. 32: Thorntown. 31 Wea. 23: Monitor. 18.TODAY’S SELECTIONSHAVANAS0?1 of Checkmate. Charmalne.2—Billy McFadden. Nicolett. Linda Archlt;3—Girasol, The Runt. Always.j—Campa^nJnU Jacic Biemsr. Dearinc^. o- Arsacia. Snloer.