Sports Clipping from Boston Sunday Post, Sun, Aug 6, 1922.

Clipped from US, Massachusetts, Boston, Boston Sunday Post, August 6, 1922

WILL MOURN DEATH m TOMMY M’CARTHYtiiomas v. McCarthyOldtime baseball player and coach, a mail who numbered his friends bythe hundreds, whose death took place early yesterday.THE “HEAVENLYj TWIN’S” AT RESTTribute to Tom McCarthy, by Eddie Machugh.The weary fielder casts his glove aside,'flie inning ends with vict’ry for his side;'J'lie home-plate passed, the player wends his way To seek the rest he’s earned at close of day.The spiked shoes cast off, clean raiment donned,The garment for Ilf Eternal Game beyond;'flic hands relax, the tousled hair is smoothed,His great heart stilled; his pains, his aches are soothed.His tired spirit wakes—a wondrous sound!His dosed lids leaps open to the joy he’s found;No cloud obscures the day—no shadows cast— i The “heavenly twin’s” at rest, finds peace at last.