Sports Clipping from Boston Sunday Post, Sun, Apr 26, 1908.

Clipped from US, Massachusetts, Boston, Boston Sunday Post, April 26, 1908

SW':lt;*P* •?4**n.;rv^■I*lt;. • JLJ. ■ mjm-V/jlt;’•N*.■ .*Upper row,left toLowerCITY POINT'S WOMEN’S BASEBALL TEAM.right—Mrs. Lustlni Hocheleau, Mrs. Thomas row. left to right—Mrs. Joseph Corville, Mrs.Maher, Mrs. Catherine Holland, Mrs Catherine Carmody, Mrs. ElizabethEdwardBerio.ShallonThursday mornings, which are devoted exclusively to women and girls, Indoor baseball has been played by regular nines.Nearly a score of the gentler sex have been intensely interested in these games, which begin directly after the regular drill work of the morning is finished.All of them have got well beyond the novice s^age In the game, and are now eagerly looking forward to the opening of the season when they may take up outdoor wbrk. with the regulation league balls and bats. , •Under the training and coaching of former instructor of the gymnasium, Louis Maclnness, the most proficient of the players managed to pick up the knack of pitching a baseball with considerableaccuracy,/and she is now doing considerable practice on curves.All of the work indoors last fall and this winter has been done on the big floor of the gym, and all members of the tw.o picked teams of the classes have learned to use Jie muscles of the shoulders andforearm so that it has become an easy matter for all of them to throw the ball nearly the full length 6t the 150-foot floor.The bat which has been used in the itaniea Is much of the size and .hom, «tThe ball necessarily had to be soft because of indoor use, and it is larger than the regular size.Because of lack of room the distances between bases had to be shortened considerably, and to prevent any possible injury to the players small mats were used instead of the regulation bases.No part of the regular work that the women do at the gymnasium holds so much attraction for them as the game, coming as a sort of relaxation after the drills are finished.On Thursday and Monday mornings the floor Is generally well-filled with some of the best-known ladies of thepeninsular district, and all are anxiousto get into the game.Miss Ellen MacDonald Is the star and pitcher of the nine, and she can handle the sphere with a precision and swiftness in delivery that would do credit to a college youth.Of catchers there are plenty in Anna Green, Alice Gorman and Mrs. Shallow, wife of Captain Ned Shallow of Fireboat 44.Mrs. Jukes and Mrs. Wright are the star first base coverers and they alternate on the gat .team pt the gyAt shortstop Miss Josephine Quinn is capable of clever work, while the other experts of the team are Ella Roust, sister of the South Boston featherweight,“Rouse O’Brien”; Miss Mary MacDon-ough, a trained nurse; Mrs. Lizzie Berio, the amateur swimmer, and Mrs. Holland, one of the best-known ladies of the South Boston district.Those who have made the best records at the bat while playing this winter are Mrs. Holland, Mrs. Berio and Miss Green.Mrs. Berio, Mrs. Jukes. Mrs. Shallow and Miss MacDonald have achieved | fame as the best fielders, and as for throwing, Mrs. Shallow has the best of many a young man of the peninsular district.As the time is always limited for the playing of the game, noon being set as the time when the ladies must leave the floor, they use up every moment of theperiod between the finish of the class work and the noon hour in making the game as fast as possible.No crowd of youngsters who ever played the game on a back lot or in theschool yards could put more enthusiasm into their play, ^ -wSOUTH BOSTON WOMEN PLAY AT BASEBALL WITH THE ENTHUSIASM OF REAL FANSA number of South Boston women aretraining vigorously for an active season on the baseball diamond.For some weeks now a number of young girls and matrons of the peninsular district have been practising indoor baseball at the D street gymnasium, and they’ are now looking for favorable weather so as to have games in the open.In connection with the regular drill work of the gymnasium on Monday’ andthat generally used by boys of 12 to 15 years in their games of “scrub.With precision and power in throwing and catching there was taught to the women the need of a “good eye,” wrhile at the bat, and all of them have been making, some very creditable long drives which usually net applause and runs.In every respect except the size of the ball and bat the game as played by the women at the gym is the same as that played in the professional ranks.Mrs. Myra Downs and Mrs. Felton alternate at second base, and it is said that the former, a trained nurse, has scored some remarkable putouts and assists which would make veteran fans sit up and take notice.Mrs. Stuper, who is Interested in a bakery on D street, is one* of the later comers at the gym, but fancying the game she lost no time in gaining a knowledge of it, and now she ranks as the star tnird baseman of the team.