Spirit Of Liberty in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
23 Jan 1816

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Spirit Of Liberty in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
23 Jan 1816

Read an issue on 23 Jan 1816 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Spirit Of Liberty.

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Spirit of Liberty (Newspaper) - January 23, 1816, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania LADIES C0R8ETT BOARDS. Some weeks since, I spent a few daysinthe flourishing village of Wa terforil, a romantic little place, was ilelighted with toe situation—raanners' of the people very agreeable—treat strangers with great attention and politeness. Orie evening, I accompanied a young gentleman, who was very polite, to a room where many young WaiUng ing.y ‘but tak» you d ) thing Truth and the chatt your bosom pin Charilj^ with the pearls of Get finger rings be Affecth with the diamonds ofP .1    ' From the New Harass! ladies had gathered toj;eth<T, called a    never thought it    was h tea party ; I was politely ¡ntrodpced    arm    before.^ to all in the room. After being seated a short time, I was not a little snr-    Ilcceipt ofa Ladii prised to see so many fine locking Let yoyr ear riogc btf girls, the picture of he^th, all appa- circiecfby the pej^s rcntly troubled w'ith the Rickets. I the diamonds ol yoi must confess my feelings were cxci-ted to pity, whilst meditating on the luisiortune of human life ; the young lady which appeared to have the Rickets much the worst, suddenly fainted and was insensible of any thing; girdle be Simplicity, some cried throw water in her face ; Good Humour ; let yo^g some one thing and some another, be Virtue, and yotir^¿p ivas confusion /^One lady which ap- ness ; let your shoes Iffe peared to be more sensible of the cause cured by the buckles of her fainting, drew from her bosom    —j- ^ board about half a yard in lengthy    '    Ancitnt Fd\ from three io four inches pjidc*—    There was much The lady im^>e(Uately revived on the ' argument in the board being redioved. After the blus lad, to an idler, who boa itr was over, 1 was satisfied that I cient family.«^‘SofiKieh; had formed a wrong opinion^ that they you,’ said the peasant7 were troubled with ftoardá instead1>f men say, ^ the oltflÉr the Rickets. Feafing there might be tvprse the crop.” more fainting, I cxfused myself and left them to converse upon the misfor. tupe of being under the disagreeable necessity oidratving the board    I have, during thoi: Young ladies are you so simple &    of    „,y life, be" Ignorant as to liatter yourselves that    "    1,    • *    ' r    « 5’ou can alter your frames and shapes    f^O    preicriW    f ior the better. Has not your Crba* Dots inT^rie8,^aDd h TOB formed you in bis own likeness, laft four years fallal, made you to perfection, an ornament general opinion, tba to tl'c world    are you still dis- effectual remedy afb satisfied ? Woman is the noblest 1    *    .    »,    ^ work of God. Does your vain imagi-    to any nation whisper to you, that «^you can ’ wardness. ; and mould your frames superior to inat covery which which nature has done for you Oh ]jfc of fo. V bUifth for    liAtMa    in nf whilst in the midst of gaiety    and'health    * ^ have underlakeu to accomplish a work    . of this kind. Divine Providence has Diend the use frowned upon them, and they now lié Wormwood and mouldering in the dust ; let this a applied this reniedp „    a.    .....    ........    u..    u    j    y thefe several years, fell From the Western Federalist, N Y.    in    the    laft ft ages of Feb. 28    and have    in    every    infti Born, in    the town of Manlius,    on    ¡t effectual    in    deftroyi Saturday last, a child with three heads, FIVE legs, and foue arms —    ,    ,    . r re The child was still born, and the mo-    plant    ^ is lufficieOI ther’s life is despaired of. A phy    be    steeped    in water, fiician offered 400 dollars for the child, quart applied, by turnfl acelely down the throaty irnn    vras^ simple be- makes ns immmtal, it is ihc scul and V'.i’t it    jni|jp|4;itcben ; chief prop cf empire * Tiut man care,^Júme8 7|H|^Tie,qhat who resolves to live without woman, hit yoursetfl^ainst any and that woman who resolves to live in the dark >JlÍiiídful of the without man, are cnemies to the com-ciHdioD, James strea^M out both munityin which tliey dwell, injurious arpis at full length befor^pim, but un- to themselve8£^^^|¡^ive to the luckilv, a dsor that fito^^lf open, world, apu|ts||^^HHÉ^e, rebels passed between his bar    ' lim a wo ful blow on tl ens !”muitered he,vyj «id his senses alible, 1 had a plaguy lóf)^: — —    *i_    _____ A NOTICE; mtr; re b e mity; imented lemorial, I , BEAUTY. , Socraféslcalls it shortlived tyranny : Plato, the privilege of nature ; Theo-If ;^ur phratu, a mute eloquence : Diogenes, iJround the best recommendation. Carneades, /your-a queen without soldiers; Theocritus, (assels of a serpent covered with flowers; Bion ^ef'^arb a good that does not belong to the possessor, Jbecause it is impossible to ée- give one’s self beauty or preserve it. taace. After this scientific display of quota, ' tion« all bristled with Greek names may be added the definition of a mod Jpablc ern adtbor, who calls itv a bait that ^.¿ountry as often^ehes the fisher as the fish, his an .    TRUTHi    ^ pTóugli- To say one thing and thing anolbei kid¡ the —to believe one way and pracfise another—to live in-the way we would not wish to die, and to die the way wc mtinell,^ Would not wish to live. LT. p^'rsors iiuh-btcii to \Yr cr!.; * of Wiibam Miller, luic oí (fece'^ird,Lie riq-.ji-’.“d to r....Lo immediate payiio'f:* , l:uI I’.r • Ir.ivic g claims against suisi v-tate ai.! d.>!re<í to present them legally aiiihenticated w'ithinone year iVom this date. For the cor.venicncr of the persons having cbdim.s against said estate, Capl M’-Cord will receive ih^ir accokmU — It IS expected they will state in pm*-ving their claims, that the arronnt is true, and that there was a balance of as much as is there stated. <!ue from • William Millar to them at the lime of bis death. -TIIOS. SIMPSON.) B. VAN OLEVE. V ÜRBANA-—March 28th, 18ltí.    ^ I w arning to you and profit by it ♦Commonly called a busque. iVifty    GRATITUDE. [uently - AH the"^ sentiments, which, spring ^ for    gratitude, possess a religious p. ' character; they elevate the soEtl of ttil tne him who feels them, rith the    — is BO A member of the Boston assembly, iiifert some years ago, vexed at something 4,1__4    t.!lj_____-    j    Í-    At-    I--    1    *.    • vu^ ^gl »uw    a    w c: iiv lU UitL * Iry offg,lsio a beari Tfie members ¡^}M. i^Qrmp4 fhJs Unqputh speech ■ppM    4bey    8é«i4 wPrtf ^ íher éoíprrt, that as he had fpoken in a very disrespectful roan-9* ner of the house, they Would not' pcr-ave mit him to.take his scat again, unless Sy ^asc he would unsay what he had said, áe-bfulred i^BOwledge he was sorry and ask thei/ \which    The    offender    made    his    ap‘ '• / , pearance without hesitation, and upon Isorder, entering said; ANECDOTES. At an auction in this city, a fevve* vcning» since, there were several handsoioely exttuted busts oi'eminent or celebrated men ; among others a very aciurate likeness df Louis xviii 1 • t • -    ^    !»»-    <• application fliouid peat the fame—vbicb I never fail. A CHESHIRE Fi found e bots alks of fhould ut one ^iiioder. Ihe.firil d. reve will i^ER. tav-vui    41^ V I 14 • was put up—no bidders could be found The True Amhiiion of Itm Honest but one Frenchman, who offered one    — cent! The auctioneer asked,“ What! no more “It is more than the value ofthe original,” said the French man.— I see,’ said the auctioneer, ¿he article is not adopted to market.” Aurora. ik 0 consult in the choice of my '——    venience rather than staf As a Scotchman and an Irishman my circumstances, desire,, were threshing for a Dutch farmer, but independant fortu the former observed to the latter, who enough to secure me fr was fresh from the Kossocks of Kil- and leisure enousrh Man. Were I to describe tfic Missings I desire in life, I would he jfitópy in a few hut faithful friends^t^jttight I •    _    4    1    4    *4    1-    ,    47^    .u 1    ,    .4W.    iJiukiuti    lu    iui chooie n,y ta cnt i shoal^^ther be    ¡„    dea., the Au- good sense_,than learn.D«J¿ I would grcau Stable, was lost, it. consc(|nence entering Gentlemen of this honorable houses being told that your honors are much incensed at an observation I made ; and tliat I could only attone for my fault by making concessions ; I now comply (falling on his knees) Whereas I said not one of you were fit to carry offalsto a bear; I now unsay it, and declare you are tvtry one very well qulrfied ior that olTice. I ask your pardon, and am lócry stnry for it; But, really, aiíded he, (rising and wiping the dust from his knees) I think this is as dlrly a house as ever / met with Yesterday | Feb ff,] it was deelared on the floor of the ChanihtT of Ilep resentatives—that the house wanted cleanlns:. A motion to adjourn^ for kenny,that in the course of his long an hour to spare, wonid^ residence in this country, he had re- ter, and 1 desire but fe# marked the uncommoo docility of its I would not be led away b' horses; and amomg many instances of nor perplexed with dispute tractability he had seen them actually enjoy the blessings of healt^ employed in threshing out wheat — rather be beholden for it ‘Arrah my jew’el,’cried Murphy Mac life andan easy iuin^^ Mullin, ‘I am half a dozen fyears too school of the Hippocrate ripe I ) believe that ’ The iScotdiman passions, since wc cann.„ .«till persisted that be asserted nothing devested of them, Iwoul hut truth, and Murphy as pertinacious- odious, and love only whe ly i\"taincd his unbelief, till staggered ought Tims would I pas by his compaMion’s serious and rcpea- through that portion of my _ ted asst veralions, be interrogated in a cannot last a ways, and wija rcsi tone of wonder, hand how do they hold lion wait for that wWb w$£ last tluir flails ?    "    ^ sc con- ¿f the dirty side having a smail ma |fnd for jority—Penn. Paper, uderate In the discussion of a bill, a few iusitiess days since, in the house of icpresenta-lencc, tives^of Pennsylvania, a member •^^have proposed an amendment to one of the F|Üas sections ; when another member V4ntB.^jump’d up and said,‘Mister Speaker, Iribition, 1 to that unanimously. wwrscdi ev^r. A gentleman havii'g put onl a candle by acridont one night, oidercd his Early Marricti^ Tacitus says, early marriages They Ibffully Public nature is aHHipi^place. A which reasonable credit will be given for part providtd itis secured to him with bond and approved security. For further information, enquire of the subscriber living in ('rbana, BEX.r. DOOLITTLE. April 8ib, 1S1Ü. resigna-for- JIST of LETTERS remaining in the Post Office in Urbana, Ohio" onthelstilaj- of April, 1816. which if not taken out before the SOih .lav of NJ^e, will he sept to the General Po#t OfSce as dead IcHt rs. A. James Anderson, \\Klliain Ayers. John Armstrong B. Henry Bacon. John Bayles, Tho*. Benington, Alexander Black, David Bacon. Stephen Baggs, James Bell, Stephen Buckmao, St. JLesct Beck. • C Joseph Clevenger, Conrod Oryles Abraham Cary, John Clark, Ju6e« Crutch, David, Charles or Samuel Colver, Philip Comer, James Cla-pool, Reuben Caster. Moses 3. Corwin 2, Joshua Cain, Champaign county. State-of Ohio, Urbana, , Joshua Cantral, Jane Culbertson,. Ann Cartmell, \\illian Clark, Samuel. Coston, Samuel i’arl, Jolm Clark.    A D. William Douglas, sTü^n Dunivan 2. Thomas Davis, Jámcs Dawlcs, George Dunn E. George Ealy, Isaac Evans \ Joseph Evans, William Enoch, Laac Enoch. F.^Chafles Fielder; John Firman. G. George Giubb, Jesse Guiri Nathan Gilliland. Gray Gary, 8^ uel Gh|Ver, Abijah Gandy. H Thomas Hartel, John Hustad, Thomas S Iliit, Naffian ilill. Martin Hitt, James Hunter, Joseph Hngbart" Joseph ilayniakrr, .ion-^ atiian Hunter, Geo’*gc ilut.«ell Eb-enezer Hulinson, Job IJains, Na-tliauKi I llsi •rinaton J. Coleman Jenkhis, Thomas >Tark-son, Jolin Judy, Thomas Johnston,* Doct Alexander Johufton 5, Ahra ham Jazcll, Langdcn Jacobd, Susannah Jenkins. K Simon KuitínO, Barbary Kesler Philip Kiser, Christr. Keynege2. L David f,arwe, John Law, George Longbreak 2, John R ly’mmon. ** Mv E nocb Morgan- ' ' Morcan 2, Martii^. Marnon, V/illiam M’Knir, .i. ' n Mcrrit, Thomas M Donald, Ksikcr Mouie-craft 2, George Mihict , Sarnufl M’Millin, John C Morgan, Jaincu Moody, owner of thcniiils near the inoulh of Stoncy Oicck. P. Haynes Parker, Zcchariah Putnam, PcKrl cV Bates. R. Robert Rea, Jehn Rork, Jo«epb Robinson, David Roblins:?, William Reelor, Alcxr. Ross, John Reed, John Rober's, Michael Rosr>. S Theodorick Spain, John S!avin«, Abner Snoddy, Wdliam Sharp, Job Sharp 2, Robert Stephen, Jo. seph Stewart, Joshua Sweet, Peter Spew, Jack Sally, George Swiih-cr, John Shelby, John Shryack, Enoch Sharp. T. Robert or James Turner, Samuel Tidd, Samuel Triiiit 2, William Taylor, Elias Turner, Joel Thomas 2, Jejemiah Thomas, Jeremrah H. Thómas, Lord Thomas, Will-' iarn Trobridg. V. John Vertntr, Henry Vanmeter, Sarah Valeniine. W.-Christopher Wood, David Witter, Samuel Williams, DiamornI Whitaerr, William Wood, Jaim < W esl, William Williams, Ldwaid Walts. Z Abrali JP1 Z.Tok'c: JOHN iu:\ >OLDS,r V: l'r.U4.va, AnnI LI, lolü, IProperty of the American Antiquarian Society ORIGINAL SMW^ED

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