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Southern Germany Stars And Stripes Newspaper Archives May 19 1945, Page 1

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Southern Germany Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - May 19, 1945, Altdorf, Bavaria Edition i weft May 1945 the View Soper 1amwd m the Eye poor the for of a Orfiss tit the Jap a japanese peace win a e Short of launched div dual japanese industrialists but has received a reception Tab the according to reports wide quoting j r or i if at that Busti wuss men had sent a Lii rough soviet diplomatic p the Keuter i declared that fur Ohio willing to enter negotiations cessation of the possibly i overthrow of the japanese Militarist government the bid it Felt Short Rotthe stipulated unconditional f the Keuter correspondent said 1 associated press said it in Washington Siat japanese in countries fishing for signs of peace Short unconditional thus to official peace by san offers free elections Reuter report from Ift Raadsen said it was Vijh fort Japan would be filing to her but to n trader it a Imperial Conr it said to have of leered reversal of japanese including elections for democratic Henri Petain underwent another lengthy questioning yesterday in trustee plan san May trusteeship question today to Ahtl geared to be the last major Bud but dont Toncho Stii my tells of Chesty Fra Oleia past his Post amp tip fraternization whenever she sees this Franlel shades a Der taps it lib Fly in swept peril Paris before Pierre of the of the headache to be overcome in Mittie before a Complete group of approved amendments is presented in open sessions of the world Security Harold of the american was reported to be almost ready to turn Over to other members of the big China and working draft on trus Stassens trusteeship seeks to incorporate All the of the big five will not apply to territories belonging to members of the United Stassens plan has the following major Points general policy statement that trustee Powers shall aim at self government for their dependent territories in forms appropriate to the varying circumstances in each in the plan will alter the rights of Peoples of any state now right of petition for any Peoples is there shall be authorization for periodic visits to any trusteeship territory which nigh Fobe created i agreement with administering sea traffic along coasts of Europe Fien though the War is Occean if Ravel near Europe is Likely to remain risky for a the Continental Waters Are strewn with and Nob oct knows where Arci it will take an estimated year and a half to Clear the Ceab captured germ in Nayal officers Are being quizzed As to the Loca Tion of but there to a wide Gap Between the number of mines Laid by the enemy to Stop invasion and the number which have been swept up or marines gain in Naha i in Hiiri fortress mar 18 Okinawa slowly sloping into its last phase today with the one ise battling to broaden its and three divisions steadily closing in on the for Laress of Shuri from three now 48 Days the Okinawa Battle awl w Pacific Daiss toughest b29s blasted Jap Oil depot for w serious acts which Hiie Farmer Premier he doubts about Why he sum Power affy for the Petain replied he would Liseidi ways himself in relations letter and the aged he Nappy of either of them on treason charges a government presenting particular territory for trusteeship would also present its As to what part of shall be a strategic various governments interested in any territory would have to in Advance it should come under trusteeship and under whose next authorities of rules out again May Jans historic old Fenwick Island ugh House threw its warning beam 15 Miles out to sea for the first time the Atlantic coast was out after Pearl Job the North sea and the English Channel is expected t be As great As that in the where mine sweeping has been going on for 18 months and still is not German colleges closed for year May German universities and secondary schools will remain closed at least year As the Progress of Dena Ify ing the German youth is being map hid it was reported unofficially the general plan said to be to get the younger children Back to school Many kindergartens Alre Sidy have been but May 18 largest Oil storage area and one of her biggest refineries were put out of operation together with two important military refuelling in the 400superfort attack of May Aerial reconnaissance photos have the targets in the first full scale assault on the japanese Oil Industry were the take Oil on the Western Shore of this Inland sea Fae Tok Yaina naval fuel Al Yards and synthetic fuel fac or Southeast and the Oshima Faval Oil storage on an Island near the Shimono Seki in the attack pm Only 15 percent of the total target area escaped at Only of 65 storage remain nazi pcs moved from luxury hotel by a correspondent with the 7tli May ninety one German officers of Field marshal Albert von Kessel rings have been moved from their former Headquarters in Berchtesgaden into Sec palatial hotel to a girls school two Miles the move was effected by 7th army it was because of and there still is no evidence Gesting Anjer collapse in the Sprira defense being put up Fey mated the of the original Garrison Force of or More in its costly fight for the sixth Marine penetrated to the heart of Naha across a Mafi Bridgehead Over the Asato leathernecks said the City As deserted As far As they but Toush fighting was petted from japanese believed hiding in ruins farther yanks closing Lucca trap May 18 were closing today on sizable Jap anese garrisons of Luizza Mindanao in the in Central the enemy Force yet in archipelago was hemmed by 43rd chief water in the Central sector of the Stoit the made war4 a sett Realto them a St table Jap Yawaka Lhasa other sixth donating their Asa auit with of the first Marine straight ened out a Sharp enemy salient iwo the North 4 sixth captured sugar Yards North of Tak Motoji while the its cleared by Dave ii to town of some Jet tvs Allied military government Educa Garding treatment Tion officials Are moving cautiously in the Long Terni problem of re the Naza philosophy from the minds of older i undue Kwh in new Charles now in will tour thereto soon As a civilian in connection wit the development and production of air plane engines and for Tim army and the the United aircraft announced the prisoners Plaia new quarters contrast sharply with the former in which they they Are now four Camp and there is atty doubt about Iii he no Exchange of Between German and Allied so cordial to an official Pran pm on military it Curtesy few every must it when in room arid Jenna no must do the in same room with Allied German i troops must to attention when an Allied is ate for to Salute German German Nafei tonal at be Cour alls Between germ aids and Are no or private display of nazi As Fet Goebbels oian ged theater Are Toscanini played by Howard Byrne May Salzburger world famous Home of the annual Salz Burg has weathered the holocaust which brazed Many other european but musical pilgrims for whom Salzburg was a Mecca before when Toscanini conducted Vienna philharmonic there and Max made drama history with productions of Faust arid would scar cely recognize not approve floor of the one Stih find Baron Heinrich who has directed Salzburg fes to a double tiered to the officers Dre still allowed to carry Side though some of when leaving the have been disarmed unwittingly of administer so their the prisoners retain 40 26 Ori de rues Anil 13 j doughs of the 101st airborne who guard the germans Are required to to attention when troops Trie officers Shuris Northern capture the Southern Only will Zatiris Campaign Ains Elds on Japan Tawas Best lies about one mile troit Threal already a Awer Tram Are Yonnaa Truman to Looth chm May 18 ans f president Truman will Appeal Yais since before a joint session of Congress who Pseftis like a monday the100th con denies he Ever and Gres Sinai medal of Honor i no rivals since Foochs grip May 1ft chinese oops which Ente Reet East coast port of Soochow Friday have Cuseo throw out by the cites reinforced Jap Garrison and on outside the new spearheaded the chinese shattered the Jap on Haa been in1 action january it sail the last seven yes trs have been a great Strain the nazis v t t because was useful to he Toscanini a name is Python reaches into his desk Drijver and takes out a program of Saltsburg festivals for on which tit r and the last year of great remodelled in a style which is Mode nand in a Sonau apartment on the top an the recipient of the 100th medal will be infantry Man Jaki of a platoon Leader in the 18th beat if the first first the War department recently announced that he was being returns to the to receive the for in action Zey and All other medal Nien Miry be discharged their sixth dim fought i 00 m of the longest in the Southwest Tler the sixth consecutive Days item 32 tanks
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