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Southern Germany Stars And Stripes Newspaper Archives Jan 5 1946, Page 1

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Southern Germany Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - January 5, 1946, Altdorf, Bavaria Year ago today in on the germans in by armoured Southern of Many Gnu Mieia of a fixed the weather Germany maximum temperature fair to maximum temperature hot Tref 4 pfennig penalty for nazi officers i 4 str Iltong a body blow Deid Nimi in wipe out the prussian Rrell Lary the today Iler handed As infer of the Waco be High command Igma aeral staff on the ground were just As bad As Adolf Hitler and the nazi tote Broad denunciation by used Asido the suggestion that the Genii were merely is Kliers and left almost no loophole Tor any escape in the event of the conviction of the entire militaristic a Ham Al the attack on the generals came the face of caution reportedly by the British and some Amer ican army a mass of documents Moisi them aimed at convicting genes their own Telford Laid before the International Mali tary tribunal proof that ranking German generals and admirals thinking of War even before of firs Assumption of the generals climbed on the Nitzi no doubt hoping later to take Over control taste the were taken for a a member of the staff in London Dur pit asserted that there was rjo1 abroad of evidence to show substantial number of generis Laifed sympathy with fit Lerus 6p Taylor said Iso ranking coif Waanders at various during tie War held key posts and of Wlhelm Karl Doenitz and Erich Raeder tight lipped in the a Turk As the colonel denounced then in the Nurnberg jail adjoining ills courthouse were dozens of inducing Werner von Wither von Franz half Johannes Gerd von Gerhard Milch and Albert be called if 4 Truman declared last night that has been distressingly slow on his legislative program and that 1946 is our year of in a nationwide broadcast to the Amer ican the president listed measures which he has recommended1 and on a Man Congress has delayed we Are Well along the Road to our he but at every turn we run the risk of coming under a Bamer which can Stop he said Many obstacles had been thrown in the Way of efforts to Avert the dangers of inflation and and first among these he listed labor management he reviewed Steps the government has taken to end Klaibor troubles and stressed his recommendation to Congress for legislation to authorise a fac finding commission to investigate labor disputes while strikes Are barred for 30 he said he had hoped Congress would either follow his recommendations or propose a solution of its he it had done Early in his speech the president first i can say with emphasis that the legislative Branch of our government has done its full share toward carrying out its responsibilities in foreign after congratulating Congress for these accomplishments Truman when we turn to Domestic problems we recovery do not find a similar record of achieve ment and Progress in he reiterated is stand that fac finding boards should be Able to look at the books of companies involved it where necessary fac finding legislation is up to con the president and every Day that production is delayed and civilian goods kept from the markets by strikes or lockouts injures the recon version Truman also stressed the import Ance of keeping prices on an even and declared that pressure groups both in and out of Congress were working for the removal of Price controls to let Rise without 11 transports return in single Day new 4 British liner Queen bearing veterans of the renowned 82nd airborne arrived yesterday at the head of a spectacular Parade of troop ships bringing Home the greatest number of servicemen on any Day since Vij the Queen Mary was the flagship of 11 transports carrying a total of the number 6f servicemen was exceeded Only july 20 when set foot on their native soil the Queen Mary was met by new Yorks mayor William and James com Mander of the mayor standing Bare headed in thet freezing told the troops Over a Loudspeaker new York is just waiting to tear you apart despite the size of the 82nd con which will Parade up fifth Avenue Only 700 to 800 were members of the original the remainder were officer conference slated for Paris probably will be ithe scene of peace conference officially ending hostilities in in a note made Public today the French a announced the big three had asked that France be the seat of the Europe peace Crof Terence and recommended that the meeting be held in Paris before May Accord hinted tic in i re mry trial j demanded for Libuono Necuis covered 7p murder of Allied court told by Allan Dreyfuss staff writer Amer storms rip ships in Atlantic Sain and British officers murdered j jv0fte in serious danger fat Naa concentration Camps Vise reported to the International red in both the Atlantic and were having difficulties in heavy seas but Aid had Nia Ched All that had sent out Dis stress signals and none was in ssi rious the Liberty ship John with 570 troops was being towed to the azores after losing her 4 formed diplomatic sources said to Day the great Russia and Canada had agreed upon a plan for controlling atomic and that the proposal would be submitted Sci the London general As Sembly of the United nations or these sources reported the plan called for a commission Uno to eliminate atomic Energy As a weapon of to the decision taken at the big three secretaries conference in to see that Basic scientific knowledge necessary for the by de a Rosenthal staff writer prosecution demanded today that Richard former 10th reinforce Talent depot Provost be tried for perjury in order to prevent sinister or ulterior purpose from influencing the testimony of Nesses appearing at the Lichfield general court charging that Lofa one deliberately falsified his capt 3carl assistant asked the court to have Lof Auono arrested and Tike further action to impress upon future witnesses the necessity of telling the Carroll said Raj party whose mime has appeared in court testimony Wai attempting to influence the testimony of witnesses because of the fear tha a it eviction of the sol Judi on May result in the prosecution of this person court requests Tihe court requested the prosecution to draw up and submit specifications of perjury according to the police seize Munich Black Market banker by Richard Martin staff writer Israel believed to be the of the extensive Munich Black Market was arrested today by German Frank Security officer of the Munich military from Mauds police confiscated pounds tilted military diamonds at and a Diamond brooch Worth Smith said operated As of Money for the Black Mariset in which was described ass the Center of illegal transactions for All of the Smith was converted into precious metals and jewels obtained from civilians needing arrest of Black Market operators the Munich area lira the last 10 Days i totalled but Mandeli was the first of the leaders of the ring to Smith on instructions from Feimst As having been killed by Allied or while trying to 15us was the testimony Given to 1sie International military tribunal today by Youthful looking Walter a former chief of Security police and the Schel during a another Uberty ship Jonn Limberg and former is guard Alois assisting the troops on the strike ship will Heel Negel implicated Kaiten Bruner in crimes against though suffering from a cranial still had not a recovered sufficiently to be in the red Cross query about the w missing officers came through the Hazi foreign office in the form of can tinted on Page s transferred to the Carrier enter which will pick up re veterans aboard the Athos the which was severely 33r article of the court peaceful use of atomic Energy was Jenci aired it would consider the shared among the cooperating and if they were sub would recommend that charges be Carroll said there was sufficient evidence to show a great possibility that something is taking place in connection with the witnesses to that some action be Lobuono repeated a Desicre potion of meetings with James former Lich Neld according to the made various threats which were prompted by lob cmos testimony in the current emphasizing belief that All the facts concerning mistreatment of prisoners at Lichfield had not yet carnal i believe there has More than of they predicted a Resolution cover ing the plan would be submitted by the British government today for inclusion on the Agenda of the which opens next thurs today was the last Day on which resolutions myth be sub Back Britain for Cut in Austria forces 4 and France have responded favourably to the British suggestion that Allied garrisons in Austria be reduced to relieve the country hard pressed diplomatic quarters revealed government has not trapped appraisers Mandet wag trapped at a Diamond appraisers shop by two German policemen who bad been installed in the establishment As clerks after a tip from am informant identified Mandel As Thi rings it was m Smith to have All diamonds offered him for Purchase appraised by Munich Diamond merchants before concluding the mandels was said to have Beien 10 to is per cent of the Purchase while the Market is operating extensively in it has been and transactions Are not conducted As openly As was Case a few months he yet nude known its views on the i Sethan passengers in the British Mads four weeks ships i a girder or manslaughter in regard to these a Surprise witness was called to continued on Page 25 killed As troops Szof fire of mexican eally go brides need Only prove marriage to get on boat by Norman Jacoby staff writer brides Amer ican soldiers no longer need visas to enter the the american embassy Here announced wives of american servicemen and i fair children will be permitted to up the thus red delay and Exah that Witt be required will be sufficient proof to convince Immi Gration officials in new York on Antral that they Are servicemen Robert american can Rinsei in explained that sufficient or coif probably would consist of a Maiti age proof of the his bands american birth certificate or an affidavit from husbands and a copy o the husbands honorable Dis Chairge or a letter from his com Noah Ding officer stating that the Hui Cand is still in the the Case of be avast Are considered american Dpi they should be registered with the nearest Amer ican officials will Issue a report of which will be Amille entry children adopted by will required to the Assai no preference quota immigration visas Lor admission to the in was Eji planned the announcement was made As the result of a Bill signed by pres ident Truman on greatly simplifying requirements for admission Abr dependents of the time required to obtain permits from the Bureau of immigration in Philadelphia was two to three Taylor and then consulate offices in Europe issued the which Cost As processing and shipment details still urrere being worked out with the army and the War shipping Taylor said actual dates of sodling and other details could not be announced at this a so Stenski of was announced in the first 400 brides to from London will be wives of soldiers a the Hospital in the the next group will be those whose husbands Havo been returned to the states and have seen the third hat will face made up of those whose Hus bands still Are in the but who Are now in the tins last a priority will go to brides whose husbands Are still in the 4 Twenty five persons were dead and 33 were today after troops fired on a crowd of thousands during a political demonstration in Leon last today troops patrolled the Center of the All business houses soldiers said the crowd attacked White civilians said fired rifles Tandi machine guns with out British army private hanged As italian spy 4 a Theodore William British Anny service corps pirate who was convicted of becoming a italian spy after his capture Al was hanged today at London Bora son of a Swiss formerly a member the butt Isle Union

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