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Southern Germany Stars And Stripes Newspaper Archives Apr 5 1945, Page 2

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Southern Germany Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - April 5, 1945, Altdorf, Bavaria The stars an0 stripes in Germany five been in Ger wondering Bow gook to to the Bon Frater Tobt Afoa to 1 would the score is about what might have been which h to most is playing the game As general Ike has i think that it should be made Clear that firmest not mean sullen it is i to be impersonal and polite at the i have seen soldiers going into German establishments either general requisitioning purposes or to obtain information and Bellow at German civilians in a manner that distinguished them from the nazis Only in the language they Sofaer to aft ton in tals regard has been a Soldier Witt a scout it to Tea a of mire make All kinds of demands which the German cannot gratify immediately because be Haimut in is defense of even if you i make treat Chear because anytime anyone protests Aga lost occasional i inso Lence lie is accused of defending or appeasing the my Point is Jat what we want if we explain carefully end Cit us be polite even to if a intends to sabotage misinform uis in any do it whether we Abonit at 5iim or not the plight of Germany today proves theat fear is net an especially efficient we forget that the time no matter How Long the when we will have to recognize the Allthee a helluva lot of germans in fee and Hiat live up same world it is no less isolationist a practise to set off a group of people to Fife to bet off oneself from the make Germany pay hard for the misery it has brought on Hie but lets be smarter than the Ger i in for from la View of the that a 18year old sniper took a pot shot at me at Ascham How about remin filing everyone that the War int Over even when he German army is Carl Brest monuments to Hitler instead tsp German destroys by the nazis with help of Allied air and artillery might let m leave the rubble As hmm meats to Hitler end Paul Waiknis Geh Maky forces Wafier the and la tort 805 Eliut 4sad of crts port an editorial gute with the publication of this free newspaper a prop is knocked out from under the civilization Adolf Hitler promised would last a thousand years had the German people been told the National socialism would have died within a for Hitler ism and Tutti dont oae would have had to truth went for a but in the Eadle the stars and an draws its news from Many some Are Are much is written by its own Loyal to the tradition of a free much comes from the rank a Defue in mail the Soldier Speaks his mind with the gusto of free that How Ike Eisenhower wants his the stars and stripes be based on the belief that soldiers old enough to fight the War Are old enough to face the is smiling to inlay to draw their own freely that in the end Caa recounted on to be at times the news May seem at times Jef times but the end product is an informed and an informed people Doest Goose step to m dictators truth has kept America Freedom has made America Strong Strong in the ways of and when Strong in 1 of perhaps this free newspaper of a Freedom Loving army we to Long with our bombs and make an Ina pressm on hearts and Hie germans have what it takes to win Back their Good Good Good and a heritage of Good printing that goes Back to All they need is the perhaps some Day the will make them a review with the rapid Advance of the third and seventh armies into the she Stais and stripes and others concerned with distributing the paper found them selves unable to keep Pace with Forward units establishment of this the first to published inside Germany greatly widens the stars and stripes distribution the following review of news recent Days is intended to fill in the gaps for troops who May not have received the paper in this on Western front far overshadowing All world news was the Battle for where the sweep of it George Pat tons Ifcic Delarmy to within 150 Miles of Berlin highlighted offensives by eight Allied armies along a fluid front extending in the North beyond the hitch Frontier and in the South into lie German province of As Ord army fighting men Pun Ched Towart Berun in the area West of Birthplace of the pre Hitler German these developments made headlines the world War Here and of Home fatten pushed seven armoured fingers the in cards of one was Only 25 Miles Weimar itself j another was four Miles Southwest of Muhl the Day of Kasse was Point patterns troops vere reported last bight 145 Miles French troops East of the Rhine entered capital of the new 15th has been thrown into the line As part of Omar Bradley 12th army its operational area was not Armor of Courtney Hodges first army and others of it William Simpsons ninth army forged a ring of steel around Germany great Ruhr Industrial area by linking up at 20 Miles Southwest out the unction deprived the Reich of its last major Industrial along with Arf estimated ten nazi divisions within the at latest reports american troops were Tigh swing the ring around the vast Ger Man Arsenal area after repulsing one it was officially announced last Narhi that Between pm Nasi he forged with the defends of tree Ruby have been caught a this first and Folh army since the map was the first army sent act armoured solemn North through to Paderborn while the ninth drove East from Ita Rhine Bridgehead North of the Street nazi attempt to break a Security veil which had Mas ked movements of Field marshal Bernard Montgomery 21st army group was partly drawn aside to disclose that tanks of the British second army were less than 150 Miles form Schleswig Holstein South of Denmark As they drove a wedge 100 Miles or More Northeast of the Rhine Between nazi held Holland and the British Armor astride the dutch German Frontier were driving toward the Guider Zee and northeastward to Ward Hamburg and the Rich Dairy lands of the Canadian first army swung into plunging North from Nijm Egen 25 Miles in two Days in a drive into the in its Early the Canadian push reached the Wenthe canal Between Sutphen and in in an area from which nazi troops must Retreat if they Are to escape entrapment by the the French first army has for ced a crossing of the Rhine Between Mannheim and Karlsruhe to join massive Allied forces pursuing Dis integrating Western front units of the wehrmacht deep into general Eisenhower called on All wehrmacht formations which have lost Contact or have ceased to receive orders from the higher com Mand to surrender in order to avoid further unnecessary bloodshed sacrifice of human on the Eastern front while red army forces massed on the Oder front East of Berlin for a smash toward the nazi Capi soviet Power made itself Felt both in the North and the the third ukrainian army Cap tured the austrian Industrial City of 25 Miles South of and to Ger Man reports sent Forward elements within ii Miles of thirty Miles East of troops of the second ukrainian army fighting in at the other end of the 750mile Long Eastern the soviets liquidated the stubbornly held Koenigsberg pocket in Prus a communique from marshal Stalin said that the third White russian army had taken Berg and that the germans Mel lost killed and More than prisoners Between and March important Baltic port and naval has been captured and mopping up was in Progress in War in the striking within 325 Miles of the japanese Homeland in the largest amphibious operation of the Paci fic americans of the new tenth army invaded Ryukyu islands saturday with massive Nava land Aerial the Landing was made on Okinawa Island with comparative ease after a terrific naval bombardment had breached the seawall and opened the beaches to troops and Armor Jot the 24th army corps and the Marine third amphibious which to Gether of ofom the tenth at least a do in towns fell to the americans As they advanced swiftly Inland to seize two air Fields in the Early by Admiral Airaite was Able to announce that the tenth had Cut Okinawa in half Fay reaching the East coast i a rapid drive against scattered japanese Resis Nimitz also reported that the americans had made advances averaging several thousand Yards All along the american Carrier warships and Field artillery were giving dose support the nil Tat six divisions carried out the Marianas bar sex super bombers of the bet command attacked military tar gets la Tokyo no our la press inf velt accepted toe resignation Wasnea Man director of office of War mobilization act reconversion and named Fred Van san to succeed was to its mob i his desk until Vinsons confirmed by the Vinsons change in jobs was his second in less than m tits was Nab mid loan administrator and before that time was director a Mic fitted his resignation Asa while preparing a report to Coa Gresa on plans for record after Gerta Anys the report was issued and Byrnes had hoped to leave office immediately former St Presne court plans to to private the Brownout and the racing ban a Wol end As soon As Ger Many is this was word from Byrnes at he to step out off Hist Byrlea said referred to the Day we Are add sed by general Eisenhower that organised resistance c the stand army has Byrnes held out Little Hope Tot More food for the Home Germany but indie awed that be Day would Rae Sui soon automobiles and la a vucans and perhaps a Small in crease in hit Basic gasoline 3 he said that the wage an manpower controls must not Only until Japan until a Economy is reconverted to a peace me congressional demands that inept out of arose As Chapman rever Coati v tallied bipartisan Senate around an Amend Wysnt draft act which would under out of coca Bat Mettry affaires committee rejected the but said he would of Ter when the Senate takes the House approved measure of the draft to Avert a shutdown of soft Coal Tchira to continue anal under their tract with the med mines Winge raises granted a the alien the contract Lound acceptance by
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