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Southern Californian And Kern Weekly Courier Newspaper Archives Sep 20 1877, Page 1

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Southern Californian And Kern County Weekly Courier (Newspaper) - September 20, 1877, Bakersfield, California Kern a my 0 Pool of Voliton to Kern Valley the of Biu Rafiu mid Vic Lnita Bank Corner chm or Avonne and m it Jib of w Ira to her at or will receive inv nip Aid Lefors to ii february attorney Mill Counselor it Khun Offlie in hip rent of Ike Kirn Valley is Ioco Mohamed 21 d i u k 0 t o 11 s Neil Counselor it into in til Ali Uniti of the May if77 John andeu30n oeorg3 attorney him coition blur it Keus lit i Tor doing All it lace unit Iii let Ilir Euit us drag Muy 1877 Rev nil Hun franc co Anil the pain Rupil cities of the Pacific Derubis Ami interest Elln Venilal the Rulu of u per deut Pur if Tift Kastern exc Tasoe and Ligal nought am Diaw Ilinca on All the principal Furcini Olmari ions made state and county and warrants and every kind of legit mate banking in since Altril s Atto incy couiimlo1 no Kevin Oslo Len Siuw t histor a Lily Alvin Kevin Iligir or ten olympic Leluti t 7 l St it e mks no mid Coil it u Al null Cut Selor ill Bakersfield and i i t Linov Lenl Neil in h i i Ali Lull lu3s Iliad Mitcel m nil to in Ini to us kith y i new goods Keal estate recently 4 i i Neil mining nine 11 for tracts of 40 f i v k m i is John cheap Cash store South of for a Patent to the Quartz millinery Ami Packard of is Terni 1 Ilknur 8nlth or Lite Tern Valley to the Ninner in n of u Luh Iii a Iii of Cic twin f am i s i he i urn urn invited to Siml in t v n f Sui i a Ami i o Keus i lie Iii f Wun on him us 1 1 Stum on k Ilni v ir77 Kevin Omot uru i Kelli Cuco it ii Kehn in Dill for Tulc Torii cd Liulin in nil 1 1 in Axi Pei Uty Man dual Kevin i la or or of Otio j ii a k e ii s f 1 e d win or Ever brought to this groceries and dry ladies and gentlemen and childrens i ats and in toys and tobacco and Wall i my of the Kern Island it n Tiik i a nov Niue turn in i mul up viral Noil Luann m ii hunliml4 Twentyfive dollars per t e m s on third Cash on third in me matchmaker and in a Poitr Kurtli Tuil of Truro Niti Runth so Root nn1 clip nor a for f i i Oitim re fully licit of it ii of Tuu n nil Ayli will runt t will King pinup All urk Tut to give i Lattif Iii lf7 the Trade it with i of of nil ii o u s 10 Ono and on third in two water upon alternate for Gate i us or or f r m r locution United states land i july notice in Bibl Leidy Tafat Nril Iro Piv flip fit of Mno Minoru Winnin nuking Icv Micir Rai 8m ire new us Iii i Iovu Fuy Ille Uinn our it fur of or vein Bur Lara Golly with Mir Luctta Kroc ibid i00 in m Rico Vitril Anil at real nil i by Iii in Clear Creek Mutt Oft do i Kern and a Tolu of calf Brulli und Klinn nine d Rikh nth by Tiu Itom wow ulily Lull ill pint nil Atli ill office m lot in us Rongu set of my wine und no id it n i it Bali d from which 4 Tiei in i Rock n Enil inn of Stock pumps of kinds Manu main my nmn of and running thence 1 1aci to 17 in in Ilene no find tin Nee n 20 Elm in Ilir iwo 73 Lar in nil Brunt in inn Nelly Ibet irn 17 1 r to in Unnic Milf Tel to Hent is e Elm i ii Roundt 1 120 in in Windmill for Kiln Thuu Meub 101 i of ii ii id i ill Kimit m in err ill i Lluli Neil i in i by e Noiin i Inion Niiori Linin this All Ali inn mini n duly in if 1 mind for tin of mildly of Ai y nil Ruih Alvr wily Mitre of or null or in i id in n due nil in in in in Ulvi Ihu Conlin Witliff unwind is i in office i be Henle if in ring Hixt nun Pelide i of or h y Luikmil by a Runof he Imit i in paper nil Kindi of in Survey Iii and pumps vol kind of Fol my to Polit la Reinli n Rou All to Neil no n aun Lii May 10 Cusik Tully in band tin Nikko slim it of banned and fresh Al Only 50 to ext a Faient Yon Bishops celebrated cough and lung in All its Voik ii in i Iii Iii Mil with Liv John i Iii i Stan Iliili i fill Are in a condition for immediate i or in 11 n1 in u x d e 1st a k e d in Hinsl n a Tel in Clcil of Ami a i a f 1 j i k i n i j san 1ictiiik k i am f lit Iii in u Atli Jill Ort am of every la Fini in application for a Patent to the Stacha Quartz United Stateh land i f is Moores i tins k a k k 1 s i k and n Lihi n a i in i toil ii i no n Ilioiu u i pm h r ii in h u Liaf in i Phil in Nii or i ii Mil in Hin i i i i Lila i n Lisi is hot Cohill uti no Ilith Hull is kept in in Turku la Tiu Nur of Hie Kuril May f77 u j n n a in Liny Pioneer drug nineteenth Olio site tub Iio Tki f is i i and f mint of tin in Purl us a Ohki Ujj j no Illuk to Mil ii of tur every Kunn thu flirt Ninni Aiila us Auu uni it w 41lertiii Chi coir at a i i oui Oor hat Uii 4 for from Trio Countis Gnu Juilly at lie Luecht a Bluet Tito Public Ore invited to cull nil inn Iii Iii Touk Bufi Iru 11 Juii Nury Vagon making and i it h i ill r i n i in Liviu i n Viii 1 Impi in i i nil i f tin our 4 i Lleni l 1 i cull agents new Branch lumber i Jit i nil tin m july no t 1 j e is that d Piid udi Rufh Iii Hull fran Iovu Lilii Ilia i Luil Buir or Luet u in i n q or Vii insuring i n f 11 in 111 in or Civili mining Din of Kiin Mill of him ill in i u Lului held Ilii tul nil i i Iii on ill Olluis lot i j1 ruugu32 of Din Liln Limu nil Kali Lului Loii Mainii Riol hot 88 Vil Fillson ii i lining us u Init Anarkul in from a Liili a n i i in i Kruni Iii Ruck in mint him of it Ilii Villi bunk 03 47 ill und running Iii lire it 10 in inn ii noun and i Licius in in Lonu Nisi wiil la Ichiuo 04 83 first grand w la no Lii jul on hut Soulli o Sun or i Ortli if los an Fin Oluic Siml Tiu Saloon to Len hotel will always Tiu with the Puliti nil Stiim Iliin july i ihi7 no cry Kiil of Llic kit in us Livirt will to Inailau to j j terms always 1 John sir Rotor i Mila third if Job printing x Cut id Loo Ana us most r u Tuo turn Nan nil 1 Muriline uncool for Tafulu i Lyrl or will ii i to lion big Knave Morgan 4 i us that us hike u Neil i Lin nil alien in e in mrily i u by Taiichi us Hallil Liiri Ilmet Iovu u Iii Nimitr Vyrl in a firm Nulli i tin cd in ui1 ii Ivy 1 ill Rill i Turk if Rivir in Lull us nth no nil Tali in i in my u null 1x1 Oregon nor leu fur a Lippi Blacksmith Wagonmaker nil Orrin ii non position of Southern California Boeti cultural society am till Southern District agricultural society to us in los Ocoler 1877 a Iai Tieh Lehi Lilno to excl Bison me hed in Tinl re la i lie in l to in in mid ibo Eili d in h in it Iii i nil i in ill i Alifi or Anim Hill be r in Gnu in ii i in Tunu noun and tin Nuu Elm to in Iii Liisu 01 lit to in Hoiu Mui ind Tell Oliou m7 id la in Inonu Niu und Lic Nuu 2 i i Inu mils Iliin in Tiu of Atli Jbf the uni uru Tiu Loi Iliin no main Iii duly recorded in i inn Lui of Tiu cumin in Clernt and co Flolo clerk of Tiu to aunty Cunt la and for the of any unil nil Culi Nizik and vorholy my pin lion of mud Elk Tiuliu mine or Nii Liik i mind in lir i inc lilo i in Lulu Tell Lar cell Lilly will till Jet Iii r uni jul Ktut ii Lunil onion in do Lulu no Dir Ollk Ilio of publication lie or tin y will lie barred by Virtu us ibo inn july application a Pato to the Charles un1tki that kit Iasi i Jill i no t i u k m that mul Iblis Nikii i Bull frail Lilit d to Nair in n Ini Lini fio of h or Vin i irinus k i i n j inn in i u in 01 Ali i us no nil l in nil i 1 in i 10 us Lii i in in Alibi Allim Ede Iii i i 1 10 in v in 10 Iii n ii Iouine u l 01 0 inn Gnu Len 11 i 11 m i Dili in put ill h in Ilij ill Al us nun ii 7 i in tin in n ii i in w u of Ilia him to new Erml i nil in i it ild Vonil i Itei Lionnil i in Hue Hiripi Ulm in u Ohhi Mil nil at n great reduction in making material furnished at easy carloads from greatly will in pull Hii oking e will in twin Lii Mif unit it tar of l will if i by it i Jimlo or mi1 Otril l in n ii i in it in to uni i r up n 01 fret in Mil ill Lull it to uni full i Niki Madic ail of and in Hardwood Lui Najr for Allt Lidid m n Atou Ullin in i Urt w inn i t 67 to ii n Ini in in Ilie n nil 1 i Ila Lilly inti Duit o Mph 11 a k e 11 h i i e u o Itu Wiur tho coolest to treat in to town of the Lornt it Linari mid t in lit file icel lit n and wll1 lir Iii Etcil to let Bolil pc Ltd ill in Clivi Iii t Liliu Tuuu u Iju Luo o Kirin Trio idiot of 1 notice which us i7 l Uliuli Frnia int 11 i i1u k in inn in Annilo Rook nil Cunt Lillo of town of r 5 t i of Tui ii mini in r corded i Ilie i Illius Ilir Iii Init Olcik Mill i no the Toniny Cubit fur the cuu Utor of any unil nil claiming in mini of him cd Nusim Intel or old in re non Lrtil in Lulu to bit Hil Vune of lilt r Ihn land a Lulu Luln of Ltd a Lxi i Liiva Rind of i inv will Inbi rred by v it f july Brick yae1 b Allou Willenhag b1uckmabon8 andjla8 How in Jinn to Coli Tibet for tin of Boino Ilio in Trio july

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