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Southern Californian And Kern Weekly Courier Newspaper Archives Sep 13 1877, Page 1

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Southern Californian And Kern County Weekly Courier (Newspaper) - September 13, 1877, Bakersfield, California Southern californian Kern county weekly Kern september professional and business Pool staff us her services to tho ladles of Buk Rafield and Vicinity m it nurse of word to Lior it Stocklos Grill receive prompt to it february Kern Valley 3ank Comer Chester Avet Iuo ind eighteenth incorporated february directors attorney rim Louii Arlor it Kern in rear of the Korn Valley John attorney Cuil Counselor it Inyo practices in All tha court of the May 1877 George attorney Itil it Keun having Liu Ilromi it i Hare Peculiar Ndreu Nunges for Dulsig till Laud of Loco door of Dili imps my 1877 exc Iange on san Franciaco and tho principal elites of Tia 1aciqc deposits and interest allowed at rate of 9 per cent Par if left Aix Kast Kra exc Bank and Legal tenders Aud draw direct on All the principal foreign collections made state and county Bonds my warrants and every kind of legit mate banking business april attorney nil comi Clor it Kern Coli in not Lictor May Alvin attorney it it to lure Kjilen door Louth of tint olympic Mav l y Al ue8no will practice in tho courts of Horn May Samuel attorney mid Counselor it Bak Elsfield and office an con Lar and in the will in of inn it hum Marong and i articular us Lenton paid null Miry Charles in Counselor ill Merced m will Pru Allce in tho Courti of Kern county january v u i o x Keun Jiulio to i seizes of Somoa Noil cell Drin and off off in Hurit Hiitt link unlit too North of k january 4 1677 Keun Vaiee at or nays Dur hrs Ednice at Ihu Arl Loylon ke11n of Floe in Lluri Pii cult utter decl kill Kauri of i Lio Wilny and Mij Way Nulik Viboit ago of Ilvy Keun in Uio cur of the Ceru fully jul Nuiry of Flea a Ltd in the car of be Kern tally Uay Bray by o o l a it a i co ill in inn i on ban May Job printing Ati Peterj a Rieter of Job printing executed it abort notice Mil on the Moit Reno table tue Lamax 13 Best of l general merchandise Ever brought to this millinery Packard now in second door Louth of the Kern Valley to tha of sunnier nil n of millinery Puiul fancy Conil Nusug of the a tent Anil Slot Petrisa inn Driebe Wakiko Milo a thu Liddiea Are Idt Pleil in Call and my Otto a Bakers All Hinds of sewing Ilal Nancei or Surrey Long Ulm pump All of Bilge too ii nil tempered von All work Dune Anil at May Sample t nit Cizik Nekr a Akkus the coolest Retreat in the town of the Belt and 1lgitri in tin at thai and will lie i Lead to Bis Aid Jane Josim Stanley importers a wholesale do aleut in wines and 110 front sax Francisco May new goods recently cheap Cash store real estate tin sorts wore China 2822 Kail and Ami fives tip Stiim to nil ten pertaining null i Mimir nil mining unit Suh lairs nmn Ity Iliili nil Rudakos of knits Llo Intro nil inn i burp of Atli nil pitying in liw wishing in of to Lulu property by minor null Ilii will Liy Iliavi Iii i Mullen trunk 1 town Ortii Ilmis kiiililini8 and lands Mirn vol nil tho save nil Rood Mountain i a hop nil lock in Hoir Lulli Laud for Sale Fresno county tho fact that All tho water la now non out of Kings River for Zirri brings Trio question of a groceries and dry and gentlemen and ii Ildren hats and toys and fancy tobacco and Wall club tartly of Llanil an Tumart Mcmo of canned and fresh splendid Claret wine at Only to cents a Bole agent Koll Bishops celebrated cough and lung orders from Trio country promptly at tho Market tho Public Are invited to Call Anil cd Mim my Stock before punch Anistik january Wagon making and Morgan a noun Casto the 1uhuo that us Zyx Bat taken und largely Cuil Impi Ruvold shop formerly occupied by ilk and u now to exo Oulu All Woik in Bill add Wlllie and in a Bertuni Jiulio Ltd tall at a great reduction in blacksmithing Wagon making material furnished tho Trade at easy particular attention will paid to House will and All Neptson and Oiler it to by a ill Alful me watchmaker and in i Lull butt in nor mini Chilli Anil in fur Ilif in Pumi of ctr ring on Tell Nouril Annj soulfully Hal lot Ilin of Tom Tinin of mils town Niu my will id nil i will Gui Iraelio nil work Linno in to in Glou Linco of Culnon in drug Ilio Jarlli Klim Juno ii o 11 s sign and Carriage and paper in All its work Luigi in the Best manner ind with by John ski Street next Ratmir in Deliler Yiirs Tiro ih7ii Moores u a in into it Minim in i i Lilleh Ulm Kimilla Elnimri Lam no u him Milt of hint Klin Linn pm nil Iii Imp 1iilnliriilkil Hull we ilex nov ill urn til our u ill Fri i Ilion Mil Liim u very him Luivie Kijuu Khun Curllin in Ali it ii no Inisi Siml or in Miil Iii main nil it in Nievel Hull Mil Ullin Imir will Kli Nuil Jimim Lif Elul ii Ali Luisiii Luvi Linen Kheim filly ire Liml in i in my it will irn Ilijin u full Lenir Liiri of Hull i nil no vim in Pru Mil Lnier from turning in nil i Tirls of Ihn one Hull Hal thru 11x18 i Market mini agents july ih77 hew Branch lumber if Taki imm Nuitai Iai i us my of and 1c torn nimbly dint we Iii Vul no Vinci n la ranch a ital in in Ilin Lortt lil Ucli Kurtli of the Uhuru will he fou Iid u Well Viilu Nind Telouk of usury thing in Ilio such an Krik Liik Mill in 10 Ami us fool nil Ixl nor Lii fur Ulm Oregon surf Uvrl kill led Vonil 4iiiihki Ori Ikumi ill Niu from Stockton at greatly reduced All of our Roii Yli Ami is slunk Anil Well Hull re him Liliko us it mum in i us will in him Klimik your buns Light Ami Onmi Trail in ii us Gnu Imir Tanii in dry Levy ten Iligir for 1rliljfvs Anil nil if 80 hut in nut eau 60 m out to Ovilur Vul Sli url Huvick to Najr of 40 five m i k s South of Bakersfield line of the Kern Island Low Twentyfive dollars per t s on third Cash on third in one and on third in two water upon alternate tracts Only for Sale location to in lands Are in a condition for immediate for further add Rock mh8lf Tim Urther Suji ply of Wyntur fir Iii rat no tho bal Niue of Irrig Blu lands Jet Uon kinds liver and tho Sun Foru Lily Buforo a now to Rico of Supply Niht to in Huambo is of and in fact a Grout or Supply is to in order to bring a Largo Arua of land under a glance at tho Rii tuntion of autos us to ook at tho inn Kivor is to Futi Iro in Thoro is n Large Ipi entity of land lying North ind Echt of that can Only o irrigated by water taken fro i to san at some Point or near tho High milks Anil the slight fall of Sun 1ms Rotulo Rcd tho taking of enter from that at tho Point a Dittli cult and costly on and although sir Havn Boon in Udo and water rights tho water of tho Ivor has never Boon no Tully occur and in therefore yet it emus to us that Witter could to brought out on the Plains Advin ii Genously by forming an irrigation similar to the West Side a slight Percy Nango on to a Congo of land Turisco Stiblo of Riga lion from the ban Votile pay tho open so of bringing out the water and n vast Scopo of country would to opened adding to tho Pupula Ion and Prosperity of the to advise parties owning lands in to territory to consider his and if a favourable Opin on is taken of the lot an fort Coniado this coining Winter o Havo a Law Nihil air to Trio Wool Lido in Sod by tho a Short time ago a Man named living on Morris n the was engaged in nuking while at work he an Al Tilora cod in one of his an every one lie sued if this Plant is very Al ways whenever it gets stir Tod in any in going thai nil Ellerts to the contrary and this was tho Case the one Thompson got in his the More to worked it it the Moro it applied to u but in Nan of a Colicino was Nablo to find or Romono tho troublesome Little Thompson being a poor Man und to despairing of Relief until nature should perform the returned lie took with him asian 1 intending to try ind remove tho seed by injecting Wilder into his for a this or two the pain but to quit tho use of tho syringe and Tom pain then seemed to subside but the car seemed stopped up and lie was deaf in that about ten r twelve Days after first using the Witter Thompson chanced Lobo Licking at his fail noted to great to fell some soft substance protruding from the cavity of his pulling at was surprised to pull Forth a in Allier of As soon As he recovered from his Surprise Thompson procured a Mirror Ami made in and observed Irot Riding from his oar Trio tiny Convos of an Alfil Ren the truth instantly flashed into his the seed in his ear had sprouted ind was lie secured a Piti of tweezers and tried to pull the Plant but the leaves were too Young and and broke and i Thompson in greater despair than he Fucela that to will to compelled to lot tho Plant Inieke a considerable growth before to can remove in tho mean to fours tho roots May penetrate to his brain and kill tho Niibo is very considerable excitement ims Boon occasioned in several portions of California Over tho discovery of h now Spe Oiom of which is re ported to yield a fabulous to Inq indigenous to tho in free from tho ravages of tho Worms which to plentifully abound when to try tho culture of tho common Indian tho species most in Vogue hereabouts in what is Tormod one of who has rained about half an Aero of this and who is vory enthusiastic Over claims that thin is tho identical Corn which Joseph and his Brethren wont to Egypt to Whilo who has Boon cultivating tho same Cereal the Pust sea and who tells marvelous stories of 140 bushels boing taken Oil of a Little piece of does not give the Corn to tho egyptians at Ilo says his father cultivated this Cereal thirty years Whan it was known by the name of chinese this is evidently tho origin of the As Appl tons Colo Piodi informs us that its Early cultivation in tho boat seems sometimes used Tor but their chief use is fowls and Domestic seeds re Sciblo those o Corn and Thodor Glim 6t another species raised Egypt Ait coir that its seeds Aro r Well filled Bolt be tho Best its is Indian Millet or a species of in tho Proe Boston i society of for or Rietl at after ear Oettl cat Thirl Yono 8pctihion8rthat or Indian tho p Typo of tho on Tiro Corn which Joseph Arr Hia went Down to Egypt to p kept Justice Field Newark s Justice in a letter f Newark denies i charges mid not read or there was no then any Lla elector us vote honestly from political or editor inn per annul Friend of Stitt temo i Mojiro Rofer Riig Tjw state Felips recent null Crecel insist Miff that uracil of original Ophir ton Liny title to that min judge a judge by idly during All that to worked in the Inte til Dun with an untiring i entire of tho Tourte iritts of the to haggled mid pumped a wire his doubtless he on All hides of tho argument Ivory Lingo of exhausted Ivory Possi Whity 1 to ascertain what ii from judge but to never in any Purn Ped to deep that to Pfow did judge Field know that there maven teen Aumi Igor that Nigist at judge irad Lanyh and who wore of conf occupants was that the Junction of i loll did bit on tho Curbstone and floor t cat no there was no polite inn to Purifi Dontly and under tonci followed judge Bradley As to age Kield six Ino thu Hyto pah cd Hiroo to have Hud a Coin spoken or Vilh l of mind by boing mentioned in san script and it averred that word rang wit i purity of heart and honesty of at Pihrt Tinto his waste in sect was filled letters threatening Ahabb nation As cowardly and Jil Diniah could Wrilon ii was Watt lout personal motive in the All that to cared for was tho judicial Jan any person under heaven Tell Why judge Bradley should have Dono otherwise than lie did he mity be construed As controlled by by Ohof political opinion in a personal opinions of Tivo and Grant thai to was dealing with Pmj if to Hud no opinion Jap Hud no right to did pronounce and to App Kahn solemn tho Saver titty is not judge Ira Denys with As with we a Oak whereof we and to do know that Trio Florida question was com Sidorek and hold in doubt looked at in All its Asp Octh 08 t crucial problem of tho co Trovel and to Aro Holmly Beli ovo that judge Field fogged that Case with of Brethren on the a Coli Moro than to Over tested in a Patent the Field family wort Supra holy they Aro men of and it is Oisiu Justice of tho in trying to pump auothoilrg9t slightly if s his own his own Watt unbecoming of a a Rouxa actor made his1 Bui was and tho Man but lifted into tho peaceful summer nig under the Juiet medium of his lift pay hand angrily to tho Volt Man swore that to avenge ii he would take the Hundred Liq manager had him arrested and brought before the what by that Sirrah ii when moan it Tuii moan by i Sliaut tho Magut Rovt and dish argon have nothing to i enjoy to have something to g to i Only Livos who u not a u love those who Thoie who Praise
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