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Southern Californian And Kern Weekly Courier Newspaper Archives Oct 25 1877, Page 1

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Southern Californian And Kern County Weekly Courier (Newspaper) - October 25, 1877, Bakersfield, California Southern Calico Kern county weekly Kern october 1871 professional and by Sixes Pool ii Ell services to tho ladies of daters fluid and Vicinity m it nurse of word addressed to her it Stockton will receive prompt refers to h february attorney nil Ai a Gre office in the Roar of tinhorn Volley imry attorney and Coin tailor i Xiyo Frt Tolces la All Iho court ii of the May 1877 George attorney Anil it Klein having Biln Nom at have Peculiar Lur loin nil land i Mil floor oust of Lynn tips drug my 110 ugh i Kern Valley Bank Corner Chester Avonne and eighteenth incorporated february directors John on sign Francisco and Trio principal Cilious of the Pacific deposits Anil intercut allowed it tho Rato of 9 per cent per if loft Nix Eastek Kex Piusas and Legal thu Dora bought and Diaw direct on All tho principal foreign collections Niile slate and county roads and warrants and every kind of legitimate bunking Altril new recently cheap Cash store land for Sale or att Oruoja Counselor it Felix Coons Ouw c Hester my Alvin attorney it it door Soi Illi of Len olympic mud millinery and Packard Ever brought to this tracts of 40 f i v e m i l e s South of Bakers Field Luu of Tyllo tho happiest and proudest Rule to tin regulations concerning i Litvine thus discusses Liis possessions of Piini is Liis the civil service which to limbs of subject is his to tilth it in a rank of Grout Prisic timid 11 pro the sumac of Southern it usually procures him tho Vidics Tunit wherever a candidate has is a new article it Commerce on the and rarely tho Jan Tousios of knowledge of some specially which Pae ill o a in nit being brought i Moat treasures that no would make him of value in mime into by of i attained less by circumstances particular Branch of the Lute of who Tum character is a Toro Fok that Hoil to have ii Iozip Neil thorough exp Crenco in Vitious Repult Tiomi than tho examination in that Branch in add ii every department of tho leather j Wise despises not Tion to a examina1 is now preparing this now the opinion of tho world to to show dial an sumac for the Trade wherever a in rules it at its full video to Doos not wantonly Hia Troas would be this addition lock can be All parties in thu Rule was caused by the Sucre Sun As also in the Allan Uro of n Good name to Doos not tarts in sped Ion of the exp tie Olio live had some Ham from vanity against tho lamination papers of a limn who had i of a Boon a Swimp land in who had Ninny i co manufacturers Liiv a close study of Laud Mati All if narnia return very and mime Imi Roc on g Hock Kilos and Duy it 2 Al Vajk so pc Ollie in the of c Miry Samuel and it Ili Bakersfield and office on clip for and in the Razetto to Friml us sinn Ner morning nil to mining Law and Charles attorney Iii Comisi incisor i Merced m will or Antico in the Coin to of Kern county Jet Nuiry Hocomb door of Ruth of the Kern Valley it Ora to the of sunnier and n Olry and Zimny Coti of the Auto ill of t Ynhu Lonnale flt Tino and ing Dillulio a Trio Lailius no inv Pleil to my Anil Rny ladies and Gentl Kmets and child Hans hats and toys Anil fancy tobacco and Wall line of the Kern Island o tin say will strongly in Tili ii with lilo Sicily 1 tin o Nail years to a close study of land and had published works on lilo which were acknowledged he had Onlo Roda competitive for a Chr ship in the land Alico and had the his was much lie had passed with a High Grade on All land luit failed n a num Ber of minor matters of general in i Pon this t he Secretary at men added the Verv practical Rule the Secretary is also weeding out of tin examination papers All such pics tons As have been so Widolf As calculated Only ill Rauci to Ziilch persons fresh from our Sintes along with Hias to Mailer of relations in j culture of the an in the place he made no the Honey is also greatly Al Appi Tinl Menis whatever upon on enhanced by the increased Supply in order to Intro Al forma sumac Trade one the of gnat and it skins is about being Pul where is found tho dry i he reach of would the people of this Section of who Are most inner sled in the Nal uial productions or resources of to undertake the pm nil ing and culture of Liis most Beautiful and Evergreen As now practice on the mod tin tearing to tied the hem prominent i think in bos i and nol i if bureaus and Oiler liners that he did no j for any of them to have of ii c h relatives under and if Ihei wore Sueh on he desired an Nti Jav Iii ends made As soon us Fui such transfers within the Piir Lmont As would obviate such of Tim custom of examination for the promotion has already had a marked oiled Uon the of leaves Are and gathered the Ripe these Low As stated in Himi Alf Twentyfive dollars per Pioneer drug o in in t v Nora Ciary s in k k o Kelt special tilt Ballon paid la Uloa Bibb of women und Ghl Dron mid in Idun Jis Kesl Dence Norilia of nirm licit on k i it77 Kern of Floe at Drury Drui Riniti Ducq it lilo Arlington Offlie in Durna to at All us in ago s r 11 ke11x Calls Ulton ded v drink and ii l i is a Demitz Oft co in thu Ratmir of thu kith fully a Nunry office with la i rear of thu Kern Valley May brat o o a 11 a i ban p ii a Cal i n i May Job printing every variety of Job printing pc Cutcli at Short no i ice and on Trio Moat naion Abl t us j nineteenth Tostik Tiik hotel this is Tiik jail inst and Moet completo of the kind in thin smrt of the a Large of 1unio Tolent nil kinds of 1ulunt b in Liillie Kii Colllns for every known constantly on Iho Lincul brands of Loo Loil exp Olally fur Modl Conul 1nebcniriions Cormui Innon at All i Louis of Tsih Day in Jan jury constantly on hand an ii ointment of canned and fresh splendid Claut wine at Only 00 cents a t e3 s propagation of sumac for our Aro Given with a View i in Tor o Norou rare in out o new received Seutin Ulilis of others lie not Hazard his costly jowl with unworthy and for a potty stake lie respects tho legislation of what is tho essence and the of character Independence As one of Trio great old writers hath that inbred loyalty unto which can serve him without a thesis Aro qualities that hang not upon any mans they must to formed within our and indestructible As tho soul Oon Sciota of those to Trust Tran Quilly to time and occasion to Ren Der them to May rent assured that our sooner or will establish to can not More defeat our own object than by a restless and feverish anxiety As to what the world will say of them it u moral honesty in a duo regard for Chara Clor which will Mil shape itself la Trio Hui Gorsof tho and if is no less for the crowd Novor Long esteems who flatter it at i heir own he who has tho suppleness of the Domago Guo will live to complain of fickleness of tho Els seeking dry and waste very lion of lit ire i Iii i Thev Homes on Hinds of this see Liy plan a by and upon instead of end Ivl Tiru their labor without Lineal he Cost of water Lor us of All Hinds in for there is general of Lis in the product to secure by Ellic ency and brain crop on dry i l is the worn that grows unceasingly into the of Indus in outnumbers the Grasshoppers on the in Finisy Hin of the pro Duel ii ruin non Lei in every i i i i Al i ill ii lecture before lilo 1osion newspaper said some one May in Are i to requisites for news sole agent for Bishops celebrated cough and lung orders from tho country promptly fat Iho lowest mar lot tho Public Aru in Vaud to cull mid examine my stuck before purchasing january on third Cash on third in one and on third in two water upon alternate tracts on8y for Sabe Bakersfield t Iviona Ifie eid Beck proprietors i Inper lius Uoss ail answer hug ims itself to my mind in a powerful i will a Carlo cry Dollar in Cire Lalion is j Admi that i Mado to a hollow draw Iii from Cheui i Young Man of Twenty two and the Lilloo i hat does not is being or i who once wailed upon withdrawn by to e i with an inquiry of a place to thai the had a new thousand ind proportion if tilled Are i had from felled Eil and and oven the a All Aro drained by the us is Olai All the Homes thai Are mortgage Are victims of this ins Alsabhi worm Radu aled irom to join Wilh Swineb interest in is lilo greatest curse entailed upon labor in our ago and to get rid of in should of Timise lie Ollo a Start tins m thought by almost co room d i outside i lie one of the Oasis und pleasantest things in the world to do and so if you have plenty of Money to Ulhart Wilh it is nol Llie Slid but the keep ingot it going at u that Calls for i recall now tho i to Anion Tiik St adm in Multi Ikon the Best accommodation for and the most stylish and attractive Hay end Grain for Wagon taking and Morgan a the that us taken Zutl und funny try Oci up Btl by ii in u now to exo Cula till work in Lilio with Pruin Huntle und in a it u great reduction in Blacker tithing and Wagon making material furnished the Trade at easy location at Callou will be paid to Luttre Rennu will nod oilmen of Hel roof and other of la by a lands Are in a condition for immediate for further Lover of his race every Patriot to his the vicious schemes through which it fastens itself upon All Public enterprises should Boop our industries Are Neaily strangled millions of men Are Impo Erif and our very Prol ably prompted Liy a Days his Veio and Afler patiently As Possi Lile to t to minis crude no1 Lions in which he had no d and depends would Tell in As few words i National exist i the ipod Iliene ions n usury to till once is seriously Meliin Croil Liy tins curse of this Scourge of the land keep yourself Over free from its if you would enjoy the of your own a memory a a Bor and Enle Pri lie win Star told he the assertion they were As Ivi lows a lignin in and i per even As that of a be no greatest trials of to newspaper is that Merlier no Mic More of the Shams of the world than any other profi s through every newspaper Day Afler go All the of lilo world nil he Vasilic that to be a need nil the Rov Ngoh that want to be reaped All the mistakes that Waul to be Corr eled nil the Dull speakers who want to be thought Ilo Neul All the Milci Ignosh that Wauls to gels its a t a Day orilion equal to that of an of and tho of an and Many Lily what they could easily with he Causo i Hoy can at tho a Torch if the i edit system it May Anna in tho a men run uni Trifil Calu tho attention of Toach Orti to Trio liability of children to Lio punished or corrected without their clearly know they May thus perhaps Sho what often seems to them so Why a child who has Boon re linked for Somo disorderly conduct repents the Olve Imo almost Iti Ionedi riving the impression Olwill Ful and malicious tho same mistake is frequently made in a an Swor Iti Proton cod and tho question passed to lion Lio docs know what his error and often fancies that it lies ill quite a different direction from that in which it really Ono of the most successful Toa Ehorn to know i almost invariably in tho of Tor Havivi pawned tho question and received a Correct of asking Pupil who had failed Why did 1 pans that pow Tiona a few trials of thin to imply interrogation will we convince any Loa Chur of tho truth of what to the most astonishing Are thus continually brought to and to Bec Oino Eon Vinod of now double Odood Illinois thin which we duo to thoughtlessly Ami do sometimes a Lilloo Dill cult for Young men to get a Start in a Harl is All they want but they need not to and above All things Thoy need not Collano into the pitiable degradation of haying i Ono of a Young Mani first dutch in to butt against Trio world if it Doos not yield at tho first lot him another if it does not yield at Trio a Foroud Lei him make a third and if it refuses to yield at the let hint keep on bulling till it does sooner or later it will open its and a link him to a fair Tharo noticed Gratis in i to in order to save la irial seem a timely it wiil prove n a Litlo longer dont deliberately put a Chain of slavery about your Nook to gratify n morbid Uvo your lie your of behind in kalhor tho Honor to lax i t do Lii Stu i list who want to be net right who never wore right All the Crachi Aind philosophers wit h As Long us their my St this editorial and report their and As gloomy As Lingern Ilu in mourning because of Iio Apall Iho who nine to Tuy live but talk Ive through the orial All tho follies and Uia Nih of tho world an seen Day after and tho temptation is to believe in neither Man nor it is no Surprise to to that in this pro cession there As some sceptical mon 1 Only wonder that Toimi Alioth be Lieve Wilt in most places a stones live minutes Are Mcd for measured for Short in they speak of a Placo As being within the bawl of u merchant cannot soil on time at you Liao to Jay in per con ago a heavy interest on such it is right that you so far As your creditor in who Alt lilo risks giving with Cash you can com Maud u in your own a for credit it in counted against of the Richoz and it does not mat Ler a great Deal what a Young Man goes to at provided to Goon if to i work with his let him work to i Vilh ins hands there Aro none of us a Neil 11 01 i who have a right to in Nigito our manual and Here arts Low of us who would not 10 seasoned and improved by such will show a Inhat to an Bent jilted sooner Han yours of idleness and Whit a doling adventurer discovers what in can do let him go at that with All his and with tho blessings of i leaven upon his Hon St he will find that Thoro 18 in archly anything to cannot Al Tun surest comedy against Boan dal is to live it it is Quito easy to perform our duties when they Aro and imply no self sacrifice Iho test of principle is to perform them Wilh equal cad Ines when they Are Oner ohm and Nat Tiik makes us poor Only when to want but cub torn gives the name of poverty u the want As hours Industry will do Toro to beget suppress Ovi Humours and retrieve your a Luiis than a months your own and see Liow a cot it will to and How will you will bowl Moo How us Worful you will bound Boh How Independent you will in arid Soo How Lippy your i Umily will Anil Hou How Puligi Riih you will to t Bosforo you know Wboro you in cad at re planing at you will find yourself offer ing up Lii sikh for All thu Nuin Orous of aint worn any u Man stands Homo Ohanui off Idun tho morning import after
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