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Southern Californian And Kern Weekly Courier Newspaper Archives Nov 29 1877, Page 1

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Southern Californian And Kern County Weekly Courier (Newspaper) - November 29, 1877, Bakersfield, California S Kern county v h f1 Kern november 2j Pioneer published eve kit Iii Siuy Moi Nino 11v in Tan tues Iii Mica drug nineteenth icbms Oisiu six ii Oslik Tiik be ton Lanm jut rear Ulyir Leif to unit spit jul Imti pit Una Row Kum Vii the Mumy till ail Vioelt of Jamill ten u Flat Init Tiptn a vhf of Anta line for proprietor this is Tiik Anh professional and lil sinks of to i Seri oils Purl us a liar of Supply o Zimik Tulip attorney Coqui scion i Kevin Omet the Ron of tho hum j nil kills Mii Lucinca cum j prising Ilii Lillile fur Overy Gnu Vuu rift Huntly on till a lust of decl ii fur attorney him comic Flor at into practical id All tho of tin May 1677 George and ill Kex Piui Iligir lir Clui i nil i Iller Blell Lochs p Irit Fluor Cit Stor Muy Bakeh Kevin office id ii och univ t Muy Alvin actor Viejal in o door Sulli of olympic guv comlus did at i Loviia of Tiik Day on Pool Rev ruin to Trio Ija Dich of a title violin it Nan nurse of word Wildren had to her lit bloc Kloth a Ciciro prompt Ile Fura to ii lab Kiniry beat o a x As a i St e tote so wih Pamlico la Trio us Titi kith Muy Samuel attorney Anil oui Loi at an Bakersfield and Oft life in Chest for in tin n ill 1iiiiinl it ruin morning and 1urtluiiliir Iii Millon i to mining Law Mill May Charles attorney Iii Meuce m will Piru Olce in Tiu mints Ulk oru cd Only january c county Ash n u is a Kelly tit Leniun Puhl to of Vio inon mul a Beldron Offlio in limit Kel Lemig Kurtli of in k Juni Surv i ic77 sax May French formerly Ilia Obilt Alouso Jacob this rims no sic ii Aviu Ulm Tiu Prieur inv Lett a it the pump Lonj upe Riunec in Tuu enabling him to Pruzan input 1alruiih can rely Upun l Foj Millim in Linn and Ivory aunt Iii will to Nii Iii tilt Hak in Hiippi Luil with thu ii it Quality of w Anil ill Lull 1111 Ducci Ichii ill 111 Iolite attention at Ilia Froncki Kuppu kilo Ilin a Quipot me watchmaker and in ii Lull a Tull Kurtli Paiit curler Homot Ulm Obi Lei at Drury drug it Arl Lugton Kelin onem in Urilli culls Ulun Iliili to at All Bourn of Tiluy Anil Muy located in fur Piir Putin of on to Laid i Iii ill Kumil Ilin of Llin j us Iii town Ami sly will i Anil i will nil work it oui Liy to of Flat Ilburn in Hun pits Arll Nirann Juno ih77 Bakersfield new goods land for Sale recently cheap Cash store in a Isic St of gexeralmkrciiand1se Ever brought to this Market f 44 f t Mark Iari Orward returned after to has furnished the Consul Littion with his father j maim to establish a Boot and shoe a Skotch onto of our Rob thu Hole family Delor mined on j factory employ ing 100 White mon 11 in Santa Rosa Lor Lunos Winto in order to increase in the new la i hey Wem j the value of property Atid to add to lie r the men who Aro do intr then trip acres the the worlds Tiv the men the Ney occupied Ono Hundred the Era Pullio hear least they Aily arriving in Sacramento an build ships and i h was a Lino when m i t they penetrate Center of theone would think that lit Roii Irli 40 to its try sex pioneers would have but Little cult tend our develop our urn even As Early As the with lavish Haigh Scalier the j Fui Empric which Mado California f i v e m 1 l e s 11 11 it i ii i 1111 i in 111 u i i m t i i Iii i i i it Imi ii l till i la Golden dross they gain on newer a vial in had nol neglected the grander which Bone mental development of the men Hie material of his Favorito last in connection with mayor to devoted himself to the Petroleum develop in los Angeles and Ventura those Oil Wells and to liner is will in a Short time make us altogether Independent of the and to a now Jov vol in the Industrial Crown of Money now going East for oils will f lit Tom nil i in of As or of w it hoi alone luit the i he a for we Linin on then Inho Stato and help off the material interests Witler aids Oller that i the position Duvo lop now Soroos of we tilth for they Are Ili Ninn of Imle Sor of i at i Mir a Telegraph Lino from eeg rap no rom of Eure and j i Here at a position for i Winnie Nioni to Oregon Thise men Are seen seek1 which his Courso Well is also porn joined by this on Terris groceries Axi dry Laws and gentlemen a and childrens hats am toys Anil fancy tobacco and Wall intr political preferment for Selish j titled Only heard soil Tell of Bakersfield ill ill mum ill politics when they Leel that interests of the Stato Aro in vigorous and Advent Rouh and that Thev r Wils Llyl wlli11 Avert tho danger m the veins of the us Blimm e a 111 de a la 10 of act Ion of Coin line of the Kern Island who appears from tho Pinin Iii of real estate which he to More or intimately connected with Ivory part of our a Little Bird whispers that Mark Avert tin danger that a Little Bird whispers that Mark weighty political problems Aro to j Mcdonalds Irion is a t Toi Joe be solved and thai to and Thoin of Able to in i Man could hardly such men As the o Spring cultured and re and the soon j j outer political life the j Nauru chafed with u business which has then which Prises All Over our has Early the truth and express the so tin Sullons Savin that i Immis a of properly and which in Nional rated f we 4 at Tiik to Inland attention Industrial outer to omit old Nti Inonu of tho own la Miln of tho i my poopj0 a Lawn and need Uilah in f and Moas Nudd v Al thai the world his and need us Tationa of j Faith in i Whoso traits we one outlined have conviction a Thoro men of Liff Tor Days Man Faili of i5ncna the City s Olec Tod to tho Posi in i Ami Nullo Mclend his m e o Francisco in Imle of and in o w ie3 o leg ivi1 us illl4nlil no in i i of the i Ruder is e cat Ltd h quid in tip up i in my our slate Asil by in a have made i s Whyl we i bet us Irmanee ill he no these inn As he for he in on the and Well Smih n on very is in Dierly he like inc i v Uli Lili a to Oes lion to which in his past record will to a Guimil Hilttu of a Bril Twentyfive dollars ind the veins i and a Duiho purse in Ever i i i v nning a Lime inn in it i 7 n i i i Junru ii Naldin boast i h that will make a honest Light for u Ono us the per t kit m n i i i t i i i i la i h Iii Mil i Utah in oi1o us til a i v1 Noonday Sun May thin Jonandre of whom the local i v l veal that in not Loyal to Ina Lui his father a Chest is deep and and a and led j t Toimi finlly i in Iii an of canned fresh splknd11 Claret wine Al Oma 50 cents a Hole agent Fuji Bishops celebrated cough and lung 1 Deputy kk1in in the rear Juul Lury 1 Beck proprietors fully my Olf Loo with in thu Rizir of vuly and no of Woi Ami mul u at Pioneer drag Wotli in Tiki to k Munaf 10 of l i the beat accommodation for and tho stylish and attractive for january urd urd from Trio country promptly at Liu Lurk of Tiu i Wii Uro invited to Call and of Linlau by Hon Cut a augury Kevin Valley Liazuk univ Hiir ave Tetuo am d i u k c t o ii s John Cam on Hua Fiaiai Ribco und Trio principal ski at tho 1acillt und iut Roht ullo cd at hid Ralo of j Pir cent por if left Nix sex Wlasok and Legal twi Dtra a Iaci on All thu principal for Olin Niaudo Tato und county a Jonex and warrant and every kind image a uiting by Kiuchi to Peru on third Cash on third in one and on third in two water upon alternate tracts Only weakness Iii the Anil in is u and j bal looked afar old to tho flu up his mind to Cairn l in v Uendea Soreil return i of a a forehead to foully i in Rcpt in e and i be no Man is More sonorous Alifornia is Roii Mornod with would not pro lao brain Wlinich Lime wonder he Luw reason a the of the face is open and Man and the eyes Uro Clear und there is n weakness in the Countreman Tael placed him in the i nil Ion he has never to of Eilzy i nude von cannot look a tin nine Slock whirl is such an make As he is to our Bui u of in him nne cur hot pro i he fit n t Iii 1iiioi in few Ineller Peiu Ual in i never failed him no matter win Hij l11 hat helped Loho with the Beai Pill i i i i i 111 i i 111 i11 11 11 r he As ii in1 and 1 Lown of Saul Hona ill 1 is 11 ih1 m ii in i to Jill him to if ibis Man a b of docs not enable in i Haj to Tinie v in lliv1 and Over the and Thev will Lell Siee he it Hhas Money local Ion lands Are in a condition for immediate in further my Btu the and they Lell you that in outlines a Man Ideal Iliad with the irial of than a i Pinzler of a lie wan born in May Mel politician in his an for Nino years he Mil m the a portion of the Lime us lit p and Ihn Renni Pniler of the Lime ii lie wan a Farmer and the Komi of a Anil his Noli Mark wan brought up in the ruined Homestead Mark was one of a family of eleven boys and Litu a remarkable family us far be California Lor one of the Brothers s arted the oldest Hlorou in tho and to another owe the of our Tole Lime hero in Mclynn another universally Well in 1 in the Hii Iii year the remaining of the Mark removed to and com Oncidi i belly of the to Santa owes her splendid water works at Luke which lire no Only of Iho Irre Wilom value to the Supply an extensive source of irrigation to the at the time when Reservoir to sep july Santa Lipomi was be Nib had not fully the that Chimp labor be the Dearill in he and it was the duty of those who made their Money in the state 10 pay it to those who would keep 11 in in und not to those who would Export Mcdon who Doet not Liliy but Wiio thinks i icily Anil no Turcut Chi Wir lied to sen his Money paid Lur free when he Iun Iid the Tronini ichor for l he work employ Nir Hoti him und said want you in White men Foi on a this time Mink wan old enough to that to on in it wan in to Huse a Murli Rii Perior Edne Allon to that whith Iho i Striet Nhoon of the Day could line he was if i do i will Lonn c wan he no matter i will pay Yon any Nohh Yon May hut tho Chi Iii Al and Tiluy went no it Wii Sonly that a Man who was Ever it Consi Lient opponent of he Vilu and who Hud on every occasion shown Flint Lim Iii n 111 in l l i i 11 1 Mil b not tho kind a Young Man who Faith was nol dead by his y win cd his id hear tin her should Havo ii Sirinan of tho join Init too which die coded in inn Dpi n Dille Guition to to ask Lor an Impi iry into the labor during the lion in Tilix of that Kupres Ritiro not to Felt Tion Mcdonald was r Den of i ins education he your nod and to whim inn wish Wuh and to a hand Cal in Yon Lial he by in the firm Iio Iino it Lio for two Yuard it Ciui trial and lion wont 0 Union now when to graduated undue in tho clan of and i labors that Occum ii Uio too familiar to Ivory one to Nood being dwelt Murk Mcdonald has in Ivory in Tori Rise in which to hint been in Boon tho Friend of tho Whito a Money Lief it never confers nor would Bec Wiiks a in Nibur of one of tho old Pioneer families of the stale to his fair fatso by political if Mark to Donald goes to the it will not be at the Cost of a family Namo respected in san Krun Cisco for nearly thirty there i another Benefit which Mcdonald Lian done us Ion Ili la by no moans least in to married an amiable and accomplished Yonny miu3 and Linn raised Quito a fam ily tics to bind him to Golden of to a but if a Democrat might represent the slate of in tho United stalls a More honest find Abler one will hardly lie found thai Mark l Iii Neil journal san Luis Saula vent san Loa an san Diego counties constitute that Corrinn of our Stato which is known us Oal iroc and contain about acres of it portion of which is wholly unlit for agricultural there urn u Largo num Ber of very Lino in Ordinary seasons produce immense crops of logo tables and tho various Trio Oil male is Milder than in tho Northern and is especially adapted to invalids Kiiu Oring from in Monu y to Havo ni6t huh o who Havo Norma oven when in the most stage of sons ump by a few months raid onto in the Balmy Eli Malo of Southern Gau it is not to make tho journey at that of the dirt Riiho and patients should seek tho remedy although the Nigist Suthon has not been u Lavori Ihlo Ono for the urn portion of tho we have doubt thai tho coming Ono will be highly and to Hope to v see a Large immigration to the unoccupied lands of Southern Call in it is not perhaps Preci Tod that thu United soft a limn to Miles of l Road than All Iho to Vii great urn total my Lici Iju wout while Oura is Dilill of Niqui Whoso Trade in too ont you judo Iho
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