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Southern Californian And Kern Weekly Courier Newspaper Archives Nov 22 1877, Page 1

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Southern Californian And Kern County Weekly Courier (Newspaper) - November 22, 1877, Bakersfield, California V 4 Thern Kern county weekly Kern november 187 weekly published every Moho Wixo by in the town one six Ona no Lints a tar for regular his Lii Ami special first ii tort ppr Bach till Ftp known Tiv Money Roqui Filin Rlph Nettir fill Uil Vertu Portal Lvi Montri per line for Pioneer drug nineteenth Olio site Tiik this is tub ani1 to session Al and business f 10 my in him part of the a Large us toilet u my Kibild of 1utmit Eoin Tor Perry Kim Vul a Latukh Cotrit tingly on till Keith i Ilia rear of Ken in tinny attorney Iii Counselor it Xiyo practical in All tho courts of the May 1877 George Atio Rury unit Ivelta at Ann first Bra Nln Pupp Jully fur Tetli Rimml All Hiim of Day on january Pool Chr Ruhs to tha alien of 1uuimsliultl Ami Vicinity suit Hoof won to Lier at Stockton Pupil or nil Mac will Rico Ivy prompt Atto Pitlon Tunur hut i Stoi May 1h7 Kif Casto ii Libni Iii Bray i a s s t a i v nil Iii Isidor in Takku Kelin c on new i May Alvin attorney no vow Rio Liiro b Khun Jour Mikhli of olympic mud w it id i Texo will Prattke la tho Jenurm us Kern Samuel ado Iiley nil Iii Imler til and on and in Ali Iuelle will Finis ii lit sinn Are inn Illus Giitl Piil to Mininc Luv Charles attorney a Iii u of suced m Iryll Pru Ticu in the in thu of Kern of aunty Jet Narv o ii m t v a n i u k o Keith a Etui Alti Mitsuti i Iii to of Wii ice Anil Clil Trentt of flute ill Huni Pii uni Intuni Zurdi no Itnyre i k Jinx a v 4 1h77 cab Lofin my French formerly to unit hopi he t it a t is c i t Jagod new crowds recently cheap Cash store Man or Tims Tim ii Vixo a Kkt rep runic nil the pro or ictus hive Mph n thu Pulilli lil Lunf in him i Troutt c4n Rily upon Lirine miked in Ulnic Titi i every Tum juju flu Gavin to uht Comfort the ii Hipp Lizul Trio limit Quality of time Hood nil Olid ilke atle Noii lit French a pin me watchmaker is of Issaih Norn a intr Portier Ninati Tontoli sir cwt Una clip mar Gen he merchandise Ever brought to this groceries and dry ladies and gentlemen and childrens hats and toys and fancy tobacco and Wall coins Truilly i Iii in in of canned and fresh splendid Claret Wink at Only 50 cents Folt by slips celebrated cough and Keith Maying Udo Atka in fur t ii of on Tiu i uni ill i putrimiiti1 of tin i Iii Hullt i will it Uris or ugh Ulinai at Jim i v in All urk t Keun of tie in guru ask Linoff Julu Utic to at full Hourt i twin 4iiy and land for Sale coeducation of tho White House tracts five my l e s South of line of the Kern Island o tho report of the curd o visit ors of inc stae v of wis Consin contains the following re Murks relative to the i education of the sexes in that institution it is now several years since the tin was lick Rizii in the univer in respect to the shown by the women in the several classes during the recent examinations As compared with the Ynn Nir our impressions Coin cide with former Lioi Inu of i hey sustained the led at least As creditable As the Youny if there was a we Are inclined to Shiuk in was in favor of the Youni in they smelled in the precision Ami Promp Lilu be with they responded to the deeply impressed wih inc App Virance of ill health which most of them la would not seem Prol Iahlo he Mere coins so Manv voting women should be to tins there Urc a few notable my As a whole this appearance is and Rise to consid Rabi comment Ami Iier i he Iii Norrs of tin1 Liere can be nothing about the Dili ii of the Ilii vital v in aug of for the be Ulit of our Roa Durh we publish the Recti it for the White Wash used on the Ond of the presidential mansion the while ii take on half Bushel of Cleopatra thirty four Hundred years ago o known As Gleo Patras wore Hown from solid f if and erected at tho out Ranoo two of one o f tho egyptian us shocked it Puli j nuo Dlo weighs 200 one water Yovor it during proves a Strain the keep Lipior Rise Sieve or and add to it a Peck of previously Well Dis solved in warm Throe pounds of round Iio Ileal to a thin paste one Hall Pound if powdered Spanish and Ono Pound of clean which has been piously dissolved by soaking it by tho Aid of and Lien Hanrit Over a slow lire powerful machinery to succeeded mall Keilt of them obelisks still stands where it was placed Moro than thirty Cen Turies ago tho Many Yean fill to tho and Timo Luitel buried it almost of sight in the an on Orgelio Ong Noor undertook the task of transporting the fallen Noodle to he Ono mod it in an Iron tube to pre vent the column from n a one within a hire tilled with add live Cal Lous of hot Waler to the stir and let it stand a few Days covered from in should be put on and for this purpose it can he kept in a Kellie on a port Able la is Snail that about a pint of i his mixture will cover a sip ii Yard upon the outside of a if properly kim1 or brushes May Hoac cording o the neatness of the Job answers As Well As Oil paint for Brick or and is in retains its brilliancy for Many that of the kind that will of is nol Liinar i Willi its parts which would Juji Ivory pall presented an App Araucz the food in Lam was and Well j tut1 service moms clean Twentyfive dollars Pel Lormi lyrics Well and and of compelled to look else where for tin1 Verv pm Vii in Well a Ware that at Milid limes nature makes a Grizil leu umut upon t hi1 of Eaily woman and Ilia at Alliese limes it evil caution must he Lem injury lit1 injury which in i c in i he for in ule or outside to Virvil with in will Lake to Burn if they with Oil color t of any Shade Spanioli Brown will make Reddish Pink when at n n bul if very Prilly for inside Giuily Trimmon Ell with Spanish a Reddish Stone color yellow stirred in makes yellow t if6 lung in Arlington in Bakersfield Nouv Sivok of Deputy Khun Ottov in to rear of the Kern fully a augury n Oilin Ivl Ili Lam Riith of i Cirn and arts of women nil claim run u at 1liinnct us sub with a ugh 13 elegant Oil Kimsil Loo Earr Beck to air Ion Crum t ii k Ilmis Kaiim it tho Host accommodation for and tho most stylish and attractive Hay and Grain for unlit from tie cd wintry at Iii Fht in relict Iho i Lilic urn invite ii Tunstul Sui Nizic my a Lucli Lii Uio Jii Kiniry Kern Valley Danli Pronior Click Tir Avn nuo arid Kedjo Iuah 1h71 in 1 h k c t o ii h John anus ii third Cash on third in one and on third in two water upon alternate tracts Only Tor Sale on Hun run Ainuu and the ii Rincie of 111 Julilly Anil i Druhot Alli Rcd at lilo Rato of u Imi cent Pur if loft taxi hit exc Ianni Tai Dorb a bought am Diaw direct on nil Trio principal foreign in Tilc 8 Lute and county i Omax nil and kind o Iii icing in minium Avril Versil y when1 in s educated no act taken of the fact that the Lavois under a double Disulo As compared with the Man in tin circumstance thai compels compliance i established makes demand Oiler Jymm thai to k r esl Are i Lucienl it in hell i t re on a is and Hill Tureen not be Wilhelime it the nil lie Culm hits an i acct Oil the ill ill it crack and in Triin sporting it to a place whore it could iks loaded on u transport for purpose of talking it to eng it was tho design of tho knt Fisli government to Sot tho up on tho when Oil the coast of tho bout currying tho obelisk and the lug Lowin tho Woro Over taken by a to save them selves Trio Crew Cut Iho transport and the Needle was Given up for and tho news was tele1 graphed Here a few Days Aro that it Mil liken its Hugo at tho Bottom of Llie there to remain a Conroy for ii Mil Uii i its Well As above upon Imi i Lier the must do vote Viire and Conse Tipeni work harder to accomplish lie drafts upon her Lem by i lit1 very nature the is already taxed to meet tin physiological demand made upon it is also Wudl known that in whatever Way at the limes will produce deterioration of we Reid generally manifests itself by blood followed by a train of is a reliable weather bases Bis predictions on i he 11 rift of t he the course of or the Emu Croniei prov its pass current Willi cred an i i bused upon years of observation and is on tilled to Amie in is All i morn Cuccur when in lint Aud will at d minds from comes rom n mail a null of a relieve despondency i of inc i lie Waul of no in i hit j Ity and an Idis Ollile in very Many of i woman All indicate demands Aro made Lliam which Illey is greatly to be but ii belter hat the future mat rims of tin1 in1 Willious 11 Ini verily staining limn in should be procured Al the fearful expense of mined health belter thai the future of the stale when in ii needless to Cour i ii i i Hiellel we Mil of Smi i inc former Uli will i and Lylial Sun ii go Connly will lie pros Crout in every Liling thai Rel ales to agriculture Anil that her Prosperity in this Parli Cirilar will Coli Tilini Lor at least three this hypothesis is bused upon the constancy j Oyer 100 years do not w tiny in tin location lands Are in a condition for immediate for further and Drotzu a How lie healthy a Lull average annual one men son May have More or but in i i year after the Cipi Ili null he restored i he years of it l fall make up the Yogi Iii Ilian he hey entail upon their he Genus of Ami there i in ii Iii a Cronin Law than o of d of n locality for a period of Over Twenty Lessen Davils years is conclusive in this respect thai no two extremes in relation to is will follow each her with the overwrought Neivi Llie i Iii one Ais so main undermines the general ii ally Meall Hily Mil is evil coils Pience n Many cases dry year is Mil Are prolonged h Lowed by a Liol mid lilt sume i ii As Tiik no rend in a foreign e Ilia Esperi Niels have Heen made Lair arcu to determine of Tim is Tor High taken the Iro Tihle Uiva rious times mid to examine no Les than of Ali air in dil Lerent Ilist riels of Saxony and out of Coull Al old Pinill he found s Lam remains of it of like character apply to wet period of thirty four Hurt tired and pure ups until tha end of hut later rows from tho soon of Llie storm states that tho transport has been found Oil the const of Spain All this venerable Monu ment of Antiquity will now prob ably reach its and Lowig Lintl can look upon tho won Drous works of mail chiselled by Minuter hands away Hack towards tho Dawn of now York is putting Forth of portions to Souro the companion to Iho now Ami to Trust she May Suc there is limits us to allow these works of to decay in the Sandy deserts of Egypt whom to one will derive hone lit from and when the bringing of them to american soil might awaken a now in Eros in scientific men to study Nimri minutely tho Early history of the Ami tho wonderful Mui Iii of hut land made famous in Lii Lical and Olessio the worlds on the whole it must to pronounced to to a Good Thoro be Little reason to doubt that the United slalom Are gathering in tint Margurit Wop of tho bit Quality that has Over been produced in Lliott their own of Iii Date is that Hoy have a hair plus nearly enough to Supply All our and tho americans give Good of their Bolof by Depre Fla aug our markets with the Juu nutty and Low Price of their lint has Frump Dontly do cried Lici Belliii this matter and there May to exaggeration in tho estimate this Egypt hns an abundant and is rapidly turn ing it into Austria and Hungary have a sur plus to Russia in Hilvid to Havo a Morii abundant crop Ihan she has for hut As her on this South urn Only to much Olla scan to exported an can be sent to tho or by railways through Bel have poor crop this instead of sending to will be with a for tho Ami Ichii and hungarian there can his Little doubt Shatil tho Okiishi Iii i applies Are tho Competition of America and Litisia would reduce it per is thin Iho div of lie i Woultz have Tau Glit the Jurus Ull you pay a visit nil Leav a cloak on Lii of your that cloak is when you ctn i if you walk out with a dog the around u Art afraid to Plait a Llo Seoi Eis Aioli Hud Heen did him in further it appeared that of the mite he regarded an shrew Jiu of Semi Linn than More or less distinctive to the farm Thor orh1 hot Hal in ii Hulando if f Maui the it Lilia of Tiu a ii uhte old Hach Olor hns i lift and inv wife when Bhe appeared the tiny of mans web drawing to a Are Lillile to have their Ami carriages Lolen if they do not keep u Hull Cicil num Ber of Stahle Nerva is and Lake care to Sou i in lore going to lied Klinl Ono at Man who goes out for u night stroll least of these Man Iii in a u night unarmed Lime to net within Iii lil of a to Rimely and strip Ped of very article Ini Iii Elu thing whirl and Small tho urns Day Driver will not give him a helping hand they will Rathor Kunrt Oil altogether in u Lenn Tiluy should to brim Money to give Oviak for Trio Lioy hurry up Ami Liaku tho despoiled Man pay twice tho value of tho things to Imd Loht in fees fur in for that reason that seeing her is hulling All lie while a Zinnia is almost american 1iustorios which supplied tho turks with i Rill it which Liap done them to Nnoli Gootel Hervi cd Havo Posini Legain for trip lean who could Well Allord to pay for All the rifles that Hugo Tiit to out Ollhof Dit Ference in Piteo which they Aro obtaining for Ali or wheat above what they would have got had tho Black sea been it is to unit the worlds crop is huf Lucienl for tint needs of a and that if our can but keep Thorn Helves from the panic and which thu bad crop of England May Willi reason although we Squill have to for our loaf than tho average Price the hit Croal Yot to ruling Pruen Are nearly High enough to All Sull Sciont up Pliura to our it must not by that tho Maduro of Urpo Tatu crop will of Auto a Largo 1 for sowl Uro now lot Goa of no Litkoff in tho with it to til of 1 blight Young frosty nights blight Young
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