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Southern Californian And Kern Weekly Courier Newspaper Archives Nov 8 1877, Page 1

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Southern Californian And Kern County Weekly Courier (Newspaper) - November 8, 1877, Bakersfield, California Southern i professional and business o mrs Pool Fuehs i kit services to the ladies of Bank Crisfield and Vicinity As a nurse of word addressed to her at Stockton will receive prompt refers to ii Fern try attorney and Counselor no Ketlyn off Loo id the rear of tho Kern Valley Jii Lunray Kern Valley Dank Corner Chester Avenue and eighteenth few Tahy d i 11 e c t o h s John new floods land for Sale 1 recently cheap Cash store Kern county weekly Kern november her of an Excil on Sun Francisco and tho principal cities of tho Pacific Rucci and interest allowed it attorney nil Counselor Al Ruto of j per cent per if left Nix Inyo practices in nil the courts of the my j877 George attorney mid commodor it kei1n having business i j Peci Iliff Tor lining nil Olliee dour East of bitmaps drug May Altos Ike and coins Moi at ke1in Coons new Heslor May Alvin attorney Sofary a Ken door South of Ihn olympic Mav a styx exch sob and regal tender Diaw direct on All tho principal foreign made state mid county Bonds and warrants and every kind of legit Imato ban Liing business april Kimball autumnal it is very curious to observe Hie regularity with which we Tiro told in lilo an limn that tho first Frost St cell said the old in Routs of i Tonso steel1 you would to astonished to Lind How Largo a proportion of tho Aro informal whereas Llu Bost ims nothing to Pillo with it Ramie is knt or go neral Merlh Ardise Ever brought to this tracts of 40 five milks South of lie rain ads inn and Ruidi to with i loan in ins love in Rover Tifi sum nor Llu Iii Ivich to and Musliu in us Niichi Luht Trio to lip in the spell of in Dolorato briton Dur in him nil my rises and doses lie wins All Nulli Kinev my Mil Ilin liver i 1js j his Lovo is to mini we jul Llu Liin to Tiu rail Urti upon looking Tutol Iho Trio Witik to Trio mid Oral Tornin Lollio Rivorie in the oyo was stir and yet arc Ilvan Hui hid 1 Wlsh Hie spol Aclo of the i world nigh on lire and since old from nil Idi Adow of t j transformation look place in 1 to does t soom to Uso Nitlich of it can Walio in my spirit n Dri Ainy Conte Etlan with the Mercury at a whole no Vair is re sometimes happened in new land Tinl tho Iol Ingn has in bin run s a Muhlhan u run1 every in which they can Ivory body it Cash expect and dont youd to surprised to hear that a noted Indiana politician makes a putting tin soap into his Valahu every time to pays his hut i think he takes it Homo i and Dmitri Luix no Purl in tin Ivar that 1 j for roil to the Ngim Tey of Lenl Why not refer to that sly Lieut i Iii in own Mystic Pune in of proving Whin i Kii it i Hill Lily i up into loftier Powers of Loving on Tiik Choc skies and Jie Sno will practice to tho courts of Kern my Samuel Orisky Toni Winokur at Sakells Kibild and Pioneer nineteenth of Tom Tiik hot i this is Tiik and Complete of the in this part i hip a Supply i Haik Tell Al Kilhof la Lipil prism if apr Tillei for every Kinnu Ili Iii pin quintly on the Hoisl Illais of ill div lad iks and anti ext Lam ens tins of the Kern Island Vav Luri Sli Tutor the glowing Lints of the to Rich Crimson of the velvet peach the purple of to Plu inv Lii Illi run Neil yours aug this error was pointed i by an eminent who with its Myra Kitiona Noli who cd that tho Gorg Cinis color of Altir i i autumn loaf ii Noin the regular of ripening and though Bot any is Irene rally studied in Trio i Amiin hint now is so Pio Kimly Umi Ili Ifill Alii Klinl if worship nil to his tho first thing to be done when a follow comes to the Olliee to pay his Bill is to Send tho Porter up to his room to co if any thing is when a fellow Down with his Vul so in Ris hand to Aro Unur Bially tho Only Way to got oven with tho thieves is to keep Athion 1 1 the old notion Nemes Bunek with the Olio wild fade from Trio Fervour 1 deem to Deli Brav its every in with Espoo Linin i Slont Aro Lul Lilyh Iliin i hive May to it ii Irv in rep to Isis Tiu Kioshi that in Riim trim i a Lull purines to Wilh a Litulu of Andover i of uin1 tin no meteorological rally when supported by will risk Lio Wever deservedly to leaves lipid i heir parallel in whenever anything is missed i charge it up at a fair and tho time 1 catch a thief in the act make him pay tho entire amount lha a Nice look ing fellow Emo Down with a Valise in his hand and enquired the amount of his the mini Ito i saw hint i knew to had Stolo Homo the in already and like the human they Imit Ripen Sud any one Dioses in milk1 a mystery Ollie in u in then should i no Dill Timilty i expo i rang Iho Boll and gave Porter the t Pott Rod about i to Hoo kit while Iho Portor was and i could toe h6 wu8 Llo had a notion but then tho Portor Smith West from a Small t o in i c in spot of Earl i known As makers onion on climb or nil 1 ii of title will Imi funnel at sum her morning a Mully Inci Hrinuk to Jet Vav Anil my Charles attorney Tinl Counselor n Meh cd m will practice to the oui taif Kern roundly january c o u t v inv Siciak s u it it i o Kun i Tiosh o compost Seiko at All ill Lin of the of Bakersfield Sam hats ant toys and fancy tobacco and Wall special Utt Inton to a lenses of Wiki in and Chilli run olllcii111 Ilaug Oculi Tracu North a Jun mrs 4 lf77 on k a Khz at or Uryl drug Lehi Talenco it the Arlington Beck constantly on Amiul a of gunned and fresh Wink at Oma 50 cents a Twentyfive dollars per the Bell of heavy extending along the i pin i or around the passes to the South of i his and in its Vicinity no rain has Boon known to full since was the Barren i kinds of leaves ii to lint of the con Enron varieties in North the superiority Over the of color in foliage on the continent of May to attributed Shielly to this in i heat Brilain the climate is Evi Dent i v unfavourable to the Prodigo lion of Bright Forest in parts of Ketmany the brilliancy of Jeanin and 1 saw by his oyo Somol Hine was i Iho counter and first am visited by i lie Liann lowly Nir of Earth has be j mining to i tooted t Al s there in the other Side of Trio Iho some in Miles grabbed tho Rascal by the open that you says Llo got very White about the and began to when j the Valise was mire enough i there was a now Bod spread for j which i paid Bays in rim i tho thief i in amounted to you pay Ina was i u u pay Lor other mens but Oil the whole to limn to go in Iho com a Fehmy it has come Over the h j heavy Rains have and Iho i he Little do Sorl is now Transf irined a grasses Ami shrubs have Green i siiri ing and on the Ferlich w with wonderful rapidity a i of Earth has o a o j it Atn Flinto of Man solely on North America at by its mid i the or go to thought if our for o i i own i to condense ill of tho briny Ocean to Olivain let to slake their the few months a remarkable the of the Atlantic the Tine Green of i e but i Kiyin it nipped a thief in Iho the girls Aio gon orally limit1 onco in a Whilo to catch am of Lin in he Ruup cult to at nil hoi Irit of twin Luy mud s he Kook am Deputy Minei Ial Kun off Loo in rear of Ilie Kern fully january Allol Itsumi til ally ii Tiik in South Ikon the Best accommodation for and tho most stylish and attractive Hay Grain for Junior a agent Fuit Bishops celebrated cough and lung one third Cash on third in one and on third in two water upon noticed Lair line Bald a sea then ill the Minth in and in Ivanee Only Lolo an Ashen Wirrion in or and a Kon Ibio Olive in tho italian we to guarling the inn of Ono limn there was a Green in crop of pumpkins Iron scattered inn isling Dainty fund to the which Invar i upon tho Ninny these facts Are repo Lei by the Inas Timof tin1 bark a Tum orders from Trio country promptly it tho Market Trio pm to invited to Call and non Mync my Slocki Jitni diary Offida with in Ilio Nur of Tom Kin vital fit Bray u a 1 u a ii i 10 Juk who Rokk Ilie rare of n Vii Dyul Ami fruit Ulii uly to a lint Inq uru it Tali cows Cor or cows for Alil rfcs to 3rj tills ban Cam Oiin May Job printing Wagon making and alternate tracts Only for Sale which arrived in few Days vessel reports Ano which probably acro iils of the Swift Ocean in the Vicinity which for an internal tree peddle stopped and to had a Black Matin i paid him tf5 for lie ill lick boil in very there was a yellow spot on tho col where he had dropped Sonio add on and i Amu in full with written on the leather with which in was bound Al the i bus the girl Wato Hod or for a week or two and Eon eluded we were Honono Dav a fellow came in with a Black variety of tin1 Annn Ivial in on the of that w Thia is by whil1 in Ivi rope idiom Only forty Trees that attain to a Heimel of thirty in North Amer there Are no less than one Linn a orly to the and forty hence on Fure Msj tho the in Nence be the Plo Elree hat i he these Ocean currents upon cd finale i with ins in Anilus and Are too Woll understood to need any or to doubt that this in the course of the Iva its has brought about Diller enl meteorological it is a hence came the upon Dialler of regret we have Ivanco in favor of Iho govern More definite information to this a cols and Idalou at the election on Elian ged for it May to the is a in Donnly forerunner of Len ingot Wilh Many doors and Many along Iho whole line of painless i f the visitor enters by the Bell of periodical wide Howsoever his that it is but oxi mors of he never Esthe and i i fortunate if in or a tin i or ministry of the Interior in the yellow sputum the it was marys 1 collared jerked Utji his Vest and found tho name of the tree peddle on tho lie owned up that Mary had stolen the Vest and Given it to t hat into tho thief account Only and hoho got off on Trio weary journey from Sidney lends Over to the Pacific is to be inferred from the catches fall on sunday Al i ill Torres in Ipolitis out Lilllie Ordinary course of the describes Suall wet season e Only method of reaching one Over tin entire Northern Lleni the whole Belt of period location i is inaugurated in Californi i by if Yon walk into t is in the Region of and the1 India cores Lii incl the Flici rain storms rarely reach which is a private ext Renio Southern portion Trio now the password Albino to slate the pros lie Porter under the then out Hois Kin has been a remarkable a Yard dive Down a Paw Dirge till you Como to a at Trio foot of this ical rainfall has been visited is a Knob prom with drought in both the new and Iho Iho and at Iho same Linio Hun old and a Lii summer the Fin left to right a screw in an pm emended far up tin Iii Hugo of the Wall to tins right of Ward Iho Hie in door will Mart open Bonn on the other Side of the i gently and admit you to n Small now York cily was furnished with yellow velvet Ousby threatened Wilh a Walor Fern May or May to a Privat tho Lako reservoirs Lio intr him come to an end ii Thoro who Hil Bull team ill and Eva Novofa freight Wagon to visit the land of had Hollod and in tho Motro Litan City of tho every rarity of Job Grinling exec Ileal for to hund11eu go add frkxci1 and he anus Merino by icky for Tain in Good and free from apply t it jul sort notice Aud on the most reasonable j to the j Morgan to Tiik that Ami Anil Ilin 1iriniirly Nii Liy now to nil work la with in a infill tank jul m u great reduction in blacksmithing and Wagon making material furnished tho Trade at easy particular attention will lie Ilam to Iio Hsk will in and a Ilioof and other in Lieson of the Hort to by Tell jul lands Are in a condition for immediate for further than firm Anyeah throng i but if lift u framed print on Iho which weary March was fori Koltom and Joy Nalio j i f i was a of the fair to bought Thodi Aioo whom Lake your partner is the Only Thi of filing in Mont of get ii to the right was announced his Colos Hiil Kino to tho floor like Haniph of a when Iho Welcome sound of balance to the right rang through the crowded Hall our Pilgrim sounded one Long and Shoul Dering Iii fair Nebo Rod p Tumbler Ful of burning part ii Oil for a our hero upon the floor and Nutem tit Central and Southern Kropo tin Etc Nihon on the been a dry and we need not rear the dreadful hollering in lower asia1 from the deficient the ii ism of Aro Loo Bill a dog on my mu8tf thib an o d Man Hshi Nir Wilh a and r to i am tho Tii ror of tho you will Hoo around Brans plate not i i i Mil lot h Liuvao bomb into under i u i Iii i More warrant scr All a Movado i i Iso Eov Croil wit i j Ishoi died Iho for Apo Mako he revolve in tho of understood to warrant any inference form the won s i Arm a sprig will Eck a door c0 Udod Wujs Ive i Kiili Roii i Iii i he will i from Liliuse or even to dishing Irish big tween Causio and of but to Aro permitted to in it Iago in Iho Hope that tho limn is not far Distant when Iho future weather pro pools can to lated with we Doimi Lolon tho has married Jor Hallicy to Winil Luckini Ulm Raih to Tibia minor Mem fur Majur Itolle in my Stu will of Post to grow Strong or by Coli Thant Outing a Wiser Byco Giblant n of Obj Lipil until your turn no Digneo Yurk i that in Trio worst looking Moriju you drive 1 Over dont you fat Tun him up Kalliam in it Inix lilo Basio Cun hard Theta on him woolly Liuio hard to in tin elephant if just then to trod on a i Ivorite of of a Olio pasted Liero one Botwood the Hood i ii Biol Only upon the f to blowing to Ruby from he nasal to m or unix to poor hardly carry thu Litt Lomath in in Jurt i him to plied Ali tit
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