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Southern Californian And Kern Weekly Courier Newspaper Archives Nov 1 1877, Page 1

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Southern Californian And Kern County Weekly Courier (Newspaper) - November 1, 1877, Bakersfield, California Southern californian Kern county weekly Kern november professional and business Pool of fees Wieb Seu Vicks to the ladies of Bakers Flefil and rec Unity nurse of i w6m addressed to her it Stockton will receive prompt refers to it fan try attorney and Counselor it Keun Offlee in the rear of the Kern Volloy january attn Nojami Counselor at into in Mil the court of the May 1877 George Atto Ruty and coun cur at Keun Hill Nown at i poo Allar advantage doing All land Obice door East of bitmaps drug May 1877 attorney Ami con Zelor at Keun Coons new i belter May Alvin rotary Kern door Imit of the olympic Mav of y in 7jiehno will practice in Tho courts of Kern Muy Samuel attorney Nul comi Arlor at Bakersfield and office on Christ for and in the a Tetle will lie found at Burn tier morning and particular attention told mining hater and May Charles attorney ii jul comi Clor ill Mellied m null practice in the courts of Kern county january q o u m t v Imit Nicias s u r i k o n Kern Toul attention paid to diseases of women and children and Oitte in Hur imps Vruir Luil Denne North or on k january 4 1877 Kern at Drury Kesl Dence it the Arlington Kern Offlie in Ilu snaps drug culls attended to at All Bourn of the any Anil Muy 187 Mirit Vicnok Axi Deputy Mink Al Kern Omee in the rear of the Kern vally january office with in the rear of Tho Kern Valley May brat by a u h a i w ban or May Job printing of Job printing executed Noi Ioe on the Moit Kern Valley Bank Corner Chester Avenue and eighteenth incorporated be dually directors John juy Apfl on Hun Fraucisco and the principal cities of the Pacific de omits and interest allowed at the rate of 0 per cent per if Luft Nix East Elm exc Jiannu and Legal tenders bought and Diaw direct on All the principal foreign collections made state and county Bonds and warrants and every kind of legitimate banking Busi chs april millinery goods Packard mow located in Biak eee Oid door South of thu Kern Valley offers to the Baillos of Sumner and n Complete assortment of millinery Neil Finicy conium Long or tile mid Mont Nuhlon Uhlry flt Tiko and Naile the ladles Are invited to Call and Namino my Pioneer drug nineteenth Olio site Tiik this is tub Laiu Ikmet and most complot of the kind in this part of the a larg Supply of Iuzie toilet and nil kinds it i Lent med nuns com sinful Lyhle for every known Dos Erik Chiist Kintly on the Linen brands of selected especially mid dim Ioka compound All Ilou Nii of the Day of january Bakersfield and fee1id Beck successors to a Dion Tiik finkst Nta blk in South bin the Best accommodation for and the most stylish and attractive a Hay and Grain for jail try new goods recently cheap Cash store Spiik ii St of general merchandise Ever brought to this groceh1es and dry ladies and gentlemen and childrens hats and toys and fancy tobacco and Wall constantly on hand an Aimor Timnit of canned and fresh splendid Claret wine at Only 60 cents a sole agent for s celebrated cough and lung on Lorn from Tho country promptly at Tho Lount Market Tho Public Aro invited to Call and my Stock before Piir Shahini january Wagon making and Morgan a announces to the Public that us Hak taken and largely extended Aud improved the shop formerly occupied by Ami is now prepared to execute All work id promptitude and in a weatau Tsuu Sun Tull m k great reduction in blacksmithing and Wagon making material furnished the Trade at easy particular attention will be paid to Loter Ferenze will be and Itu of the loaf other a Lieut of the Bone la 17 ill Alful land for Sale tracts of 40 i v e m i l e s South of Bakers Field personal Morton and the Tho indent Impolis Jim real of hns the following the difference Between Trio sue pcs soul and Trio unsuccessful in life is in great part due to personal Tho person who is unwilling i which was revised and is fully in to put his own shoulder to the Ilo Sud by senator Morton when circumstances demand need not expect Tho other to with Strong and 10 usury Annii tit cell hello Lent is Romul prep plow nude by the which Puli Iii ii go to Nui to up what Are known us his Southern and civil with thu Many Dishi celtics which surround the path of Sel Doin fails in accomplishing Groat re suits line of the Kern Island of if Elioise Twentyfive dollars per t in my s on third Cash on third in one and on third in two water upon alternate tracts Only for Sale locution lands Are in a condition for immediate for further address Nils of this on of a person has no reason to separately or collect Sot i to takes his justifies the republicans in if Lluu r j 1 1 i t distrusting either ins patriotism or his there seers to be a feeling on the part of those who disapprove certain acts of Trio that they Are better re or More faithful to the of the demands of his Trade or lie should make it Manifest every Day that he Midi stands Inch department of his business and that he is not averse to making the i Nasonal Effort required to end Kiel his affairs if Liu be a his presence in the counting room promptness on the of the the daily visit of the ban Ker to his Ollilee is a safeguard against the carelessness of the Vigil Nee of the Railroad Mana Ger protects the company from and the passengers from per every Man who do sires to must boat his Post at the proper and when show some signs of per Sonal Effort does not imply storm and but Earnest if the proprietor sit with his feet on the where his hands should How Long will it by before the employees will be seen lounging talking of base or More trivial affairs let him liter his place of business with an Wideawake As though he had something to do and meant to do apparently knowing just How things Are giving a smile of approval Here or a Seru glance and even if there be not a word the effect will soon be if is a disposition to la indo his coming will act like an electric Shock on a dormant i Energy is contagious one energetic Man will infuse his spirit in to a others in a Short if we show tin Earnest in ten still whatever we Are connected Pride in its advancing Excel or regret for its feeling will become infused into those with whom to associate our until the Enterprise is re Gar did As something in which to Al Low failure will be a disgrace to be shared by All connected there Man men who have inherited wealth Are As Ign hint Anil of tin of la Weir do tie if they were dwelling on the opposite Side of the they know they have a certain amount of funds invested in a particular Branch of but As to knowing How Eliut investment is boing they do their agent makes a fair report that is enough they pay Good salaries to while there Are few republicans who can give full and hourly endorsement to every net and Deela jigs Southern and civil service poli yet to have nothing principles of the than to such Assumption does injustice to the lit is an original and has been tested for Twenty years As n Soldier Anil a and has never wavered nor been found wanting in his Devotion to the Groat fundamental doctrines of the Republican he was elected As a and it is impossible for with the pres ent of even if he should so to be other than a Republican president not in an offensive partisan but in his Devotion to principles and his desire for Tho perpetuity of the to publican until it is demonstrated that he has not this de and this the Republican Congress should not break with him on Mere questions of pol Hayes has a most Dill cult and instead of receiving the unfriendly criticism and at tacks of his lie should receive Given their the Primi their and be Best and Tuosto dents Paramount duly is to the and if lie were to place simple parly Success above the Public he would Render himself Liu Elul to every right minded and infamous in his do not suppose a single one of Iho republicans who differ with him on questions of policy would ask the in Plain to assume Sincli a vet they do this in effect when they his because of Trio damaging effect it May have upon Iho without reference the probable effect upon to Tho effect higher interests of the the president is in the Best possible position for knowing what ought to acting under a is More largely have the need they affairs managed trial Hlll Thor they arc aware that a lira Lii Tvr e he is solemn to Rispon simile than any other living Iii in for ii consequences of his nets having decided on a cer Tain course an essential to the pub Lic that course should not obstructed by his party friends unless it is in Plain conflict with Trio principles of in is certainly in his position of the More creature of and shun Mere tool of discussion Kiihn i Hist or wrong of the Southern i my of thu to the Day of 10 lilt n House to shelter them and ctn try to the nothing to nil u Rale ii ice mailers is its Honor and Good we a prosperous or Well regulated and this requires that personal Effort without which life will prove a fail or hut an indulgence in ignoble listlessness that dwarfs the glorious attributes which tint Lind of in Ivinity has bestowed on this of personal Effort is one of goal it so nearly i he future Suci Oss of cd Young thai too great pains in taken to instil my Neces sity into his mind Early in Iteli or All alike should aspire id some honorable Ami at by vigorous pit Ronal 10 make for a name in some held of human to to Content to puss ones Lile in Idle renders one unworthy t4io name of too much can not be Laid upon Trio in a Titanec of having our Wlms incr positions in Trio financial or to Mil world their trained into of and persistent they should by educated to methodical ways and Iasi Norih habits by a care Ful training in All that pertains to the duties of the successful Man of Jill Iii the most successful Ili Ihl and have decided that there is no belter remedy for the coddling Moth than to pasture Lings in the to eat Tho Wormy apples and the Worms of Tio of Robirds arc too Largo for the number of hogs sheep Are turned if to will All unite in thin we shall soon sen its there is no doubt being Afier Liat has transpired in past have required some pro or keep the Hayes has exacted some Bond to but president seen proper to accept Good about its what a Man Calls his hard Luck h frequently Looker upon As Uzi now by the Assurance of the Puoplo of the South that they will maintain Trio Law and res Peel the equal rights of All and if they cup Faith with the his South Ern policy cannot Tho same policy might have Boon inaugurated at any Lime since the close of thu Liing Lii people of those slates came Forward with an honest Pur pose and proffered the Hiohio As Long m their pledges arc Kepi and peace the policy should to and we should sustain the president in the Effort he is making for peace and Concilio when those males fail to maintain the Law and protect the equal rights of All classes we shall expect the presidents policy to to abandoned by the and a Force policy set a Komik Staunton visited a Man in India who had committed a and in order not Only to save his what was of much More his he Hub milled to the Penally imposed this that lie should sleep for seven years on a Bedstead without any the whole surface of which was studded with Points of resembling but not to Sharp As to penetrate the sir Corgo saw him in the fifth year of his pro and his skin was then like i lie hide of u but More callous at Tomt lie could sleep comfortably on his bed of and remarked it Tho expiration of Tho term of lieu he should probably continue that Hysein from Choice which to Imd been obliged to adopt from training up a have you n boy from years old if it is a the greatest importance that Yoti s train him up teach to titty from Tho Start that he cant across Tho chafe around Tho Back or Uso few nails Antl boards to make aril or if Yon let him hell Wear out shoos and and nails and boards train him to control his appetite v give him Tho smaller piece of Prev Tho Bono end of Tho Steak the f Small and keep Tho dish out of his by teaching him to curb his Appitito you can keep him in a Good boys7 Aro always in Good humor hunger gnaws at their if he happen to break a Threalt him for it that will mend Tho and teach him u lesson it Tho same if you happen to notice that your boys shoes Are wearing Tako Down thu Rod and give him a poet those shoos were purchased Only ten months and though you have worn out two pairs of boots during that the boy Baa no business to be so hard on my giving him n sound thrashing you will prevent the shoos wearing when you want your boy to go on in you should and add go As Quick As you and if you Are gone Over Livo min utes ill Cut Tho hide off your to will the necessity of and he will hurry you could not do Tho on and yourself in Shin of fifteen but to is to know if you want him to pile the Way to address him is thus now co i want every stick of that Wood piled up before if t comi Homo and find you Haven done ill lick you till you cant stand it u More than a boy of his size can do in re whole but you Aro not to blame that he is not thirteen yours old instead of if you hear that any one in Tho neighbourhood has broken a win or unhinged a be sure that it was your if to denies take Down the Rod and Tell him you will thrash him to death if he Doest own but that you will spare him if he lie will own up to a lie in order to get rid of a and then you Jean talk to him about the Fate of Luik and bad and end up by saying to and in Tho morn ing ill attend to your if you Taku him to and to looks kicks Tho or smiles it some boy lir Ali the moment you got to ought to have been listening to the if he sees Ull the other boys going to the air and wits Lilliem cents to Tonko him Tell him what awfully wicked things circuses Are How they do Boyn How he ought to to thrashed for even seeing Tho procession go by and when lies sound do you sneak pay half a Dollar to go mid Como Home astonished it the and pleased with Tho wonderful gymnastic keep your Hoy steadily at school have work for him every Holiday thrash him if he Wauls to go fishing or Nutting restrain his Domro for Kilos or marbles rout him up at cold or hot cuff his ends for asking questions make his clothes out of your castoffs Gar and youll have Tho satisfaction of when old and Gray that you have to Ninon up a useful member of had to not died just Asho was getting Well broken 4 r1 i to mkt can furnish a House hand but taste furnishes it Artu Tiitu and contrivance Aro of fir More importance Thannie Tioy and of All the att Rativo houses that it has been my Good Fortune to by far the greater number have owed their attractiveness to Tho Lasto and to the ingenuity of their owners rather than to their Long some houses look like nol Storrs Furtini turmoil simply transferred from one show place to thu truth to Are depending too much in these Days on furniture Anil brio Abrao for thu ornament of our and not enough on things Moro Dontly to ought to seek at Lens to it seems to to of Crosslon of of our own fully Ohp a neg of not liar Moro limn Tho doing As Othor a Plo Aro Moro Tom Tho his log what other people Are t i a Jocque Baptist of on seeing a Turtle a of Lii med there it a
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