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Southern Californian And Kern County Weekly Courier (Newspaper) - May 31, 1877, Bakersfield, California Southern californian Kern county weekly Kern May professional and business Pool offers her Sei Ivicek to the of Bakersfield and Vicinity Manu Neof word addressed to her at Stockton will receive prompt refers to h february be door Mortti of the French mid Colin Clor at Kern in the rear of the Peru Valley january attorn eur and Louii Clor it Inyo Prael Loea id All tie court of the May 1877 George attorney and Counselor tit ke11n la Heitert Adobe May attorney and Counselor at Keith Arcade May Alvin notary ke11n door Lauth of tie olympic r Mav chef de this is a new and will to kept in a style not unworthy of tho celebrated Maison 3orce of tie Well known will preside in person in the and will strive to Merit a continuance of the generous patronage that the Kiiker shield Public have hereto orc so freely and kindly bestowed upon in connection with tho House is a fiust class where none but he Best brands of will to Dis French b a k e ii s f i e l Northwest Corner Chester Avenue and nineteenth to e Mileano will practice in the courts of Kern May attorney and at Bakersfield and office in Chi Star until in the gait let win Roii nil it morning Anil particular Nitt Nitsun paid to mining Law and May Charels attorney a Iii Law Merced Marki will Atlonie the courts of Korn january m physician Kern special attention paid to Dpi Ilei women nor children and Ollick Nind Rani Dicicc on in the Oulu lung girly by two doom went of Adobe january 1877 Kevin Ovioe at Drury drug Honl Dence at the Arlington Keun Offlie with where in run in at All Houri of the and in the evening it in May Nuh Vivyon i Puxty Nuh Vivyon n a Kitty Keun Offish in the rear of the Kern vally january office in the mar of the Kern Valley o h w a k t t i a x Kehn of Wool play and Grain Bui Igli and May Bray o and Wii big California May Maison Doree a few goods recently cheap Cash store this hotel is kept in firs class is elegantly to no hotel on the Railroad South of skin Francisco or North of los an furniture and bedding the Saloon attached to tho hotel will always be supplied with the choicest polite and attentive attendants in every department of the every Effort will be made to please terms always May Rene Best selection of general merchandise Ever brought to this groceries and dry ladies and gentlemen and childrens hats and toys and fancy tobacco and Wall Arlington Southeast Corner Chester Avenue and third Street Ujj a k e 11 8 f i e l d James proprietor the popular and experienced has sole and exclusive control of tho dining Fine furnished in modern House l dark elegant billiard Saloon and bar on the first polite attendants in every de May James nineteenth tho Jam Kab having Beni purchased by the in kept in an can to found in the state a firs class Saloon in attached to tho and the Dar Iti supplied with tho vory bout Quality of patrons of the House will Firu of Cullen Good polite and every thing that will add to their Comfort january a new Era in Trade Jay Jonston new Chester the latest styles the lowest prices 1 constantly on Haud a Axson truant of canned and fresh splendid Claret wine at Only 60 cents a sole agent for s celebrated cough and lung orders from tho country promptly at tho lowest Market tho Public Aro invited to Call Anil of Amlun my Stock before pure liaising january shipping and Cross Grain and All farm products bought and sold on having we Are prepared to Ali pie of All the prod acts of the Valley at the Best Market May comprising ladies dress table boots and shoos made to order from selected gents business cheap and diagonals for dress furn Liing goods fancy groceries bought for and sold at the lowest Cash provisions and Mikkal adv ankh made on we do not re Rognlie any a notion or clump John our Woodi Are Pur Shukil Tuin the Fri Tolu huge i of the or Johnston cordially in Vellai my old to Call incl in inert new whether they Slih to nun Haie or the will received january painting sign and Carriage and paper in All its work done in tho boat manner and with by Joun Lee Neil door to a Immurs Faral lure Green in gunk Cuni Liting of a Large Ami Kentral dry Ami everything usually found in a country new goods and latest styles Cailan Llor the Hlub Tiff Price paid for All Klandl Al order ailed and Dell Erbil Ullh the Only country store that keep a a Ellery Wagon and Del Reri cd Mali to terms come and tee fur january United states hotel Loh it Fott and most commod Logia hotel month of the under ilgner beg Teare to inform the travel ing Public Ibal they Hare leased this Well known front their pipe Renee Nan truly my hint Here and Tia Dent Iwa Deri will find a por private we have suits Inu Durale the Eit Nilve we Hare formed the state with the travelling Community u a Nul silent guarantee that Lull Luuie wll always be their favour la we Ballen Deavor to Inion talk our rom Talon by keeping be Impi the Marketa afford fur our and the Chul wit a Lei and Liliuo Viatour we have All a prong a Lodi Al Tel 7ernii Call and a Simba May Blaney formerly Tuo Exchange Flo Tel main Independence Ihbe Ahova Jio Jhb Hai been rebuilt and Al newly foral bed for the of in travelling the rooms Large and com Well and arranged tin Al Earls suits for the amorini Kutlin of Tiik will be Lur nuked Elln the ims Tbs Market and Ewy Alle Ollon f Ivea t the Comfort of f Tbs Tao Btu arrive and depart there is la oooo Kotlos with a bar Oklob is furn lied Ellb Tbs of la smary what the investigation has Krom the the Public Havu followed tho Piney Ohio in deep and have impatiently waited tho loudly heralded zilch it was claimed in and vation by tho tonal press wild result in a Guu Oral shatter Ogof and theol Rosuro of nor Nous frauds on the part of politicians and As the Kovoor Dunlop pointed out when a Innon so Kallod confession was St there was nothing in that thu Ircul that could to regarded As Trust it waa in fact merely a farrago of instep ported charges and such an Havu frequently Boon prepared to influence bloc Lotu during Hual tid pull dual it us Turtle dust Ulutu of any evidential the Ilinor Loii forced Ihu careful Reader if that document waa that it would have both Ropo Sturua to at opt thu conv Ollun of any to Uiki ii hitch Uzoho Anil Allega but As a Strong Guffim who Bunn Mado to create thu Imp Duhmon thai oils was Only Aii in Rikli ution to Ihu Prixida Pruvie fitly Tubu Intro there waa a to wait and sue Low Tom a Sihu Mihl Hincu that time All the had Havu Boun in 01 ring by Imp Lith unil Erlamon to on Thaliah his Eha Gih Agali Ihl Haa Iro diced to Iki thu copy of an Igro Lent both Sun him self and a Oboril no to tho Tunu of whih plaid Learly half a million dollars Worth of proper y in Oarra for application in Ihu nut Lamunt of inn in Oon Nicolon with inns ill goil ring by has told a lung Mil to Lii no Lieut that he and Carr guru part thai he gaol thu for gel naval o procure adva Iuie from thu which he urn id Over to Oarr that he merely to evil an Jarra aunt and Loisil in thin and Many Olhorn Luda of and Flint Arr Wax largely Udeh Tod to thu evidential value of Liene Herlo imly impaired by tho act that thu author of them Linn failed to pro Lucu any documentary profit of their for rust thu original of lieu Ullegue Acen Diug to Han i Kajii ilex Loyid by All in Cyri in Aru Daiil in Havo Mil the Hanoi Herti in no far As can la Novi Lenou in o Vii us for Lului truth of any of inn Una Al his ii Init Rol Atiim Lili lie Man who in declares owes him a in Iho other Carr him Boon Ablo to pro Luce no Melmit i Luli inti ii a very ill Brunt a latin of rela Tlona by when tho to thai net Urphy Oarr proved Hal 1iiinoy waa Iii Anil Iii ail Iliicev ii Lilune to Jiuing to thu con can noun that Lila waa thu Kim ural Pill Loii be Imu Iii Llu Drill ii in Vang mud any 01 Hii Liik received any property from Anil he Given an a Mii Iii if their Mutual Tranbao Talonn which Al Jiuu Imarie Hsieh Inoru in demonstrated unto than Ihu Leclar Atiim of Vijh Iho Public Caru let thu a Haluli of thu Buirlia is Tom i Iii hut they must por Uulu thai whereas in Guys Ala Tomonis Havo no Rili Ablo in that of Carr i Iii Bun baked up by Snulli proof an isum Nunnly Auci stud in thu the of thu Hun in Ilin in vim fuel that Tom whole of Yaag lieu ability to in in whal Hulmn ill Koil in Rikerd to fur it in ii our Liat if he had Liml in thin and if m Ciui Niit no Iii that Hon Pori our in or thai Arr Roo Ltd Haiku Iii ii Linn Anil Hal in Nolli that to Haa la toil tin i Ullic per Nuqui can by of thu Luann through int Iii Mil Hin Bacu urn Havu to str Kii at Jii Rhain throw Ike him they Havu to now that there Lian in Iii a corrupt foil Mal ring on thin Kim tho Turnt 11 Han own Oisiu Iniel that Norham Anil Hargust a sort of corrupt Trinity that Thuy Lii til Wen playing into Onu an thurn and that Thuy work All in thu Namo tho kind of argument employed to Reali Down thu reputation of har ill Iyub Beon thin inn in Imp time Phlp Wilh Diirr Oarr won in Ita Tiu with Hur gent Linney ii Luron that Arr him ilium Llma and so thur Eforo Sargent in a Nelly of lining Thim and after thin Slipshod a Heliin wan Iho nil now Liui Hua min Iii of it nut Only Iwuh inn by Fuzlud to Lirou Thul Sargent or any ugly our had cur with Corr he Han it Lirly fal Luil in Nln att Miil to Ali us that Arr had corrupt diva Lirika with no Lii Gnu proof Haa Boon addict us atm Long to confirm tho Loone gun ural in Tom no Cullel Sunlen Al Piiru Havu Boon mail by Tom Novim Tun us Iii huh to arc uni Ihu Lin Jii Niou unit Thuru really wan Homo Thlik in Lam by roil Raling Anil enlarge ii noun hut an re Kanlun Mil a Noi Nellla Haa Anil morn than a Tuuli of Sihau Sivu in thu main to Sulur in hint inn by should have thin Klit ii in Rah while to to into Cui irl with no Lumon Tualii Anil Liln a tin to him during Lam cd urn of thin in grail Pliml of Frothy Lalk from tho Nuima Tihomil Pnina Abonal duly to the Pio Tullon of pah list Uip Nauru of Anil no thu Iii Zavor has Apparis fitly Boon in will ainu Iho in Hiliu mind into Hii Hulynn Anil Vannu no Alnut Public men an i proof of their thin Elko Iii Fuyii in ult Kelher Loo tho Aru nut Thuy Aru ii Luck my Isikli to thai in for thur in or fur thu Purll Muallim of tho Pullo Ilii Namlyn or Iii Noiin Rick Hwy Anil tin Nam rvs no Pinnt Anil thai thu ii Iero i in Giyik Forward of Hiigli thu Ruth is no Vul Dinou ii thur of Pullo in Okelly or in Ihu Nauni Cane All the rather find to Junell by a Ull if that no in met i Irpino whatever wan a ought in Ihian hut that they were thu ont Ceniu of a poll incl having thoroughly Oil Lynh to nil behind wha Ivr Lam Inni Liik Lam Issue is the the attack which wan in Nuiji iced with such Bombi Vitlo Anil hitch i Isomo Rufu Milutis Lias proud a a Ninal and utter nut Onu of thu air minis of Tom Amis is to Ihu Pullo Han Lien none of the dirt Ali Iotti so Jinn finely has Tinl cos it upon Lam of thud who in run who Wen i up like a Linn Suomu Down Vlku thu and Cafuir All Ihu fixin and thu result is practically nothing at we into More Confidence in a Man Elko Hun who in a be inocent from than All the Gordonn and Lamar von could it Ali four die ii from Huru to thu Gulf of you Are Wollkof Hanniel Cjon a Man who a thief mid everything Elno and Al the command of thu Hitchem of full i to Nanako Rihl of tho hound of Tenut Avenand went Iti to defeat him for the nomination fur after he wan by the Wonit Windi of the lame put on the War paint my Noil pod every than who Bald wan not an Piiru an Angel and at infill can i a drop of u a Man Whoie to Admire Mordou and Lanier wont near do it comp Trinon with great Llo Averi for a Hout Lorn Man to month ii Ham Cox it the tame connection with till Ohl Varroni and oven Kijuu 11 111 Are Joni Pablo of betray pm any they am tho hug but o remt Zwirn Hout Gwo bout trn Hout Uuro an Are u far above the poll Oldani that Taum aay Comoro by a Lvi to country an my Al Jim of Are abort us new Vilou journalism of Tom Nair York a native of really died near and Odd of lie Nikont remarkable in according to a local wan Hoad Boon editorially connected with tho Vicki org Hen Tirol fur nearly a without tight no a Duel or taking to any to who Art Apia Luxl with tho Hollig rent record of tho editor of tho tho will room almost Tobet Ald in Vic Kaberg that no Nan could on tho a month with it a hooting or being hot and in Hiiro Nontia to wan almost Noruin to kill or to by tho Hon Elnel no Longor and luring Axin Temuco of Yoan hero wan warfare among tho in Rubora if in a tuft than thera lion Boon among tha a Ellwra of Atu other Italy Lucu tho Fouda Ion of the Jain on Lagan Wai tho tint editor to at Rait and Council Dontly to provoke lie waa a Cuativo of tho very am Abla n Ordinary Iclal lint hmm of tho Leroen Tiff in and 1r30 to lad Ite Vernl Deai Oralo Trent and two one with the editor of Tom rival to in which to killed two men and wan him Golf Throo Timon Lloyw can hat Tenno and 1h42 lie had Avon Toro enc Oun kill Oil two Tuoro and Roc Ovod five r Nix Pustol balls in different Parla of flu in tho of prong of that your a armed Snori tho Label of carrying and tho following Juno wan abut dead by Daniel Adana an Lithern Tringer to who kill Oil he on account of an article Rell Cotlong on Lila judge of forgo Jain on another editor of tho gun Amdor fought Hov ural and ran Talco novo roly Jarani anole or wan imply Hurt in a meeting with a in kor who Vonil Disrud he Nolf Valter another heist Lynul had a treet mortally wounded firm orgy on tho and Wax afterwards do Lii in an encounter in Jamon till another editor of tho wan killed in of tho be org Jun Hon won Alno killed in front of he of lace by whom he had in Many other flight a and wound worn and Roe Elvod by tho Hen Tirol who an Road the gory account of that warlike Hiot without longing for tho return of tho Good old of Journ Liim in the Houth when very editor wan n walking and forced of a he duh metauro to keep Hon private graveyard a mail without a tho hoi Diml Norv lately heard had i in Onton Ropeti precipitated by lilo veto of governor of expo Vertnor Hulth Van a Mumbiro the unt hound of Delegate a Roiti the county of and Early in the hit Nylon to introduced a Bill Wotli thin title a Mclaring the Namu of Uhar leh Van afto Nvard when tho Bill inn and came up on Itu Lornt and noun my oxus Cormir Hulth explained that me of Kiln wan a Man without a Toth Porenta had died whet to wan an leaving him a Waif and an of Ray in tho i pull omit he Bounty of thu Llu turned from hand to hand until bin real Nam ii wan Long and nobody could he found who could recall an he grew up he became known an Tromp More to which in had no Legal lie waa a Bright and u of tho county took a Ancy to Lind him educated to Toniu of and taught him the Trade of u Tonii a hence to ban arrived at Omatsu in ban achieved much inc cent in to it Ming u conned Erable and Doc menu Allnut Nom Llu had already expert lined Home Mortill Cotlon and to Iii Legal dim Cal Tula by rein on of tho uncertainly of bin lint to ban been Blu to get on until ant when to full in Lorn with a Beautiful Rirl of lamp incr and nought her for Hon then to found Hon a Melijon condition an in Kir Blu Obj Cllon to tho him could Nuver Eona ent to part with her own mime in 11 anti Rcd that thu would legally receive an Ithier in in Tromp applied to tho Conru for but they held that Ali Lothey Mil Power i Chungu a they Hud no lower to give a Pernon a inline who Lind in Hon tribulation to Ornis applied to oxus our for who introduced in the Jeneral Annen Ihly the Hill declaring the name of Vun Maruin in which Tromp had join Alneil he Namu of inn chief him doctor with unit Ollie Iru Ilu whereby he had Gul on in Lenl t wan not until the Lunt Dayn of thu Nenn Lon hut the Bill whim Goi through both Mouach Ami inn nent to the Llu had not Huard if Ulici i vol of Ihu and tip Pond ii Uibo one in which the Couria could do Llo vetoed resumed it Dunap Ilin wan adjourning nine and la wan Loo late in help i information from Vanruler Milln that the lady i Iii la Nelly refund to enter Lulu Trona Proton us any and Iyub Takon Whone Namu in and in ban gone to much for an Tiik widow of the late Commodore Vander ill waa a of before Hho ban Nom Flint Iii Inyim in and with one of before her nor Rongu with lilo nhe had in Mii Iio mry favourably Llo wan a Young they Thuy mini la wan Iii rally believed by their it ilium Fri inn thai they would tho Coni Iuo Xinren ill Llonna Lio and Ihu Oung Var a Lulu doctor married a Beautiful and a com ill Ltd Young imly of Hon unlike the lock irn Young wife died giving birth to her int the child noon following left Thun Lino him doctor remained a widow an Hontall Hannu the death of the com Indore Ihu Virginia doctor and Vander ill have renewal Mir Infirri opted intimacy and and it in re Gorlod by hone who ought to know thai when a decent interval lion from Lam Ilen Ilii of the tho coi Ihlen will to United in a Lola the Ludy and Gentl Omun in Cann of Ornu Lovo Tran Miliani Havo a old Voth tho Ulmont and the of Lundi of 10ih can Rej Loo with Iii Lloyed in their ultimate thu Virginia although not very him a decent com nit onco and a flu 1lnrioy and Jarr Han been tin Virgo Long Livent Gatlon in court for Neon re in nov a Talon that Ilia Imell Catlin Nadu in the Enron Lulu u not Correct that Honan Emmlu no and that what to Ali nay u not muted an to Carr proved Conlu Navoly tha utter fall Ltd of All tho involving tho of dunce shown that Ihu univ Trana Alliona Uit Woan ctr and Linney wore in Coal mine in Oregon and a Iulo Kivor menu in am lint to lieu wore trl Coly hour Pablo Bui Leniw to far an Oarr wan concerned him boy Olill Lieng in Carra tho great i Lucy Dixann Cwm to Lund Hie it a court of Diego 22 assessing growing drops Tow state Board he mulched an order directing to towing Crown at Uiola tuft Cash Valm Dlf Breni Ora ref umm Gotal Tali Batto Havo pained resolutions against the thin 1s a Porior o adopt in opposition to a Law so Union and Lurl Monzal to cur beat an organisation to numerically powerful a lie Lara ugh system in this should Dot re Mode of action that would to wad Nollido every Orange in lilo m Ion should not Ira Oon Flerx to the pasta of 5 Rosoli Loim simply Inre slug my should you talk a direct refusal to comply with or at Only submitting to the and thus mate ilk Tost Lobo Omish Toul and defended by the Oetlor of the patrons of buob Tilloy would Peru Only bring Ono ret win Why Tom farming and agricultural Nelly la Unno Ted and so poorly pro Tom in Jim and of erosive Laws that it if Notum Ltd in and lacks the co in Ratlae government that tells so Well in the Lanag mon of Railroad and storm pulp conv and Othor Groat Industrial and com Norclay the Grange system should Supply this the remedy Oer ally tins within us Power and ii should not Svaluto to grasp the moans from the owl Huttt t Gluvna to the Orange tho feature of a to and arbitrary interest in political f tho Constitution of the patrons of Bandry them from direct action lit such Thun it should to be cause tho Araugo in opposed to s no reason Why it should not itself adopt Irot Mcilvo Thoro is no Good reason Why our should not protect hem Elvos so slut a Law to flagrantly unjust As the one levying taxes growing Luro is no positive value in a crop of Grain Mill it Roan of a Field of 10 matter How u liable to be doa it any time by the appearance Oft a a aloud of and to mussed other it is Jolt Ike counting before they Aro Lut thu Small Farmer must pay Tahoe upon its growing Wyllo the mortgage upon ils land that is bold by his neighbor the Cap goes soot front this is american Han Luis Obi ipod Tom of leu in in Onn Tunt re wept of pro Pool Toni from a printing company in Han Vrin Olono u Furnoh with a Terry extra to to folded in the Tulou fur the Ben till of our Tow Genoron of thu exl Raa do not charge a out for Theiu they print with their Ilie Rary Matte which they to pub llah for them u fun Dong Vliem ont Wotli our it u a we dont Tun it u hardly us fair thing to our Homo to Lay nol Bluff of tho nude Adoui lip Deuce of in a new Napur that can not furl no Lla Mailer of Homo Maou Fallum Rattler i Emily that Pukt o from do Civ apus thu Natti Ploit in he Pullo a Nellu Mompoi Hatlon for Pullo Jeffersons political Loral equal Loloi of human thu ii Roplo tho Only source of legitimate absolute and lasting Severance of Church my and if the Rosi Motalvo tho Union a Lallon nor a thu Conata Sutlon of the Donlou a special written of a Guillod and no Here diary nor nor no taxation beyond tho Public no Nailima if no costly splendor of no proscription of nor of no interference with a dual property or Uio military an the to obey tho loser to ii Iii of his no favored no Kli Hillois and sult Ragu no Pullo incl inns Sipai ipod except by Var Ranton no my thu Pullo Pullo no Lorato and Economy and wooo Iii of the Side mar won t in a Zindl Datu to succeed lie has tho Aue of iritis Shory and tho per Leno who no in re tilt of a Long term of ser Loo in i in is a Man of indomitable a worker who never and a Man who Prelly Likely to follow his whole or Alghi or with tho further advantage Hai Thuy Aro Inoru Likely Tubo re get than to has Madu some but Lui a disposition to to Greet them when univ knowl that to was sue Ceas in thu Nixt Competition for Tow Bonata May turn on tho thoroughness with which to Vlma onatus himself from tho charges brought Ift Alnut him by plan tiny mid ills Lun Alor Hargust owes it to film inf and to Iho Talu who no he has to make such Ilii Mallynn of these charges that Urey will nov in to hut no one will in Llovio that any incur Volly on Alvo Man like in the hunh to so Loii he can Havu stooped to until it la clearly hangout May not Imi As Strong a Axil Lover in the civil service loot Lilii As Iki hut if it were applied in us on tho supposition that recent Churg of san without it might work greatly to his Tiik Raj ulry Between North and South As exhibited in Ihu local press of the two in Voinot Lucs manifested by in Kin Erous the drought in tropical Ballf Oriyu has Given too mon for Many Iii Klul remarks by tho More northerly and something Akin to rejoining la observable in the tone or thur Elj nylons to the Tilro Yulii in Iho Iosh fortunate this m Kratly to ii California far too vast a and too thinly to admit of mentions North or in any rational hypothesis of injurious Oom it work for tho Hoith Sui Tlona of thu hiatus to rejoice in Taoh others and learn to Cash oth is Ina Trail of in Iii filled with envy and when Niile outs do find iras of Rio suction of California running Lown snut line and in what is printed regarding they Are Apt to form a bail imprint Luis of and away to Trust that in future Hern will Imi no repetition of Illus Nussen the Rural press of the it Tuum injury is third than and in aur Omo t Dixie not look a ii Kilos love ton Zoltko Rii Lurnel to after Jig Ihu turkish to found la Lnu with his had married an Young girl but Ween in a in Unghier by la Titus drat to Trully Little Lurl loved before Aoe log tho hold err who had sent from the Orient Tuuli inter Ihling Lut Birs to Al for von to had until than Sunn in woman Only a Uulu constantly interfering with thu life of a but Man More than 40 years old is loved by a witching girl of lie nails by returning her from hat time Thero Wai but Nej woman in the world to m there was but Onu he Marrcil soul Mary and who Sho in the great Todd my Halo oui say thai his life Ai it soul so being was if nod Only the Soldier the Ooi Inuss was bit cml in Beautiful Turk in and on tho Marble above her is love is the fulfilling of the Miry Yon Mollie Wai very very very and it u old As Apu Liello that Sunoo her death to fold marshal Hai not been seen to the Washington Bur the indisposition of undo Ham to pay claims Iga lost if be on avoid la pretty generally Bluet Sevon for win brought again so Tow nov rat the latter for some i 1 a 4 to pay until ii u was from ii Usu Whan a wait Cou which Bod v gave to tho right to no the court of with bit a won years Mont the to by which the decision of la Tod a in a tort ago we Awn nud to Ablitt
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