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Southern Californian And Kern Weekly Courier Newspaper Archives May 25 1876, Page 1

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Southern Californian And Kern County Weekly Courier (Newspaper) - May 25, 1876, Bakersfield, California The Kern county May Pablo snot Etty third he cat professional 181s one ten per for regular buil nem payable Legal and Angelal Flat each subsequent per Talmi known by the Money required in Adraner Lor All Neal trading Fen Otenti a Flat i Merton Are note per line for Eul Nequent Intel newspaper Law who do not five cup Rita Attlee to the coot try Aro considered As wish ing to Contone their if publishers May continue to sem hem a null All charges Are if Tubi Elbers neglect or refute to take papers from the Ofhie or place where Abny Are they Are held responsible until the Settle their Bill and give notice to Dis continue if move to other places without informing the and tie a to the former they Are held notice of removal should always be the courts have decided that refusing Tettke paper or periodical from the or removing and leaving u uncalled for u Facia evidence of intentional Kofes Sohal Klc former Lar of Godfrey and attorneys 1 counsellors at los collections Raae in the Southern Counton and att nil to Beor the t part ens Wos Hungt und of Laud do a general Law Henry Irest Medina is Bank of firm i Inu lot of 1rest k Barb Nib me a to Orff Rosa la a Behtin will put entice in court of uk1tkd tvs Dentt mixer Al 5 How lets Moh 18tf notary county Surveyor of Kern Mineral pc Iii attn Nylon paid to land Ollre bunt county surveyors a feb3tf Mineral Hov Lett up mar successor to Hirschfeld fully inform the Public thut he Baa received a Large thud tried assortment of direct from the Eastern and european the reduction in Railroad freight rates them to Tell at lets than san Francuck ladies american and French Mohart und dress Irish Swiss Jaco rib kid Tori Street Railroad bakery fled most comfy mate of urdu of All Roodt la Tuu Houawa marked one Tel Gudld to election of meat try let of letter May event of this week and the Grandoit and most Momen Tum civil occurrence of the Century will be the opening of Tho the Centennial Lola exhibition on the Bustle of French Pioneer Deug Cheater Post Van blk attorn of it 4 Tor Welt of the Treach Isih a Tox Xura la on Chester Avenue iy4tf 20 jambs at Law Offick Kera bunk Ken Valley Quetu will be fond at Kimner morning and fan Lealar attention to mining Law and pit Tenti is the in Jet am 1 of Tho kind in this part f the a in rec in inv Only of Izue pure Unsei t i Lut Artel mid nil kinds if Patent infallible me Liq for every known u Bonne in kept on ainu the fluent brim h of to it Meji Chul prescriptions carefully Compo Index at All hts its of the Day or f Rizir Nicolan and iil8tf Olliee at Trio drug prescription drug Stork John Sucre kor to brut1 on druggist and Chester Side cur is i itto Rne Leei in All the of Tea of 1vblic schools Obee Al Rea Deeee near Aorta of chiller at Ealor in pure put ont articles and in Spur Iii it Tention paid to Trio conic our Ling of and Only the Init Eft urge Licuan culls for itt imy Lour of the ii Clit uus Werirt i co of c if Furnoh 90tf atom kit att coarse Donatla i Praet Lilno in the dui rect m Ohe sur Cue Touth of Kern Valle Rorsi Ziair and ail Ike Nedical at the old stage John licentiate Boyul Colungo mid Llevat Toof col Luivie of of i Iii Stii Holli cd thu or Attlee of Midica Ennd surgery at the drug store 01 i m Alt in this store no cording to the Dispensatory and with the a Tolu raved from new York a lilt and velvet while huts of All kinds nud of the new est silk and Linen Woolen from thu met Lou Woolen boots shoes Nijiu Frisin Claro in Iule Cine torn but touch Anil lured and Choice election of ladles and childrens chit ago hum nun Rynn Romeo san Francisco cd Lungi Eastern Clear Bolo gun Solo kid Ocif Yosiph Fella Uli Lingo Cutlir Orlu Etc unlined to blah Plo devised Chili los a Rubli Kotrc variety of ladles and gentlemen travel lug trunks Aud tin for anything you May require go to Lewis steins and you will gel Mure Furu Dollar ilium at an old Isitoro in tint to cull aug inspect Tho i Trio clerk will lie found Ever willing to exhibit it Evn i Imerti Iulo not finh to mys Chester third North and uht Ster pm and look at Tea newest do Olgui Tut but Quality of boots and we Call attention to our new soc jct Imi Erch Anise comprising silk and Cotton boots and and o l o t i 11st q read made suits of the Eastern and european silk Woolen All descriptions of Woolen goods from the Mission and Sun Joso groceries and provision a buc lot of Sweepstake Spring the and mowers and and other article too num Roui to mention and cum like Myu n o to c in Ternali Ukuk Kvek mfg Ciai mat to of Floi Tuluii 3m7 Anil Urey in my or Rem Lori Librn la lilo in n in pro Iisak am in his Oil of Ness a 8tam t the fyn int of anal Ira fur the apr club Len by Farr or blacksmithing Wagon making 10uxtt furs Clax and Dak Tho finest and fullest assortment of Gene jul merchandise to be found in Tho summer Staple and Freih and a self a Ursicia and Abife in the Arlington Home no Pulte he will no Way be found a Hli office when on Counselor and of the United states supreme court solicitor of inn and mining put Iblis Wash attorney a Counselor at Law District will practice in the courts of Kern co l s physician and with where be in be at nil Houri of tin ind in the car aug Wigginton m o r g a m to the pit Lle that be Hai taken awl largely ext filed and in rated the sep Leo pied Brand i now prepared to Emorite nil work i Hli Floe promptitude and in a and Itab great reduction in blacksmithing and Wagon making jul Aferiat furnished he Trade at easy Farl Tenolar attention will be paid horse interference will be and Ull Munh of the Boot and other Ali Baiei of Ibe hone will be attended to by a skillful and experienced salted and canned Luau of All Twenty thousand of Choice the choicest i run in of old at by the Iago or curl be liquors a Iii the taxis pm Nickil w1tiiim Tki Bot Mora of the Law a1ovc Guiteu am till follow i till Rakil 00 Klinl fimian 100 of Delort la mull Wco dealer in melt so 00 draw re in Irhn g5 00 to Tull in inf Sou 60 Ami in mini of Al fit ure my Del Lutrin oxime of of Alert in s 00 of w 00 Ami fur each Illel 0 and fur Inola Wurm w 00 Aurori of join of 1000 Iedd Torii of More limn Twu Burn non thru so 00 of or Uler r 9300 Iedd Lorii of he role or is 00 red Illuri of Fout or Public 1000 Lark Dornuf cum than 500 is 00 la report of 000 Burrell or 100 00 any to who Ibyll fill to comply with tie furpjr1 inf nil be Subj get la if Ere Preioni or limit Topay Una o the in Guird mint apply to Van it mid pay for Tiit the in flu Upin uly prior to May ifc70 and null Hiil i ural or Lollon of Iii Urnel p tertiary ill of Lut Ernul mfg 19 of preparation on Tho site of the exhibition Al Niom defies Oliou sends of and Laborera Are it work night and Day without is 10 doubt that Tho buildings and or jiving else dlr ally out Rullod by the Cimi Mission and the Bond of finance will be completely ready by Midnight of displays Mado by foreign exhibitors Are Bill want and val Nablo beyond the of Tho it is not expected however that Tiu Teall of the will have their in perfect although Trio most strenuous nit urts to that end arc be ing it u that no previous exhibition wan As far advanced on the Day of opening As Tho Centennial it the Power of Man to accomplish great re suite in a Short Timu when driven by Noco Sutty in a of their Power u be ing Given every any at Trio exposition where workmen of All nations arc font per und an n out Owh awns disc a a week Cotuit Icicy and in thu main build Onkit begins to look in truth like in almost Tho on pro surface in covered with the on cd inti uld for Many of these cases no ill Lod with choir Elf Gentit and Incorv sting and others Cru being rapidly brought to a Maui Lair Erato of in thin matter of Warus there in a Grunt variety of Slazo and Elo Many Azicri Canini Apical to pay great mention to Thor Many of them being no Elc Gunt and Opont tin an to detract Tho Atten Tion from thur while Tho american Baitec Are mostly of the French and Angl Iii Aro generally Madu of Wood stained or Pulu ted la imitation of in unto blur Nuas of which is n very Usu Etelvo cont it la Tho brilliantly tinted and variola cd Gondi and Howla has received none of Hor Trio two Laden with them not having As yet England in Well advanced with Moat of her though borne Aro Sill entirely Trio who sever Al weeks ago Scro go backward As to Call Down upon the of Trio Havo started and will noun Havo Nln had their Tho Kun Yelsh colonies will in Usu a very interesting and Oxton Skivo in Trio Canadian unc Tion everything in eminently the educational department of Ontario a prom and will Boa non co of int crust to in a Caus by i Wholf a were attracted by Model of Wlms upon red Lobo a dunlin1 o Large and elegant building of in Aud reformatory character in in the department of Mouth Walcz Shch High above Burrou uding objects a pyramidal Shaft of thu color of which visitors Aru it form Iron dome from he top of which a Mammoth figure of of Lam bin appear As the Pertll Dong a Clui of the Brounds it is to contain the Art Ell Bolti the pictures Are being rapidly Hung 10 the an Many of the exhibits Luton did for this department not at yet the ply ship which has to Looe at a Tolu on Tho Montt Petit to receive the contributions of american painters and it among did the Centennial and military of a vials Art very buoy the of the opening on a in being erected in Avenue Between the nut ii building and memorial on Llila will to wanted the Praml Dunton the United surrounded by Cabinet mom Bora of judges of Tho supreme and Federal governors of h the May or Council of Tho and foreign tors Aud Tho Only no officials will be Tho Grunt Centennial choir of Over six Hun dred the urge orchestra mid members of the Thero will to one representative of in person Oom our Royal visitor who Iiah shown Auch not to to and hat already been Over a considerable portion of the although he landed Only two a Cost when last Hoard from to wat in i Lottsburg making hit Way Uit wife u now stopping at Tho Continental hotel in thin she appeared at Tho opera Hutu Day a vory Pulu looking elderly with a Good Strong she passe of Honor who As our Uloa Tho Queerest and oddest of to Vurnor of will arrive in thin onco Rhod by Tho Boiton Eit Deu with a full band of fifty the Buluro Tho coins Tsiou and Tho Board of finance in Eleud of Pfiste wet Tarud of Itofa in Oney into u with it Road Bat been Opo led Abonit i but Fil Road fairly u Short time t debt of to ctr tar it Dol left in been a ted it fairly eat Eulota on div Dondt Ott Mon fully equal to Tiff Fatm at Itiat of Money Ronld u a Ltd both Teothi to top with a paying thong i hand of a to Tvett Nhy reit Bath of it Eitl Lent Tret Frlj that Dofring k year a Leto i a Tony he i ing lie Road id step v Kurt Totea Are offered by and Holder Here and if Tho line Alt mint de to that and it u if thar i to capital Stock could but Torlop loot lit Tho later place mooting of Tho Stock holdout of that of nip will iraqi lost and any act Lorf i May take looking to lift i Tomm of will to regarded Wolfli it Hereit by Tbs it u worthy of Ronk Trio fluto who or this com Penny civil deep Amor to fat to re Joliet about t same Dii Lanoe it Ftp tra Efad id real ten it drop Junco Loti largest grata ill take cargo at by keep to till Flat Obly Nadvan Tsega of a cop arc in thur woo pro that they Multi ply with croat doubling be Dock aft in Tak lug Aaro mainly of if i Good Lutor in Turago and proper shelter Are there another duo for which to have found by experience Lobo of great advantage in Good they Are the bout Wood and Ali Lutlo a far Mer they keep the pasturage free from Ali co Petit of the we recollect of Twenty a cart ago or that Holata Ille Bard of in ttys bad a farm of and that not a Wood could to soon upon to did not put much Faith in the and determined to Vult thu farm i boo whether the report nun such a Model of Wodlt visit Lam and und clean Lions in Copps land or Cottral in following in pm of Wagon Ufa my Nodal fort Boole and Gulf Railroad company a Ptim Ounim Nat forfeited on account to Irako payment within the time by theto bbl la no Advent the and the Trtol it Grant Loa Rullford right to Cli Falgo from n pm oomph Ion entry it Ino Dent o a Block of Fine indies und aunts All und but amorini wiil in t lie count selected from the celebrated House of attorn f Tho Merced Bank front Marks will attend the of urdu of Kem Kern Island Nursery one mile went of orders loft a the Ilora of will be attended to on Mondrya and jew a Alker door Kem or inquire of Liberal adva Noea made on woo 7 atom faints and paint and every thing in Trio an exo Colont i malty of Pine from the by will of Funk a and everything usually found in a country the highest Market Arleo Puld for Grain and other produce and order filled carefully and Call and see me before purchasing third Street manufacturer dealer in and is Imbt Ikon Wahe Coli also i1katlno pump and Well pipe on Handt puur8 spa Ikid at Short to fido reasonable Termott ocl Flom Lititz Fol amount of Gold taken from the Nili Ith of that Colony for Anil to la Valirio of rat Titt will that Thun Taft Lulf is nut of thut but u merely a Symbol constructed of Gold coloured Wall paper panted on n to Inukai Thuro Aro Many ontto Tud elaborate Pavillis Riih Coyitt trusted by Tho furan go Prumis Cunt among Bluh Are tin Hplu Jiuu ail Nono at pro out Din Luyn Urich Groat Aud elegant tits to As that of Ilia in Trio nurse Gitin Section uru Lutitie Kalilu of Gifu Groupie o Illuri Ratiu of the in Nuorn and Pur tulu of Ilio one much attention in a mount lilo awkward in input Lias Jutt full ii upon mgr you bleeding from a Bullet wound n its watching Tho death throes Aro live two Hunters and two peasant nun and u let thu to to guru Aro vory natural in their and vory la Fultko to mini a Uro Nada of Homo kind of planter aim in Tho same depart ment Uro soveral Fitnet of Enqu Witoly Lino Flea oreo at Lurien Loilit Dent afoot from Sueb other in Tho Mam Avonzo Aro two of to Lind Nocht Ronde Hod Walor they Aro about thirty foot la Olio of them can Tulik in a very Beautiful nil to varieties and Dlf Lerent Cal Rod it it Enlil that at alb Iii this americans Dan played nut Liing but water fount Tim and by Wing Jii Ough they will do bolter it Ali or own to till tidy will show Thor Iii Diienno for Tiu liar Leah Buve Tiju by erect ing Many temples to its a Guod Uluth of soda water is a thing almost unknown Oul Milo of to United of Tho Conti nent if Ono Milih for soda water Lio u brought a farming to never Taw lint u wot not Long before to Dino overed to what it wat attrib Gentry kept to Ovorn Iliou Taidt Merino to Tarmu furred from held to As he Taw and they Nib bind Down Tho and kept Tho pastures from of lie told us that a Dormi Coit tacitly could not Kong the Coda under Subjo Eefou like bit Flo Oli of and the of Robt ii void to Nev int Lytel lilt and upon a Mado Rodatt Back to Trio data of hit toll a Fob Bonitos Tatad Ollry i the condition of the land it tue Dato Ompton claim tools and if the Latsil hat become in Orloo do to Metteta if lire Orloo was 88 acre when Ilia wag tue Santa Durbar if Art to Fofe ii on to party very Portlice fitly still a Papor May to v into to Laufili tend to the Rule Tiiu Fol Iii Over Ami shutter that May to fat Fuu Truoi legit it eur of few Lbw hot Dert u the Contra Tootla know Valcic or follow Ryg it in from actual result in of our on higher Morti Eoli Oilau Power of Ift Tuupo i other and Riillo a Dlf spreut one to do not believe1 Lei Lime per log Sonal organs on Tho one nor the tire Iren Aldo the now York Buff 1rtbufie Taftt Tho amount of v for Sale or 160 for the Best hesij5ence prop Allty in town it offered for of Faik a Hock of one in expel evil Udabe i lib fruit Trimi Alfalfa stiff solent to Kef p h oni Eio Ellen on Fine cellar ii mfr the Jiro Perty in Tilly Moil la Ike ii Lim a not that Purton Superior farm land sixty notes in ditch Willi Wuttur water for Sou thu weal of Iuo Iouli y Husij Rwjr Tibu Udall town die to a bib do puled Iio Cash balance in two mid three years internist 10 per Are acres of prune and Plum eight for one crop net from Truch twelve yearn two1 acres of dried and put flick in Boxen Runty for from Trees Luht Yenart sumo not strawberries in Larno 98io per Aero net to Tho this in a far a Crago in a Good Pur Plo Foo eight old Curron and eight Jijoo Olgh yearn Ordinary Good 9230 10 tons per 20 Tow 1 Good j ssi not Berloy Iso Btij a per Good Juno Milch por Theop Konsuit Moa Almott double in enl to in double la in Hern and to Wool paying Good four boart old Noil at Iloo and As Colts grow Tho year round they Arrero at maturity much earlier than in Tho lantern v7o Faro Wen a two your old Colt Wolk Lilg it to Tran wat Oli Ftp work ratio w Toi Aoi it Uit monthly report of the United bytes co Mitt once of Agiou Fenre Lufa Iwer f Troio engaged in Tho ouf Turu of Uio it i rift More not Britlon brio Ltd he go to tie Altit valuable tree thin plan thru True Wrd the farm bottle of that warm of cot a Laturo known to in by Mineral in to main Hall is Corn Ploton it in five feet 111 diameter Ullett lighted it is not much f on n circlet of Iron arranged to buy Largo Start and while no doubt when lighted Tho effect will by on Ritter Dikiy lust to new hrs ooh of Tho loading Railroad to the buildings Wilt formally thin adds to i to already meant of transit a carrying Power of por soil Dai truant will Iki run every to fusion min Tea from two depot to in to heart of to and from Turco other in the hoi Luul nral Hull by in Abii entirely Aird delivered to Ilio Centennial author Lles by the to Sli Riim and Lowers Aro living arranged in and Urbont one of Tho most interim Lotf and to Lumblo been Nimlo by Jam a Vel Toli of Tho Cliel Nea Aad combo Wood of Green and Fine of the stun Dard a Tyrolt Tud jul Oneko corf Orous it it talk that tilt rare and Benu Alful collect Lon it to to Prason Tod by Trio Gnu Trout owner to chortle natural Dopart dint m a Mou Souto of the Mitny plants Caunt by Lulu oat until to Totton i Awro if Trio Prete it warm weal or out Lutos the unt guttural to part went win Toon be the most of to Mui Normal Ali Kali u i Omott solid Structure Atouk Lindbl Bohon it it to fur Utilma the coming that building t intended to Renvall to tue ii order o can to bought at 990 to three or four years Aro Worth to Buty Dallara liven led in if Welt Man bring per Day Hilno so vory Han Juno owl Kituto puff Vino there Mote to be Loar Rcd about pouring out hot ton and Coffee limn Mott indict Uro willing to if Thow Decoo Slont no Mado at tha which by far to on butt they and ext thou if Hoy Tro Bio ready ii to Tell to their that they Lutoll Provo Luff Dent in for i indy party and that to older air abort Surall hate stronger Duflon Portum pour out nol Bong at All us ufos Tomt Tho Lortt our u the thai Tho Tea growt at Wuger u you in Tow Iho poorest our Noti to or Cavost give Trio Tif Ungott to a vory Yong Mokhor of the family would Havo beef bettor without a Diioro Tamera out of equal Treng Cluro it Tito you should Jurs Litlo Junta and Latori go in re Tang Trio order m you fill and the strength will be oppor Lloyed that t to Trull in Kugland that an expo Lencel pm Fer of Tea Walls till til the out of to company Aro Roluri Iod to her Bogro Ibe fills any Trio that All nay Thart made up of Little to who to Vatu Over a out Lent Mitt go atop by howl or Tom a Stajk do h tools no by Ito who mat Tor it Fatt by by Trio a Polnett i f our Ufa made up of court Mimi Wile put want Gui Ilal a for lonely Jota if Good Tud Good Cue in a Newt Obi thou in h Way do a Artif shelf lilo till not that Onitt up our life Story and every Roii regt it tin Bra culture wot it urge a tale la Trio Turnt already Stikl tried Wotel that can be carpentry and la Iuit of 10 feet Long Ivo Boon tliuwmg1 s Elsm Pettnot growth tent tree will Bor of great Mem and a on Ottna no count and for Othor it trill tincol807 Plu Tea about and but already told Wood harder that of any other if growing in tint Region Ulm Curradi promises Gront Prout to Wii As u a ipod to no Rossmy of thir Trutt in l there it a in bit town who it very Observance of Ilio thru Sun Tab Ballir Day morn Rifg two be Tilomai drop Jed into tills Wen lit fir into to Faulta it Mefi dry Sermon they called Huw t Bioh Baving of troied of Oner of Trio jut the barkeeper cant dec outta the Sabbath with spy Long at 1 for bal Toful future Boyi Jid ont Otto t Only Witold to Shako with Tola to will Bavo to Furnoh the Quarter Wuu us plate it pwned to butt of Boreo of aloft or Wii mollified w lie Dio oboe wat tuft night you wanted to on1 Funi and ill to if you on Osmo Faw u Long m i Nul to 4 tit qua Rolt Tea it thud jury 01 at la Roerk Marlc tag report to Trio after Indio Montti we Nerips psf towed request two about brat Kubi u an in till a Tori that a Tab bullying a adj my up of

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