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Southern Californian And Kern County Weekly Courier (Newspaper) - May 24, 1877, Bakersfield, California Southern californian Kern county weekly Kern May professional and business Pool it Freus her to the ladles of Bakersfield and Vicinity m nurse of word addressed to her at will Revoire prompt to february and Counselor it Kern la the Riar Kern Valley Jaa Oary Maison Doree one door Zurth of he French Chi air chef do attorney and Cou Nelor Inyo la Mil of the Hay 6eobge attorney and Counselor at Ken la be Teri Adobe bulging May attorney and Counselor at Kern Arcade Chester May Alvin attorney at Law a a votary Kun door math of the olympic mar new goods recently cheap Cash store this is a new and will be kept in a style not unworthy of the celebrated Wai son do Roo of the Well known will preside in person in the and will strive to Merit a continuance of the generous patronage that the Bakersfield Public have hereto fore so freely and kindly bestowed upon in connection with the House is a where none but the Best brands of will to Dis rain in it of general Ever brought to this groceries and a John Tox 4 n e w Hie latest styles the lowest pricks comprising ladies dress table boots and shoos Iii Atlo to order from selected dry ladies and gentle mess w to e Al Leno will practice in the court of Kern May Samuel attorney Ami coup nor it bakeb8field and Obre on Chuter Neil in the Outtie will in Frimml it hum morning paid to mining Law May chapels attorney and Counselor at Merced Mark will attend the court of Kern january French 13 a k e 11 s f i e l Northwest Corner Chester Avenue and nineteenth this hotel is kept in firs class is elegantly to no hotel on the Railroad South of san Francisco or North of los an furniture and bedding the Saloon attached to the hotel will always be supplied with the choicest polite and attentive attendants in every department of tho every Effort will be made to please terms always a Lily and childrens clothing hats and toys and fancy tobacco and Wall o v in t v m1yhiciak Kern be Ell attention paid t of women Neil children and Ami Enlil who on itch in the formerly occupied by two Doon went of Tom Adobe january 1877 and Ken at Drury drag residence at the Arl Leflon a Una ton Southeast Corner Chester Avenue and third Street James constantly on band an assortment of canned and fresh fruits splendid Claret wine Ari Only 50 cents a Bolk foil Bishops celebrated cough and lung from tho country promptly a Trio lowest Murkot Trio Public Aro invited to cull Frfd Cramin my stuck Bosforo purchasing january a new Era in Trade i comparison Between islam ism and gents business cheap and diagonals for dress Liurni Ahing goods fancy goods groceries bought for and Soli at the lowest Cash provisions and hardware adva nobs Mauk on Wooi to do not any aug Lynn r cheap join our i Ion urn Purl mid Frum to Era Lolani Boukaei of Luu Mil Johnston mall Nelly bin to Anil and Limp it Hla now Lime in or nut Tuny will be january in Many other of tho of thu world being thu of to High Priit and Mahomet Onu nil tho Lahn Mut wan nut Anfinn Nutler to legion to dip no not with Thinius who Avo acc Elvod tho lint nay to o Vollov in thu Hunt to you my to our god in and whosoever Iuliu Qutb in god and Dutli what n a Lull tho Malcom Rull Gion for us Thone of Ihu hta Mont usually with Marmul liked to Emparo him Nell Willi it Nover claimed fur Hli Melf thu Amir of tho in runt trill lion that Young Aln Hemut Ono drove Hon Cam in to tho Hamo Hibit Thuro horde flu for Iii tho we Krovat unveil their Knees to the Amu and rented Ami Klupt upon Ihu into Leru and by in two Mellk Tymn at thu uha Pul of Jallut Cathorine Mold talk and Civ mall Auk did and thru than womb up tho Amu mud lilo by at Niedgi Novgorod Lio Mohammedan and cd Rulau clinic huh Aru tho quarrel Mil won inn mind and christianity in a Amily and in doubly Hitler u that religion Ihen unt Lally it i Iii no Zuerl Lulal or to inter Piui Hume on thu Jlius and Iii u in he roughly p to Ynhu Yuul a to tin Iconie Lutlo a May he Mien in Ai and Ovorn Nio Hiing Extein ulling our Tiu Oll Quinn Frontier pm k a k unix i u i Panfir Sclass Avi Ken Offlee with where he ran be in Neil at All Honri of the and in the Vuu inc no Hli May Ovi Ity Sun Vevon and Depitt Mineral Keun offem id the rear of tie Kern vally january Kehn Ihl Pokol of Wool Hay and Drain bought and May beat o o l Aud to Lalih Trio popular and has sole and exc Eusivo control of the dining Fine furnished in modern a Loibiso l dark Klc Gant billiard Saloon and liar on the first polite attendants in every de May shipping and Cross ban May Job printing James nineteenth tho living been purchased by in kept in Good As Good us can to found in tho Sittu a firs class Saloon is attached to Trio and the bar in supplied with tho very Best Quality of Grain and All farm products bought and sold on having prepared idl Penof All Jiro Ducoli of Lam Valley at Way Green Onnell Iier of a Large nil Giti Zirul Dlly my Everyll intr i fully found in min err new goods and latest style Coit Biilly the Lilg Liml Price paid for All knit i of Produn and delivered with Proi Aptner he Only country store Tomt in Dpi a and urls ohm Intili to come and Nee for january of print us Etc outed Jwj Short notice and of to motion table to patrons of tho House will find excellent Good polite and every thing Tomt will Odd to their january painting ii o u s e sign and Carriage and paper in All its work done in tho Best Inanna and with by John Lee Street door to Nuli Tornari Furu Tui 1870 k pm Orosi Iii Llo Ratiu Tuli Lilia acct Ruil a urge Tim Prisut Otic Hion and i Sipito of Trio by Tor and Unthank liar in Lumpy Holch Trio world Trio Rull klan of lit it in 110 Uliuli Sukut to Lumund ind it poor tho fact i that our Aru not of Thuy Arn men of All who could not make a living at what Thoy Call their they Aro not any More than Hoy Aru tit by arc not calculated to Inako much of a living at anything they have noticed them everywhere in Trio Halo for Many Yuan Thoy Tako no Ait a general ruin or if Thoy do it a Frau paper of Omo a parly Polit ical Trio trimer Lotrnr of which will credit a Linin indefinitely for tho no of their Thuy never Taku an agricultural by Liuyu in their Aru he Isitt i Thor but their Troph Novar do half a crop u ten aver age the Iii with and it invariably to Market for Mem Ono Hal a Lien Thuy dont Bellevo in Limey Bellou know How to cultivate land or when to put in Thuy dont Nee How thur prime room Kiel no in uan Mutiny for two or Toneu agr nil nral new Papura or Fullow their trashy and they doll t Hilo any Duflo Iunisi Liel Vuen their own urm Liik him thai of Thor who ii ii Ellioh to Dru wed ii tier and Havu but Ter Thieu Ohl Lilbren attend huh ool wiil Lnu of Tiu when it in hard to Henru i Clr us run and for even half lint to Iii Ihl Liln n Aro not and Thuy Thuy Aro Aero if and Hiir when turned out into the world Thuy i not inn Quad of they land still or Homo Huek in Ihu old o ii a raced Thuy can Ruad and Wilu and Zelphor a Aud Ivo jut an much eur Allan thur and to uni i Lully he had All to could Inako any Sihu thin in Ihu kind of who Aro not funnel Nutil Mlih who Aru not they try hard Neil ii imply Thuy Aru Thuy Aru and not their pallium Aru Vlku Ihor farm Thuy Volu for Bud men Hec Duiho Hoy Lank Toj duo fur and Taku Otheim they on run thu a Lxi Laxon nil Ihu it Uhitil hut Thuy Volu then Iliev on fur thu of who of a nah they a cur think of Mak Liik any Ulm Nuu in their la Weir fur Liik r the Var Viiu Kunu Vallun Folly in ii milling in ninth Rokuji of Haupl duty and in thur new United states hotel rim and most Cominos Aniie hotel Nouth of Nan the Leare in Iris Nam the Culillo that they line Dili will Kunn from Belr Ihn truly my lint Here Purina nut Aud trat Slunt will Flud a Kur pro the we Bare ii Litof info Thratt Slih exl mule we have formed Liroi Khout die Ullh the no Inonu Nulty it a Luhlo Lent Iuar Hiiter Tomt Llyl Home will be their favorite find we Liall Travor to Nimlo Tolu our Reichi Tumour by keep diff toe hit the a Toril for our and the Xii Neit Pluri Anil in Bare All her Lynx a Ltd us thin 1ermi Aud May Blaney twi Eicle Tigel Llo Tol main Independence Romih above Iii Jar it Bulland newly Furoli had of the Trade Long in Bolo Are Large and Nom Well and tin it in Lulu for Ilia of Tiik will turn Libed a Ltd Imi the Market and Allan Elvn the Ooi Forl of and there u la with the Hume b will Cut u Wotli the Bell Olli and ironic Tutor if and och lunch Aru Forhia Diolun and in Llou vie Allm Ami Tomt Tylo of known an Ihu Brahe Juu Laa sprung it in Rul Atod of he dint when Oll Ruil to Nauru a he Aero Lully Yovu Toish in he win by Nuur Hall Ala Homot handed Down Toton Lilliy in an idol hut ii an idol breaker Neil Ludett Mienl with Iii own Linnich Ihu lilo to in Pilu of Ihu Hillus to thu look hunk upon Ullh and never Niello a him Siivo with Ruvi Tuanuu Ami with thu whom by next to Ihu 1vopliot thu Geht Honor in Nivin to Ami tho Foll Weih of Lidu i Bull Usu unit Llull Home Day and having All flu in will Brlik Poareo upon thu Iirth and that and will by unt Tud in Onu thu muslem Croud in pure it a a trial to Inith Ironi Ihu Viola Tion of nil moral Elui Holty in Liik and huh Inu tin to thru Aruo Lher Lunell which May he in Ciudad ral Hiir in than in huh ii to of nerve ceremony Anil to Dumenil tho Faith by fore Hui Iuliu u an in Meimi Ivil Vainiu upon nil re ii our iou Pleil on it in Unev to fur he Ihu Obj rom urn Dener Liik thut in to to nil who to arvo in and Usu Uruu it Ihu ilium Nyu sex Lent of country Over Ohleh it Tinl Cun ii no no Uhruh huh Keven 11 Niu h Immy Ishii Uvon in Ihu Vury or Tullu of Iolj Lium Arnouk thu and hum Vasli Erimus Lukin Ihu Lead in Nat Loith Hli mud with us Aud and Truin Phinit tho Ontrop film Imd Ulherr n nut Loith invaded and Imiri Gllnn Hul Christ Sunlly took hum in turn in Piave hut thu Tuilio nil tar tar Muhi their Uon Iii Ihly and Rutal Ned thur religion they eur a tvs their with imn had no us fut Ullh Aniu Llu i Pim Hihl owing in Ohleh Havu enl Liuio Ihu Unruh hut him Danu Thiol which i Iii to Schrut Imi Ity Iwuh had in Lulu or no in the very country in which it with it loft la Cru flu in a Loloh to Liml i in in thu we Hern wot id timid a huh Havu led Ihu world in and i Iii an Othir 11 up peeled to Lam and Iio Mutlu n of mini ii Ilu Mirthan Wadu Wah Riih of in Udemi Rulilo knit Ideiil Luis Ltd Lui ii Pur firmly to thu want of Tiu of it it ii Vur panned out into uni Intili h of other it in Lam Only Faith join help Plisik Onu Jod i us round Iii Ishik uie Mitron and fur Reihon in Christ Lainily been Iuka now Erlna in la Phiip Plant Iii int Wor than but klan thin in not Ili tined Lohu u Woi Lilwid in for Mil of a Millu Lenl Jour and Tok or h an much thut of ii thu a Miilu Lucen Aro info Ilner to tho though of in in filor rank ii in in approach to Imd Ihu Lauri it approach to which Ihu incl of Mankind can in of thu Luli in enl Tumanu Tilix from local Inman prox Riih an and not thu Rulo and Yut Whilo Huro Nomo and i in in Orlenta Elhiu Thuru us in Iii Nonu Silico Ihu of or von of a Vii in Mealii Inch acc reach to Onu but cannot ii Ond thur Poi Lillon in Hom what uvula i that of Ihu Fie Ihnen of Ihu Ruli Klon by Ihu Oil Cal ii won u air and yet it would ii an Ulen Ralty to nay in in i to in ii tho Prui Iii Plato of Lilun Unm with in and Ihu by thu n him drug Yurait Auu with tho Turku at Gelileh of to Prici Tut thu of humanity Aru relatively Tiu and Lam ind in of of All Ivilue Riih toward in Urnal court ii tho Liml Nowr of a that of Rufo minit Lui Ulf by Kunik Haek to thu of null Imad of and in thin nip get Shrut Lanty in minor for to Imami it to Reform and Rofo Nih Usu con hut it h not with it to Intursi tend to Walsh Whu Lher tho Loti oct with tho wait torn will Havo Iho of Bra Nulik in Ullmn Back to a Niwor und and dim Troy the illusory and Roll ii in tho and of tho to Loo to he pouted on their own to Tulip Anil Levirn in in huh ii they can of of ilium rela Ted to in tho duty Ami list cwt of usury it huh High Lnch to look on Holh Hal of of or what Over Riib Eccl con of Iii bin own Wol Liiro or thai of Diohno depend out on to work out thin and Norolah Allty with thu bolter Ili Molmod in Tell Ohio which Aro thu Mont Nodal and mural Cru ii Wynn tho most heal hippy and Ali Ella Tiik i Veillo Ihu ii int comp loan and port his journal in thu i Illel milk in a Nulf Uhic Bially in Ihu Iru Ipi ent Reform Nim to thu of thu Lawn for Ihu pin Hui Valion of Kui Iii and it Almi Ruloph to thu i Melon for Cul Runik Lynh at Ihu met of their Kent an follow there in Nuuuli la Olinik in Many of Iho thru urn of our that Purtich ii Viii Eon Tik Norih in Well ii Many full into Ihu la Hilt of Tatum at a Calth far morn Lynh Chiin Thuy it in a unto in that Mioi ild by and aban on of Ihu do Trimont it it not Only a loan Oil turn from hut in a very to Trust Inezi Mitru to Dupon Lalu thu tho a lilt Munt Arlen Horn in Umb Ilion to Hiu uru a i Sikir uni Bur Hun cumin Pluim Tilleli Mukh thin Imit he h temporary Yut to hardly i Hlili Ihu nut in a Uliuli Blu in no Niy he a when Huv Liik Ili unlit to Many to them Mound Iii Iofik hut thin ii Well he from a mod elate without Ihu Len Tilery that follow of eur Tukhik from two to Ali Reid Hundred two or Bruu Klavun to a Ivie Iid would him nor usury of two or Lineu if they Lili not Nulin Luid lot ilium to la Chinu tin Innel veh if Thuy Cru not too Nheru in u i no another object to by Tinl Ineil our Eosin try i lend should Ruhy la Chinn to Lauri Iho Yon rut Oilan incl Dillon to from a do Hugnou to Viii Vury Puoplo you most m Hoilo nol Liu Ihler Murnu but if Tiu in in tiny Len Hizik in your Nilrah Horwood would upend Thuru a portion of thur of Ira Bun duh Dollie up Romily Whyl Ihu How of hidden in other Tom attn tight Cutch Liik or kill Liik Iron i by Ihu ii Huff but Liln or thnh Nisi Iii nil Hlinik mom nor Ihnn Liml thu Lynh nol by lit Kun Inhui in we apprehend unit Ihu Vury Par urn who Linn Dinwit Smitly Dupont Maui Mieir tie unit by Euli Hanx to Ninny with tho Hook Ivo Ulii do heir no Nimit to pit Nuli any Onu who would Ili Iru Ilidio with thu Mii Aith that thu Law Iwuh provi led in Ihu i Feut of thu thu to re Elv Iopu that our of Lundn will Hurlo Finly von Nadir shh und Ihu Trio Tinmun and i he Lutilus Tim ecu Ralty of Huy and Iraln Viiu year Kiln thai thin in n Nood Leniu for trying thu plan Udo Tud by no Iii of Niu Liivik Hay by nil his with in Tilte Nutu to that Ihu a Law us Norhan Moln Turu und to Mali ii it tho hurl i Uhm i High Lilly How a Farmer in Man eos Only fund from flu Lould on r a doped Iho plan lout year of to Emu Ihu Lii Thlu Lufi by thu bunder wild a mowing Maii Hunu and Wilri twang Ihu ii lung to it with on he Ihrig Lnu us Liml thin Mew Iii and Rak Liik Lukin up All thu Lynu we Lii in cupid Tiu and i thu tho my with thin ii it us Iii Iii and Many in urn uru Hien with Ihu Othir Eon r kit male we Pill ii out hoi Iii hand Uhi from huh Lakil Lynu und Colon and Surv us an Ihu Lull ii for a very Kond Euttu thin work with thu it out of thu Way Jim us in and a fed Over Lur will by Worth 910 a ton to him thin we found that Ovi re Lar had a pm Loco of feed Iii which May Nuevo non hint to Whu ii of our tho Straw to and Thun Minim it thoroughly Nellh tho Liu Hun icon in Over ii a i Alful of wrong in i no Lii re to Alvo Over Lam who i to up urdu i an at thu of two to thu Ouw and Iho in Esturo u Rumly to in put in Iho food of Trio nil Lii i he at up Evily Lhing hut Ihu Iio Roo when Tom go out tho Aru lit in and worry Down Liliu 1immo a let to band of a Loeo thin Liao a Al Manuo to clean up after tho in k it lit a ont Lulio for Trio Pattira to atari on her drug Rephlo Loi Jiuu that Lii Nalo who Hippo re two rim a farm of our Luis owl Jileck Lluu Hundred and Lily two Hui Thuu of in on and Liat in a Suraya of Iivo of Marr Litt Hho Alwayn on in tho up Ltd along Ullh Ilia wild Man of Lam to follow who Nwa Luied a Aud thu Ului a Frog in stir social position of the to Tua beginning god crw Tod the world a perfect tho work to created Ruso after Bli own Luigo and Plaoma Holni whore not in not in a nut in Trade and but in a tho Unkart Hall of my for a to croat of and nhe Loo my Pla Ood in the kno Liik Dili Why Iho Tolj not he of the High vol Prado Why should Thoy not feel they Art thou n favored in Siple our Flatt Pitt the lout Thor re Fihnn to tho Nan i and were Oom Mandod to till thu and Hython Wetton tic or brow to earn thur Hoail they a Transl Rei piled to perform other labor thu us that of to develop Man All the animal kingdom Midi Bibl Cal to Liu and care of Domotilo Tulmau we Ulvi to elder Well thin Hekli Barko tho pm of ant mall in wholly Dupo dont upon the improve Ino it of our Domo Atlo Auh Nan in thou Meroon thin charge Alono should make us trim Farmer Fittl that to u no inferior should Mako him know that no Retro nimble a Pon Lilon in Only to one Liono cum Hytt Aro of Lului Rukhl our hash to May Auk what u a True Farmer my Dull nation would Ono who Tolu tho Whoso Bucot in each year to grow a greater Ana Htit Lur each year to Aho Wau in Iho condition of Iho farm both u to and in Tor More better nth in and farm Bulldis Rikhi better Libra flee and no Arr Amigud a to Milt Trio Tan ton of each Ono o thu a Home should in a Good place to k Kiwi that bit Ohio Drin will want to May Therou and if their Bun Loncin or other Ouan Gei ibo la Lead Thorn from Thuy will of or web to return at every a far Mora life Ili Ould need to a lift of it la a ill Lilik that when tho body ii at work to mind can to employed on an entirely different no Oiler Bun Lucati Alfords to much time for in our pro enl afford Gro air or icee oppor Tulilo for theltus pro Wimmil of the us Nuch Large room of Nundy an the All the the All Ivo their and Trio if he can a tidy Thorn an he hut unlike the can Moor for every Noli or Longn now thu Fanner the Trilo Farmer in not afraid to meet for lie Well known to All Ihl nun tho if not of any in thu in proot of Tuu i would whence came our get atone ulat Eimen nol one Kiel stat Hainan in ten Tomea from the profi Malonn not one in live from tho work a lion tho Basanoo Homo from thu and when thur work u Donu they go Back to the farm and by thu Way Thoy Are a very great help to thu having Money to Thuy i Liow ii Hoinig and Hoino Thoy have Money to and we can rend their Umnouy and it let ii a god made tho drat Man a funnel and Trio ural woman a thu High limn in honorable u Remani for ii to keep it an to do not a tend on Iho top of tho ladder of honorable it in our and Woden Hoimyr our in it ural Tiik Pakhaus Liy Iho Xuwu York thu Hill on Root Raki tho of a now and Bollor Era in Lam a Llovy of Trio a whim Tom hox and their Aro him july Ihu of thu Aud tho Almu arrived to lamp liliom out of of it in with to Noto thai an old and Willmm tall journal Elko the fluid and farm Anguil a War big Klimt thunk in Butslha Liol Emilii Reform Muni nut hop to Musliu Lutfu Vontin Diioro to Trio in Bolo to might us Hilum tho Ikin Lun luf imy in Call we Troi Nohh in duo Norton to of Pola thu Lilii Pilunt Olizi Iling Wiloh la Iho doll Nail filitor in nearly All Roo Vonu in California nil and to do our part in Rol Kiung to n Ile Hovrud och Crity an of Contemp Luhlo that it in Hyall the trim of thu Lookout Ai a Chr Oulu aunt ital mud Tom Zigu Lauril Mushi unit and to Lii Vilo Interior journal to a Donci Khlon of tho to that tho of our Luu Idalora May to prepared Sci ant and Deal Nitoly when Numis try u Bosforo a Fiat Nikii noddy la Okulik Amo to a Detroit ship Plisik Olla to tho Othor and blood around with an no Glenn Unar talk air for Hui Tel Al Nelly Ono of lorm Iii laced Hilld we dont want any Lead i i Usu or thu of Roll old not buy nor r nor Wuhu Matchok nil til Tun t in full of if we on our it would duh Kialoo tho Rott of to dont Over got on Nulli Nln la cml we Sihu liliom for Jho of Luis of tho firm Ami of Rex work Riith on Thor count Imd Ihu in blur Huu mud lint be Shooli and Ali Riikka flu Ghoul Dorfi and the red Iii thru Mumro coat Ai pc Iii Iho door to in Rumar Lnu in Iju Lut All Rekht 1 hint ailed to pay you it fru Luht Lull Tomt i Iii been run Lnu to Ilioff ant ill fall to door softly Flor and Ait Leneat Lilie that of a pervaded Lou of Wjk Tom of a major it Whatu by a Claro thu Llo Loii Ono Day Howleh Akujor Llo Moi on a thu nun and in tho Ishado of an Awn Lnu thu planter with for lond Pluid polier for Hlili and to Mulot Hal Korvun drink deep Trail Hui of Lood in Filiky thu Joy in a Corner Walsh Lux Iho and Wall Ling for any Ordyn which might a Lou by tho while to oui Nulud in Way Iho Captala item Blud him and Domun Ilad whore Ulger uru you Alanna i dont us a utly i War major but to Dona Tot to on two i Lulu a nor and Jno go i to nou de Unaie Nihro sikh Foro i can Anuw Tir your tho Ixia Lead told Iho Ossot i plural having no Tolhur Bat bin and Hick pc Thea rank Boon in Prog we two i to Normand adjoining will not be completed Bufore we Tuth of nuke tho Pant we lot and up Lex Navo Lxi Uvora Blo far the Lutor ii of Wool Uro Wom in and the yield not Only Turgor but of better Quality Iraq for la owing nolo of Uio Rand r Pally to tho Rall new of thu Woal Hor Rood a Tom of Cotton aeon a Diu Elxnit 7uo Pouli of or of a Fow of lint Unini and other Rozum thu viral u Worth Sis r tho Oak from the to Iid Lam Urzulo Ull Ufinik i Trio Oil in Talu Ablo in Ami Tinl Liun Rii Ujie Inam Uio Ullmont Uhlon tho Oake u Alii pud to Kurui for ii leu thu Refuto in Uio Nanu Farturo of Tinl Foid Ever us ecu Iho i Loti ranging from m to 80 per Pound for Tow he thur Mallori Are he Iii Ai Al fut Pur and Bambi at 91 b0 Bunola the meal in in Oor tautly an Luger care Furll demand Hie Norr motown Herald i an Ollir Luluk Trellon Iho Liik tint All we Riwu not alike a Hun fraud Litho Ian told Ida a flu that to tired of and a now York who duo Kurud Bat Laru Riband win Eliud of to incl a wart on wad u Large u and then Olu Pou in a you want to co Matt ban in Omaha a lawyer we add Etling Tea ind the judge we a Tang Manuto and Reading a to lawyer bore it for mint ind Ihnn nut rally i i Aro entitled Loolam to attention of in Judi tho court Long tvs do in duty the Flat u a mum bib of Artl olm to eruption Law by the hut if h it from Tiou m urea it Lungi of j fifty pounds of Ono imn Dwa of two punt few Tell in whal a Purger Wnm Yon to woman looking Loo oud Imbry and rite hit Wilt Ewalb All Over Ahtl and la the Yard u Bonu Toffri lop on
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