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Southern Californian And Kern Weekly Courier Newspaper Archives May 17 1877, Page 1

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Southern Californian And Kern County Weekly Courier (Newspaper) - May 17, 1877, Bakersfield, California Southern californian Kern county weekly professional business Kern May o Pool of feb her serviced to the ladies of and Vicinity u ndr8e of word to Drossc to Ber at Stockton will receive prompt refers to chef de attorney and Counselor at Kehn of Floe la the rear of Kern Valley jails if attorney Ami Counselor at Kehn office on Chetter attorney nil Counselor it Inyo practice i in All the of the i George attorney nil Counselor at Kehn Obice in Cue Teri Adobe building coi Umlor it Ken Chester jv4 Alvin attorney tit Ytit Xot Ury Tiu to k1s11n door of olympic Seh Maison Doree us door Forth of he French Chester new goods Railroad store this is a new and will be kept in a Stylo not unworthy of the celebrated Maison of the Well known will preside in person in the and will strive to Merit a continuance of the generous patronage that he Bakersfield Public have hereto fore so freely and kindly bestowed upon in connection with the House is a firs class where none but the Best brands of will to Dis recently cheap Cash store third Street Weil h ave the most Complete m Bent Selm Tum of general merchandise Ever brought to this groceries and assortment elasticity of our general merchandise outside of san All goods in this House Are marked Ono a Lahciev selection of the latest styles of the variety and elasticity of our resources appear to to More strikingly exemplified in seasons of Par tial depression than during n series of prosperous when the differ ent sources of our natural wealth pour in their Rich without any particular attention be ing attracted to their Especial Char or the Grout diversity of their Many of our prolific channels of wealth find no place in tho general estimate of our product except it times when one of our chief and More gom rally recognized Staples fails to yield the anticipated at such times a Gen end review of our collective resource snl4tf French b a k e u s f i e l Northwest Corner Chester Avenue and nineteenth dry ladies and it Vej 1hebno will practice in the courts of Kern Samuel attorney nil Counselor at Balkh shield and ochre on Chinlun unil in hip Guitte will fund sinn Bur morning curl similar attention if till o mining Law nil Ilyf Wigginton it Merced or Marki will at cml Hie courts of Kem Kel 10tf this hotel is kept in firs class is elegantly to no hotel on the Railroad South of san Francisco or North of los an furniture and bedding the Saloon attached to the hotel will always be supplied with tin choicest Etc Iolite and attentive attendants in every department of the every Effort will to made to please gentlemen and childrens hats and toys and fancy tobacco and Wall cull and Trio Kuwent designs and drat Quality of 13 0 0 t s a n d s ii o e to invite Public attention to on new Stock of selected for thin my silk and Cotton ladies outfitting of a veiny Mutin of the Lutent is discloses a condition of things calculated to encourage and attract attention to moans and opportunities not previously Esti mated at their True the pres ent season would one of great dul Nessin California if our resources were less buoyant and expansive than the occasion proves them to some but in a loss degree than in other pits of the to have been Rui Loring rom tho prevailing business our local Money Market has Boon disturbed by causes without having their origin in the transactions of legitimate or any direct in flu no on its has yet produced a feeling of distrust Neil Cau that has not been without its effect on the extent of our internal commercial at such an in toward the occurrence of a dry whereby tho yield of the crops can hardly to expected to to More than one halt the average subjects us to a test of their imme ibo value in tho future is becoming Moro and Moro recognized and ther Earo Many other resources not Here enumerated which Combine to swell the amount four natural resources and act As an offset to the partial failure of a single it must to acknowledged that a Short wheat crop is a most undesirable event for and every exertion should be used to extend works of irrigation and reclamation in us far As to guard against its a Bountiful Harvest gives remunerative employment to All available la nourishes every Channel of and attracts ships to our ports Whoso expenditure is a very Large and important item in the business of our agents and the prospective Advance in tho prior of owing to the course of events in makes it a matter of additional regret that we have less to ship Thi Syar than As to Havo on tho whole Many reasons for of Ocolor of the Michigan Farmer tins of complexion and hair require great requires a Largo Fertility of resource to Hup constantly on Rimml an Short mint of canned and fresh splendid Claret wine at Only 5u cents a All descriptions of Woosun of onion from thu mix Ion mul Hun Juno Woolen groceries and ill till which this situation has losing ground race of comparative Iii Annir in Godfrey Altory h 9b at los collections made in the Southern counties Anil in Arizona i Lnu Utt Encl in the rents it Anil to the Iniesta Glitton of do b general Luw in Lotf c o u x t v 1miysiciax Ani h in it i o x Keun a Jeolal not option in of woman Anil Nuil on Midili in the i Ohio rur Durrly by two vim if thu Ailabo Lun Ltd terms always land Elf Arlington Southeast Corner Chester Avenue and third Street a k e u 8 v i e l d James Keun office at Drury drug Arlin Kitin Rei Douce at the no hts agent foil Bishops celebrated cough and lung or Dora from Trio country promptly at tho to want Market Trio Public Aro invited to Call Anil examine my Block before pure Honing millinery and fancy Panfir Sclass the popular ke11n of lne with where he ran to Fui nil Hud in the evening it Hlushuk and experienced has Hole and exclusive control of the dining Fine furnished in modern House l dark elegant billiard Saloon and bar on tho first polite attendants in every de jo8tf Trio Haiku wait and Anil various other agents for the celebrated Coc Mungo winks and native Trio slim look n Irwin ruin at lilo Conton Niu Tiu Palilio a Emrulla Cru to Vito to Call Anil our intr a new Era in Trade y Deputy Mineral Keun Ilion lab if Keun shipment of Hay mud Drain and brat James nineteenth Packard having located in hoc Ond door South of tho doors to the ladies of Sumner and Vicinity a Complete assortment of Milu Khy and Kancov consisting of the latest and most fitting and dress making made a Call Ami Seo and satisfy Doyil been so far the Steps taken to Avail of All counterbalancing Adan and the development of productive Means hitherto All lend to prove Tom strength of our natural and to poin lout the Vario Tih methods to bit adopted for meeting and overcoming this effects of unfavourable each recurrence of a dry year finds our Farmers bettor prepared to meet its in Many sections its incidental effects will be of Posi Tive advantage in both tin Hind and its where there exists no system of rotation of Tom rest by a dry season will be equivalent to a and will bring its own Reward in the ensuing attention is also drawn dining a season Liko the present to natural advantages lying ready to our and of which so Little use bar1 As been a limited Quantity of swamp and Over flowed land has As yet Boon reclaim though on Many of those so improved runners will this year make their tho profits on farms of this where Alfalfa has been Are and they can now rent a pasture at Tyio Fisi Canh n Long rest u like its gets soft and tiros his Muscles become weakened from Ami to should not be forced into hard work at let it be gone into gradually until his Muscles become a the animal gots to word his appetite lie is called on to Supply a Largo waste of muscular and he must have Moro this should to such As will Supply Corn is not As Well suited for this purpose As but it is tho Only food used by of tin Farmers in tho it is the custom of some feeders to water tho Tutock tho first thing in tho i regard this As a bad and much prefer feeding the Grain Ami let them fill up Well with Hay to fore giving them 1 always give water during tho Day whenever it is most men require water four or live times a i see no reason Why a horse should Al need Ilas i do not Consi Der in a Good plan to make a thirsty horse wait half an hour to Cool off if Hobo but lot him drink what will slake his this practice 1 Havo seen followed for thirty and have never yet had a foundered animal on the that result might follow in hoi Iio especially if the horse to tied in a draft to Cool Tiik Kivist sensation experienced by Adam and eve Over their first baby have Beenau rious of Little in their was thu very Nio Osl baby Ever was he Doughl Anil no varieties of color in Dro w there Are certain colors which Wear Well with All Naohm Light old deep Hanno and because they Are warm Shade and cold in tho with regard to it in to observed that a soft deep tho Black of is wanted to Sot off to advantage the freshness of a blonde or tint fairness of a of for a Brunette tho Blok should be enlivened by a Glossy a As in Lyons or lit or even by or like the Black of by Rich according to general Low and Rod suit and blah suits ordinarily this is but subject to numerous exceptions in for there Aro Many graduated Lints in tho plot Loith both of blondes and thu Art is to Deal properly with delicate admixtures and shades of for a Brunette of Swarthy Brilliant yellows and splendid reds Aro the most suitable and a Jonquil coloured a Scarlet Camelia in tho Black a Pony Colordo partially softened by Chantilly will be in lint if we Havn to Deal with i Liis t a it n k w s t j u Chester 1iik latest stylus lowest Phi jus ban my Ltd Christa Doros id it hair the 8apbst and Piht ii Iwu tin Illano of Hook or Lixi not stain lib skin Ami u hint to Nard fati Irlam every tho James having been purchased by tho is kept in Good As Good accommodations As can to found in the state a firs class Saloon is attached to the and the Jar is supplied with tho very Best Quality of patrons of the Hobo will find excellent Good polite and every thing that will add to their sign and Carriage and paper in All its Comill Okinu ladies dress table my the increased attention Given to this year is in itself a mat for tin great lion Lith derived from its adoption receive Trio Pohn Lilii illustration at this and it is shown that not a tenth part of the natural facilities ii Nidd by the state in this respect Havi Chen Tim profits of fruit culture Are Midi Mure apparent in a him Kiin like the now that Liy i Nevins of u drying apparatus All Komi Liy waste qty lie avoid our Piui Lution nil exports Imler this head May Illi him Daruti Ell Nruh lie made to exceed Liy Many times their present boots and shoes made to order from Csc Luclid tho Best manner work done in and with by John r to i incl itt intr a Trent not in Tura r Stanley import tees a deals ii in wines and 410 front ban tract Lipf gents business cheap and diagonals for dress goods and fancy goods groceries bought for and suit at tho lowest Cash provisions and hardware i Iqual aug ankh Mauk on woo do not any auction Job our urn fro Lima from Flat Liichi Ikumi of Mil Johnston con Lilly in Lui bit of of Elmili to cull Noil Loiti Ual ill now sail Ity web to we Euirl birr Hilt or i his be air is one of Trio Lesl fur lie chips of immigrants who come Iii Snulli count Means to imy and to Luck Small they wih swathe Jii try in thu Una adorable As Lect it can and hit Able to of its liter a season of a Liberal surplus is available for to id leaving enough for Home con Muny Occi it such times for profitable invest and if the experience u i a dry Cason can by Hur mounted without less opened his Little tired to closed his lit lie lists and Shnek them in his Little Mouth and Asho grow and wore now boots and played he was undoubtedly in the Oyos of his fond i Irons a most precious and Soini things Adam to had no Molher inlaw to come some weeks before the baby and turn tho House to had no monthly Nuht to play tho tyrant and turn him Oul of Eves bedroom of course i hero wore some drawbacks to All this no sooth ing no India rubber rattles or coins for rutting live a Imit have been very Busy had to do her own Una obtain the lend to id Loik with indulgence upon Zarenin or i he marvelous infants all11 we Home Timo wonder there Aro so few marvelous men and vicious of Lam dangers to Tom present generation of youth is that arising from the circulation of vicious is an evil that has assumed giant and its rout is Aro exhibited in the numerous revelations of with sightly jaded or in Brunette Whoso skin u comparatively or tho Oyosa of we must no Longou make use of decided on tho soft colors should to especially Pale it is Trio name with if the hair of a blonde be Golden or it should be accompanied with its conv Pulci Mmary color a dark Violet Vel of violets in the a deep Lilac will go with it Green of a medium in Casity suits All shades of red if the complexion of tho lady be delicate and key or Ruby Rod will Sot off the Deli Cacy and partly by Larity and partly by is not exclusively tho color of brunettes it plays a part also in tho dross of fair Trio same May also be said of if matched in Hue to the Liger Cost Shade of tho hair and heightened by a Well contrasting women with Chestnut or Ash col Croil who Aro to May in Tom half Stadth of May Wear either what suits or provided the tones of their and orm Montt to subdued in proportion to Tom degree of warmth in their half such As Pale yellow Harmony to with the natural Light Chest nut admits of tho colors suitable to fair but with u lilt a loss de Cid Edness in the As to those who have Ash cooled hair and skin in keeping with eyes Blue As the sea or delicate and extreme softness Calls for half warm with suggestions of Neutral Gray or slashing of Pale Blue Black velvet Given them fairness without retract Iii from the Char Utorisio Listin Clion and delicacy of their and pearls form in their on monks a Happy pro Vireil their color is relieved by ado ended contrast concentrated with in a whorl such As a polished but uncut a Ruby or u trinket of nothing need be trended in the the yield of some our California nines is to u certain extent depend my on the amount of Weer available for their but not in any leg ice that sensibly us Multi hug smrt this great Hourun of productive wealth is steadily on the in or cast in All notwithstanding put it must still to considered in its Ilie Largo amount of Coin annually put into circulation from this stimulates every Brunch of Bubi Nusi and in the principal Factor in build ing up Thonvo manufacturing Indus tries from which to Havo so much to Hope in Tom future our wino interests Havo made Moro Progress in thu past year than during any previous Tod crime continually being such writings Aro distributed Moro widely than most persons and Young people of both sexes obtain and read publications by stealth that Are carefully concealed from parents and guard the Olfin Cosof hitch never to entirely 1m previous an loft that bring Rugrat and mortification in Lutor let parents and teachers to vigilant in guarding against the introduction of such and Lut there to u Voncial uis Philion to pro Ocuto to tho fullest extent of tho Luw All who Aru found in Pom Filou of such moral 0boito 15 removed from his position us special postal agent Lor the a Luik Hills country because to got drunk and mud in ans of to this is the Butler who qua described us thu hoodlum of thai and that Hose Liy tinge is in Portunato Enn Vigh to Havo for Tun womanly Winart is not non bilious of personal display outside the perfect conduct of Hor House and her own legitimate she is fond of her Homo and of her Domestic duties she respects Horhut band and Sho takes euro of her child whom Sho looks and educates into Noble men and Sho is not of the silly sisterhood who think House keeping a and who would rather do tho third rate work of men than tho bust of that which nature and society have apportioned to Tinky Wero husband and and an Lime stood Bosforo tho Capitol in Sho asked what that figure on top that a to Riih weird and whats a goddess a woman who holds her Hosho looked at him and then Hogan Ning How to make a pea Ohio with the stones in for the Benefit of Bis sore generally will to glad to know that charcoal hat been Cov Rod to to a Suid cure for by laying u Small piece of old charcoal on the Burn he pain Nidus by leaving Ider charcoal on for an hour the wound is As hat been on several it is but to distrust it Man of ichor f e dont know bin 01 Beaute m an industrious old Man wat in the at Roets of a Early every Piott up bits of and when an or Manl he takes u to swaps to for a
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