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Southern Californian And Kern Weekly Courier Newspaper Archives May 10 1877, Page 1

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Southern Californian And Kern County Weekly Courier (Newspaper) - May 10, 1877, Bakersfield, California Sou Kern May professional and business o1 Pool of fees Heil a Kulicks to tho ladies of Bak Rafield Anil Vicinity u a nurse of word addressed to lick at Stock tons will receive prompt refers to attorney Ami Counselor tit Keun once in the rear of Koru jiinl8ti attorney a my Counselor it Khun office on Chester in lbt attorney Siml Counselor ill into in All the Courti of the Nily George attorney nine Counselor at Imp Ken office in Chc Tiri ail lie Birilli Maison Doree boor tvo rth of tin French Clif Marr chef de new goods Railroad store attorney Ami tit Keun Chester a Vlf Alvin attorney it Taw a Solary Keun door South of olympic w it be fj1ksno this is a new and will to kept in a style not unworthy of the celebrated Maison Doree of the Well known will preside in person in the and will strive to Merit a continuance of the generous patronage that tho Bakersfield Public have Croto Foro so freely and kindly bestowed upon in connection with the House is a where non bit tho Best brands of will be Dis be hts French i a k la s f i 1c l Northwest Corner Chester Avenue and nineteenth this hotel is kept in firs class is elegantly re cantly cheap Cash store my third Street Weil to talk the most Loti Parson William Gunnar no saving their to understand that Lopo re is o it t m k t whose death is wast gently mint fat calves to san born in we the i for which Sho noted 11j August lie was in cents per she will Send fifty Many respects one of the most Roj fat cattle on tho Tina in in Ruthlo men of left Lerris Ujj lady Armor is now in in orphan at in Early he pc Iizumi where Hio him gone Learned tho Trade of a end to secure feed to fatten More of Hor tearing the methodist ministry after Cuttle Lor we commend her educating and example to those of our Stock own in itinerant preacher fur Teniers who can see no Way out of their removing to Tennessee he j difficulties duo to the Scarcity of pits soon began to take an interest in Zunigo lint to slay their Stock for ii St or Ever brought to this guock1mks and general merchandise outside of san All goods in this House Are marked one a Lavioe selection of the styles of favouring reelection Oli hides and if one Farmer can or to use Adams to the 1resi1 Lind purchasable feed and can fatten irrigation Dency in Siml opposing John j Ami can sell at remunerative on Lioun and his nullification after transporting to the City and thei his Peculiar v vigorous j so can there seems to be a handling of political matters gained for him the sobriquet of tho fight ing the latter designation Snulli Sicney of feed in and men Well informed on All Slock and firm Init mutters assure us that the whole dry Laisk said gkntlkmkns1 and c1i1ldrkxs will Lilac too in the courts of Kirn Samuel attorney Coni Nilor and in Chester Siml in Tom aft Ettta will it sinn Ner mural in unit 1iirtluiiliir Ulton Tion Piil o mining Law unit hats and Call nil on Tinoi thu no Witt Doug in Atul bunt futility of Hoot s and Sll 0 k in veto Public attention to our new Stock of Sulc cod for thin Wigginton Atonic in s1euced will attn my tic Wirts of kith full loll Godfrey it los in Ilic Pant Lorrn Nyrl in Arluin Iitto Nilton Imsorn i i unil to hi1 of land us u go Norwil Imp Nihil or c county 1iiysh is Ai s u k i i o a Kyjin san Del title lion Imil to of a Mim nil Chi Lirou and Oll Clemul Rini lunch on in Tom Limus Fri nitty Liy two doors went of us ail Ubu Ian Elf to no hotel on tho Railroad South of san Francisco or North of los an furniture and bedding the Saloon attached to the hotel 11 always to supplied with tho choicest polite Ami attentive attendants in every department of the every of tort be made to please terms always Iun Lulf Arlington Southeast Corner Chester Avenue and third Street 15 a k k it k i1 1 r i James toys and fancy tobacco and Wall on Lin nil an of canned and fresh Alko silk Enid clai5kt at Only a silk and Cotton outfit Inoh 01 eve ii to Atli of Ici infer him All of i Hilum Cloinch Trdin tin mix Ion Puiul Bun Jehu a Oulu groceries and provisions Ever after used in connection j Sale Slaughter n contemplation by it this name As a about sumo with some in year is he became editor of j be we confess in Knoxville which he Roii need to publish until the breaking it of the when his bitter position to secession and his adv f the Union As the safeguard Southern Public aused him in to e arrested on the charge of treason against the and he to being no judge in such things but i Hern is a plausibility in these there Are some Stock owners who resolutely refuse to Butcher at a sacrifice of and these seem to Lind pastures that will enable them to maintain their Mele Alf have sent Ventura to Neva Vas detained in prison until sheep wore taken by two men through sold jul and across tho and at Lake found water and feed and were in healthy condition mid Hud passed nil Moore Send in Thi Imigine Ilig Siusis Abbott when he was sent within the Nion lie then visited most if the Northern cities on a lecturing and was every where received Vith marked returning i Tennessee it the close of the he again cultured mid Lecaue to Vunior in in is ii was elected to the United Stales his Terni expiring in Short time previous to this he had purchased a controlling incr so it a bund of Cuttle across tin o in 1c ill Lis i n Mixville continued to Publ until Crown lows literary irk was mum los Ort into living in the direction of the Light has Senin band of cattle to Abbott bus sent a band of Lings to Ventura we they Are doing in this connection we Are glad lobe Able to slate that pork Iii Are filling up a Steamer to run the this the timer will Tod in carry Mil head of eat the present season ought to teach thu people of this Community one important Viz to Procaro Thonh Clvis in future for dry weath it would in greatly to tho Inte rest of All banners to do they can make to much Moro from n Good crop in a dry year in a Good with Nittlo of Trot trouble they can always to prepared for u very Ono who exp oct to irrigate should do to in tho fall and it would to much of Tel to use tho water leisurely Bosforo irrigation becomes absolutely no than it is to Fumo and Dukj tho Dit Clunn when crops Are already beginning to tho things done hurriedly arc Seldom Well if the lands Woro All wet in the full and Suplicio ottimo could be taken to soak tho land tho i f rain enough foil it not Hurt the and if Dryson flow came Good crops would to there Widd be another advantage instead of letting tho River water run to waste during a Largo part of the it would Boa Vou at a Tirao when it is most abundant and when it is easiest to use thous Otho water would thus extent Oyer the whole whereas now it is used Only part of Tom suppose such a course had been adopted this would Hugo Iii hired a Good crop of and the Barley would hot to brought More than tho expense of irrigating for live now Many who ought to have raised an Abun dance of buy for Home use and Home for will Havo to any a High Price for buy even if there is Plonty of if the people Hoo fit to use Winter irrigation they should Tako Steps to have the ditches kept open and in Ana Valley adent Ion Bishops celebrated cough and lung orders from Tom country Iii Biilly no Tiu Mark t Tom Mihlic Aiu inv Lix to rail Siml non nine my it Ucli Lii Furo i milline11y and fancy 11 Plait Mallk am and Vii Riih other agents for the celebrated winks and native Trio Cocci Miiko 1inli a Zirri Giuin no Tiu conto Mill Trio Pulilli generally Aro inv Tuil to Call Anil Xiu Iliin i Iii ill a new Era in Trade this newspaper in he published a rely to attacks made upon the mesh disc cd Meh in the year ih5ss he held a discussion in Philadel phia with tho pry of new upon tho american slavery to be perpetuated i Nown Low inking the the speeches were afterwards published in a at the close of the rebellion Helm published his last sketches 1 the largest band of and is intended especially to enable Stook Wnent in the neighbor in Mil of the town of or to whom i to wharf May be most Cove of in transport Stock to where they May have certain pastur age la is Lillie cd by Trail sporting fillo of the for the Lisl transportation and of the Lor tho and so Ken Oft cd at or Bryn Lar ii Arl Englon ill tho Panfir Sclass Ken with or Lorn lid ii fim nil at hours of thu in Tom oven inc Lili in Hotl tho popular and has sole and exclusive control of the dining Fine furnished in modern House l dark elegant billiard Saloon and liar on tho first polite attendants in every de je8tf flouncy Suk Viboit Deputy Mink Al Keun Soow in Ulitin ilichl8tf Kern of Wool Tiluy Ami rat us Mhz of beat a3d commission ban nil of Christa Doros 3d James nineteenth the James ill via having been purchased tho b kept in Good As Good accommodations As car o found in the a firs class Saloon is attached to tho and tin Jinx supplied with Iho very bust Quality of Packard i Laving located in Sec Ond door South of the Eltern to tho ladies of thu incr and Vicinity a Complete assortment of i Lunev Siml fancy consisting of Iho latest id most fitting and dress inking made All and no and satisfy Ilei Ilyf f the Progress and i Mulino of Parson a Brownlow wins a staunch but a bitter and implacable even his clerical iroc Sivilich being unable to control physical Man in this Marly in their political lives Lbrown new and Andrew fell foul if each and though dining the period of tho War an armistice prevailed Between Friendly relations were never established the lires were Only in attacked 1iosvnlow in a Public when Feath ers of the Hitler became instantly milled and through Iho col umm iof to whig the Gauntlet win taken up in tho language of Mao May be Hirn i of nays the schools of 50 years ago did More for citizens limn Tomso of tho pres Siml Wim due largely to male rial son which they teach ers Wero not to accomplished its they Wero am Thiv pm y ave much imparted ours of study begrudge by pupils and nor de Munci d by phys the defects ill schools today material coming Iron were Loomiis where Reading u font and no culture graded worked disadvantageous a of tho of Wahoo says it is conceded now that there m an a extinct i Var com incl running throughout lantern and that is similar in the Imus Load of Midi Fimia if not tho sumo the Laluo loud Iwuh now Boon traced through Novada Ami Paloor n dist inc of 70 and notwithstanding the ii Dvorak author Ity if some of tho Tutu Survoy the opinion pro vails that it was a great with a Bod in some placet a Ipi Arter of a Milo wide and feet running from North to such u a Locum could not have been formed after tho Eleva Tion of the Sierra no kudu but must have existed in an earlier geological and it was destroyed by the up lifting of the its indu eaten that it was at least Nilos lung but we cannot truck it distinctly of Sierra Elliot Ian Niimi of ii Hydraulic chums in Plu Mas county probably or inv wealth from its Gri Ivul not buried out of reach under the floods o lava that cd Vereil much of thut till 111 in i Lay Macau land Dainne who were kept ii i i h 1111111 Jay new Chester Lik latest stalks to Iii lowest 1pjcms Luis Hapet nod Busti it uci4 the but a Tull of Brown Mir nil u cutely Situu Tad Riario Ami u ugh in every to Vii fur or Huld to hts Pii trons of tho House will Fin goo polite arid ovary thing that will add to to boil com for comi Kikino ladies dress table Sigta Anil Carriage and paper in All its done in tho Best manner ind with by John Sirit next dour to furl turn ret St John Stanley impolite it am Wisiol Iwami Stalbum is wines and 110 nost ban fax Cisco boots and shoos made to order from selected gents Busi Obb cheap and diagonals for dress furnishing goods and fancy groceries bought for and hold at tho la West Cash provisions and Liberal advances Mabli on Wool do not a Mlou m Jubo our Oid Uro pure Tiitu from Orui Ului Bruit i of Tom my Johns 1on Lili old fran not f in Pool till Hud lib to or neither Man spared his i he truce was their Mutual disappointments in life Wen de in a coi Ninon goaded in Public other tripped Iron tho editorial Lith Wero As True and faithful friends of Tennessee As the state Over now of has written to a Friend in telling How he has been to elected i in nays the and Viiu posed of tho Rill Bro Highl out a candidate by the Namo of and every Elloris was made to beat but i Ilii Yod them with it majority of 100 i carried try Ward in tho and Hud not a very Strong Irish Friend of mine thrashed Thurman tho night Belore Tom and him up badly i would have Bent him Hoo or 7011 lie bin aged up his head and Fitch and waved the bloody Sli irl till that attracted sympathy for and Niido a Good a votes for my majority is pick for Iii Hugh thin lieu newish buy evil o language and in Ines ill of be it d i a at ten Yurii we Luvi treated Flonn with hot am for tho with unerring no cutting no but in Iho hand or oven the whole if in Wator a hot its can to until tho pair is Guido and tho Moro in Inok Onod am drawn Iron tho Ruht Stihi Havo produced wounds per he tho in hot Auto till Korn county Democrat want tho Uon Montion u to hold at that being tho Guiou contral Point in tho to agree with tho Kern Dumock Nib in Iho for the and Fresno Trio proper Point to the judicial air ii Iron books was quilt ton Many and detail in inn Ihweil to faithful in the moral Prill elements of Goveri Mont and Oli Lical Llo proposed the state should educate mime Olle Gialo us it id for tin military or naval Noi ind would thinks Louis Ihan to provide ii Iho ally enl rapper by a unfurl in burning build of Iron n erred permit Nelly mid n into Iho will Iliili Iii tint Procchi f Cimic Nielly Dinar Vind Nwart and Only hindi distance from lint ground an would invent their ii cont fora Feloni Outt nay at the top of tho Lirl Irh Cemond such any Tim could in readily Duvid by any competent in Fiir Nih and Hova ried att not Only to detract in no com of tho thru Turc my even to a Corno an architectural and at an Xii Chimo to ii hardly to to constr lord in tho construction of a Light Chiba hotel Buh Nohh it in quite certain that Bouic think Musl to Dono in Lam Way of or tho upper Lluisi Droth of men Havo Boon our Iob de in California by search for tho glue Lead and if it can to proved Tiit Loas Lorn Oregon has tho mime tho fact will not Only to of much Inlo Roht to but also to practical for Thero will to renewed inducements Toslek for tho Lino of this Groat Bod of i hat Metal in wonderfully abundant in the lower strata of to Mclinch Ahto on the Kickin county is Ono of tho Best irrigated a options of tho in deed it May to maid that tho coun iry i Iii Boon Reehil ipod from a by Tali a Chart by moans of the total number of canals con Truc cd is Nach from two to Livleen Milos and from Nix to Ono Hundred and Lorav foot in their agg Rogato Long to u ill and total Width 804 Alfalfa in tho principal crop of the f of which from live to Sevea crops a year Aro of Ono and a half to two tons to Cash tho farm roof that Section Rai Bubo in Iho Moat and tho vegetables on Tom same tho Only truly economical method of fanning to do Justice Polho of our Wal at for last a kit Man has just in vented a steam Harfert Organ for tho Rihm of banners in welcoming i nuns and Book an Nighth Ormi r machine can to Hoard forty and tho voice is a Cross to 11 a debate and Iho it was tried wok it Niagara the water a topped running for ton min utes arid ten into foil Doad it the first revolution of the Otto us the voice of tho Organ extends Over six to Kin Torii in to to a pros poot for hotter times in tho future than Havo had for soveral months of Loa has bought in thu neighbourhood Contas of Grain in this Iho Price of which at 05 Cental makes an agg Rogato when this Money begins circulate May to not sex not f1 scores to to Hott Lod up Ana a Oral fooling of con Lisenco arid Good Fellowship to prevail throughout i entire Ana Raun Aro Send in Thor i Vot Wen ties w they Hui us it is hoped that tho in tho government ii to rely upon our prof wion its hour of inn Noel the Republican Wantt growers in
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