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Southern Californian And Kern Weekly Courier Newspaper Archives May 3 1877, Page 1

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Southern Californian And Kern County Weekly Courier (Newspaper) - May 3, 1877, Bakersfield, California Southern californian Kern county weekly Kern May professional and business Oards Pool Nen serviced to the ladles of bake Rafoeld and Vicinio m i nurse of word udder Ekwal to her at Stock Tony will receive prompt to attorney and Counselor it Ken once in la rear of earn Janis if attorney Anil Counselor at Keus of fact on Oli Eiter attorney Counselor it Inyo pc Loti id nil tie Courti of the George attorney Ami tit Ken in Majolie building attorney and Coli unclog it kei1n jv4l Alvin attorney no Dolnry a Jijin floor Bill la of olympic re r e st jul tar a 1st Jisc door Tortu the or nuclei Chester open till one Oclock chef de this is a new and will to kept in a style not in worthy of the celebrated Maison Oree of Tho Well known vill preside in person in the and will strive to Merit a continue Neof the generous patronage that he Buk Orsdell Public have hereto Ore so freely and kindly bestowed upon in connection with the House is n where none but to Best brands of will be Dis sell of w to e Fresno will Pra Ellra la Cuurtis of Cru i Ninny Samuel attorney and it Bakersfield and in 1 iter and lit ii ill Irmund no her morning tki1 Oil Nick Wigginton Louii Nolon n me toed Markt will Leml Rico Inual Kern Muni Keli 10lf Godfrey actor Matt a at los collect Long Muile in the Fml t Aux him Hal Tail to be lord taif i Mph to if ipod Tell Ltd do u Bounty inv Nicias m v u i o Keun Fopp Nln Mill i of we Man tit Rel morn tuft inc unit in tic Lurn Erly by Maison Doree new goods recently cheap Cash store it Iii Best selection of general merchandise Ever brought to this Railroad store third Street groceries and dry French b a k e us Northwest Corner Chester Avenue and nineteenth this hotel is kept in firs class is elegantly to no hotel on the Railroad of san Francisco or North of los an furniture and bedding the Saloon attached to the hold will always by supplied with in choicest Etc 1olitc and attentive tul Cuidan s in every department of the House very Effort will be made top Casi terms always Arlington Southeast Corner Chester Avenue and third Street d a k e u h i e d Jamks proprietor Kab in office it a intr Arl Linkun Heili Lence it the Kern office Wilb lift a Rao be at nil Ini Birtt of Lutt und in the awning at Lilit Panfir Sclass the Popula and experienced has und exc Eusivo control of Tho lignin i1i i o furnished in modern Toaso l Eliapo dark elegant billiard Saloon and 13ur on Tho first Polito attendants in every do ladies and get Lumens and civil dhers hats and toys and fancy liquors tobacco and Wall in Annil an of canned and fresh fruits Wink a7 Only 50 Clinti a agent Volt Bishops celebrated cough and lung or darn from Tho pm inlay pining Fly i Law Cut Mirkil Juliu i Illic non invite it to null unit can Infin inv Liick Poirel Muttik i i desert land How the speculators Weil the most Complete Paskoll text general merchandise out81dk of ban All goods in this House Are marked one a a Aiice selection of t1ie latest a tales of All Mil Clit Nilano Trio no want and Bent Quality of i o o t s and shoe to inello Luli Liu it Lvalion u our new Stock of fur thin and Cotton ladies out latinos of every or Ali ice morn my of Donlun from us tid Hun Jumi Wui Ilidio groceries and provisions Swcap Taku ill and Traill Anteus Bill vol Liolla ill lit agents for the celebrated ocl Mungo an i native Ilio Whin Livili n Irani Iii Iti i Public Kiili fully Iru to cull in millinery and fancy Irv you Deputy mix dial Kevin no Hill Hin and Flum Neh pm Tel of Luv unil Kial beat Glt Aix ban Christ adores Chihui Terni hair Dye i Fla fort in Tui of Buck or Nrown Mit Spain u Molly upon to jo8tf for or cd Kos James nineteenth Tho Jamks hotel having Boon pure hated by Tho in kept in Good a Good As can be found in the state a firs class Saloon is attached to Tho and the j3ar is supplied with to very Best Quality of patrons of Tho House will find excellent Good Polito and every thing thut will add to their Packard i inv Iii Lou Atul in Sec Ond door South of to ladies of find Vicinity a complot assortment of Ami fancy consist ing of Tho latest and fitting and dress in King Madu a Call Seo und satisfy sign and Carriage and f in paper All its work Dunno in Tho Best Marinor and with by John Kuril John Stanley import eds a a new Era in Trade Jay be con n e w s 7 h he Star Baker Flold Rilk tj1k lowest 1kicks gobbling up the Public from Tho to act of approved in Racli known the Les it 1auj but raised a Fine a Fotiou to what in Jert land i i thin the Trio new under the most rigid construe Ion in regard to wll null lie held o be a cart land Opheim wide tin Loor to Alfords huh an for fraud in und Iwuh do not Olmi the first Neutron of tha act for an intr or of c in Trio phys neut of Twonley Ive cunts Pur Aero we Muir Tom for entry is o toll or a Saiga Ide title tiny us Iii Rud in Nowlie Ami the applicant u not required to re Side on the to build upon it or o it tempt to cultivate if with it three yearn it Lur the application or entry the Pontiu minor Sirull show hut he reclaimed in by thu use if he pay none dolls an acre and hib title Ilii payment of Llie Tirol Twenty live acquires Liliu title of future of a vested cannot by n Puiul no one would a even taunt ulivo for in some purpose ind Toiuo to cell jul its Reclus this Kozev is hindu of Lens died b the Fol owing description of what shall be iced to be which an in lined All lands exclusive of Imber land ii und mine rail Winch will without pc Tim cd meaning of by be pain Nittoli to go on As lust As i can lie hut no Factor the e will lie no inn in keep diff i few micros for Tho poor of Tho next from Llic a portion of it Runmin f Trio Public Domain Imp Propin ted in the Iau Ilic Stalrit Ami in tin Ivor stories of Idit Hii Ari Miu new Mexico Sauil o lie up by Speculator Inder desert Lund tin breath ii conure i by thin us 0111 nearly nearly Oiin Lulf of tin territory of the United nil of lie Public in the Chw Hinn Loose y Loni Tely Tyml Lii unit uie Evirs of Vitri ii As Totlis Conn traction will Ai the mini duo Sivc f in Mil i fit Intel the Luw to include hid a Large Uii Bur of cations for Laud of that description i ref already been some Dirp Lund arc Busy gobbling up All Public minis in Kern and to Here under this Liberal the in i Caprisi been deemed promising by Home of those land to print Blunk which their dummies at the Lund Olf Ico of the with l he necessary instalment of Twenty live cents per these pre emotions being they Are front Iron an important Point is Tnador against tin Validity of Tho rail Oarl by Wagner and orig Eye for Jonathan against he Southern Pacific Railroad the Point is that Tho Grant was never made to cover any land n this and that it has Boon o decided Over and Over and hat the joint Resolution Only gives Khu the right to change Tho look inn of the with Trio priv logo f having Tho original Grant con red to this would of Ourse be giving them the land inn place 1ir building the Road in but still it would d0 ining what the Miloud company in aikido for in re Hilion to thievery they asked privilege of Chato Sinif the Road to the original lie and holding Tho lands that were a Hundred Ilea from the the attorneys thu Case use this language in so Iii hint wiil Luilus within the Bih which Liui Nied by proof of two or Amie Frei Liliu under urn ill lie Lalii in lint land al life in which Siil Lund Lial Itu Lucu an Tun Point in this Law to which we Wisn to cull pc Gnu j he is tint Lih Lily a Vii which u Lew Lime inquire vast Luois us Jinil and tin Iho facility with which Noi pop cry Danei l Lanil May be Jech Tineil and its Lii Kimi Potti Emison a pre iniiloi1 Cuil in ii Olin in Liliu nay it Nuu transferred to the Pinr Sev Enty Nevin of Pirint d Boon presented to Mut uni Ltd studs Surveyor uni Zenil for Cutlir Ornis for Lii in thut tint Laud cd Veid by them is not Timber or tin Gream number of Ajili his land Wii i out a water Ami no Lily an All held inner a Liaa it Iii Mill to except to sell to Holm or company who on lib a a Viper i hem in Bolliing in Lului Law which Pius unlit Hizy Foin n Istl horus of Hind in ins tool i nani4t to Hoiu Kihei Pilot my c3ooids ladies dress table in nothing i present Iii Peison or company i rum of Hii the Lar Hill ill old in a Bizio or u Clung in of in in Hisiu ithe urged that in no inn in Tho title of waste Lanil to to in 1111 Luni cd Ihu a Ishwor Lime ill Milln Llic land which can lib xviii Imit to no Deuri him in Gill not in incl be Hind at i lie option of what Bli till by held to in in Herl land Wilhm Ilio Olllie Law boots and shoes Radii too Dur from Melecie outs business cheap and diagonals for dress furnishing goods and fancy groceries bought for arid bold at the lowest Rusli provisions and allows Inich Hilt Side 01 might no acct u tract of and which another might clarify Pius a tract might be i desert oms year and reasonably a Nollier Ali incl any and Bill Mineral und grows Minn und Liu will wive Liliu Flino in s la Bill Iii Cloi vol ill Hlll lil u tent n in a the i iaii1 i Uii is to by d t us kill of woo wines and 110 pint Bax do no Itury Juliu our Intuit Itaf Tom of my he old 111 till Noi or cations have been for Public on the shores of Huseim und Kern and on thu bunks of Kern and san Joaquin How Many Tri plications May Suvit been tiled at the via Tiu Uund without being referred in the sur for Corti Licatino Tomt they arc a tuber or Mineral land in not hut were much up plication to cover six Hundred forty Quantity we incl May be preempted by any one per son under tin nearly Lily Iliou Hind acres of land is repro Sun Ltd in lie applications wind inn e been Ceil Iliin to has avoid d mating in his whether they me agricultural land or Iron Lily ilium Lamph Art Iii Pabli of producing ii Gric in Neil crop without irrigation during the present owing to hit inc massive however in not Likely to in in Urdi mainly wet under Tho ruling of Trio Yogi Sci and receiver of Trio is Juki is Iri oilily engaged in gobbling ii i Biln in Whit is known my Hie Slouch in to Niri these Linnet urn Rop Iceni itch to in Siigri cultural lands on Kii Lhing like Ai Ordini iry i in application in Tirui urn let Heidi filed in thu Isidia land Ollieu inn in warded to tin Depitro Tuii of in anti prior for the spirit of tin Ujj Sorl in evidently being in it certainly could Nuevo live been by Gresi that it Hho Nhi in the Way it doing in Liliu Vii Ilia of if the Rule which tin Regis Ter find Hec Niver of Llie bund Ollic lit Havi in oiled Wen loan Vail in every Hind ital Rich Covorsi by the Liivik it uni ill not Laid Long Lor acre hindi i Iii into of a Lew im1 Semi Puiul i Vul Pur had Iii time we Elf to i Urti in who hold i Rightn Niider isl ale Laws to no Juno Lor a nominal mini Ull Tho land in the state which without irrigation shall not an actual Vul to for agricultural in it wore in fut Flint Tho world would come to an end with Tiliti no great harm coins from this Alil Ruiu will not to densely populated within Liliu not Twenty hut them in no occasion Lor thin Tozuko come Pluto and in vivid jul Ponnu Gibion of i Liu heritage which lulls to us in u Jou Yurati Ouirt will come after us who will wit u Chunco to Tho so a ipod land which will now the Railroad heir it will be Scad that this joint res Lulion duos not purport to Grant by nor does it change Tho rant Inith by the act of july in any and by refer ing in the debates in Jon Gross up i will be found that it was in ice lond by Congress that Tho Reso Liti ii no other lands than in Usu that granted by the act if july now to have fort seen that the act of july i made a present Grunt where the to was then to build a and this unit Resolution in no Wise changes to and merely gives Tho con of tint United suites that Tho May build its Road upon the line and that solution than Only amounts to Thiol lilo United states con rioted to the change of route upon the condition that the went to acc i vis Only such of thu nails granted by Thi act of july As should be found after is to be within Tho run cd distance of Trio Road if in should by found upon Examina Tion that the was constructed within Miles of Tho line along which the lands wore grunted to they would receive Only those sections which grunted by act of july which Hho Uhl to found to to within Twenty Miles of its Road As in that would probably be lands Only upon one hide of the Tho provision of Trio joint Resolution directing Pat to be in sized relates Only to lands granted by the act of july 1 Hiliu Teil by for Thi id joint Resolution Ina Ken no and it apparent a Patent cannot lie issued for land not that would to a Patent in nod without authority of a glance it map will How unit the As located mirth of Delano nowhere South and oust of approach the hails Gnu Lod to it by Tho Uttof nearer limn seven Tyl Ivo Mitoi consequently it is not entitled to Liny Laius n rth of and South of Pui Eliis for which have already been issued by that company Between those Points were without authority of mid Tun therefore absolutely void decision supremo who Nisun yet the land applied for by go in truck lobbing to i divid i thu would doubt Ubu Twenty Hudnutt to fun girly nought by Tho crowd whom civilization pushed Iru i in there in 1 nig stood Eliut usury auro of Agnoula Winil Lucid in Tiu Tutu shall by mud to contribute its crop at thou Rubl of while anything for the Puiul less to revise till con my Quirico was some if Noi errors crept into its an editor supposed to have cultivated such a kindly spirit of forbearance through Toiuo i Yea in of struggling with the wicked like the Good preacher whose example tries to he can ii give an error us readily As our i Noail Preni dust can forgive u South Carolina and Liu cunts h but let u compositor fail to Eon ecu a few grammatical errors Whan and let Tho paper go to press with said errors Rani gaining and Thyri hit Good Friend Call Tho Odin in it tiption to Tho in just after tin edition is worked und it would be quite us possible to reverse the current of Niagara us to appease the righteous indignation of thud thin in not within thu Grant cil along Lino of route when tin Grant to thu Wui i and therefore to thut ii Niy and u too re in1fi oni int for Tiliti Buti Tsuie Iii i Down by Tiu supremo on i of tin United for thut null in Hincu Tuzii und and Page very pointedly Skytt in sneaking of it should to norther Uil firgard by Ingo Niotis i or Dintini Idich by a trained ilm Mutt Caha of Sirull pox in the hem Pill find six under quark Titio in la Public Kude by number of horsed Ufi in ilium and Mich As will give to intention of to in from Trio mutation Otbo und the nature of Tho Grant if these terms Aro Plain and Narm there can to no difficulty in them but if they admit to different of Extension and Tun other of to accepted in sense favourable to Tho and if rights claimed under Tho govern ment be Sot up against Boho clearly to Guiod that thetfo be no question of in roue of Gresh to Confer in what is not i rim or by Noih sary but Liq w Lor going languid go was not and to a or tub Blind Stagg Ursis killing off a on 740 Thil t f us examination Thuro about i hut the neighbors of Tho Tho govern men Bun tit
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