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Southern Californian And Kern Weekly Courier Newspaper Archives May 2 1878, Page 3

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Southern Californian And Kern County Weekly Courier (Newspaper) - May 2, 1878, Bakersfield, California May thew will Church every sunday 11 bunday Dewool immediately menu tar in tub Board of on monday beat that Leli ool will open on nest monday in the new school Thi regular meeting of the work Rigman will be held at court House on sunday next at 2 a truckload of chinamen went Down to the old cemetery last week to feed the dead on roast the Ball on the first of May at the French hotel affected tho Aud How Lott bought a new Ata Dlug is in the wait Elf a a candidate for i Zombor of the constitutional base Ball club Are going to on to 12th to play a Gumo with the club of that tue new of which spoke last a intended to do service on tho Road Between Bakersfield and Aud on the tree of Haggin and Carrar Rived from ban Francisco on monday and drove to the san Einig Dlo to inspect the new tub Ladica of the county have arranged for festival at the new school Home one week from tomorrow Friday evening full notice will to Given next in do of wan in town on he business in the mountains is but there is peo sport of an t excellent Ami pm Ludlo ranch Vixen purchased by the cattle Island lands were driven theft last there were about head of Stock cattle in tho one of the new Silver dollars made its appearance in Bakersfield the other the Eagle holds its wings but no one thinks less of the Coin on that per Anixa in the methodist Church next sunday morning at 11 in the sum nor school House at by the pastor All Are cordially one of who has a new Tell i us that his Collar is so cold that Ico in it nearly every we Are ready to Lleve most everything to but this is a pretty Tough the venerable oldest inhabitant comes to the front to toll ii that this been the cold Cut Spring known during his Mojo non in Kern through advantages to be obtained by incorporating but the evils of ii overcame the Good a the Mundt there was general desire that tie done to do away with Alt possible of ill prominent Antong which is the Slough which passes through the North end it has been much improved by where it passes through the Cotton and doubtless if step could be taken to in Duce the owners above that place to clean the thoroughly clean the Way a Good portion of the Slough has on it the floating Timber and Brush deposited there in 1807 at the time of the and now so abstract the Channel that tag want water May be found even at a High stage of the when tho rain in the latter part of the the floating vegetation is visible and strike even a Stran Ger an cause for a Good of with the reports of sickness attributed to Bakers fluid when there was a bitter rivalry with an other town for county tho rep nation of sickness at this place has Baccomo general tho eng Votion lion been s All visitors mud who conic but it no till tic a warning to tho present inhabitant o i to to immediately Clear away every Vullo in a place like whore Thoro is in Ami Thuro Ono cannot to his feet incest in the purest Walto from tin mountains covered with it scorns Trank enough that there should pm any complaint of but Ono cannot mistake the cause when they look at the channels which no tilled with the obstruction made by overflow a Yean and from which to Are now entirely in neighbouring towns we Ueo a Unity of action in providing against local causes of and with tho Public spirit and Busi Ness Prospect apparent in it ought not to to difficult to unite upon a plan of san itary no measure would to effectually do away with to notoriety which hns to unfortunately attached itself to the some of the Farmers of the South Western part of the Island bad irrigated be fore the last Fields of 200 to 500 acres look very promising and will need no Roro moisture before there can be no failures on the lands that Aro within tho Boun Dary of River and the there is every reason to believe Barley will average fifty and wheat forty bushels to tho since Trio Purchase of tho Buena Vista Banch by Lla Gln great improvement been it is in charge of j Udo l and shows the Marks of Bis great Energy and Superior he has rown about 400 mostly in which in in Fine with Prospect of a Largo the surroundings of tho ranch add a great Deal to the appearance of that Section of the tue picnics picnic Given it of Tift Mettle on a Large scale Jin Kera Mallur and has been driving Over ill in in the mull Soulon thing my Book that Bear to but when i t preserve it generally my a that dam agent for the Wilson a the Towl and cheapest machine in the Market on most favourable Call and Emo Lush the court Lang Nigo of it a proud moment when a Britton or visiting tho Palace is saluted Dot a party Ihrl Nellt aint it Baker the by Longs Beer in bottle and on go there for it is kept u cold As and he Lias tho coolest place for enjoying or Texil Noigot in Gold Coin for his Ballad in the last Vimbor of Iho nineteenth we Havu an obituary of ton Ulrch can Havu for half the the first verae to Cutry Lover of Ifim poetry died at Homo in Wii Litkey in Tiu of a she wore a Sun Down which la death still Shulund her a Bavo procured thu bout prices for Wool to and have ii Wilities for of thug product at the top of the Uliey Are largely of Aud Shargo no Eom mls Weil i keep a Largo assortment of show Light and heavy for ditching Pii Poats tub is a Deacon Ash a wild and bleached and Well brushed in of local hours Wheeler sits on a shabby throne in tho Senate and from time to thumps tho desk gently with the As though knocking the May daughter of and aged 8 0 and i on Kern april of of the aged Chicago please a Igent wh8 5s j Baa been steadily Hon Istead junk stitch the improved 120 for in the l Sahig remedies three owns dwell tar has a Good account in is Clour of and Money at inter withe natural of be curing a Good Agency for the lowest prices a Goodban Tellata sewing Moat useful reliable at All easy i understand and the name Ilcus and does the same work m any that sell at food times the then u no machine at any Price or that will do unto or More and curia Lnla none so Low in Price by Many the hot mind la widely known and la of Farr in the Eastern and Middle and Dally becoming popular in tho Wirat it will have several times Over in Fine doing old work of tho or will earn four or Vodo Lleni for any Man or woman who Iteva s for a it the strongest machine ready at nil to do makes tho Strongi St and nest Bullch yet in and u fully Yacknow Lodal an the stand aril family Complete for i Loniello reduced to delivered at your no matter Jow Reno in yet my to Idun Nimi i Man Vii and with More Curnin and mild and larger in tilts thai univ extraordinary lil itral Otti Madi to Wai or travel Luik Impi Tob Lului in is no agent near Send your order do not to Lam Adi Livoi to Inlall a 421 new a Are Ipa Ellea id a maim for which they an natural invt Libaton of natural it Tenn in Rall Tity Ovd that animal Klai Dnn the survival of flt Uil la Only Lav that Thrift and Rotten Elal Nam and an intr Lar Zainol Simir Artle Fca by it Standard a mum of rivalled All la Una two state a limn while an finl Nipo Rawl Fitim of Linn Del thu mail i Kulil to few to Inch clean ten promo Elloui and mat upon any Othir Bull than thai of Catarrh remedy Catarrh remedy Curci extend Over is period of 30 Cati Irli remedy j0je Blacksmith and Wagon eighteenth if i of i i f f the to Loti Ami win n they grow up their will be Gnu Nishell Gullli sound and Rimml Kimu 1hi Lounda tinn of Many a Tiki Ghachu is Laid in childhood by Anil it is my important to this Well being of either Oli ild or a tilt that the tenth should be Well taken Caro bad Teutu Aru not it mantles tors of tho and Breed Makul them we into and Strong Thor Foru with Sozo u preservative of supremo Ejoell Vuoto and suit win soul n line to Sayabo has not thoroughly thawed out since last Peteus will hold evening Norvi cos in the county next Wook a follow tues said school hoi Iho can Loli school House Lunday school All Aro cordially on tuesday night last tho Afore of Scribner and Cohen a Coop or Woro entered by a who scorned to have spent his time looking fur or something More portable than but left without taking anything no far an so Nikit has moved in upon the Bunetia Vista Slouch to the North of the Buena Villa Ilanor Iso work a Largo Force of men Anil farm and in engaged blowing and two cacti on of Titika Rubrn announces that on to county fund Register cd prior to february Aud warrants Aud on that Alao War rants on the Hospital Erk altered prior to March Are payable at bin Horrax has our Shauku for a Byttlo of that flue loud alien the bottle was one of the thinly at of tho office Trailo Trio Yon dont always and thin kind around it la pronounced by the beat of judges an a Superior tue Catholic have awakened again to the demand for a Church in this a Block of laud1 was fuelled to Thorn four years ago on condition of their building a Church with in Nix the Lime waa afterwards extended to thu end of Trio but nothing waa Bishop Mora will arrive Here on tie 19th and Maku another a Yii that the Washington girl Strong of in some form or other will to a Washington always Fiat reception always coquette with Coull Oneo and on our a Glaza of and grow More Brown and Lua liar like every with Steadi Naii of Black with kindly Bilius Nesit Aud Ever guzzling haying ban commenced and will continue through to Tiu great crop of Al Falfa will oblige fur Nord to buy Titoukh to or hire their Fields for they could Overstock to Lor Hay with thu first and no Lusa than five of rope can to Cut from the the Hemund crop will to Al Lowed to go to teed by an Alfalfa seed at Jive Gnu a it a will pay bet Ter than of los been in town it is week for the purpose of letting what can be Dono for erecting Gas application will be made to tho Board f supervisors on monday fora to that will to sufficient funds for the and he that the citizens form a Issue the required and be will take Stock Gas would add much to the convenience of our and the proportion will Doub Leao meet by the Brans band on the North aide of the near tho was an entire in All of at about 10 Oclock crowd commenced and by 12 Oclock enough wire present to make it a staging had Boon erected for tho accommodation and and other dances were engaged lunch was spread at 1 after which dancing waa stands of refreshments were of the at which Ico Lem were to to music wast fill Niche for the occasion by tho brass and a Trig every body enjoyed Ihring Solvei and went Homo highly pleased with thu to have not Hoard yet from the picnic Given by the North Hido on thu North of Kern Thoro Aro about a thousand head of wild cattle which have Novor been Twenty in a Shinall band of Arehea out of a cob after to taps he rubs bid hand tenderly Over the desk to Rue if to has Hurt and turns Bis rave tables Depie Cint ugly around the asking Pardon for his severe Washin Toti agent for tho Boca ice has Juat received tho brat car Load of Loo for the to intends to Kiep a Stock on hand to sell lowest and will deliver to families Ullherr Here or in sum tue it Iickey mys that when Juliet said swear not by the the she waa under tho impression that Borneo was president of a if one not sport tho Blue ribbon to May need some genuine Cutter my Ousbor he it right from the Agency at the a Burlington Man named bin girl baby George tue most comfortable chair in tho world Cane seat Rocker with a backline a Pul for Halo by tiie that in Coly is unkind to Ilia at tho other Ono of tho neighbors found Knotley on asking Wlms appeared to be Trio trouble with Ahe Suid that Kneely Quioto Johnston a in a late Supply of Choice groceries have Rome find be Best in tho they Mako a specially of fancy tiie mining and scientific press Patent de per Mont bos received Foll Cal notice of the Issue of tho following patents to Pacific coast inventors for the week ending april Viz Warren governor for h Tea in engines Michael device for cutting screw threads Albert Itose humus Dav Ditcher and cultivator combined John thumb rests for sheep shears Curtis with Murray a Ltd mans Llor Ida it becomes to one Rentto at Loist a delicious Floral to tropical Grovo can n rarer new this Catarrh remedy by sooth Liwaj Catarrh remedy Turca cold la he my and in tub Jur tiers court of in the cuu Uty of of Cal t unlock a Piti i d Mecl Akamian u Mot lamp and the i open of he Oling to Moo Lanahan and a you Hera req loud to App sir in an Allon in might Fra unit you by the ubi Ivo in mid t in Junliet Couitt of a Lulu Fri Iii of my nth of and to uni War Eure Luil cent Bra until Iliff ill but to bal Iliin of Nettit Lam Lerv Leon Vuu if Tali if Ibn town help a Blob thai action 1ibrought if in Ved out of ulily but in Lulu we Blu ten Zuyi Otlie Witt within Iwonia mid action i brought to pro Over to in in Ltd Multi Gold lib inti it on from Pill it to of and Riih half per flit per in Gold a lilith fully no Piuri in Rosip Lall of shul in my ii and you Hie liar clip no Liml Ibal if i o i f ii Tuki no mar and Uii Vur i n Vuu mid will inn no for the mini Diu tailed in Trio with Luton it in us make Legal ice Vlad and return Given Uii Lur my baud Bli u4lh Duy of de May 2m just Lee of Tom mid an open it Speaks mini Sci Toni having if your of tie of if i i am in ilium a la Nhat 1 know Ali Oil unit i Fanny the insult nil Malm Kab Tori Wou lil if Hil if Lime soul in a Lallur in Lam for in Saati i Lush Rel wild the Annil Pimmit fam in not Mil Lunil Luff a love will Dpi Lam sikh it inn Ronli i Inlet up in ii in Alfil re Utrah ii Lull i n Tor Cor Muli i Uriv and in one non know How Misiou i inn Rud or Wlms Bulner 1 my Tirail Al ill Ovir my hint 1 thai Radii Fontil in my fur Ninny Multi Liik twin mint Intanno Wilch it Iino Tui in Lim nil fur ili8 Al of Mill and Light and hour Lair Lilily and nor Vuki Anil no Una Kiili i win Liiv Kantt Neil split lev us i Ray re fur Ileal i to inn of my a i Iotti Pipii Forter us Iii to pc Neil unit u with Ilonie prices reduced to suit the to having Superior forgoing i pm prepared to build to order Light or to and or anything that runs on on i 1 a i and at Ron Honable toil Iii Gijon to All kinds of repairing no i Ioka i a unify y by hut Lily any Wlllie pm Miami it in four Len or n nor in one hour or Hul in limn a Tirril Minlu Ulah i Vui and in Mun Lii Una july and Iivo ruin Elnoil a for nver Nix stun lining Lam i nil horse Gulden mud Luul to purify my Lipond n my i Cpl Iny la mid i menu by Lam Timi or Ufa in with a Hearty tub dedication of the i nolo slept in tho Hill Over and id the morning surrounded Oisiu Largo baud of cattle to drive them out on the they were As wild a and in an hour not one could be they would Plu Ugo through Trio Brush where no Homo could and run into tho Moat inaccessible places among the deep they oven lost tho gentle Catullo they drove Many of which will prob ably remain with tho and never by reached a copt with the Rillo of the tub county Hax one Fri Tueful Road at the Highway to Loa through tho Canada do Las or fort Tejon an it la la kept in excellent does not wait till tho Road is i Partible it lore to begins by after every Utoria to Baa a Man Busy with the novel protein Tibig and there m consequently no bolter natural Mountain Roud in tho mix wild a baud of Hora a on belonging to the us Luto of a they brought from 12 so to tho of the Fence thought to i tit have sold Iliesiu an Coroner instead of Pullio Adi Ninin for it took Flo men to catch one of Aud Aix Mure to hold tub Worcester press Sayn that Alexander Stevona went to sleep in his chair thu other and would have been swept out by Iho janitor if the stirring of the air haunt canned him Oribe and float around where tho Sun shone on Liin a Levu buttons mid thus revealed Hla armed with proxy of attended be meeting of Ora tic state Central at ban lost his Over the Railroad made it cheaper for him to him Eldit have the Agency for tho new american hewing which the la Dies say has no u sews the but and runs the easiest and fastest of All Ibe machines Ever tub dance at tho French last night passed off very Quito a number wore Aud dancing continued until Ono i the Kern Island irrigating canal company Bas raised the Waier Deacon Tibbett Calls the flow in his ditch the income Dallah shift coupling John pruning sheer foal Hering paddle wheel Liam Law manufacture of shirts Walter Ore Weil have turned off a Large lot of Beautiful prints for the Calico party of the club tomorrow a Man at Newark recently found fault with tho fish upon which Hon a flu broke the dish our inn to coolly turned 10 bin your Mother is celebrating our China everybody thought it wan a and so did he but last evening at a croquet parly hit her pot Corn a a Luck with Mullet that sounded Liko a and Wolcot its Sho Fruto on her and showed it to the married a Pratti Cid who Schwed and boil kit her Aii Iid Miruso Little Peu wiper and scissors of who keeps everything in that a at a special meeting of Kern i held on thu 26th of Tiu following Weru Ull erod 11 Tinl till i Algu tender a vote of thanks to 1ust a Raul Litrun deign Lor his and and also to the 1mlinn Aud Gen Klein ii i Willow Slid und i liners and Lurke fur Iii Kiwi hymns on thu occasion the no Elvor of Neil Hutel for Rilke d1unk House in Atid completely fitted up ready for immediate for Sale at a great enquire of imy i kept my no Inu regular by Lam Tun of Bufi i Leojune it my will tin Louie of vhf Iii fire to Tiu Iii Iii of Jiuu Lellure will Liun him nereid i Yii Itri truly Cloud of the Fulbri Wing Numil pallet Ftp Monif the Iho Tandi Wobu wive poured of to me of Mug Iii Cit lurch Kom Eily new Brown no Lyle Ohl it Norn rep North Mallun Lar hour Wyoming Merrl it in a vile m will i a ill Mobili 1 Jimm in h we i jul Benin Oban m Tsoui Iii Tii Liln Touli Laid Luigi Ili Inry hit Hun n Dion Jimh i Dennl h incl i Mann in Sou or Hilly new York uniting her Aln i Freder Thlu Fri Chimp Fluzin Liimol Iowa Juno Blun Mont la nary jul Iii Abnil Situu Ruhr x u4d id Iii in i Ueli a Lunray Mill Ohio Hilving in connect ice with via Ami shop it the paint shop i prepared to do in Ringo Aiu ornament it up sitting in better Sty loud i to turf other Man in the the Public Are invited to fall and sex 611 real estate Union cemetery by to Odd on Friday last waa More than usually at 2 the members gathered at the court House with Many spec to listen to the oration by the in the evening to Ball Given by the order at the French hotel waa enjoyed by a Large too Large for the the attendance waa greater than proprietor of the did everything possible for the entertainment of thu Miller Lux Are buying All Ibe Eattle Pliay can to oat the feed on their Han Joaq ulu they pay from 934 to 992 per Tler Aro said to have in Al in an area nearly a great As the of Node there be at in one running in ten or twelve Miles and sixty Long idiom Hills ferry they Piru about head of and lad year new born wives numbered Mclean 4 Heel report the Ehrp mon of Wool from the Bakersfield depot Fiton March 10th to april 24th at Mol in a Hava estra Ordinary facilities for shipping and forwarding Wooi they Eloot a Honsl Lerable having in Henby bought of Lait head of for the ban Olson in the of live snore Jewett it the a preme court granted ten further Tine to file Rayu a sold last week to Henry head of steers at 938 per fat run Tum and we Dow a matter of no More poor took will to known ibis of Altai waiting the Al nuking work in his my store to show the urgent and Toek of Ever brought to Kern the opening will amount to to Best show of in Lue Lover part of the Chitwood to Jamea o of n o of Hud id 131 s r o to an 11 it t Cie 1u i by b r 25 Jwj Tui illicit Tulanda in Kern Tuuu Choo by Aud Quin to Loi in Bakeras Ltd a 11 o of n w Cor lot 2 i i u r is on n Lino lot rung 3u it along u Lino slim n 91 the w 30 the n 92 u to Puou of begin 92txj a four to e h of lot 7 b 0 n r s Hodges to a n h sue 18 180 s r 28 328 40100 Kyllar to lots la Oleun w Julius Chester to lots Block 933u kso4let to an 2u in lands including Edward by of it Al to Hal gut lands in Peru uo100 w Heartwell to Isaac n h we 9210 Hiu Bibl Caffre to Isaac i h Sec 80 r 21 92tt Gustavo Hanger to Henry s u u 82 127 r 28 i 9100 Chan Merino re to John in 8 and by 900u Jamea Orady Roallen 242 0100 acres land in Kern John Ouw let to Alex 2i it Chester off u 4 of ii lot 9 by 9240 tiie National old medal was awarded to Duk Dimi Ruix isun for the Bent in the United and to Pleuna modal fur he in the Dennl come with in Pipilo of the Uurphy Money it steadfastly tight Orer it to the of at april a at May by of Bike Noldi Kin seven Gold to wander Tell Mihon 0v jul Silvo for Kern Ani Tala re of to Moti rails is to inform All la proprietary and that in Timve Ivun Lam Wirxel Sivit unix us Itu Delillus great a Titi i heels Ingoldt Luli a our a eur i or i Kilaru Hutc if in have Iten receiving Hirschfeld co Uril h fur Hie Hev Iii Mials or Ould ii Trum in 111 urd Urs per ties in these und adjoining Ilen All Ord is from Thieu Cuil Nimeh must to a Dilruba to Iho above a Calm in a Der to re Siivo Tump nou und Sun Al syn Kevii a Large Supply on nud me ready to Iii and ont Ablith sub la us sol Kennedy 4 the Bakersfield ref Ery has and will be Able to furnish Home made Beer by to 15th As Good and cheap Ai any that can to by the Ziegra or settles i a 1 j in to Valboa Ixta 1iouk h1ckihou a Ann Unok that they Jav and offer to tho at greatly reduced Tiit Fuff f most varied Stock of general Morolin Aliso Over Obloy Norori Mill Mary Wilile up Liiri Jului 1uwnee Jui Epli Ubalo Tonsi upper Iii Tanoy Oregon Golden medical discovery a alterative or Golden medical discovery Golden medical discovery n Clio Gogue or Golden medical discovery Golden medical discovery by Reaubin of in ally Vallre Imrei die Vaidi us Ibe Millood and Holn Ai or to Iorii or old Horn ii Illint Olivai imm plei and uni Peluni ily if idol Ira it Ourn Throat and lung air Oil inn plent lingering i unit Uli Runyn ill assessment columbian Oil look you Aud Pelno Ilii Plawin of county a notion u go tint meeting of the Board of held on Lite i Fink Day of 187b in 3 of two 2 uvula per levied upon uie Raplus it Hwy of the dial tily in rold Coin to the any Stook upon which thu Hall Rural a Uii Pzuon May will be advert used fyr at Public pay iut Nikle will w void june to pay to with us Perlah Render it in in Mizual a Mcneily or Ulii Iii mar or Anil ill Ion Sci ii in mining Lou of and lift Liere Kiln Liml Low and Oyvind Wlllie Lilu Tomlim nud or there Linn few Bot Lei of Ilii ctr it an entire cure if you Timve Lallow color Puli or Bod i Fri Tweit Hoad Aeeti in baft i internal Linual or Gullli Aluri baled Bat Luw Lullu and Irreg Anil you Iii Furlong from a Orold in Inge if Only part of them Vilnins n All in foe Golden duo very u perfect leaving liver and the Peoples medical servant h u the tale and of few Are mid by me it Ulius Hie Ai Lior of leu Pei oot noon hint med Loal a work of nearly Thimi Aud Psge Iwu Hun dred and Bart we and Dolored tie but Auvil of Iblis Werk Over copies postpaid a full Assor Tinct of dome Tio and foreign dry i fancy hosiery and boys and Ohi Drent blankets and comforters of All i boots and shoes of the Best manuf Octre Ani ladies and misses hats of the latest r i 1 i ladies and gentlemen furnishing goods embroideries and trimmings of All t a Fino triple Obs orment of Staple and v i and table coh Anious eve try Branch la 41 of Bray or o a of o n a 14i 8a n 91 a n 0 a life i John Deere and Shaw having unusual h buying our Goodart to Goi Itiba celebrated shuttler farm and freight
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