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Southern Californian And Kern Weekly Courier Newspaper Archives Mar 29 1877, Page 1

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Southern Californian And Kern County Weekly Courier (Newspaper) - March 29, 1877, Bakersfield, California Southern Cal Kern county weekly professional and uu8ine83 Kern March o Pool of fails Vikk no Kvicky to Trio ladies of and Vicinity As a Nuhse of word addressed to Lior it Stockton will receive prompt Ilc furs to Ami Counselor it Keun of Floe to the rear of Kern a Willejr a Nils if attorney Ami Counselor tit Keun office on Jiin Ohlf attorney and Counselor it Inyo practice i in nil the Curti of tho George attorney mid Tuii Sylor it Keun of lace in client Refl at olm Fullil attorney mid Counselor no Keun Chester jv1i Alvin Atton Ytit Keun door South of olympic niil11 w y e3 Fresno will Prantle in Ilio courts of Kern county Maison Doree h e a Ost new a tools on door of ii French Cli Osur avoid it open till one Oclock chef de this is a new and will be kept in a style not unworthy of the celebrated Olaison Doree of the Well known will preside in person in the and will strive to Merit a continuance of the generous patronage that the Baker sliced Public have hereto fore so freely and kindly bestowed upon in connection with the House is a where none but the Best brands of will be Dis Sel if French 15 a k k u s f i k Northwest Corner Chester a Emu and nineteenth recently cheap Cash Szorc rim ii kit Ever brought to this proprietors Samuel attorney inn Counselor at Bali Wimfield and of lace on Chester Neil in Tom Oai Etle will Ruu nil lit sinn term Orluk Ami 1iirticultir Lent inn o mining Law and up Ftp Wigginton attorneys Counselor Merced Mark will attend the omits of Kern Fel 10tf Gorrey attorneys a Counselor no lob Rollo Ottoni made in the Luis turn Kuwint Lyls and in Arizona also attend to Bouru tie depart Wnenta it und to the in Vrat Lvalion if do u in Elolf this hotel is kept in Firste Lasi Elf faintly no hotel on tho rail Ovid South of san Francisco or North of los an furniture and bedding now the Saloon attached to the Hole will always he supplied with tin choicest Etc polite and attentive attendant in every of the hons every Effort will lie made to please terms Ahvay reasonable c 01ijsty priv Siciak n v r k n Keun fipe Clil attention pail to of we Man and children and Olllie and Ruhl Ilencik pm Buck of Janis Jan 41 f Keun Olfene by do Rye lust climb lit ii Arlington Nulf Keun of Leo with where in ran lie find at All Houra of the and in thu even link ii n deity Kern 4 Wooin Lith of if am Kevin of won Hay and Drain stud Arlington Southeast Corner Chester avoid in and third Street b a k e u h v i e l d James proprietor the Potila and experienced has Soli and exclusive control of thu Jilin Fine furnished in Ino Deri House l shape no Dari elegant billiard Saloon Neil a on the first polite attendants in Railroad store third Street Choc Schiks and re lad iks and civil dhans hats and Etc toys and fancy tobacco and Wall Weil Tiik most a n s o u t m k x i general merchandise outside o1 sax All goods in this House arc marked Ono of the latest of nil and Xixi Noiin Ilio new Crit due Igich Mill Ilist Quality of 5o of s a i s ii o k to invite Alki Iskui to our new Stock of Ascot ii in Prisly for till of Ani Cotton ladies in com Baihly in Lii jul an canned and fresh fruits splendid Cla Kkt wine Al Only to cents a Hole agent Koil Bishops celebrated cough and lung on urn from Trio country promptly n tho or vont Market tho Public ant in Vircil to Call Neil ii Noiin my Block before millinery ind fancy goods Packard having to edited in Nee Ond door South of Trio offer to the Lillieh of Iii inc mid Vicinity a Complete is Portinen of Milliner a Ryhd every do a calf James nineteenth bit a san i Nylof Cheis Tadeos id Hizir Dyo in Kap knt Mil tho having been purchased by the is in Good As Good accommodations As can to found in the state a firs class Saloon is attached to the and the Ijar is supplied with the very Best Quality of Hill in u Wall Upilo Tilita Tullet itt ily i null Thiller ill Lilg now i patrons of House will find excellent Good polite and every that will add to their late Nisi ing of tin am most fitting and dress making made a Call see and satisfy do sign and Carriage an life in Harriot Bee her in a letter to the new York tril Niin from in vol explodes Many fallacies concerning the treatment of Northern immigrants and negroes in that it is fair to presume that other Southern states have been misrepresented in like manner us and hence it a lords us pleasure to give publicity to state ments to remove wrong this distinguished lady says in your Issue of january mud a correspondent ii Init from Jackson Ville proposes to Tell people where to live in How does he do this he goes on to say first thai there Are counties in Florida where Northern people Are not does not Tell us which that there Are instances of settlers in Florida who have been driven out and had to abandon their properly to save heir but he not Hiiva who Tieso no ukr optional Klor Idu is it ii and Trio Hick a lovingly of of Kunlun Niue the from Ali Mifkin ii in Hun Juno Wiiri Tui groceries and he lie i Hali Kwahk and and Varia ii Ollor Urlini agents for the celebrated Coc Muncio winks Ani native Trio wine look a Premium til us Trio i Liliu Itomi cruelly Aru Iii Vircil o cull and our into a new Era in Trade j a a n k St o u Chester bakery fold Tiik latest styles Tiik lowest Chicks and the lion and the Lamb show nne our in indications that they May yet Down Northern immigration has raised up a brisk and lucrative Litisia ices in and set Cut Trees by the about All the Money circulating in tho stale comes from Northern Immi Grants and Ami therefore it is tho Hialit of Absurdity to suppose they would not to Here Leith Safe and Swoot the Maine legislature distinguished itself this year Over All its predecessors by passing a Bill prohibiting he Sale of Sweet the session was and we do not know that any other Law of importance was an adjourn ment was curried in n glow of sell satisfaction As soon As the Sweel cider Bill became a a preceding i had Pla in the prohibited which ii is not em1 Iii will lie varied a of tile in acc Longs for some of her cold or warm water and As Iho Law Man than Thise possess some of i he of Bidden in has been hey lie tells shocking stories if cruelty and abuse heaped upon but Ilion hot Tell us where r when or who told this had developed a tendency to general bundle of assertions is his Onsri Button to the question where 0 Settle in i1 in in obviously unjust to imply a whole stale in this Wil Honl giving an Opportunity to esl the truth of these 1 there lire places where Northern Sellers have been driven out and negroes let them Tell where they Armand these i lunch Bear the blame and disgrace but let not the general aspersion 10 cast upon tho stale of in reply to such arming Lei me put a new i came Down to Florida he your after and have mid property in Duval on the Johns Ever in ii this time i have received not Veu an incivility from any native 1iival county it largely settled by Northern people who have come Here since the and have yet to Leurn of tiny Case of or incivility As Hap pening to any i on the part of the native so far As they Are to be observed floridians Are a remain peaceable and honest Sel of who believe in the apostolic study to be mid mind your own bits incs is quilt Rue that i hey had at no very warm love for Northern but they have always treated them fairly and that they should prefer to usso Lialo with and not with was but in that there was after War a Good Deal of Biller people who had lost properly and grown poor were sore and in and thai it was a pleasant i Hing for people who had always owned slaves to give hem ome what Roe livers will make their stand on one by such Mihi is i Mil hints As rhubarb wine and currant or Gooseberry Cor dial have been taken from Mihoin but Buttermilk in still drunk without of her pen ult v than the nature of the liquid now a Butler milk carouse would not have much no traction Lor the average California youth bal the temperament and taste Are doubtless somewhat a Man who has never lasted anything More May go it wild on the Maine have travelled so Fust is Ihn Way of sump uary and had things their own Way so that it is now contemplated to up an to lint this fool nor has so fur he i until in u Way to prevent set Lodh from made an to the in Mil county has a Larte population of work for fair the Ion an to i hav just ii ended the Al Osiier minimal Ion of two coloured District in our both taught by coloured teachers and paid by the school Board in Jacksonville in Llic to Milikini ladies dress table in paper its work done in the Best manner and with by John Stroil of next floor evil morn Lurnel Luuki John in wines and 110 front Han hoots and shoos made to order from selected gents business cheap and diagonals for dress goods and fancy iroc Crich bought for and sold lit Iho lowest Cash provisions and made Wool we do nut Ronni fun any Allilion r Johp Jolius our of Tali Are Piil Paiit tie first a imm Ikui no Mil join Hon lilt Matudi to Call awl pay teachers for Lam White and the examinations of both were creditable to the governor i our recently chief Iii Able gives an Especial prominence to the necessity of educating coloured people with a View to enable them to exercise intelligently the Rigl ilm of Ami although governor Drew i a tho i pc Pilici papers cordially support his admin of Duvid Connly in not All of it in has in it the Hirt font co Mircia and Imick Lam Illengo to tin e punish no an him been tit malic it impossible for a Man to drink Spiri Loith liquors now e idea is to make it As nearly possible As and then to minis i him if to deals the it is an in Croming ii in i while the extremists Are so Tiff their absurd the not Temperance defies and Reform clubs tenderly id the erring Broth or on i of temp la i Ion and pm upon tools of Lenni Rauco the Maine Man ought certainly to be saved from the demoralizing in of the flowing him o rely How Coli the two potato in tho Early years of farming in California an idea prevailed that this crop could Only be rained in a few sen coast hut practical tests have dissipated this potatoes an now grown All Over tho slate in the and even ii far in in the Monn Kaiim As an Alliende o they Only require n Noil to attain their sex yield abundantly wherever they Are nth land last ii Koine their Poluito i Lin Domain Lor potatoes ill Ali Lorisia is ii Wuy fully equal if not greater than tin ii in Llic Pirich Are Higl enough in pay will for Lam i Altiva the i Pniler who has i few in ii much Elcor ii his More pro Lenni Riih who has it Virgi farm in with this advantage russian a of tho London writes at a into when so Many Well moaning people him anxious that tho benefits Hussian Rule should to conferred on i think they would do Well to rend n quotation from Trufitt a Lotrowski work on which inn published in by an English firm 1 now approach a dark episode in polish the civilized world will doubt its and Chiro it As it Onoe doubled the horrors commit Tod at and a Only in the Days of the bar con federation As it doubted to barium ties of Churchy no and listened with incredulity Whan Iho Story was first told How oath Erine incited the peasants of Polo iia Ami the Skarino to massacre and despoil their lords and How Suwar after the storming of Lefi no living being within its tho world did and still does believe thai this system w08 i Hen commenced which drives in away in thousands into tho heart of Iii asian Siberia to fill prisons and that in in the Days of brother of no polish family could lie Down at night without tho four that perhaps Ere morning one of its a embers might be torn con to a scourged Orli ired with hunger and so hat to confession needed might in rung from his Siporo and four others who had i in fled into the ranks of tho Sibo army wore condemned each to blows with a without i f any one of tho members Lut lived tho sentence to was to to on to the North Ink mines for tho of his tho Groat Mast of Cronn implicated wore variously to or 500 Down with tie and Uzoho who survived in Home cases to hard labor for life in for a number of yours to penal and it hers again for military at Daybreak Vivo imitations of men in arched out of one charged with the execution of those condemned to tho other with tho execution of tho lessor tho each formed in double face to leaving a passage through tho Lon drawn superin tended Iho and remained with tho men who had to give according to the Soldi Cra charged with Sinai Dinies Are placed shoulder to in dealing tho but slightly raise tho Arm from tho Elbow and keep tho foot together on when on the Sticks should Only Boho thick that three can to dropped in a carbine on this occasion All this wan reversed Palali Eye placed Iho soldiers at arms length from each made them Rascio their arms High in Iii out the and the Sticks were twice the usual weight and tho victims were brought from their prisons to the place of the bloody work was begun simultaneously by both the from Bolh came the same shrieks of Sierocinski is left to the last and compelled to witness the Fate of his friends Ore his own turn and to had Long to wait for thai deadly then his shirt was stripped from his and his according to tho regulations in such were fastened to a hold by two who thus compelled him to keep regular tho order to March was tho priest enl Rod tho Street of in a Low Ranf no Kulum Mai Jam Malafi oof Houting is while the wheat crop is liable to Many contingencies that ii pinot be Fonteen Mil provided Hern then is a Field for on a hindi that does not Micieli Koinm to id int resin of i Tuny win Tco Ivou Uotsu spirit Ai somewhat acquaintance in Florida emible4 in to is hurl huh Confidence thai in All the Large and thriving counties Are made Ami Negrou Are fairly treated Aslo and i unities for there May to and doubtless Are exceptional i have known of one in Rivern holler Nonie do up the Johns Kiver taking up a Largo tract of lius been in mood Ami terrified by squat ters who foil my the nine i Vert dislodged by his such it Cane might happen in any stale in an in Noruel neighbourhood at a Disuanco from con Rich of in tho excite mon of a presidential when tho lower passions of a Community Are played upon by then May have Boon in Homo dark acts of in Justice and cruelty to negroes us compared to Thor edit body of Iho a fair representation of tin general i Hli wil1 As Are Pene a Vry hellion of the Liow Evor i potato far Iii will lie afforded a Ehens Nir Uini of inns porting their Crown to Mitskel on u Hii h Alliey will a haul wine profit for their of yer the wheat Itiat his and tho Ellb missive tools of despotism obeyed so Well that Flor walking on co Down Iho line receiving fell sweltering in his to was lifted to his foot to fall again and then a hurdle prepared for this wan to was bound on it and so dragged up and Down until his sentence was Ful to had Given it first Throe shrieks of and still breathing until tho blown tho remaining wore struck on his or rather his now Ilon Ltd Iosh 1 i me unit the Lluhi was till Hattit Tor of the at Vermont Ohio of the and Bent of men on an 01 cation of Kane made by the crying of an Pau had in Nei Ninn to nay dont Hlay a front the Homo of Jod be Cariso you Lihue no one to Leuvoy your bring them with and if hey cry now and it will not Dix Trokin or disco Mohi to half much Ith to boo your Luce in you want to to for which i Yon do not Pon Nover but your Truu by tho tho crushed and arid the on trails punch has taken off h Cap bolls and put on the throooornore4 hat of it professor of Foi i says thut the word conscience to Luth Deli nod my Rule for Olhorn Muns door fitful and practice Elution and you will be noted your i virtuous and
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