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Southern Californian And Kern Weekly Courier Newspaper Archives Mar 22 1877, Page 5

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Southern Californian And Kern County Weekly Courier (Newspaper) - March 22, 1877, Bakersfield, California Outrie californian interview with James March j8t Puntino press for a Complete outfit Fob a with a Hoe Ilund fur Talent this at a Low Banors Imperial bet notice of baled Hay fur we arc glad to Soo county treasurer Pem Berton oat to a slowly recovering Rora a very serious and is still very weak and everybody should keep by Liong Imperial tonic in As the old saying of a stitch in time saves applies to Medicine As Well As anything mfg regret to learn that Scarlet fever pro vails among the children in mid that several Havo already resulted from Andhiv who hag been con fined for some time by a malignant attack of has Aud in again Able to resume his five farms advertised the past few we Lis in the have been in Ono in for More than the Price first and the others for tho Price first sub Verona in spam for cont Uncle 702 Kearny four doors from tho City ban tic Iid for it by Mcmillan preached St tho can Rel on sunday he Lias been directed hero by to and will remain a Bauers Luli an indefinite we direct the attention of our readers to an advertisement elsewhere of a Pood Mountain ranch for Sale or Exchange for this is an exit Slont Chance for a Man of Small Means to Socaro a Good the National Gold medal wan awarded to Bradley Rulofson for tho Best Photop Rypl in tho United and tho Vienna Muda for the Best in tho 42y Ilont gom cry san the quarterly meeting scr icon of the e Church will to held in bakery fled on hater Day and filth and 25th Lvov presiding will to present and will proach tho funeral Sermon of the lat on sunday morning at 11 a Lett ii published today from a forme citizen of Kern Given testimony to the Superior advantages of this Brough out by comparison with Somo of thu most a tired parts of tho Many of tho Friend of the writer will be pleased to note his Rutelli gent having Edd cd materially to his labor i offering everything in his Lino at greatly to Bucud Lloro shooing finale a special h the work being Dono by a Coin i tent agricultural r paired by tho Best mechanics and on tho Short Cost built for this for Sale at Low for cheap and Quick 41 Morgan leads tho Trade in tho niarl5tf the contract for building the school Iio Uku at Skinner was awarded to Firestone and wrench for choir bid being Iho Ilio building will to Ono Story in Liei lit and 65 foot Long by s7 it will to in a substantial with All tho Modi m will to surmounted by a Tower and and when completed will to an ornament to tho work begins on it and will to prosecuted speedily to who has taken charge of tho county is giving his personal at Tention to and in Elf acting a marked improvement in tho whole condition of tho in to has had tho building thoroughly cleansed and and every department Lias enlisted personal the doctor finds abundant Roum for the of Ereine of Bis great and the Gam to tho people can hardly be less than tho gain to tho patients lie takes in candidates for senator and Assembly to con lined to those who claim tho Leader ship of tho respective they demand their and have big Bills against tho Par ties which they will Only discharge for votes next there is u Strong tendency among on the other to make a now and Leal More with men than Par Onico Cokor Fonro becoming an offence to every local Olio people would like an Opportunity to make tho selection ilium Monnis on former and one of our most enterprising now resident at made a Brief stay with us this on his Way to him lie is largely intercut cd in tho Krs Kino Creek and u part of his fusion to Iho City is to Purchase machinery and fur tho working of the he informs us thai operations in tho Erskine Creek Are be on tuesday at tho req rat of Jam a we visited him at the county it Zafa Little evil once of distress or Al Lough he has but one Moru week to he wanted to Call attention to a letter from the published in the in which it was intimated that to was concerned in the booting of Dochter by Thomas Godwin in hat to do Vircil to Tuy thai there was 0 Trutlin in tho that to know Othin gof it till after liw death of when he was awakened by Leonard and old that Godwin had killed Doshier Ivel More than an to if tar to was and yet he did not know of it till after to was to says it is True to was a Riend of and to expressed himself try freely in the presence of Godwin that it ran a murder in cold Godwin having Lisanne Dushier before to shot he Hen told Godwin ii to had been there to would Iver Havo killed after that Kulwin threatened and told him if he came round where to was to one shoot even at this late i Lav Hayes is sensitive about false reports of in Trio Larling whatever May to his secret to Dors not Rex Rel his act in the Illing if if his words am an Index to 1 is he has been visited by several of Trio ladies ill hit who have sought by kindness to direct his attention to lie Fato which await that he might make hat preparation for tho future which to has so Long to asks to to buried by the Side of Friend who was killed by tho victim of and beyond that seems to make no or urge any to All outward Puih Unico he i Iii not changed Liy the confinement and reflection upon his crime or dread of the he Linn treated All who Havo visited him i h Courtesy and thank but Liny have failed to impress him with the necessity fur or with fear of his he has fallen tho victim of tin governed kindhearted in his Man Ner towards his he 1ms been rash to is enemies and violent and cruel when under tho ill irenee of Strong lint for indulgence in thu latter he might have Escapee this last it blinded him to tho wicked Ness and to tho consequences of his Groa it led his passions i Lynnd any Possi Bio and adds one More to tho list o those who have sacrificed everything in tin present and thu future to tho passion Foi the Story of tho capture of Ono of Lii marauding which in published week As related by the self alleged cars to be slightly Iii vibrato in Sonio of it with the exception that it was no Carrillos brother but his brother inlaw we captured and the further fact that i was not Rotilio who was captured nor i brother who Vav Purd on a horse i Long ing to the Thern May he Homo ground work of is Learned from an other appear tube lint at the time an Pluto mentioned two mexicans or indians wit captured for Erimez commit led in los Angl but they wire not tho botel los or known to be any of their Tuo Man who Nadu the in pure probably became n Little excited when in was and that prompted him to relate tho Story that to bail Cpl need the Koti our Citie Eiith and of fliers returned from an in Hunt for the fugitives on after an unions and perilous Warr i of of a desperate ill aban loved the left his horse and tools the train at now Hall to los returning to his Homo thu sumo Way two or Days but with no tidings of tho citizens Withington and Ownby and Allicer ii Ludworth continued the search with unyielding but wore Eom Jemid Fili ally to relinquish it with no very satisfactory our citizens ought to feel and and we no doubt the great obligations the Community is especially to tho who Cru willing to not Only Forsuk their business interests but to endure Bard blips and encounter perils that might Tiuliu tin invest though unsuccessful in hit main tho warmth of tho Eliuh and the vigor wit i which it was pursued will Havo a Good effect at least in bold marauders to seek some Oiler in which they May with Moro safely commit their real the following deeds were recorded for tho week ending March 13th p t Colby to William town loto in Henry Miller to Chat Lux and j c on third interest in West half of nout chaat car tar Section 11 weit half of Northeast Southeast Quarter of Northwest Quad and North half of Southwest Quarter Sec Ion township Range id Cut also Ortli half of Southeast and Southeast Quarter of Southeast Scull in 31south West Quarter of Southwest Quarter Section township m Range Jil East North Talf of Northwest Quarter and Southeast Quarter of Northwest Quarter Section 0 Norl Liml in Tor of Northeast Quarter suction town hip 29 Range 20 Henry Miller and Charles Lux to j c on third interest i swamp Aud surveys of Kuru county numbered j5 and containing in 80100 acres month half of Section 18 and Northwest a Undler township 29 Range 21 Charles Lux to Henry Miller and j c two third interest in Norl limit Mirter of Northwest Quarter Section town hip i Range 21 Jos c Crocker to Chaa Lux and Henry Mil two thirds interest in South half of South Mil Section township 27 Bingo 2u also West half of Northwest and Lorl lowest Iju Arter of Southwest Quarter Sec Tion 2 Northeast Quarter of Northeast Quarter Section to Southwest Quarter of Northwest Purler and Northwest Quarter of Southwest part or acc Tom i Cust half of Southeast Parkr Section 5 Southeast Quarter of North Wesl Quarter Section 11 All in township to Range 21 m c Lydell to Liol Wrt Lurns Alouso in win h hell to Leo w All Section township Range u7 East till Section Luw ship ill Range 22 Julius Chester to a j All dec lion township Rongu 2h Julius Jin Tutei to ii w All Sec Tion Lowi Iship Rungi 28 j g Allen to m West half of South West Sec Lou township m Range 2tl Sotito Tutti Pacillo i 0 Mills and Lloyd to a a All Sec lion township 2j Rango 27 n h Roberts to e l coat half of hour Hemut Quarter of Soull Iwest 21 heat Iii township rung 2li Henry Nuur to l Hirshfeld Aud s it Quarter of Northeast and of Northwest Quarter Section Lown slip 31 rung jus w Ticu to u u lot in Bakers water tho Law on appropriation and a correspondent of tho Stockton i depend Days among thu Iii with on tho third Day she the work on tho great Wost Hido canal is making satisfactory thu heavy Cut Ting is All Anil the work consists now in throwing up a levee on thu lower this Leveo is of a eight or ten feel of great Width and strength ill hit and three foul wide it Ine a Milch larger Force will to employed and Nion rapid Progress there ure now Al work two of the Waii Shopo i Lehing a uni Nowr of slashers and n great Many tho wan slopes will now have a Opportunity of displaying Hiir i is tin will to better adapted to their Wible thinks that with Ordinary h tug pm u Cleo u All swamp Ulm in Koc Liun turns lip us Range Ueo u Chester to Julius All of be Eligih m und township Iii ran ii 2s East Usu nil Mvi up land in Section Townsl Sipll Lang i Lillie it to Lyulph lots in tho following deeds were recorded for week March 21 to u m South half if Section to Atli half of Section All of Sec ions Ami Leonii Klipp m it Wim Siruc Tionel West Hull of Wal half of i i Milf Ueo Tion township us Rungi 2rt j j Murphy to John lot in halters Leo k Hunter to Stephon North Lull of Ortli Paiit Quarter fiction township in Range 27 j ii Huggin to Thomas South West Quirt in Section Lown Bip m Sottili rung 27 Julius Chester to q w Lota ill hit j 11 thu yer to a i Northeast Quarter if Northwest Quarter and Ter of norther text Jiuu Rittir Section township Range m w k lax to h u North Hull und Soulli Eaxt of Auauli East und Northeast Quarter of Iirth West Jinn tar of Sec Iun township Range it Tux to it Al West Ball of null Niht Ipi Artir and went Hull of Southwest a Nutter Section township 27 Runge 27 a m and wife to j c town lots in j vein Beitin to Jau m Torrn lots in 1 i Yurcon to l f i in in is saw Mill in c i Malvina 1 Cady and Kamilli to Juines m lows lots in in an article on water gives the Law As follows it appears that by Sekston and to Andulo used Inch Nili Gueits language that most in Kuhs would Omli rut no lint that they held tint in Flint in was Good hut lord interpreting fur says the position that the Glrst coup join of running water for a Lilii Etheial purpose for has a Good Tillo in is perfectly True in this that neither tho owner of the Hind below can put Back Iho nor Lam owner of lha land above can divert it to his or in other to had a prior appropriation and right to a certain amount of fall or in thu there is a priority to water to support life for drinking Angel on an judge in Hie Lalu of a Oen Liiv or dded that a riparian proprietor May Tauc adva sitauti of a Stream no water running through his Laud in fertilize his provided to not deprive the Viljoin Iii proprietor mow of a of fur Kitchen or for Wuring mid provided Trio Wilder Eliuh is for irrigation shall unless u1 returned to its natural Channel belie the it resin leaves his if a person la absorption in his own land can Din pose of Lair we Infix of hid exc a Tang Only a fir thu purpose cd before men be Lam prior Light because he is la Rel on the Stream and i Iii Ihu la ext the most charitable is the to a which would to Suppin hat the plan instill would rather Seo water run n waste Tenn to have it utilized by his neigh the judge being unable to find Iho principle no in aprily ill order in 1iiire a Ili item of is own eases in Masseh Sells he mime bloc Lynn was null uni but Angel Ronnelis hut subsequent Lirl Mains Ilo in sustain he and judge of in Niue ays Iliene Inci Slinns reve imn Tom Eon Imon Law my Are repugnant in not Only give to ten upper riparian in Iviam the in Alrh the loner Aru but denies that even seventy years1 Mun Iii Ilij Yini no in any Pirli Cular Iii Auner vill Center an Alwn Nln ii supreme court of had do in the ease of Anthnny Lapham Man through whose Liimol water pusses univ for watering Enville or Iii inline Island but he must so use in in tills Luller Rev is in do thu least in Shihlan injury o neck hour who i Iii the mine tin1 Hiiri Hie court of Maine Hiis the Case of Westi i Ald ii the Irr Galion might seem to be general ind yet subset i Anent ruses Inive re it silted it Cokeis Lintle the enjoyment of be common Bounty of Liy niger pro u idols through Olio us land a Stream has been accustomed to the supreme court of Alabama he common Luw in a latin to is Liy the rules no common All Propri eters of Hinds have Pree Selv he Sui Nii in water a lowing through their Justice Story uses this liuigungi1 this in the Neecy Iii i Hilt of i 11et Rqn Nelly if right ii Iii All the propriety no no that which is common in i might quote More authority in show hero wus perfect of wit lion in locution or below Ihu or Iho frontage or lumber no i Tiri of land in value of Good Luck and no drawl lie will Genrl ing prosecuted with Energy and a Complete tho work to Tala in in six 12stamp Mill is to to Ihu contract for j there Are now about Lour Miles of tin and work con and All tint deep cutting is tin1 remain Rig distance of Over to wanly the erection of which Hus been the Mill will to in running order on thu first of when to May to learn of Rich returns j Miles will be co Paruti vely Rasy of from that thu mines Aro in when the great work is in inked in will bands of an incorporated with in on erotic and intelligent and the 611 Market san Hirschfelt co announce that they have on hand nil to to it greatly reduced to largest and most varied Stock of general Over Scon in Korn comprising a full assortment of Domestic and foreign dry fancy hosiery and boys and childrens custom made blankets and comforters of All boots and shoes of tho Best hats and ladies and misses hats of tho latest ladies and gentlemen furnishing embroideries and trimmings of All a Lino assortment of triple and ingrain a Complete assortment of Staple and Chunoo fun Milf Groom rows Anil wines und pocket and table mechanics and fanning evilly 1manch Complete in to Are also ogints for tho celebrated Slittler farm and freight Buckeye mowers and John Deere and Shaw gang irrigated to on Liberal terms 111 traces to suit of tho Rich lands of Korn Kern within four of along tho line of tho Korn Island time of will Lozaro for Throo or with the privilege of purchasing at tho lowest current on Long terms of lease on fourth of tho or Dollar por As losses May water and a never failing Supply of and an abundance of Timber for Hilo Ceist Tim Alwi Iliin Nock Hsii of Irreg Milinn in thin m id uvin the Uli Lent Iii Luigi the Inion ii Putin Imp Ren no Akela Tirui in Early Hurvin Anil lures us mini sown to Wheil with nut lowing on thin in Tisil tin1 homies to put in thu Nee Lam water of Tom Sun Rani Iii to Mil the water of Kings pm r lain n inn in unil Ini Porfi rally con str Neveil ii longing to coi Para Livi no Iho Vimit Nin Pihir Una he with Ine Lite in Iii us Iii Pron Ideiil the interim in huh Purl of thu Val y an1 l a twin in to income of Inoru value Thi Iii Iii Niiro or Otler Ono in Unior i ild unil Deli Civin any one could Elii Ini to inner water us he Hohu Ami Nili i unit Liu Clunes ii Vij Lieen i Iulo Lor indie water than can in Inutile Avail at limes of an invent unit of n i w Lam water of an entire inn he Clinich u of and inn Nezihe tho Hago of Liti gallon in thin Valley is upon Lanil lit Iii incl to lie Anil Linell Anil Vine Cal Friski 1ms in her Piil set than it unil Iho Evelent Nihil a of do no All Lorii Colony Lle lil Ira Tih the Ilen Anil Tor ii no Duteil and Iliin Niles the Greul vol info Wuh Nii Ixl or Miili Riith no i ii Rimini can Iii Whix us imly or n it d the air extent of nigh of it Lith will pro Piile water i i Lull u sin ill of Ihu in Mil Iii to owning land on thu Plains Lionnil he Loo Liing to some Otler hot ecu Lor the Only tiling can incr anti the Vannu i to Iii ii Pavain cupful ii Enol he no Island in ditch us legit Maui in let till Ino Plu or nil Lonzil Oriel thu Lind owners Linn and construct such Milit Anieul i teens nun thu Kun ii will in Lin finder in ligation the Moru Illihi Rulilo port inn of the Low Harri n ii the Law has i Rini Ted i monopoly of All the rivet Linn it thu no no Liui Iii Lor Arti Himin water he unil let Tinni Iriti r of h lifting water by Ilea in Power he Thuru Ihly lain in unit every lain hint Mirk Razieh Nurul Hiiva Heine Wuh r Ami who Cilinio Menilik the Raili Kalilu Wuy of Linn n will inn i i a m my ice melt Lipon Tim lies no id Jam huh Iti Ivinia unusual facilities in buying our goods of first As Ono of infirm gives his entire aug Ilion to selecting and Liuying on to most Silvant Gootis we Are ii Fulcd to under soil any House in this and to can easily convince the Public of the alive facts by calling Al the store of ill nil to list of letters Lyomal Nimir in the 1ost Ellico at other canal tins starting from near tin Hijune Point us thu draining he Talien out on thin Side of the and curried out to irrigate thu unit adjacent to Ihu it will he sixty Feut wide on the and will he Coit Niotis at pro soil for a of Ghoul five Rock yield Freo Gold and it in Trio design of thu company to Burl out the Rich Bill Phu Reu and feud ilium to Han Franu Inco fur Whitlo they will extinct tho free Gold in tho of tho firm of hard ing a Oulu Tuni of Ihu or Encl to lion void his interest in the hotel to hid Lute and tho latter in now Hole proprietor of the Lorn ii and Harding also Purine re in a sheep raising Anil hum in surren Dering Bia interest in tho Lionel that of or Harding in Iho to goes to the to Tako personal can Turku of the to Hail u Good Deal of practical exp Rineo in Tia and a thorough knowl Edge of the noun and we Trust to will till tho of Iii Mont Sanguino anti Cipa tho departure of Morrell and family from among in will Leavo a not easily und to deeply regret that he Uli Ould und it to hex in erect to Ulm Don no Man Moro highly in the and All who Hutu come in Contact with him can testify to Hin mural Worth a a and Hiu court noun and hos Pruhlo conduct a a tho management of Len for Nch will in inuit with and ibid Unali count bar uncut that it will to done Rio in Wal Learned popularity an Morgan popularly known an uni of tho will a Xix Harding in tho capacity of of re and and we tho proprietor on Hiu Good for in a curing tho scr Ken of our he Thor in Lily mud will adapted to thu j Ihfe Watera will Iovu to give Way Buford the reclaim ii Rex of the richest land under the work is also to be commenced on an March ilium i1 Leo l 1 m my Juno j w Alex j Slowi a i Chan w1 i Lar Hon Mew m we Juh win it it in now nearly two yearn through Trio exertion Nihof Home of on a Shinall Plant of eat shh obtained from Huo tiny were Bron Glit lieu in Eunix made for the and turned i Jolo in one of Lam he ought connecting with Trio River near with tho injunction i in create undo no and even warrant tho in option that they Bucu to have heard of several Imi Tancey Plieni the Tutor Hud been turned Oil from a Iteck in the having a Cumbil of Young cats have How reliable Inforno Ilion that it imbuing on lax in my of Mur Rewun Lud with a line catch of Young 1ivuof Talmin were wit i hunk and in airing in length from three to Hix tho origin us punt Imine red but Hiweni u we i ave Rincon in u live thai the increase Lex been very rapid und that the fish find our water will adapted loth irix Lulu doubt hint to cat will thu we Kra of our ulu Namu and Luzok in a Short and in another year they May for Nix our lab Lex with of Well Flavoured tho which menu to to about thu Only Luh which Occupin 1 t a ii i and predatory a u i v John John n air Leibald ii 1 s v w 11 icon w it i curl Choti Jno h 2 no Innell i j u Jotin m 2 Why k w n ii Harry Flo Rue o Mary lid Miry in 1 Solhi i i mrs 1ridft w a 1 in 2 win v Jalin Tobl Leo v i m i1 Metilin Mary w m 2 ammo ii w Chan v 2 Mekul Libni Gor a huh Nam Jno 11 Sydney Ijo Gloh a a t Mai j w win ii cd word i turn James i Allex k ii v j 2 ii in a a i my n lot Liulin Lolli w Ham k Jos ii h Jno w to he Lovli w i j nines nth inn drug Iii it lady Tun i w w 1ai Lien calling fur to Liege i Ttorp will plea nay extra Nemit ii of Iho i listed Hen adj Uruth die on but urday reining Toni sowing Firo agricultural Lio a Lilno Maui link sikh Rinik of Avoir i must i Iii Mai who Iii Hlll in Mae Lilno Ali Nikii a Iii Viry i saw Iii Mac Ilni Linn m Iii ii i Anil my do no Miilu no in Lar filial Al tin1 pc mini con Vav Dicks la Reeli Lii Aibick Liol ii map him wit i Iii Ini a to Mirvil no ton Iti Minui in by Anil in iinviiii1 my Wiir lil fur unit Ili Kim All a Nili if ill Llu limit Lii agricultural of Tkel Hoai iat knt Irav Woiton icon Good agents Annil fur Iri Tuuri in a Illish if Kilmington nine 225th Curtis work Oil or Voun Luli aimed Ician litre it Linin in in nun Viil Mno ital nun nor o o id i 11y of the id m my i pcs ill Bee Oil Spellun of Hie i i Nln i an act to him Iii in Al Lii lid an Al to i Uio wih of i Muiir on a Ionin Giuili Cunt limit the of showing Pio und the parly Imi Liing n entry of a Etiopi in Der Empro of slim shall he Iii find to lire Ali leu Icin h us tin find lie rely Ihu Lornt my in ionic mice with thu direction of the lion Iii Slisi in Lury i the daled Al seem ii r Yon Aru incl ruled thai the Anima ii in Sinh Caw mum or cd Nikii to lie i Tingart of Lucung Lin Ucich if land Wii Liin a Permil of one j or limn Lute if in try tall in no i Donu Inoru Dulu nary Imi Inot in by Usu pm to i Ali ring and by him As a comp mice with the von will set that nil who my Ruide Niiles ii Dir the Novi Qinnn of said act of ih7i Liy Airt of May or full Ai Virid of a Lii ill mon Illino Julile to the i Bister und Lini Iver at the i Lily in arriving no in the con in is thin Nizlik Lough Lllan Ihu a Leopld i this who Iii no Reich ii Why he i inn he Oxild not Luthren decide id Inonu pm 11 in i Vul Nih 111 in inti ctn of win cell toil shul the the Ift Terr n it Odd not ill the thu old not Goneh Alicei Liv ii win and Ihu Hie Elnra of i lies pro fms to i Lilter n lion of tie Jimm party in ii Vinine unit Lake numb Nexion in Lam Illyn to if they Fol any of Ilia Lio Ritu Pur in d by thu nid Gitcin thu ill con Glen by Ihu Hll Cihil of wig cml in the a Mimi Altir Hoing Hon Ruhly Ilu Fea Teil at Hline will not in in Iii Ihu resident Prine Nils to thu in their of Dituro liven Iii thin to Oil Tiu Pilin of Lam Iii limn Lam limit him fill of nil Lam infill us Luerul in 1 Fri a Tjitte to fur ih77 Volt or Ilia his tint fur url Ihli u Lull to w Iii Yungr Tut our Luu Klyk ii Oli Daif i Imper in Huu Botu the general land Agency of 10n 4ftlirorliln it Shii Dunk Sitku Kivko and Kunik Uller la Iii it All i Iii u Akhibi i Ihu of Ami a Kulish in Lam Kah Torii Lam Iii inulin Mil in Mil Ilii irn fur Liuni u ill Molly mul full a Lilly nil by Ollir Lill Linoi an will in Liy a Yhvh Onmi Iliili i in Ilio Winum Hyt Ninan nil n i Inell lil in Millie ill i Lilly unil Nii Naify i Ihu nil and Akanu fur Kuril lands for Sale or i of til 10 Lii Lusink Uliuli in Kuril cd Kiuly i fair it lakh t 110 h ii k my to a ii t ii o it of on it Tom Munro in Rel Man on Mill of am k ii i u a on tin Casimi of Wlllie fur in in Frimi in ilium Milli Ishik us Surv uni Mil Kilmin Lizul i us this Anil nil All Ini Iii Nulli thin of in lilith Vur Lia in in re l inn in u ii Nln Nick infill Ienir nil ill i Lull Lannu ill Lar Wlllie Hiiva Ihu of Ihu inn i Ninny Yii Uri us in in in Iii Mirml by Lam Giummi run no Lii Nii no Irvn Iii Anil Liy Mir Viii in if Ihu ii will Riu Illuv in Niini in what Giitl Mullen Lam work i l of to limbo Init la no thu richest known in tho produce of we boat and from forty to sixty uus Hola to the unsurpassed for fruit and and Best Alfalfa lands in Lioy will produce two Coors por annul of and ton Tom of Alfalfa Hay to tho for nil Landu sown in Alfalfa no rout will to charged tho first the Cost of pulling in Alfalfa to no More limn tho bowing of wheat or bar and can to put in any to Leno during tho Corn will mature if planted any Timo before Middle of the part of i k7 fut Lurnis Ellno ii i flan Vij ii ii it of Liy win Lii hunk will Mil in Muni win Illier ii tin or Iudin Lii manhood thai bunk Iii Ollil m nine by Lam Young rur nil Liy Lam in Lionil Rulluff i will no i Roll Jinnu him Tih on thin i icily n unit Ulii Enlil in in Ihu Minli no ulily Ilin of ii i wanly Yurl Iii Minnii limit of Hilly fur Ilia Len which lil Mil a Rollini Inni Riihl Hai Nulu Liioi Iii Tih lift or Iwu Niy Youir him Ihu lung of Rotl run Nln i h Luln Mil in in Ramiu Illi Pinill Anil min Imp Viii Mill nil to Liiva Lilli in Furlik my inn Hiil Kiili u cell Lttie in manhood Tom milling inn Linen us Mui Lucy by ill Llu Iii Whlig h Iii Ionia Ilu i ileum Irani Piiru Ului illum Iii or ulily dully Ono by Tajh lands Abb Tiik no Fence Law kit Oman Over Trio whole county and Htide forcing ii May to needed for thu euro or took on tho will to paid out of tho front by thu a n u it k h h Bancroft 7ji Market or Nau nit Tor Ami Inion itar Aumua or Rue a Hove who u i Luenita Juniur new of lie Nino of lir Ariizu for us by Trio Landa will to if into Twenty or forty Aro the lands a Sandy easily can Lia Oniu Ltd no lilt mud Dally Fin Iii in m in 3 mul from Ilio m in Hun Ilni Furui ii to u m 5vu Hurt ii and Man Joii 1uintinu Ond at Iho plos cd with a Light at the Rule of two acres por no equal Opportunity for procuring a firs class firm Lias Boon offered in tho whore the crops of tho first Hon will pay tho prior of the j fou and drum tins 1m

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