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Southern Californian And Kern Weekly Courier Newspaper Archives Mar 22 1877, Page 1

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Southern Californian And Kern County Weekly Courier (Newspaper) - March 22, 1877, Bakersfield, California Southern c Al form an Kern county weekly Al Kern March professional and bu8ise99 Pool off us her services to tho ladles of Bakersfield and a Trinity As nurse of word add relied to Lier at Stockton a will Beceiro prompt refers to attorney mid Counselor at Kern off Sci in the rear of Kern Volley Janis of attorney Ami Counselor it Keun office on Chester Jan Leif attorney and coun Clor it Inyo practices in All the of the Irmyl George attorney Counselor it Kern office la Chesters Adobe attorney and com Moor it Law Obenter jv4tl Alvin attorney it a notary Kern door South of olympic Sel it Fresno will pm lace in the courts of Kern county Samuel attorney nil Coli Nelor it Bakersfield and Olloe on cd instr in Slih of Azole win Huft i hum Ner Murnik nil Witul o mining Law and a prof Maison Doree he St n one door North of tho French chuch tar open till one Oclock chef de this is a new and will to kept in a Stylo not unworthy of tho celebrated Maison Dorce of the Well known will preside in person in the and will strive to Merit a continuance of the generous patronage that the Bakers fold Public have hereto fore so freely and kindly bestowed upon in connection with tho House is a where none but the Best brands of will to Dis sell of French b a k k 11 s f i e l Northwest Comer Chester Avenue and nineteenth proprietors Wigginton attorney a Counselor at Merced Marks will attend the of Kent Fob 10tf Godfrey a Comis lors at los Colloq sons made to the counties Ulm in Alcona also attend to in Entil it Antl to of land do n be Purul Mhz of Al o u to t y physician s u r k o in Kern attention paid to Duke has of to Tenn and children Anil Otto ii Hiil Ruvii Letifu no jul Buck of 4lf Keun of Floe at or nays Druff Homi once it i Arlington Keun office with Ulieru Liu Onn 1m am my it nil hours of ibo Ulm in Trio Usk Nung it bin Asi Deputy Keun Ilo Lelli much Ohlf Kern shipment of Wool Liny unit Grain i might Ali Iii Beay ban my Ltd Cheis Tadeos i id it e3 Chrlot Adorni Hull Dye till a pert unit Hest it Aiu Lam natural of Ulichik or la Rovn duri Noi brain Tun Anil it k a and a fun Rollo every Wall appoint we tout or Kulij by oils of new this hotel is kept in firs class to no hotel cd like Railroad South of Sun Francisco or North of los an furniture and bedding the Saloon attached to tho hotel will always to supplied with the choicest Etc polite and attentive attendants in every department of the House every Effort will to made to please terms always lung Elf Arlington Southeast Corner Choster Avenue Mill third Stroot 1 a k e 11 8 i e l d James proprietor Panfir Sclass tho popular and experienced has sol and exclusive control of tho pining Fine furnished in Inboden House l dark Klein it billiard Saloon and Jim on tho first polite attendants in every de Jehef goods recently cheap Cash store Railroad store third Street Bajsert ii est of general merchandise Ever brought to this groceries and dry ladies and gentlemen and childrens hats and toys and fancy tobacco and Wall constantly on band no Assort Trout of canned and fresh also splendid Claret wine Al Only 50 cents a Bole Adint for Bishops celebrated cough and lung Hordorn from Trio country promptly a Trio lowest Mai licit Trio Publio urn invited to cull and of manic my Block Bosforo James nineteenth tho Jamks having been purchased by the is kept in Good As Good accommodations us can be found in the state millinery and fancy Packard having located in Sec Ond door South of the oilers to tho ladies of and Vicinity a Complete assortment of m1lllvkuv and fancy consisting of the latest and most fitting and Orcas making made a Call am see and satiny a firs class Saloon is attached to the and to bar is supplied with the very Best Quality of patrons of tho House will find excellent Good polite and every thing that will add to their sign and Carriage and paper in All its work done in the Best manner and by John Lucan Rulli a Ilu Urlo Nilly Ruihui Kuril lure John Stanley in wines and 10 of joint Han Fuan Chico Weil it Avetine Mont Complete a s n o ii t is k x t general merchandise outside of ban All goods in this House Are it jerked one la1u1e of the latest styles of Call and Trio newest designs Anil Host Quality of a n d Sho to inv to Public attention to our new Stock of Hule Tod for Lilu silk and Cotton outfitting la of a Luhv of Sikl Diilio Ihui All of woul Uii of Oil from lilo a Isaiou and san Juhu to groceries and Seco Palako Llic am cahiknteiih1 tools and Varia ii other agents for the celebrated Coc Mungo winks am Nativi Tuo Cociu Nugo wino look n Premium it tin Trio Public Ulii orally Uro invited to cull mid ii Umilio our a new Era in Trade Jay new Chester Tiric stylus Tiik lowest in jacks 3d it Forest tho following is a synopsis of a report recently made to Trio Akinori Onn now of tho Forest hold it son now september 7th nil this was tho first specifically mid exclusively Forest Eon in this also Lorti Euttu nil Eon mentions had previously de voted sections of their gatherings to this with Good this Congress was hold under tho auspices of the american Forest Volion Ever hold lumbermen and it assembled at sen tho geographical on eighty Miles Rio Tith of pm Kiln Trio enl nonce of the Delaware River and the Allan lie Alexander if and i May to will was this Congress was one of the most important Ever hold in this country in respect to the number and nor orighly practical Points brought out by its not least of those was i subject try a special ses my from sea i in invitation of Llu ploy nil to judges1 on the in n in i i Omus at 1 Trio hitter after a session of unusual to Cidila Nijiu for the specific discussion of the fireproof spies infers mid addresses on lint occasion fully substantiated the practicability of the positions taken at sea that Good lire proof Art entirely they will Cost Little More Linn wooden ones they Are healthier and far More durable they will re Duce he material Drain on the for ests will reduce the lire and the life people in Oriental countries and in Kuron live in fireproof which Uro Eon her noted chiefly of such or similar materials As no within the Roach of i1 re Noli Terra Cottu and no Latium wore commended us Good fireproof material especially the either alone or in combination with the los adaptation to Complete finish of both outside its lire proo ties worn reported Hrisi was objected to for outside on account of Ita absorption of ruin Council with a valuable collodion of Forest one of tho most important papers rend before tho Congress was from Sam nol of on Iho forestation of stoop Hill sides to Provost Trio ruin of Rivers und harbours from tho american Forest during the lust live 1ms Inex pensively scattered Forest the cordial and Active Tio Nof the newspapers which would have Cost near a Hull million dollars to Issue and distribute in pamphlets or by government As Public us membership is select and mid is com posed of the Foremost men in this Siul in foreign tho latter include of the lending chiefs ind who represented various countries at the Iligir with those of gon Leinen of corresponding Chara Etor Mil position in he i United ire on tins Constitution of tin coun Mazuc Ollie in to it More stealing by is becoming far too common in California for the Good of the a popular mail goes into and to regret to say that the Rule in comity Oloe tons tho popular Man is Ole Tod without any regard for his illness or tint the morn compe tent in nine eases out of is lint in titled Cindi into the incompetent is Lam Choice of Lam and tho result is often for example Monterey county has Long been at the mercy of popular Trio so popular men have Long had Luicir names on the county selected their Boon elect and then pushed their friends into the minor places at their Dis they live got their names up by treating their constituents to unlimited by playing curds with them and occasionally Liming a few they have Boon Small aristocrats in heir and the added to prompt Tido in tho execution of our under is indispensable to b1 and yet multitudes lira a Ineil Huion and consequent they remain undetermined and inside and and ventilating Quali drying results in unhealthy Ilio mat ured was As menus of dispensing wild Largo limbers i support a com Minileo was appointed to Ilir dec investigate Iho ii and also resolutions were paused at i he Sim Iacovo Congress on lire proofs As a personal and it political Economy and a grind i adoring tin use of us newspapers in the future As in tin its a Means of sea Loring Forest literature among instead lets and costly to be rend by of publishing masses have bowed Down aristocracy which consists plying them with cheap Ami holding a miniature court in a that Hup whisky a now term thefts ims that Jodii those ladies dress table hoots und Shom made to order from gents business diagonals for dross furnishing goods und fancy groceries bought for and sold it the lowest Cash provisions and Lull Lillial aug ankh maws of Wool a not auction or Juliu our urn film Liliu lieu it it or join Hon Wini Lally Liu ulily Muniu i will in Tinct us new nil Lluy with no Inbum or will recommending civil Engi neers to Mill forestry to their professional is Only and on the publication by the Council of a Forest proposing Trio establish ment by the Council of a i Edro log ical advising agricultural Socie ties to Securo Forest addresses Luicir great annual and other Public and on Iho part of the to Aid Lam Agri cultural societies in Proem ing tin Rugg Oming tin Mich oct of relatively to Taviga and to Trade Supply from Agri culture Mill ii especially demanding the attention of Chuml Neift of Cost Nero and boards of i among tin idlers and papers rend at the sea prove Scro Thi following Isom evil Lii Uii cull ii on the of on i1 Wznis and insects from of the Acu Deiny of sciences lion of and from i fid May now on climatology of in Ami Inlall Points of prom llii1 Illinois Industrial col lege on Chi Borneo and extensive of pertinent a there made on tree Plant ing and from of Sun Mii for est us popular men must toc null a lieu to sustain their comr Ucler of hospitality at the they an called official have Lizul a very a Long specimen of this style of irregularity in the recent developments of Monterey it presents the ease i have hinted in a very forcible there has been the popular the popular the popular county judge to win the popular Deputy tin popular Rush to save the county idols when Dis Grace was at Hist of All the very unpopular expression of indignation from tho people win Are not in the this sort of stealing is becoming too common it remains for the grand jury o Monterey county to make an example of those punishes who Hui fattened too ism Long on the Publ Ami Tiik Jet Lillet 8vk correspondent of tin write from Southern Kaunas bankrupt limn ers Kiniki bankrupt no can charge our ill no farm ing to Dould and locusts that of our Marc Liuni to of and i to people of the country have Cui Iho by Oilive yielded what to or having decided no Confidence in persons need to to assured nit this Assurance Onn to obtained n no Othor Way than by their own successes in whatever undertaking they May attempt for if Hoy lean upon they not Only Liacomo dissatisfied with what they but the Success of Ono in which Thoy Aroen titled to but partial is no cuu Runton to them they May nol full in their very next want of hol Freli Ince nil decision of thousands Are win Murgod in their first iss Skytt to Mako tho voyage of disappointed and chagrined it they their in and relying upon they take and keep a subordinate from which Thoy when they Rise at with when a Young Man attains his it is better for ii a general to tnlu1 Home Independent position of his even though tho present remuneration to Hiss than to would obtain in tho service of when it work for in a Busi Ness that requires and demands Economy and he will Natii rally develop tho Strong Points of his and become a Glimco at tho Busi Ness men of any Community will show who Siivo and who have not improved the Opportunity of their earlier Trio Formor transact their business with promptitude and they roly upon and execute what they have to do with Energy and Dis hut those who shirked everything in their youth Are compelled to rely on their clerks and salesmen for and Are never ready to act when occasion of profit Many parents commit a la men Nile error in Thih Thoy Lead their children to Boli ovo they can do nothing without the constant Zissi Stineo of their Aad after awhile tho child becomes impressed with that fortunate will it to for him when to emerges from Iho parental if he can it once acini inc the Wolfro Giunco which has been kept Down at otherwise he must necessarily fail ii whatever Independent Enterprise he undertakes and in such a while tho misfortune is his the fault Lich at the door of mis Paroth Aruthur than at his own just at this time real estate u very Micieli farm lands Selling at figures lower than any Onn would have believed they would have Ojomo to four Yoars the Price of Hay Lias been vory lows the produce Market in general has come that like Othor has not paid a Largo while at the sumo time Railroad Boi ids and govern Mont securities have paid High rat but a change must come Ore Long real mutate will become More Gnu More Chi Rohlo ii soon As business re and the Bonds become Iro Lils on stocks and the Low Ruto aim a paper by showing fully and minutely How Forest care and culture can to hindu to pay or until wily or Oiler landed Corpora butter than almost any other Rural them in the present very interest ing papers on forestry Voru read at sea Grovo by icon by Buntun Vidal Forust on Gin oors from tho Phillippino Ulun Dit and who wore Jiro sunt at its sessions and who presented tho f the great evils of thin Tiluy Uge is twin credit and entire Western that to to mourn the uni tongues of Macline debt Ami incr civil will always oat holes into Thi Hii Vingh of tint of an exclusive of i Lerohl will eventually draw Cap ital towards tin most hta Plo invest such As hokum and so at the rates they Are now Selling in tho Vevay a Huiai Sikit was standing on a sleet Corner in a Man who looked approached with a scaled package Iho Bharpur to Road the for farming with considerable is Plevi and very Ulieru an Viii f i Sut t hmm vol v Ystrom in always in Paol Jabe it i Mir i n it 11 i n i to Many claims Here Luu can chased for less than he lure Are be govern Price of which is per judging from Iho present there am Many adroit thai will not be seeded the coming some have abandoned their claims Home have sold at Nohh than on half Ihal their Cleinm have Cost of Smih have not seeds to How on half the land titled for Spring while underlying All the uncertainly of reaping from they drouth and year after will Hoo ii Wear a wily the Lio Peh und patience of tho baht of speculation and Slock rain ing seem to be Law Only source of profit in the Ami Thedoro Ijuin More capital than possessed by the average Tkv Khz Man is Hviid to Havo at least Onu a Lianti to acquire in the ease of a newspaper comes on the Liotti this Opportunity c of Ever every your of copt leap in you have Boon guilty of a Groat wrong to always condemn a similar of Lonso committed by was nov Ormont with tho name Johnar and a in John Luko tho said the thinking that lie Lead a Eliahoo to the Thor handed Over tho after simulating and said that two dollars Woro duo him for tho Money was Paulg and the package Watt found to contain Blank paper Tiik secret of the Success of Anglo Saxon Moo is its Bio a Lighton Mother severely n baled Hor then locked him up and fed dim on Broad und water fur three Days and Nighth after All upon being Roloa Vod he still iof Lieton that to didst want to go to heaven without his a editor write melancholy Strain our wife to go to tho Howo hid Hor shoos to keep her Home having occasion to town to looke but they were thew neither was our it want that our vices quit a

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