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Southern Californian And Kern Weekly Courier Newspaper Archives Mar 15 1877, Page 1

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Southern Californian And Kern County Weekly Courier (Newspaper) - March 15, 1877, Bakersfield, California Southern c Al form an Kern county weekly Kern March o i in Akk Stanli tie cure of it Vineyard and fruit uni Momenta steady employment to n Pool offers Yiett services to the ladies of makers fled and Vicinity loan Inq Nore a Tulili u a nurse of void old rinsed to her at will receive prompt refer to of Biff attorney Iii Counselor at a attn office in the rent of Kern Valley jnnl8tf James nineteenth Sample Niue Christ kit c4iukvey an entire new lock of liquors unil cigars attorney Giitl Cousim Clurus ke11n office on Chester Jan emf attorney Ami Coit Mylor at Imo in Alt the courts of thu on in join Trio James hotel living been purchased by the is kept in Good As Brood accommodations As can to found in the state John George attorney Counselor tit Keun office in Chesters Adobe at i o Nicy nil Counselor it Keun Chester jv4l Stanley importers adj wholesale dealers wines and 410 of hot sax trawling will Chest Khz keep constantly in hand n Large nil Var til Nizoil Toul of candies and Tou Alvo and Toi Urr fancy agent Tor the san in Ucucu Post mul ilf7 if farm for a firs class Saloon is attached to the and the liar is supplied with the very Best Chi Edity of the Cloal and the it will lie soon Liy tho following Lii Ali tax Nsofor to Init columns from und 160 of Sulla you Tatum 0 i within two Ellen n Alvin attorney lit Iain i votary Icelin one door to Atli of olympic Sel 1tf w 3t e Fate Hoo practice in the of Kern Samuel attorney Giitl at Baselt Fielt and of lob on Chestor nil in Lam will in pc Nihil it i skin her Siul o mining und it pm tto Isk real of 1st t 110 first Pronior san to Tiik 111 Famh an1 limits Neil Ncry Tif i toil Gullli Tilly and Mih returns hox patrons of tho House will find excellent Good Giolito and every thing that will add to to Weir Arlington Southeast Cornor Chester Avenue third Street 11 a k e u 8 f i e d Jamks tho town of bordering on old mid by tho Stone Imi ill null this is a rare Opportunity to secure a Good fubl5tr government land for Sale Otto 13 a k e it a v i e l i does All Keulh it sow ing Wigginton it Mimi or lit Merced Murks will fat Toni tie mints of Kirn Luli 10tf Toola Ulep Nervd or Sci und a of Roit All work Dono mud at Godfrey aug Rucin it lob a Mac in Tom nil in Arian in Olno Mainil to 1ln Iii Vilii it Ulm f Lund u Luw infill of Blaney formerly tho exc Letiko Plutul main Phis Ai Vovk Iio Ihk Linen no Hilll nil Al newly Furnin Lueil Lor the of Iho Panfir Sclass the and experienced has Solo and exclusive control of the dining Fine furnished in modern Toaso la dark Klo Gant billiard Saloon and uni on Llie first polite attendants in every do 640 till Hui Ali Fork of Kern Nix South 1iint of thu nourishing Irvn of Kirn Villi nil Feni Eil it i Litchi lilo i Ilki 1iiu be Iii Lam Limber Lanil of Ivien inv Intel ipod Lioums Neil other in Elterm Cue a apply to la town ugly i Tuiloli kith that that publication while treating of Field do snot Overlook either the culture of the or the culture tho soil 1 look upon tie pleasure while we take in a Garden As Ono of the most innocent delights in Timai a Garden was the habitat ii of our first parents before tho fall it is naturally Apt to fill tho mini1 with calmness and tramp Mility nut to Lay All its passions Lull gives Lisa great insight into the contrivance and Wisdom o Ami suggests innumerable subjects for there was a in the Good old Days of our when poo pie saw happiness and res Peet in an agricultural life in now that it is reduced to one of tin most Scie Lilic it has to g begging for men of while the other professions and most of them much less worthy o Are crowded to overflow the spectacle of a Stalwart fur hum Ami a delegation of men calling him to abandon his work Ami Rule the is a Beautiful picture of tho Cicero mentions several of these not then uncommon our own historians Tell us of is it because our Farmers today Are not in sympathy with their work v or is it ill lid tin of the people being rapidly from Eily to City with Nen must Elim tho provident Farmer nay Jinne into compote no und Sacry external a Ceasor to Happi Jehef French b a k k 11 s f i k l Xor West Corner Chester Avenue and nineteenth travel inf Tariff Mill c o u x t v ym1ci a3 a 1 m 11 it i o Keun Jintil t Dillni Smeil Ninin nil child Rtin und Omin and slut Linck of i Uius Jun 4if Howard to n l n St t k s v v y kk11n Oll loot Iii Mich Jurii ilcc7lf 3i am and ari1 Nin or in i ill for Ilin of Tiik Wilh tin lies in nor Karl mid Ivury att Dillion to ii Slort us Ilin is Maliks daily in Lett in ill Ute Letl la Ollie a Vilch in vol ill Lam Idt of i ilium und v Iroini Slitor Jii Mmry ii United slates hotel inc land for land on Ceru Lulal Ull Zwiren u wit i nne half of in original share in in1 Htiu f til in Tom Imilieh uru on Tom farm no an ii rvs Lilly Ali Lull of Tom of every it Olle Reil it Trio Luw Orlito of a Pru Ilent funnier can Init i hit Onn fur ail Ilnam ring Natl mint i loll Noi Illi of nun i Siuk Ilin lice l Iii Luis from la Iii Xiii rail Ulm traint Lind u fur tin Ivy hmm in in Fiorni Thi Irav Iliili Rii Luh run Irnel i of r this hotel is kept in firs class is elegantly furnished seen to no hotel on the Railroad South of san Francisco or North of los an furniture and budding the Saloon attached to the hotel will always be supplied Wilh the Etc Iolite and attendants in every department of the fivery Floi t will be made to please terms always Lai Milf Maison Doree k 15 Ull a 1st for Sale or 10 Sei of n icing n Fanner to Ennon id All those to lose of Agri that it does Mil occupy its True position it is a Well known fuel thai if a Farmers son mini less talents a lil Lle above the Ord Miry run of firm the Slock Lias Long Young once said lie Ivo Uhl like to be a Farmer Woll if he would live in the Horace sail not Uro Elcy is hero any place where on i us euro less disturbs our slumbers is tho grass inferior in smell and Poauty to the cold pavements is tho which strives to burst Iho Lead in Iho purer than that which trembles in murmurs Down its sloping Channel Why do people nurse Vinos along the columns of the oily Anil Why is that c commended which has a Prospect of Distant Fields Anol Het fellow of tho class mentioned in discovered that Horace Greeley bought a hog for live dollars and sold it for and he gave it Forth to tho Vurhl As proof positive that farm ing didst Lioy of in was accepted by the world Al Largo the incs Cigalor finds that she brought him in no less than seven teen dollars through numerous off Many men look with less disgust on a Man stained Wilh political treachery or corrupt morals than they do on a Man stained Wilh pure and honest if a Man has Boon highly Otili and proposes to to a he relations Ami friends Immo Eli Italy with great what i throw away All that Toluca and to a mile Farmer hath overtaken us of differ with i when he says 1 am excess Lively delighted with tho pleasures if which Aro not heeled by any old and appear n my mind to make the up Iron my Lollie life of a Wiso it is not that a Nan should be Nncel Ligated tin of no when to has chances of study and improvement which few Man enjoy the Long the time to May do vote to with Gruna Webster and Jenny Jenny gave a concert it Washiington during Trio session of and As a Mark of her res and with a View to tho sent polite invitations to tho presi Trio mom Bors of tho and Many Othor distinguished mom Bors of both houses of it Pond on that Day several mom Bors of tho Cabinet and Senate Ware dining with tho rus Sian i is Good dinner and Choice wines had kept Trio party so late that tho concert was nearly Over when Clay and and Amo whether from tho hurry in which they or from Trio Hoat of tho their fees were a Ottlo and they All looked Soto what after tho applause with which these gentlemen Roro re buived had and silence was tho second part of the concert was och Mph by Noimy land 160 Keun Ollino it ill Nyi drug arli Utun e it Iho Lilun office with Wim Tii Lio can found it Ull Livertt of Usu duty und in Tiu us Iutuk at a Klutz Kikin i i o Elloum Uit Tusiri Vieli Lotf in a Nam Furi Ihl Stalin Uliuli this nity a Hill i Bluit Loiti Iid Lii ill in we Khali Iii Iii Emo Liliu Kiziu Nair Rili Ilain by my nor us fur or and i Miniri Ami Al our in Ull at it Lii Tull and Nic Jan Ltd k my is at incl tool Yogi ii Thyril thu Vii main Anil ill Liming in open till one Oclock chef do Kikin Hlili Mielit of wind Lluy und Drain a Ionikh and nil to Bray Axi Chain this is a now in in and will he kept in a style not 1 tin Klit alter Tom inight liner veil Liiri Iliin in Nii Imus tin worthy of thu Oele ruled Maison Neil wifi Itil Alloi Atilin in oreo of the Well known will preside in person in the Kitchen and will strive to Morit a Coli Tiiu Unco of the generous patronage thai the Public have hereto fore to freely and kindly bestow i upon of Nikki of Ion Gillih of sixty ii trim 111 Isioro Mikhly Nulli bitter an of i intr for Tohms of Cahili is two inherent at 10 or cent per tint farm will lie Amlin Litiff Wiig Oiin Anil farm for f i a land for pm i u Tuai Tivit of Croick land it Tiwi Hutu try Hurral Ali lit Iii Itri tit tin Lizul Jitu tily Lily uni Ritli fur Anil urn Putty to ill Simili Lutu Truiti thu must Itkin Nill Ali if lands for Sale or Wim of Tiik Lollo hink latin in Korn a ers if he can manage More successfully if in Ings for Intel Elemil he is regarded an too Good for the farm the town and a profession must pus sess while his an in country won rather pursue Llie Dull routine urn he has gone through limn Dike Len trouble Lowry something Llor Ticu Roiley Tii Iid on subject is Dignen Llibre a repulsive Pur limit a shut Lias been culled farm repelled Ninny of the i Mil of our 1 and i Huj in the an american boy we has received a fair common sch Tii and Lias an in loss not Willii Elv o with Hail took Laco during tho High of tho debate and excitement of Trio slavery ques Tion and tho Compromise resolutions of and this air As part of tho programme was consid ered peculiarly appropriate for a who Otho Hoad of the government and a Largo number of both branches of tho legislative depart ment wore at the close of tho first jobs Boru ism boiled Over to could sit no and arising like olympian to added his duet sonorous voice to Iho Ami i venture to never in Iho whole cour80 of her Zaroor Ditl she Over Hoar or Civo one Hall of the applause As thai with which her song and woh stors chorus was who sat immediately be Hind kept tugging at Liis Loftt Lait to makes hint Down or atop but it was of no earthly at tho close of each Webster joined and twas hard to say who Thor Jonny web or thu was tho most and in to Lime compare Wilh satisfaction own with that of m riving immunity in Long Bacon in is the surest of Huni in pleasures in is l in greatest to Llie spirit of mini shall Over acc when Ages grow to civility and Mimi come to build stale by Hooner than to Garden an if Gardizi Iii worn tho greater Perfec hut changes until Slih popular idea look noun consent Mere n and i i doll Vini in ran Havit him Tii Nihof kill Iii Thill to and thin ii Dir Iari fill Al the will in Thi in Iliavi Lun Loti Tutura und Jirl lit tit co Janoil dec Christa Doros i 3d Liiri Vijh in tho a Akht and has i in Lii Uit us la hts or do Nui Plain i Anil i Illin Linda Rit and a Lavor lit by in connection with tho ii ouzo i Dan to Yetf hat u mid at thu of Tuioti Ulk d n hat u v i where none in Imp if in sew pm j Oit or a promptly exec Umi it ibo in Ike Utu it Ramona us tho Best brands of Randion will to Din Ami i t h ill i lured in a Day Coso key come in his Way he will accept Ilicin us Llie Beall and Inlall us his lie will Down in a naked devoid of and and him and Umpir relining there plod through a lift of Drudgery As hopeless and cheerless As my Lar has and and nations which this life nil and ought not to this might have served Hiti progenitor in the Nilli Cin Tilv this is the nine find tho voting Ainer Ciui knows and hindi in while Loisl minds of tho country Euine to the ii to Rizii lorry Cihiy leave lint tin ins in the management of men who Nee nothing of the a acrid of Hiir work child Idia of a farm is so in Urli food and the tendency of Llie is to Nisi Ivial and those men who live the cams Are regarded an the most Fortu Al is if a Man by turning a Little plow Arres upon acres in a Day in Emps grew and main a Wiek if my could the Ori Wilh of vegetation in work As a Blessing and not As a when the banners themselves take advantage of their opportunities until these things begin shall Airrion Liiro Lake its True Pom t a Young Man must How Rush suddenly into filming Wilh he idea previous Educa Tion is not and that in Dors Dike for if he dues to must lock Woll to his Bank a itis joint this fact thai enables smart men to Hap under the in Liboneo of our agricultural schools and a growing favor for to May Hope thai before Long the Good time coming will cant Inlo the Good old and men will be afraid to to healthy and Jor haps then we May see Ninny such peaceful scenes As men love to cd word kor Oil described one of them the Well filled Wagon brings Hyime Iho ripened treasures of the 1 Havo soil and the two gris if on tho Mage it one but Huoh Happy conjunction in tho National air of Llanil Columbia an Jonny Hinds Tenor and Juniol a Batura hindi never or at tho Ofosu of the air with hit hat in Anil made such h Bow a would have deemed a Fortune for his and which eclipsed for with Jonny tho distinguished Courtos Iod to tho floor Iho Asili Einice to Toto very not to to out Dono in bowed min Lind tho House and this wan repeated nine if All Wurl co in no i doubt thai by would Luck to Iho hide inight wee Horine Stopwatch in Agi of pro Miho Fuji i led the Fregi Ruml of the and the gracious covenant is re that while tho of Illch to summer and hell Timo and an shrill not have you enemies go straight and mind liliom ii Thuy Bloke up your walk around and do your duty regardless of their a Man who has no enemies is Seldom Good for any thing he is made of that kind of material which is to easily thai every one has a hand in a Sterling who thinks for Anil Speaks what to thinks is always sure to have one to Paiik in Tiik Trade in the Wohlen and to Ulburn Hnatew had Boon Ichih than that of Iho Eastern and Middle it in a Signi Lical Cirii Slanco that tho failures in tho Middle Stato Saro Ono in r7 in while in the Western Hatch tho proportion is one in every ii but tho comparison Between tho Riihl and Iho Houth is oven Nauru for in now with All its wealth and one in every 50 Luyi Olod to the pressure of tho Whilo in the Vilh All in us p Ilii incl and other tho Poicon Lingo of fail Roh in 0110 in every in Horo there m a Gold Light Freedom from political Complita and All Othor favouring Condi tho Nuovo showing in Indica Tive of much greater pc Siire than in tho United the failure twin tho being Ono in in no very a Scurato sign res Uro but for 1875 a return was made of failures among Linns prominent in indicating one full Uro fur every lid Lirati re ported in with an liability of Trio Liger of for Iho United showing n failure of oho in Ivory with an Avo Rago liability of w indicate that tho pros Uuro of tho Tom of has Boon Oil Hor not to great in thin country a or that it him Boon Borno with ioa4 Tartu Hun l they Jon Hun iraqi farm for 160 Ahiah or Ngi Itkor Nulli tvs Nave of Liciu Kii mud Tuur Tyml Riib in did Ellno u no Ruil for a guru 1url wll Lakota in Dili if of urn and Belling on tho a Mulh of la Lii an it h us a Lizul alas Boki Ali Infirri k o to Are not Thuro perhaps the least in any agricultural lilo of any manner of living in in u behind the one of the Nohl Obj dec to agricultural culture Imir Yed in tho fact Llinat in Donnul pay lilo Ideal fanning and airman tech Aro one tho to Alliy Iree Luy to Tach men Aro born but no Man who average capacity Ion unil tolerable Luck need remain and tho furn irn prof Forini no mud Don to ready to in Iho tour cml of All Fenjin poverty and want to Comfort and Othor urn us Tincu Miry to Dun alive Ami a celebrated who was surrounded with used to they Are Sharks if you do not will go out of let this to your fooling while on Deli voting to live Down Iho scandal those who uru bitter Iiga Siml if you Slop to you do but As they and once tho Way for More lot tho poor follows talk their will be u reitus lion if you Nur Forin but your duty and hundreds who wore once Ulion used Fiji you will lock to you am acknowledge their Muir it Idoa of to Clemor condition of society in South Hon uht and you will to poor Jii Colum was furnished to of the other an old who was trying to build a fire in Nis wad to slow that Ludgin asked him what the matter4 Trio reply was prompt t and fast unit Dor in no Coal Down a Wal a uwji10 to Iso Boon my div Vul de and ntol0 Ull do Wood i in do provent Dera Orit Issod r do ii faithful to your
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