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Southern Californian And Kern Weekly Courier Newspaper Archives Mar 8 1877, Page 3

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Southern Californian And Kern County Weekly Courier (Newspaper) - March 8, 1877, Bakersfield, California Courier Californi an March another Fruntino fre38 for a Complete outfit Fob a weekly with a Hoe hand for Sale at Liia at a Low to Tom Faiumi ism the Price of the american the Moil of All the to 60 sent to for we and the which ii but 40 per Nir fur our unit the Rhea it Pipit la Southern Cul furnia three mexican robbers on j two tie steal and commit an atrocious of the gang Tut by Nipa Imperial Jay non prox it have just received an invoice of Superior Bent in the 4 Tok Many friends of Brilin in this county will be placed to Licar of his Safo return to where to will make his future even Dodt should lice Bishops Imperial tonic in As the old saying of n i Tiv in time saves applies to Medicine As null an anything in an outlier column will be found an advertisement of interest to parties having Ahw to Hill announces that to is pre pared in every Way for that the cottonwoods and Willows Are putting on the new dress of Spring Tho air in Solt and and there Are sym ions that the Spring fever will become the Kern Valley Bank building has been improved in Many not the least of shich is the new coat of paint that in now being hid on by the artistic Johnny tvs weather continues Aid in those sections favored by recent Rains Wilu Oon produce grass sufficient to enable sheep Man to tide Over the provided to have i few Light the Bull dog 24 Inch bar a wicked and Fine with dosed locks coat Price at undo 702 Kearny four doors from the City san the National Gold medal waa awarded to Bradley i Olofson for Tho Best 1liotogiaplis in Tho United and Tho Vienna Weill for Tho Best in the 429 it Ontjo Ery san nobody understands the exigencies of the times bettor than of Tho sex and no Ono is readier to meet his latest Deal is in Tho Shapo of an elegant lunch Sot in Tho Back room every Day a Thero is something new and Savory every Clay salad or a prepared with taste and and a Glass of Boca to irrigate g and see for a Kink band of fat Cottlo passed Trouil town yesterday on their Way to Tho depot flu shipment to Tho san Francisco the were from the Belle View Hunch and Uve Raiv pounds ouch As they then kicking the beam at Over the have Bien running i Alfalfa pit Brafor noun and there is Many a toothsome Steak ii Toro for Tho epicurus of Han the Frame work and nearly All worn work on Coons new building is Coin pled there is a Little unavoidable and for delay on account of Tho Lack of certain Lunion t which had Liton sent for but has not yet a a Good portion of the inti Iii i Iii in n and the plastering will commence the building already gives a hint of what it will to when handsome and imposing tic mexican robber who Vita captured lust week Ami lofty cd in the Wafi sent tip to Visalia on tuesday night to to tried for Highway robbery and burglary in that the Man who was bound ail by Tho mexicans some two weeks came Here and one of the that had assaulted him in the person of tub utello two Brothers of whom committed the late Doprr nations in Tom county and is a precious it is quid that there Are five Brothers in every Ono of whom is a graduate in the higher it is said that Ono of them is serving out a term in Tho state prison another is in Juil in los while the throw at Large have perpetrated crimes to hang them it they Are Ever John Barker As Early As november last adopted a plan that has resulted must fortunately in Tho treatment of his ins Leml of herding them he turned them Inonu in tin mountains and let them Tako can of them by arcs As bust they he Linn thus been saved Tho expense of herding for that no trill itself when it is remembered that there is something like the result has proven Tho Wisdom of his for while his neighbors mocks have been h has lost but very us Vunic Tho increase this year is not very Pippan but to considers that he 1ms Dono Well to Nave Bis old Tho grass in Tho Foothills is very Short scarcely affording any feed for if in not More ruin soon Tho wild Range will to practically in some places Tho allele Ria is already in while it is so Short that sheep cannot nibble cashier of Tho Kern Valley returned from Hun having completed the of Tho Bank with the capital of Tho City in Kiich a Way As to create a great and important in Tho relations of Tho Dank with this portion great credit is duo Tho for his persistent Effort to voc Reonia Tho prejudice of capitalists against Reinout portions of Tho and to Hisz Cai in presenting the inducements of Kern county Foi Tho Community will to owing for the Promise go Well Hincu the in Tho Cap ital Stock of the Dank to Tho of this Section Hus Felt Tho pint of the it has had the effect of Tho inauguration of a now for in thu great need of the country will be Ami no Pru Dent and calling need languish be Ruusu of thu dearth of attention in directed to an advertisement in this Issue of lands fur Tho co Low Price of the lands and the easy to Gether with Tho Fertility of the Noil and Tho facilities for irrigation whih it Colin Vitulo Tho most Wiltrue Tiu menu to Tho Aiu Impi Cecily Clear and Rulu Iriny Noi Nulty in break ing find May to placed in a of High cultivation two a year May be taken from them without injury Toht it is Safe to Fay that there u no in the state that offers such inducements to Pur Lihen As Uro ordered Farmr can pay for his land with the product of the first Thoi Pintily of these lands u Lim and it is that they Mil be nought for eagerly Joii who to tulja Opportunity not but Jarc Baliv at reference we made last week to a gang of mex Cau thieves that were patrol no the country and levying forced contrib Ion of Limo since that time to have earned More of their it appears that hire were three of Tho Tro of whom were named Han ton and Gaucho and Aluir first appearance n Tho Valley was on february at Tho Sto roof situated at mexicans Rob a Man near icon mining March coming right upon Tho heels of Tho killing Amxo Correnno uncut of Tho Visalli writing from under ditto of March in regard to Bui Iio fays a rail Hnry occurred Al it arid or on Iho other title of Truro on Friday of last by they knocked Down Trio Kari or of Trio and Iki und him Wanlo they pillar to Trio they to Akitt in Liin Natch Ami Oiler in Tho amount of and took Varny a race Home Ulo Nikitik to Iol Olill rein Elnoil assessment a lonely Ami Remote Point on Tho went Sido of Tulare Thoy entered to Storo and in ado Mimo purchases Ami when an Opportunity occurred linux cd Mireless Ivilla Tineil his Roblick him of about it Hundred in took dome Ood and a horse and Thuy also robbed a Frenchman who was at Trio of sixty they then pursued their Way with about half a dozen Toleu till arriving at Tho Camp of thu workmen on the West Sido hero they into a Row and exchanged with Atno men who tried o intercept them and recover twin by oleic Trio alarm was now and sever no citizens joined in und tame up with Tho robbers on thu Phinis Southeast of they succeeded in capturing six und pursued Trio robbers so hotly Tomt Ono of them abandoned his Horsa and too to thu rocks and they Hud reached Sycamore Creek by this Tho punning ii arly returned with their and on the next Day Ouhy Ami Bludworth started out they captured Tho Ono that had been a horsed the before and Hunt him into to is now in they continued in Pursuit of the remaining and Tho next Day captured their horses and Tho robbers were now on foot and in a Short Ticino their tracks wore discovered and leading to Tho tech Chapi mountains opposite the to Tho hoi Iho of Tho timing the dior closed and no Ono answering to their did not enter but took up Tho tracks Nga Iii and followed them to Willow where Tho robbers had Boen thu Day and thence to the neighbourhood of barrel Springs on Hook formerly a favorite rendezvous for Tusques and his Bludworth had fallen ill in the Early Purl of Tho but did not together with Withington and Ownby had pushed obtaining fresh when they needed pressing for Ward with the most Ami untiring at Teri Uchupi they were joined by Riml at Willow Springs they veil another and valuable accession to their rank in Tho person of Lio Cliv they had now been in Tho Saddle nearly u and leaving without a moments wanting in they Felt that their business interests would not permit tin ill longer to they therefore reluctantly turned their horses Heads Towall on their return they stopped at Tho ii miso of where Thoy had been and some Nus i prompted them to Bruli open Tho when they worn Hor railed to unit Tom body of Vleig lying on Tho Llxie with u Bullet Hole in the right Eye Ami another in the Back of Tho the latter probably where Tho Bullet had Tho murdered Man was u i juice Anil highly respected to had been robbed of some it is hoi known How and Tho Mil creams had then taken his team of mules and bin from the ecu about it appeared that the mules Hud run away and broken Tho Wagon and escaped to that Tho robbers Wei again on Tho thanks of thu m in Unity urn i certainly due to Yyi thing Ownby and i Ludworth for their unplug gig etl urts to Tho of John mid the attempted to to rub Bery in the 13th a Ottier Highway out rage occurred last about 11 within ton Miles of this which excited our Puoplo to a High and Tho mexican pop ution and at Lone 1inu and Cerro lend a Hind in trying to attest these Robins and tiring Thorn to instead of Adi Illing and Marr Tang the they need nut to if Ipi Ito a Rue number of them Are of iced to Leno this Alk tit to Oclock lust Sutu inlay Everi Iii one of our lit Sui led irom Bubuc on horse Tiack to go to in Tou for the Pur Jiosue of bonding sovino mid with him to Iii tour Hundred Ami 11 u chose to in this Man rather than to Tuko chances upon the but with All his precautions he met the thing he ended Viand to the night wus a Bright Moonlight and to thought it would in hard to la taken Una Llo had proceeded upon the Roath about ton Miles his Saddle becoming he got on to cinch it and while so doing two mexicans came Down upon him at Lull both being Well Anil upon looking found Hauselt looking into a double barrelled Shotgun in Tho if of one of Tho while us other wus ejaculating and signs for Chillis to throw up his which of course he quickly Liry then searched and upon ins person they found ten dollars in which they his pocket and oven cutting out his shirt studs Anil Collar and taking his linger they him sit Down Ami pull Oil his the More dually to search but nothing More upon his they tin their attention Minna la package tied i him his in which they Loi ind and took four Hundred and sixth in Gold notes am to this Lime lulls had not been and was congratulating himself upon getting Oil pretty easy when Iio was hit upon the Hack of the head u blow which Miudo him near As he can about two upon n covering Bis he found his Hoise standing by the robbers being Eon kide Rute enough to h ave him tied to Cilmi he mounted his hive us Best to co Silil mid started us to for but upon travelling a mile or no lie ii Iii him self at i hums behaving though Mill confused irom the in in Oppositi he remained there until morning and i n re Timm to win Ami reported tin the ii Trugli a Iii became known to the and a Fet Ling for was uni Versal and great that a number of leading citizens got together for the purpose of search ing every mexican Man Ami woman in the win re it was thought Elui might be obtained that would Lead to theatre no of the Rob i of without u san Racli this proceeding would be Unlue wifi mid upon sober thought was next thing to was to go out up Iii tin trails to the Chili ii lit Camps and Hunt Lor tin und accordingly unstable William with Lio Hert went Over to i lid w hich is Belien d lube Lor Sukmi Whilo i with one or two i went Buck upon tin Road to near w Here the rubbery win commit ted and endeavoured to Trail Lvi was examined closely by these and d u but tie did not in get Ling any clue to the search i Mil Heinik and if it is to Liml then they will be in Childs return Iron the thu morning alter the Robin h slopped the place where it Ucen rred no Iii imm 1 Hie toll old Olli of Iii Boot Iruelia ill the dust to he of no ill and pc und from Hie d i of on Torind when was heal it Wilh and ill veil these Anthe Hume Parl ii s who commit led thai a Reward is Rollind i the of the As also by will Laik Lor their arrest and can Vicdion and let us Hope it will result in tin in apr i Sion and la nil Koine thing inn i done to dually Slop Shiw Lii in nil nun de h und or the Luikim is Hinerer is i Harwin and All of Inyo Only will Sulliv will not attempt to invest in pro Poialii Here if they cannot be secure in in Ulivi without a Gourd of soldiers to i Corl Ihei Iron ind the Tom Coit Niy is an tin Ollivi is but we have u lot of sol Yiirs up lit to Iii Independence drawing tin i salaries Ami eating la irregular loin i inching and cannot the com Iii officer there obtain i Mimi Lon Fror tical until another party who had Ihm Roble in on the Plains came into the station and unbound to is yupik cd to to badly Tho parties last throw in were rib Ltd of Lour Homes Ami a Miall amount of a boy belonging to the mation travelled Aniual Tho Lake to Lomoro on font to bring Tho arriving of being out out night and was idly tins Skaith left on his ferry r the other Side of Tho Lake a diet of o the boy Rop oru lint the robbers had a i wiil ten horses supposed to ii which by were driving Thoy loft Ono of Tho merest line pcs it the three italians who passed around the Lake Almont the same were Robl Nul of All they great nog one of the gang that robbed other unions beyond the hike arc hid to Ivo Boon caned but to Havivi no real h Northwest e Deil Liiri Ned Fruin Kami Tho following dec in octo no Alfil fur the Thi lint Mii Ruli Liili is j to w ii Ipi Arlor of Kurtli Wutt i Turtur of in town Iio raiik1 5 Yusuli Iii unil cd Loiti to Iliili Tuzii Laulii in m 1 Tux to line v Iii in Lulu in Sill Clow to town Luu ill i Ukish in a k Hugo to Wil Liuni Ijnar tar of Cut Iii Willi Iun c to Aii and Villu to Uris Villu Khoii Tus w Juhn i Ucli j a him Leo of Way fur Zitoli Iii Yli Wiist Milf if Quirt or of Hubli us Tanijo i Othi j to n t Jimr scr Section township u7 Snow to i Lourd North cast of Beu Tuii township he rank a Thomas m m h it 1 t i k 1 win m slew it und o ii or at Lidia hit to j m thu i Luln Luini Dnena Vun thru und nil intermit in nil mining Clui ins i Teutul within two Miles of Tho a Lionnell Tunnel use Ulitin null Nite find the null und Domald Mcneil to k it i u tend com plus i Ihu him i und inn Cli find in mining u to Frank no third inti rent in milk in Cluck Creek mining do known us thu seventy Hosnih Anil Iii Tolu i Iurii just As much Lik lil und Mill in Lillice its we nirm vim nothing can thrive without thu benign in Lii Eiichi of the Florio it 1fiik stub los Aru a Minicco of which Ilie Loo Ollun the my Iroini us to Willow a san mail Levi r he in in the Ninny Burfict Hui Len in lint Nti Anil in Nuny a Aizhu of Konii tin windows he Only i if hut May Boun thu urdu if Well o at Ohki Bru Urf to Tho wife of a at Likic Thuli february Henry a Iii Ivy Jinni the to use these Down ins men in Henlin Irr to a new Higito is Noshin new Uii Iler Ihu Krems to in Contr Tulicki daily in Tho improvements in Jug Tilv Kincid i Ull kinds of the Lutei Novelty in this wily is u p in liar of or i Ilij hindu from the Enin iils of Shi 11 this new he ices of is Milid Loho Loii Ejli Mil much in lion l Hutu it m in nun in it the ninth Lio Iii this tin1 Supply of the Man Iii Ini s irom Ihn mid Ash Hiir Puiul i Sofi oin no such Hus ii in Witrod Icid Eli where in in in in Iii it Hus in n on n ill i Tom ctr Lilit of the shei i urn ill nil Lilly Lve in after h Trio room they ure in vols of Brini win re they n main Tiv urn i pubic it this stir of u i of i i Tom air thu in then wound on irom which it is n Dud Oil nil a Isth the Ordinary Linin in r u if u rope is urn Woven into Pluti Uny but round Rupis the Vui Vivoni Onesin enl of in Inch to one and a h inches in i he strength of it Chr Inch rope is mud to he Eijima to n Alrui of Boven und it will lust u much time limn in Ini Mif Tho Belt Ropis in Liell Broil kit ill to Kihli in Ihn must Iii Tho will Hoo ii us Rudy it nil find it is card that the expo Tutin of anti oils to in converted into will to the of to life Jonh Olhs Liis new Industry Ould i Niadna Vui Hihun by Ihn Ai Inoru and him Chi Zimny of this in with the for Canning mud prese Vii Lii if it would not be wonderful is n u driven into the factory in u Sho limn to he in twirly its Orchid und tinn Forine the hide to for to Hub or the in to be Tulini d us n Luthi i Tho i Testin to be to Intro into us the Ren limits of thu Hoof to in Boih into und ii a we Hullt mull of Modi 1 and unil Yehei Lenl u slightly Loci red null Silver full Ruddy mid Klo Wiidik with Heull i lie crows now it Well shit pm Mon Hood Leith two Hijii open Dine i Fri of u Emilii on ins u Shroi inn u und son oils Liiv shapely limn it full Iii hut not Ino Vinent Mode rutile pm hut not rapid of it Nood cull nyl Hizik hut o Short or cd Insp us wits kind i with no to Neplois no Iraclis la Upen a Shidu Linn us u Purin u with no win in Rof or in Viii pure und ii attn of up to plur Moi Ull with omit mock or Chr Zeuhl of we Iii the Tiuman of nov for Lii of Tho Vitino in i Idiku to i Nisil wild no Moi lint Happy in his Annilly n Lioi in Iii i cull in the of to p Kiich in ii no Rel Ihn i Riili of Hie uni in Man was Ever i Folie Hus not u Ringle i Fronel pm n ill Ihn Ktut of a fact of i Solhi r prominent politic Jun in in nil h Louif a Cuhlic career As inc Rita the governor thru to Micro to and Hus i r n Mode Agni Siml him of tiny kit it double us if any in Milioli it to or Len i Morralin uni Inch of the Jhio Iii r aim in blvd the end of thin Cai Iii Ilsun Well of they Liao know him Fum Lurly from know ii Minn Cut pubic Rilar of his and pub Ami join with my he Portl in in Anler in a binary ii compliment of their Nna Nitoiu c mid Pioneer ditch notice is he Heuy Oiven that at of Tho held on Tho 1jlli inv of an Amici nyint of Twenty unix air 1chhiiahkon i to capital Stock of Tho wan iia Yalu on thu 2i1th Day Ollo Tho at Tho Rollo View Horn any upon which this a Weimont shall re main unpaid on the Atli Day will to Anil Itil Vertison fur Tialdo at Milillo and Milch payment will to sold on thu Itile Day of to pay Din Niueli together with Coats of Aud of f2j Teaplo my Hirschfeld issus Vincnt Stino irrigating not1ck is he Kudy that at n meeting of the Trust is held on the ill Daof an assessment of k1htv Whir Shiro was levied ii the capital Stock of the pay Limin the list Day of March to be at the Llellyn View Kern any Stock upon which is assessment shall remain unpaid on the any of will u delinquent my advertised for it and a less any intent is will to sold on the 1st Day of to pay with costs of never rising my i upon pcs of Reily nil i Lii Iii Point nil Kiwi Wiki 1laik Lili Ilia Vitril Illic Only jul Ipiniu n Ilin Lirot no Muir ih77jiki vim Kun Iwon anti Van Rrime in m Ivelli ii fail Lolli in k s la i too Only j mail in the justices court of Fik Tii in Tiik i Unity Olulo of issus Swient Buona Vista irrigation Notick is Sikl tidy that it u Ini Dlin j of Lam trill Ltd in id i till Ullh due of an Iii it Ltd Kinru n Ihn stuck of Tom Haleim thu Lluhi inv of to at Hullo View Kuril any Noiin which Iliin us Kuhn ii it Hli Ull Sci Ivain in Philil on Ihu Al let Tiluy of will to Anil Ulver Tirril r at Izmir unil Siuy Incipit will in1 Nii lil in the of to Puy Ullh Cush of Silvei lining nil of Wagon making and Jamks j Tom in Mii Ihn Nitzl in Rrt Hue in vim Urilli itchy in in nil Nell i iiriii4ftit a Tothill Vii by him Uli Iivo inti Cuil plus Nellt in Tinnik Ilivia Ini irl f Kinin Iii unto of nil in a Ninny Hinchl Hie Irvn Lilyn it Lam inv for Lam Malton in Viiu of in Lvell will Lull Hub i a Hlili u Litins Kilt ii univ Btl nut Tif Mill Lii we Luln Lim in non Tell Hon Iii ill Ili sunlit Lilliin is Hurni Klit in air Nair Lam mini of no Eltiy Muir in Man in Iii Coin of Ihn Len Llanil up ii in Ngi Iii be i int fur Riihl by Ihli Lightl Nellt Hill Dun nil nil of Wilch will Nii Irit fully Liv to Omie Hill Nihil in Iny la thu and yell lire i Tilljr null Luil hint if you full in i Iii unil a unit mild in Ali Usu Lull Ink ii Jinil Kitione nun Liikal Viiu fur Slih and Ull Enki Khynl Nir Lii und Dun Rel turn Lii Iii Neil or my Lind Ilila Impi div no a Lathi of till Irnie of he till sixteenth District court order of Sale and Doc Roo of k1c1is of respectfully announce that they have on hand and Collur to Tho at greatly reduced Tho is get and most in rid Stock of gooral Ever seen in comprising a full assortment of Domestic and foreign dry fancy hosiery and boys and childrens blankets and comforters of All boots and shoes of the Best hats and ladies and misses hats of the latest ladies and gentlemens1 furnishing embroideries and trimmings of All a Lino assortment of triple and ingrain a Complete assortment of Staple and Choice family grocer ii and wines and Pool rtt and to Vihlo mechanics and farming every 1jranch Complete in to Are also agents for Tho celebrated shuttler farm and freight Buckeye mowers and John Deere and Shaw gang depots s Morgan 4 to i Hii that us Ufah i Ikumi incl Luti Friy unil improve ii he Funni Hirly by Ltd Kern Anil in to rec Nitin ill work in Chi Mill Ami in u Init am Hibib Idun Lipil great reduction in blacksmithing and Wagon making material furnished Tho Trade at easy Hurt Leilur Iidro Nylon of Ihli Shif Imohl i Ull Huilui to try u ill tin Neil in n will i in unil Ollir of mid Iii Iii null Lloil nil am 1iy no nil Len err Iii Millie la Kirin ill Lunil Lam us girl of no Ihn Atli in no in wiil fur my Iii inv on Ilia Uiha Illuv no a if in Ihn Uli Vii Uli Grilii kith Viil Liy Ihn Aihini Winil Anil Iliin no in Ihn a Lii Wilny f Wahli Julih Wilny i r Jilin mar Iii Iii ill us Jim i nil i Mil in nil i Nikii rur Lllan or no Himl his Mil in Liiv in Ilia Only null ii l Mill no a Likin Mii Kril which a Likin in in Ihn u Liu Man it Hill by inn luvs Phlp Tiv Imily Nln ii us Liv imly Vuht ill Hon Louin Illel alar Lishin ill u ill Lunt ii a Liutik inti Lam i fruit us Mil run a Iii Ilin Iii in Rii Uhm nil la non in u manuli Ihn Lii la non inn Iii kid ii Iii Lam Hunt Littly Linn or no kill in in icily Ilin Lii i Ihn Iii Lii of unlit Mcl Lii Iii ii Pirn Kli Illi Lii Lam Iii Iliin in innit no in or in Rah in Ihn i Lorn of it u a Tali in Lehr Nullon in ill ill in Rhioa the Hilli inv of Ihn a m Mil a unlink i no Hull in of Lam curl in Ihn Luvin no in until no Bill Ali Oak Urmi Ini inh in with Iii nil i in Uin Mill Liml lilt Kuli Lonhi us the i Nam lir ily Ini i plur la ill no Ilion Lilli Tiluy of in Hrigury having unusual Fitusi lilith in buying our goods of first an of thu Linn Givus his entire attention to selecting and buying on the most advantageous to Iru enabled to undersell any House in this and can easily convince Tho Public of Tho above facts by culling it Tho store of Iloh if certificate rills that Wii Omi 1 in non Hirr Minlu Mvi Rully Niimi i Lii it a i Vitlin Llin main Mil by ill nil Ihn no Llin civil Ihn Steiln int Lam ill i Lull Khi us twin Hinl in in it Llin Iii Iii him uly Lii us a the of Nurul ill Librn of Ihn hlliiilii14 to in by the of in Kuril Lulu if Tal p Rollit Iii the no null if Mekhah n hint k r i l the Damn of Ihn pc neral Liiv Enlil Lilleli in Llin of i nirl Lam Ilii Tini Michni do Lynn Chi in v Anil Tiu in innit ii u i Lulu Llin Niji us i by Llin loan in Tom Tulip Atli Jav ii or of on Illus Ali Illey Nan Honni Linin Mil Lingurn n a nary in Chiin Lui of Jay ii nil Linin in Wii Lulu Uin min h in Linn hrs l tin Lurter Mil Nuich of Nail in in no that in i i Irvn Horn Nln Hail nil nil incl my it i no Licini us us Hii Luv Mil Ulman Ivel tiny or Khz of j Jay Mill nine Hill if Kuril Linly i nay Tyml Llumi Havn fur Ihn of u tin rail in kith Nunnly i Nln the Iii Iii Lynn t Thil Lime Llin or vat Iii no lain John Lull la Nail nil i Hinl Ionikh mar nuni Iii Ihn run thai my i inti at i Lulu unil of Knur i Mil Lull in in Kulil Tom Luimit in Urei Ulm Liyim lil l Jay no n Liun Lam Lam in null lie nil Lam inn slut of Minli Luxl Kiln Ali Iii it Tenn i Deni Kli ii Ilia ii Liml no i Wii Tomt my Pliml Ull Bli into Tel in Lam Irwin us Unni Liu of War ii Lim Holli Mil Pirn Ull of Whill urn of i Iii Tuluo of Fiir ice in Rob la i lit Cert Lluli Jav join Mon of Lulu to l Elihli Una ii to Tii Luru on Jay Vii Ziern Valley Hank Mik Sukk a Van ii and com tithe Ilot Railroad store third Street b Weil i Avi Iii a n n o it i i i general merchandise of think of Han All goods in this House arc marked Ono a Lashok Hunt tation of tub of new goods recently cheap Cash store o Kiki Udaka capital l i it i t o it h i p John Tiluy nil in Hun unil in Yifru nil Tunis dirt Iii Ali i Malo nil cd Linly la Nili Nril War Riidu a Milit Mil Kenil of Plank his no Elf John Liml i in third Blacksmith and wagons mad All sizes of thimble skin Iron Anil and Hardwi lumber for promptly Ulten Rotl on Tho most i Anil cull Ami Tom nowt Dent in Lully of hoots and s Iio we i Ivlou i Lilii us Lention Toor new Stock of Coji Schily for thin Ano Cotton of Kukuy in Lett of Ihn Mil Allol Wool ii of Xiii from Trio met Luu Riidu him Jono Wool on groceries and Woc Jiulio the to i Riah Ballu and oajuentkrh1 Vuk Ulutu Otylior agents for the celebrated Coc Mungo winks and native Trio Orocu Zurigo wine took Premium it Cunt Ianul Public Dmitr Tilljr it inv Luke o Mil us i Tum no our Whf t Hunt of general merchandise Ever brought to this ii Ceries and dry ladies and and child hens hats and toys and fancy Tobago of and Wall Consun Tler on u canned and fresh splendid wine at Only 60 of Nib a bulb agent Fob Bishops celebrated cough and lung Otton from Tho prompt Lar to Lowell it slut Publio ure a Tim my took won Pon Biolgi
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