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Southern Californian And Kern Weekly Courier Newspaper Archives Mar 1 1877, Page 1

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Southern Californian And Kern County Weekly Courier (Newspaper) - March 1, 1877, Bakersfield, California Of maj Kern county weekly j j Kern and business o Pool ffku8 nun services of the ladies of bake Tifeld and Vicinity u a Nimse of Addic Ltd to her at stockton1 will prompt Bifen to feb8tf attorn Jand Counselor it earn Poe in the rear of Jan Btu a it Anili tin can al Noyal and frail and ornamental study employment to a flirt Olau in Untra at thai mys5 it Ken it on Ohe Ter jnnl8tf attorney Ana Counselor at Inyo practices in at the oort i of the 26yl Sample Side Oice Steu b a k e b b i e l d James nineteenth will of Distri an entire Stock of on and Clynn John r Stanley i Oon stantly on hand a Large and varied of a3t1 Tona ovo George attorney nil comic Cir it Ken office in Che Teri Aube a1 Tho jambs in whig Hon purchased by Tho is a Citrin Good a Good accommodations is can to a firs class Saloon is attached to Tho and Tho Buivis supplied with Tho very Best Quality of fancy agent fur the Sun frn Odood w5st no and 416 Ebow 8an travelling agent attorney Neil Counselor at Kern Chester jv4h Alvin attorney at Taw notary Kern one door South of olympic sort patrons of Tho House will find excellent polite and every thing that will add to their farm for i fill Syri cation farm land so Incret two Mellon a uns5tf h ouse am heat i08tatdj 110 Corner Wilu give Ion Fri to Elf 8aix of Southeast Coiner clips for Avenue v thu town of Bonti irling on old Nirce t nud watered by Ilio Stone with in vol this is a rare Opportunity to secure n Good a Jiyto among Eti Iton Lasso if january 25titlu nut i Tho to Iii al Fth duo Wing Folly to Colvil Liim Tif town no on your to Tom Tho t foul not Liilo Unyong Uii Hijii do not those who try o prevent hip publication of your paper know hey fro striking n to Lii it your i orb Thiu to of Loo will Kern its Wool me of a pin i who Man wort Trio Proich flies re Nih Toff who Ilio Imit stand id Iho Rood you no f if Trio Linn county Porri a Arm of land Bow Ulli Keverne of Trio at Nikitia cooked food Brt lately Ivailo n that opine of our Dairy Fis it non it unlit Lew Yinh Nook and Junior i Jill Itil country Liaa Boon Liviu tied Dill in1 non Tali m or Iho lot Tkel Tell Tell till country iffy in rain whig Over will Klov raid ref 1 of experimenting fur their Dairy Are Doin this it will be of Tho result al or hic some Balite pork producers claim for cooked iced in Tho hog trough fun a Brooder of find full str government land for Sale you Hiiop Holim 6no of the Moat Ider of Trio Blifil our lao knowing wiri1 Likely to Nolt nud Hail nil wifi ski Ohio High id till to to for acid Iii i Artof Law to Trio for Tho Niolet without liar fir n Van Elnid unil gun Ltd u permit Liy hum who Unity or Lime not to ii wino Khz he Ioulia to lined or imprisoned do not nity your paper in ii it Iod nil it no doubt it in Worth More to the jul Ali Ono Hood in in thanti nil Ilio but Trio Plourd will not to of Nizu ill no you Lutzo violist jul thu if til Tho Onciul jury ought to lit film Lam District allo Nuy for Blu duly in Mil in Liik you Ify Hie Oiler Ildy Flint Lio to Silil idiot inter Tofu with any one Iov in Hon own or of Vii for provided Thuy Dut Fiot inter fore will Liuva did lift would Linn Tiliti it up what Einred Pel Alifi Miliru tin fur u would Mcintu Nii Wlllie urn if her Mauro no 1 a Lilit m6 the Law 110 nut Joty int fur Tom ii Well i now Liml to Iii Miller in Tiu la it a Trio licit Nuiji Boink Sily of Lingo inf into Trioln of Limiti Muir non Kri Viii Neil thu thru Kli Theiu at Corioni must a Ltd ilium occur in n ninja ill of a lip and jireulern1 Iovu or Dimuil nil to liner put to i ill a noon they Youw thine Olio no least Jirec Jmwa no Hill Vornik Tim Ahkii Niini Moro Ahoman rank Iii menu a Vii Cui orid Tom in Utin it Kiln Hiiri Ivor Lii to will by Pul Lor Market Cim Liik Tuiuli Fol la no rfiliiiimj1 lit of Oki nud of i Trio list Oreint of Tom Lii Tik Pir Only Midi Iii Iii Liao in wino Willii Gennud Ullh thru mid Lull Iki in Wilfid to Abi Idun Usu Alsop no tue ties that two thirds of1 Eoo Kod is very much better that Taftt Fol whole made Tho Lucent Boll Odad it ground and Matlove with Voltl water and Neil thoroughly after fair pcs with a litter of in equal Lens fish of a Kihli Tho Stumo i four to Tomt live Watilo in into toss to every Ywuc Jedi of in Oil Kudile Fiille fully Pitt undo Neil prof input to turnip t e fbe8no will practice in Tho courts of Kern Samuel attorney Natl cot Niscor bakeb8field and office on Anil in Tom Voiette win it rum pin o mining Law and Apitz Loii exist Boos All Kim Liff bowing or Fiur voting Wigginton attorneys it Jln Merced Murks will attend the courts of Kern Fob All al Iii of Eilks Ilcy Nicil Cuil roil a work Doug it a fungi b the up Philav and experienced Liah Solo mid exclusive control of Tho Fino furnished if House dark in tin Cirn i Noil n Unrine 100 Nir ii of Lynu slim lick lam1 us Nim Law Lindi go Oil Lio Imu Cuil Utler in Olli Ruil a Lilun n writ t Pri Rtuh Lillif i urn in own Iii in to Sims Trio Holmly Mich ii All who Lilivon Liliu euro of 11 family bin Ifil Del in Riun list How Luni Ilo Tiutin foe to lift you nth ii u to foil i Lipon thu Neil Yon Fml Luibl find lol Loucil by u twin or limn the hoc oud o Ina Ilot the Ltd Laim dim Minnil Liy Trio but n Ilhan re rail limn Liui Len Ali at old ill rep of Tel Sifler lit unto Elm Nicil in Ili ult uni hu1u tint st Iii Liml i ihvoruliu1 Hill Iii Viliy h till Illel lilt h tin in at nth new nil Duilid Ulm in Uewl i Fimi Jill Pii Jornt to Lite Ratiu Liik Rnic y up i 11 Nih r if billiard Saloon and bar on Trio polite attendants in every de Josef Godfrey Coqui Selow at lob collections made in the unit Librn noun Tor and in Arizona attend to Hie Nufi Ilert Neil to the of land do a go Norwil in in Lulf c b of mtg physical Kern to Lingo i Louisj Twain above hods ban been Robin let Nurt Lorilie of Hie ii Lillo Llie Rno Liin ure ii nil Init unil tin or id Stilih for the of tier will Librn Uhitil with tin Hill Lam Iii Birtt inti Story Utt Fillon to Ilia tin s i asks str leu Lully Ilire b in Wlllie Uio ill ill n which in Wlllie Trio Tif i special Alten Tenn Puld to of to inn Neil Oil Lilbren Neil Ollow Neil on Jack of Siimes Jim French b North Cut Corner thoster Avenue and nineteenth land for 160 or h Kuril ill nil nil Fri Queil us in Man Lii with Inie Milf of tin Alturo in Lam stink of Hin in Elln Tiu dil Clehm no in Tiu farm i ii to in ulily in lint in Tiu of Ivory u in of form it Liliu Loop run a Paul Oil Fiqiri Pinr run Innon its Virlou in for Lul dims Timir Quorn nil Jan Inry Chucci slates hotel Howard status Kehn office it Gnu non Dirilo dec7tf ke11n office at Drury drug Lles Odence it the Arl Lorton and Mont Lintel month of Annii thy Milt in non to inform tin tharol ing Public bin Lime Havo lentil Teilh frn Tii Tui ii truly my Tomt Isth Tictin Nunt will trunk limit boil Lori will Liml a i j fur air Lunte in Ivo units of it ainu Toralv we have ufos Nuol Usu state Nellh thu in ii Mulli Milt Iii Iii my Ulwin Liu to lifer favorite we a Lull hot his Maiku tit us finl for Nur Puiul Iho Choli Cut we Tiff Ami it Nur we Iovu Spring Oal Livili june Ltd this Itolo kept in first cloths lefty Nutly furnish of so Miil to no hotel on the Railroad Hutli ol1 san 1yuncifchhj or North of Lou an in uni lure and lion Diimig the Saloon to the hotel will always he with Trio Etc and Atten Danik in every the Tihoi Doftort will be made top Lovae terms always Fot Sale or or nonunion w 160 of al Fly in Ai fit i nil Rattli Wontor Art by jubilant Supply of Anler fur ii i f Puchini in Down with uni ill Pryor option and ill Vuu Irful Lull Poilu find Ilii Linof nine Tun Iii Iii in often Iho Wlms in Liliu Liuti pull Mph Liml every Oiler Iol Lowid by i Vur no Peri Billy lir list if you had Liliu to Iii of Iho la Rel it would Havu n Vii pallid nud Thlu of Iii ii Hilt poll no Lilly a lint la Ilio by Nonni Priidu Iii for in Trio Thi thu Iii Miro wus Larli wit lived lip nud with no Iii a Jakini a High Iii Flint an Cuil if a Ivy of in or in he Iii had in on it Iovu Licin by Lam rial in for in Lillian Ilio Jiuu ill i Lloil of it Lur in in Iii Sincli in Elrud of a Toone Iii Tuuu Uro Iid Whittl of tidy any Tynni let Hiiva Lului or upon Thuiy Luitt in if la Iii Ellirt by 1vi Ivor ohm by the ii Jiaxu i Otilli in it ipod it of letter a Pruiti of incr Whu incl ii a newly a Lorn n Lilik Tiet Weizi 11 wind did in Iny Neil Len a slalom u Liinar diff hire urn Ali Iii ii by Quill it my la vol i Ink ii ail ii Ivinity of nil Lii Juliio Ilijin n Static no i irked Linn Lei Iii Lynn my Anguin Torh in huh id in Manly Ono us mar Only ii Eleetia and Igieln for tin plier Elk 111 in Linnerd Viilup if ill tar Himml nud real pal Petty us Ilio will Nils to Inonu mull i Iii ill liw i Lusyl vhf on i Fate oar lind1 Jun my i loft Hoy inti f fur inert and at this to Leno in and my Valloy took 20 j11 Olllie Infin Tiit Mumy Terri wary up to Lam in Lam Kunii if Dill in not i Lilly Iii Ilii Jil Fork Iii Liollio Mon ii Vity nine to Moi lit tin nah ichor in in plur by in Vonlil Pipii Iii Llanil i u Irinel in i to i no Iii Jim in Lini Iluk Tho Viil Iio of Tail Liim of in ii Hallil Pirn wily Fin Lull Nili Nii Rob Neil ii in ill will Lii to Lull i in know Ilion in n hopi no if Iii Yoiiro Vorva Doree Onevo Tinett two anti Iii Ink Iii prockl it to per runt Jimr Tiu finn will in inn Ihling Hisiu Turin fur a for Iii Borg Lii j it land for Kern office we Emilio ran by foil nil atall Bour if to in Lam evening it Sun Kook j dead to Mineral 1 Icahn Iliin Lilii Ril acc if and Tourt Lilik Hal tool iof unil third in Linn Muir nine Lle Imit he 1 Lungel the innit lip Rovil Litin Iii in Ilio slim Lilliin he Linn a in und inv Intuit Uiligi Pitlon ii m to Vanir in Ilio nun Tryon one of Hote innit of Llmer to unit run at the hit Tutti will Linkov Enlil Tiu Luu lit Tutura and or Neilor no do i Brooklyn 0 on it Jacob Novi Bill Kehn gulp men of Wool Hay Bud Grain taught in Vlf Bray Axi commissi07k Bah my Ltd of in into executed a Kate Tod at the Calito nun christadoro8 i d y open till one Oclock r chef de this is anew acid will by kept ii a unworthy of the of Lebraud pm Nihon to Rico of Tho will Kilwon will Orchid of in pirhon in thu kit Dion and will Suriyo to Merit a coup our Anc oof Tho generous patronage thai Tho Sakert Ifield Public Havo hereto freely and kindly Bost Owoc upon i Lulu Day it the safest i Lik Mii it Lam ill Uriel of ii k or i Linvin stain Ilia nine is Mully Lisa Ilert Hinl Anil u Upun Nyiry Well Muld by j Oil it Mia i ii new to it or Deser Luton promptly at ibis on the most in connection with the ii ouzo i a whore none in the Best brands of brandies will to Dis Tua Tih hic Tiosh of urn no Purnil fur Unlue on Virv Iii Rel thu Liu Lii urn of Liliu Bihl in urn Hiippi Luil n ii Niiori in in riot Una urn Philly to Putin to we Din must Imiri trill a ii a ii i Ihm i w ii win w Juji h i a it of m i i 11 in i1 will j it k n Liitt Jedi to Trio Best Ilia on Tho ill lie iut Qiu of nth Poitr Lio faint Troat i Ilion us rim Vitort and oxen pit that Ono ibb Iliff on Rand thru Olthof Iru in Lioy Worp All fed ii they would cat Ilius full with innit 1wv Ilius full with innit 1 Day in lao Fud lint l l your ilium u Niy Morinn i Torii Lin i i i Noii m ill Mono no Hun in u Jik Iwillar in Jim opt of Ufir unit in it Ali unit in Limery Chr Iii Honl in Nril ill line Rollf int it him Ilia of full Lik lint i i Imelli i i Imelli of in Iliili Iii Jill por in 51 Days 10 hogs lot i on too Cuil Iid and i in throw git Pilod f i or loping Grant it Utoft Htit in february Lii Rupf Vimont of j w i 1ihliu Iii tin Kiyum w in a Luishi l k my al ii Juwill ii Lilllie Olill font vhf lands or Ika Kic us Tiik Fiill Owlick Lunil in Kern county it ii och i id in ill so ill 10 will h 1 1 n ii al in if w i Lin Dernus Rillon i al t a w we Llull h i j a j in ii Ai 1 win i i m Lulu Una Ninny ii fifi i Tomim lib uni lir Liun it Lllan Inie new Poitr will mul any my Wlllie vol pity of till Liml if n in nun i Iii fill Illy Simili Pili Ltd i Iino ii her Tun no hint Ahti v any i Hilink nil Lii l or ill hint n claim Lam in Uji Niin ill if Ornu ill Uriel Ollil Tenil Hun u unililyiilttu1irmlftwwliji in to pie Law Virk Liml in his Uilia if l a Ilij it Urr i Vav Mimir in j ii Illuv Ujj Hir Nvvf j 1riil my l to Rigi v in Ujj Allan Ilii i Ity Ivill in Tonii Ilu Liik Lam Iliin Linn in in uti Tinl in li3l Luu in Iii ii tent ill pay Ilie nine jury Ivor Lime Runion Liml Iki Viool Pinelli al Iii we in a inti rred Udu h Ivill i univ ii Ili Jully pro Viti Jil Timu Liml 11 Fly Furini Iii nil in Vinyl Lionny ii i Iii pay Xinliu two i run a Lieut Lull Frt la in Lull if4 in Ink Luis Usu Vul Iliin it Pur wit in Mil i Little to Klein ill it we Iii Ili Lurf rur Miln Iii Iii tilt Lipil in Liillie to Lilly al Luuki Ili jail Willhi Tukli Liju Rin Ziniuk of Jilin i Minim Titus u Xiali Ifrat nil Klin Laww vim apply to play it it Only 15 he Jota Hun farm for 160 Aikin of hip Iroil with of Iii us mul gel inn in Tun Hellna in of furl for 1nrt wll by a Fri to Kevin k k i1 k Williams u 0 w i 1 w t win t j m will j in ii any Nii Iii tire Ilika m h ii Ulli lion Liu want 1iiruii a Wilur i in Ifft jul Lilly for to licit al Piiru will Tim of in Ini Olk a ill ill him How i in of ii in in us full ii Vittli u urn in Liliu Tomt ii Wim la l Lleini fur Nilor if a Tiuli or Levi Wal Hilll lilt if blurt if will Willie hit Union ii Pill Ali ill i in r irl Lwi in Ali Renwu Amor con soul in in ill ii Lili u in thu Urt of of n Iru Iii Vii la Ullins Ulm Oil ill helped Hull mid Niku Puiul i Jilin in own to in in old Llono Lulu toy unit Tom nol Lite Tiluy in to mar Quinnil Viiu to n Himin Tulili inn 11 ii ii Luibil i Liioi h pc Iii for thu a Niue i Iii indy or mid my Down to full Mill will ulc Ciolll f Liln in of Liliu ii Ilioiu minty Buill b Jull around Anil alien Lio Kwitko Lului Jailer Lulu ipod in lot him car Nikki Ilio we icky x you Ilio Ali Eduwu we Tiv i Jim i trunk 11 mul 1 Lioi Klit k i Troal Btl on Uio it would to nil Ilio Fin Lark Rufil Vnti do loll Lolly Lumli of i for Jumi inuit Wilb tiny of l ii Itti or win in Uli Uultt 111 Ali Muriul u i Sliwoo i lib Mill Roc Rollou flir til limn Hiltl pm Klix Khlob a Ulm ulip Ami Uil Iosim Jirout from Lun dui to ill Luiu Dillulo of Bur if to Iii up far fur Tiu Rittof to for to tit it illh4ii Iwon Lull Liolu aim a film la one Thorr Tot at the a ii ruin Nin of Nini Pontia f Liliu jugs on raw coif fct4 if Tho j a exp Orlanbo o common of labfii1 t to Sirp Tijia null Poi Dtho of a lady at a oui roof two or Threa poor gallon of thin the love no from
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