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Southern Californian And Kern County Weekly Courier (Newspaper) - June 28, 1877, Bakersfield, California Southern californian Kern county weekly 71 Kern june professional and business Pool offers Heb si2uvices to the ladles of Dakar shield and Vicinity u a nurse of word addressed to tier at Stockton will receive prompt before to h february Kern Valley Bank Corner Chester Avenue ind eighteenth incorporated february rectors attorney Aud Counselor at Kerr Slot in the rear of the Kern Valley attorney and Counselor at Inyo prattle i id All the Courti of the Geboe attorney Anil Counselor at Kern door Cut of Bura Ipi drug May 1877 John new goods recently cheap Cash store a new Era in Trade Jay Joii Ston a new s t 0 r Chester d i Jewett Tivy Asod sell exc image on san Francisco and the principal cities of the Pacific deposits and interest allowed at the rate of 9 Par cent per if left six East eds Exchange and Legal tenders bought and draw direct on All the principal foreign collections made state and county Bonds and warrants and every kind of legitimate banking business april attorney and Counselor it Kern count new Chester May Alvin attorney at Law a notary Kern door Louth of tha olympic mar Best selection of t general merchandise Ever brought to this groceries and dry Pinney and Oarr explains his relations with millinery will fhe no practice la the courts of Kern May Samuel attorney nil Counselor it Bakersfield and office on a Heltner and in to will to found at sum morning and raid be i ulnar and n Packard of located in second door Louth of the Kern Valley Doftert to the ladle of sunnier n comply be a Norment of millinery and fancy of the it tent and Mont Fae Honable ladies and gentlemen and ii Ildren hats and toys and fancy tobacco and Wall Charles attorney and Counselor it Merced trill practice in the courts of Kern county january c Vitty physician s v it g e o x Kern special attention paid to Ali Baiei of women and children Oil cuned residence on Lulli in the House up Ruperly us cupid by two door weit of the Filuba january 1877 and Kern Obee at Drury drug Reid once at the Arlington flt tho and Ziade o the ladies Are invited to Call and Oxar nine my Otto am the latest styles i the lowest prices com Pirisino ladies dress table boots and shoes made to order from selected gents business cheap and diagonals for dress furnishing goods fancy groceries bought for and sold at the lowest Cesli provisions and Ubl Tull advances made on Wool do not recognize any auction or Cainap John our us Oft Are purchased Fruin the Tira Iduas houses of tho Mil Johnston cordially inv Lei Lili old to Call and in Ticie nil whether Liry Vituli la pure Liulin or to Tiu Itell Courtni sunly Rii Elvird a Nunry a reporter culled on William Corr on monday to learn from him Trio nil Stu fit Cun Dillun of Trio i Nncy Ilu Han evidently in a Good and nut it All until Lilik Tulio Ilion Gli lid mild a Wah to Liu would ask Tomt is let tar thu to Tocu plod or is thu condition of Tiu 1in Noy War at this time you newspaper Folkl Iovu Bivis portly full it Puri of Trio origin Insil com Rich that Havo Iwon hindu Iii Ilung Ilu Hall ugh to j nil on thu two ill dirt which win found i Kaiim film Liu Loic curing Alfalfa the Valuo of Alfalfa hav depend very much upon us if allowed to grow till in tho ulema Befumo Woody and tho leaven fall rendering it to make Pood imy of it by the Best of if out at the right and then exposed to tho min Ull dry enough to put into Trio barn or it idiom a i Sunlly Vudhi Lucja by Thomb of leaven and by Render ing thu Stemn no by Lullu and Hirsh that Toek w ill nut eat if f ii intern Lind All known How to euro Alfalfa Liny of us Llma introduce inn Inlo Ihu thin kind of Huv would Hutu Imd u belter Kern a Ladys description of the Kern Eiver to record june near Juno to think of Ilotti in to Imthurn and bin thin to in committed on iwo for forgery on which to Hurt Burn examined by judge and held to Bull fur he u nine under cd Kunimi lion for Tiu bail being then Thuru arc about Twenty list him for conspiracy und obtaining Money under nine on each of which be in held in Bull in then Todne he in charged with forgery again on of Tineil ci1a1mjk3 in other to to made against him after a Good Deal of trouble to Havo a anally had u Chance to see Many of the Fusu naval any Cert locates on which to borrowed Money from Tiu Cerlito mulch in his handwriting which to Ivo now keen reach about nearly Ull of which Uro of course Lio will Linzu to answer for All what Cine will Havo Slonim War for Why punish him on All Olliene Tell Olgh do not boo Why n Crit inn should not to punished for Ull bin the Law dood not give him any Hiigli lie suits Iii per juries Aru an Bud Liu Iii Iorgov and an by forgeries he cup lured hundreds of from the and by Iii perjury com to Fui Lher and Ulso to Blacken curium to reputation limit it now and would Irvn wonder what we Cru cling if it ii Bill Romin ended u a nigh Bottro Price in Trio inure since Yon Lull us to in huh about other tho Init in unit Ulii fit line properly i Piiru no Muir thut some one Iho proper hum nil properly Idi Oxild Litkus pen in like Trio Good old Ihn Imit Vult Blu Hay to Ilavu in Tonnu utter la lot you thin it Imi mutter of Krenly Importuno u is they Ull Over Trio and i to the hindi Iii Intini Pitit Tutu Virv funner who1 urn not pm Purul Tunny unit it in wet in this Krown Ulf Nalii Liiv for Iho to inflict How in i Purl of country hut the into mini made a mini and handle thin in no Llo Ivor Gardon Ilour and t Liinus limn ill tin of tin any Iii i were Ichih listed by our River of in View ii Pun tin big Linuel hunks i for Ninci Trio water constantly on hand an canned and fresh splendid Claret wine at Only 00 cents a Bole agent Fob Bishops celebrated cough and lung k a e h s i i Danei All Kyndi of setting machine balance or surveying and pump All Kindt of Edge repaired und tempered Fok All work done and at reasonable May and Kehn office with where he run ii found at All Nurs of the und in the evening at his Muy flouncy Suil Venoil and Deputy Mineral Kern Obot id Ibe rear of the Kern vally january and of Floe Ellb to the rear of the Kern Valley May and Kern bbl ment of won play Aud Grain Bough and May Bray o l and Gbain comi Elsalou California i Sample Mast Side Chi Heil orders from to country promptly at to lowest Market tho Public Are invited to Call and examine my Block before purchasing january shipping and Cross shippers Robert the coolest Retreat in the town of the Clare in the Larket Ali denied Eit William Phillips and will be pleased to see Bis old june John Grain and All farm products bought and sold on having established we Are prepared to dispose of All the products of the Valley at the Best Market a consisting of a i urge and general assortment of jetty and everything usually found in a coup lev new goods and latest styles constantly the highest Price paid for All kinds of orders filled Aud delivered Willu promptness and the Only country store hint keeps a ten Larery Wagon and Orl tors goods to terms come and see for january Wagon making and Stanley importers and wholesale Iea Leus is wines and 110 front ban May travel Liik tub of promptly ibis Offlee a painting h o u s 33 sign and Carriage and paper in All its work done in the boat manner and with by John Lee a tit door to Rural rare 1878 Morgan a noun Casto tub 1uumo that ilk hah taken und larg itly extended and Imp Ned die shop formerly occupied Liy Lukers and is now prepared to execute All work in his line with and in it Oett aug sub it Antral at a great reduction in blacksmithing and Wagon making material furnished the Trade at easy particular attention will be paid o hor8b interference will by and Allm Cou Olibe Hoof other die Ami of Ibe How a Mulk bin Yon on tho Money 11101111011 of Lam people who had judg tent Ugai Tiht him fur debt bad him examined us to bin 1 was aug called us u wit you made Homo report of bin in it wont through six Dynya Yon com Only give found it very difficult to Alec in shul to leave have Yon Lime to Given a Brief hum Mury of what thai Lemli Mony will in the Best 1 but 1 have to Jiulie in 1 can give you the Liu Porlant y Woro i lint from tho Lul Ler Purt of 1h73 a Neil by Lell in Hep Timber to Wuh in Tiu Cubit of Over u muh Nihof and Llma when lie Wen away he left in my i Umlah Gold Coin by Niilyn Lur nil in Crest Iii Kern a mint u deed Lor funds in and Helmich of Lluy Coul und unit 1 to nil Iii Ile Bih to the bunks und give bin in Ull within n lie pro i Heeil u pre landed copy of u lurked Coli Uruci Wilh my mime to to do Ull and Swon that the original us he had beet inn rec been binned by Lam testimony Wuh Whir Wilh Brno in und audacious Fulani Ems to i Ihlein bin perjured Usser lion in n Luli Nii in Ichih forged in Malihi Mony 1 in he Oivin Giundi visiting narc Emeiigh Anil Niemyn Yumlu of i 11 if inn is which of then Helveus ii Ono Al Earl proved thut i wan never but debtor und thu Hud always been in debt to then no Zudili Lionel proof of bin u of Ohleh Wuh Ulten Juki Beloro Hulu is in in which he Hwe uru pub Iti Cly Hon Hill unit he owed we us Wilys Bon owing Money of Tami 1 he rendered him Largo Lii Uncial tin be Wim con spelled by Mulo Iii neat in Ali Hoard of la Rouru to Ruihui Money to Puy put of bin in then 1 Tesline that 1 never heard of Uny Conn net by Winch Wuh to Money to him or for until ii produced the copy of bin forced document i Liis him of ill to tho exl hence i Hsieh Piiper with Lull Siml Hud Nollin to sustain Wanlo existing documents gum thu when he went he Troi begging for us a und when wrote him How 1 Hud Hill urdu by he n plied in never denying shul 1 m making Uny Mich Porcu Sihu us unit 1 owed hit any Titan haution with Wero your Irani Melione wit him loaned him in in have his Hole Lor i Pill up i Coal and let him have n Lor Whit to acknowledged himself indebted Lomu Over 1 have Hon Willen memorandum for Lor of Iho amount i hold bin bearing compound then 1 let him Ivo of minis it shul they and Havo Iii written contract to pay to Over pay any of Whoso i manured to get 1 got n deed of Hind in for which by Ugri a Incipit he Wuh credited 1 got his Cut in the Boun angina i got two no leu of other Pur Tien Furnin him for und with to Hugo had the proceeds of Hulu of bin but lie Bald Iii wife would not Nign thu what kit Wiikna Yon not let him have Home Money when to to indico him to pay what 1 Hugo 1 agreed Llma he Hli onid Havo or to go t Idaho to Light some Law i woh lulling him Hutu that to Indi Ien him to pay nearly what to owed alien by left i paid Over Umic Mimmith on the Coal clock he Hud loft with me ii collateral m curly for what Liu owed this bad to to to prevent it iting a nil on 1 would Ligure u Lions on which i Hud a Thon 1 Lei his Man i Liggons live fur ii 1 Hud for Nulin or Tullu Menta in tub routine much do Ull those thing foot alter ded Baluik All ored Llev and in Tercel amount to thut is Iho amount Duomo by i Ivo hired him for Llma amount und Hutu sworn to my in Nyit Crediton in Lull to owed you do not i Ivo bin shares of Coos Lluy Coul held by menu ii Lime will pay moghul Kinney Owen they Cun Tako Ulm and Nee what Lluy can Minalio Sutof then you nay Linney ban no claim on you nay that Lio Wooi to Over ind in Odilion to Iho charges leg alight i ii i Peel to show other Crl Meb of bib i irony bin punt of a Holcli of Doucen Aro coming to Niini this in tin Liht Pluto to for my non Lii Liny it to drum no nil thick upon the Romul so Htit the Utenich nut Krow too re and Xiii lung u i in much Siml Ihu stems grow Largo nil Ulm so curing can Noui Mooil Liny of Lien if grown will unit tide Ohleh lir Taland flourish Iii Groetz Ulm thereon him a Thrifty u n Lovely Lleini a deep feeder nil j could civilization but Ninko Guoru rapid if it lion room it Hanclich who Luini u portion of Iho full Scio u would it n goodly place to to la Volvo Iho on and of Rood report med Simgh to make Iho a Lenin nil then in us wed to mini id ton Long Helnore ii will Impo Sihle to Jiulie Good Huv of however Ell Hin did in tin not think Pon Siulc o grow thin Huy too a lilo on thu Lor the per Pimp of mulling go Oil lie Buckl time Lor a noting the Tomt crop of he Kimii is when it will make u a nil he Ivohn Ami it beg ii to crumple or fall for 11 la ext clop it will not in to be guided by the for the Rei him to jul if on Rich Noil will Ion up ill lie Well in of top annl Uavah Loo la Ivy for the Stem and ill begin to Iii nolo new Brunclih then thrown Mil from the Nikii Ihlen which id Ilu in Ulm Klill ii Cash the org incl to web comr to the Nin Clieh Only in in this Wuy new crop her new crop sic credit Mich none Linin for the Iii inn thut Ocull i Nril to the Eurth before Ihu Geglii Piini of so Ulm the Rah unit is Gnu rally Given to ill jail lick Oil he lilo Tsoming or ii wild not pully to the Llma we have n i fid lit Hiem thin i Nihon Hix feet Long i r n whole in nil Ihu owner Wuh a Clitu local the Liny because it bowed no Hlynn f it with no crumpled Down und overed vol the new Hcan Cheh ii Buovo described nit it dial not look us Iho ngh the a tenth were nun than n foot Ulm u Hull Cut nod buy Cuisinot he Imle of for the reus ii Lull it Iti Loo course and the which form Good pro Poi lion of Good null Ulii have nil Ellen Oil the lower Penn Elk nil the Crane sch Heidi Elvis Are nun h injured by incipient Injia of would ii n Cut the Rel crop us noon ii Large pm Gigli to u civil the in Rhonl reference to lie Chishom Irr Ctorn me Lilily to How Bloh Silins ii Oil he time they Nhoi Ihl he Altol i Cal by lure bulging ii und in Good the buy Shon lil not lie allowed to re main in the Hwi ithe limn from the enough Loil Hli Nihil Lii n he Inlo win Rmah lightened up with Hie Forli so thai Lam air can Eircil Luki through it in Good Welber Iii Ihu i film noun of he m it tin n Pilch it lip Inlo i Wiull or p Lei to Lenin a Iho if the round be very an it in Lylo lie no the Lornt Ilie Iio Clicks in Holli he Ilir Illel Iver Niichi or twice Din ing tho Isle Raul Heflin the Huy Hli Ould Hli ind in the simile Rich till in Greit through u sweating a Holcli is to Lumen in leaves to the to that Iliin Ivill Mil drop nil Iii bund Ulm to or re Kiili r a Nihle the whole Teliin Hii Ealma Loho an Neceia airy w Sun Tim Merel of Iwuc Tehsin curing ill Alfa Hay in to cure in in Ihu simile and Mil of in in no i to Discolour it Ami Render it Mexico i the if Thunn Hom Only Ihu Jellow Gruin of Iho upper Hun und Ivill can could to Rutih ported to Kern clip re variety of May be n on very Ellby i urn the an far us Bounty in o ibo certainly no hitch refreshing night huh Over looked upon where to client non ii in to it i often mild Heru Tomt Everyl inf will and we have yet to discover a product that will loin Ulf Nofu to Almond and thu other i nil nothing outlier in Quill to or to Tiibi Avo Iii condition of till Noel there it inuit in Homo hut who Ever Beard of a Pluto that Imd no drawl Mcluin Lam Zurano old grand Disimo to Heriault alluding we 1 never to got to he Inver till i and Pluso Hinde Runcel Cru moot of ii will Nevi Leibly give Wuy Eforo the it Emily March of improvement and Cantor 1iiho which Munro and morn Tuo country and Ihu tho great Ftp 14 even now evolving Goud things out no the rough Ohi Minth abounding Ely in growing Lawn Aru Nero and propel by u Imler to Iii lint Heemin Lythe Llull is worthy of Ulm of vein Inducil Nellh to Iho working noun which he will do Well to Dollar crib up cannot in thu Liilo than Irrig Illon will Luovic Ilid Ulm Iho Rimml if Huenich thin Euini get u Hoina Wilh Ilelle for Ihu Eli Mulu in Bilcz that Inch Lily built hopi his me us Umlor Lumblo in Ulm in in will bin apply Hia Lubner to will Reppun ubi Ihilani from tho Prole lie Hill when he in u few Liun Inch Licini Iovu Bud Lime to grow to bearing when Lam Ruki Siut Cuci Uyulus ban spread into u Clumpy of when Vinith Ihler Lii Cion and hush cd offer their Leisi plug when Riwe ii weft oteral and ii Cuciuc Ulizko their Fouther Ilion Iliin the Noil air that bum his a will Leihn he directed his Courno he Lior am 1 think you Llull ova not inn much him i Hern Jullo Nln is u Omli Iliili place la Cli Milo and in agricultural it in Thi place for a Nook Liveli u few yearn in we Lilly to Ulm the lid Unmil log tree will have us in a Ninchich for ii to gut our Iii Ilo w ill Nti ind in Insl Eucl no i Eisimi Icin Gnu Tom dlr holism Plains Lam a Risiti Lityn Linico of melds will meet the you on Allol in in non Ueli Tolx will Bolu every will Hilio to place of bad lint of Dili Somloi Fol Chi Inge will by in our and Money in our nil thu Itou Ord when on n visit will nay that i Upu Kuhnly Ihu words of truth i tin of Mexico do in rail Joni Rem inert in being Cosimi mlle he indic he bin Solil Jini to declare him and cum Pels Iii Reid to Hii Nln Anna the slime game on and is Hon ii ii declared Irei Iilene by pith lil Emilii with lit Len Enlil the a our Loilit ii list rutile of Trio Bucu Whity of and of keeping tho porn of the Nklan that if a coat of Vurnus or Othor Nulo Giunco in to Monturo to applied to the exterior us Trio Soaib will Emmi in about Nix tho Export men t wan onco tried on a child at on tho oco Atlon of 1opo Leo thu Luth no own to Toto 1opal it wan desired to Havo a living Fluiro to retire tent tho and no a child wan Gold i All Over Wilh Vitric us and Gold lir child died in a few if Iho fur of a covered with i Mihi to Bretho in t of Ipili or Slute Fine a Mills by Ulm Annu a non Heinie your with Hii Lii Almihdi Leal Al Hilving deprived him of Mexia d Hud in in Ali Iii film he Wilh tho who Hync ended Veru Annu i Levis Oil the Ledi led by revolt by who in inulin Dic Lulor nil n item Thiim of Noble ii revolution no Aust Kialii Anna nil Lonn i lie new i Tholin religion Ulm Upo Lolic Creed la excl Aulon of Ull Oiler by Lyric Len in Lii Annu und ller Ieni Mude 1rcnidi Nolby Cuil Suntup Annu banished und ilor Cru elected Ili Iliili Kii Medai Ulm ill in elected in Ilu und Zhulim d Huyuh Mil Ulm pm flu Annu i Miilu Jlove Sionil our with thu a Lulu in in Macrini Wirf Nice Grimm Huntu Annu Inch nil Iii us m Imle ills Dent Pio peace Imiolo with thu United Arimis elected i izeral aril a Ich Igns und Huntu Anna made Tevoli Gllnn led by Alvarez Han Lii Annu Jim Ininee Rehli Lenl Alenri is inulin i bends u Momient git inst Ibe is elected Roiti Clil and urn property of the in Lull Oiin to Madu but in Ili cd in m minion Muker Hon Milf nil in pee Lily ii again Madu in Ali Volution bended by elected und do urch the arc Nib inv and Linchi und Hugo Lihugh Lively since it is announced among thu news items in one of 0111 Sun Lull los hint Linrud in u Oluich in Yoli judo which nun not Ono Mulu tho Bondii Imit in uni rolled enl rely by to and there in u Buli inv in Ihu Jolo Rudo is not Only a Cully in wind Church matters uru left Molly to in California the Pri Ponder eneu of Wincn in us ibo churches in Gnu what in the is plunk Linn the Inge Tuliau who look upon Ull re in would say thut it Lulu worm n Uro weaker than Otlin who cling to la Blu und believe in Gui would buy that it u been use better than thu Averko 1crnupg one run hopi Why Moie women than Mun urn u Buu Niibo tho of Ira Lalni the children of uni Bou Wiltold Iovu Lvii Inori what Jimiy Ilion will nil Tuku i Liiro in the of Ihu next lung Alfou ily Trio to Aru in inn in u Huniu of und Tiluy Linw Sliu Triin they Uron wed mid 1iiiriiil i Chr Nikuli by in Hirino it lick Ilia ii ii Pilicy Hiiva in proved Ihu cd noltion Tell fib in Ulius then Ihu no Ali ainu blk Liuyu would do i u in import u tue in their own Iii Iii of tho a Lime Guinid not noun id n inuit a of Hind in Tlell und to Olhorn Tiu won Durh which cult i Danu on tho Huomu ii id by Ihui ild no it Hutu Lulu him Ibadan no Iii Dick in Hull re Ihu us Oruku Nuttli r would Sivu it put Minlu to Uny nor a mild in Liuyu Donu for in ukr Ringo Iii not und without inny cd null Cuisinot he tho thus Ninlin Tiruhi Clivis Cru Oll Rod at i Irish Lith a Linin it in old Cit a Hii Filu incl old in Qubti do Nelly upon Ihu Wilu und Mun Huifu Iulian Ull annul of Uny Whit key and knowing Tomt him Wolf in Nom big ult it thu can Wilri n it 1itrili Lal lit Ihu lat und Hill Lett of moral i think u mint Komo Bora tin tho Virt Nti of Mot him be Al Lukl noon their m Well Minn of to limit no to Irrl Gato per my Lutter in growing Hiippi r in to Ihu guile Man to bound Thone Brownlow and Tiu porch diet 1onliiiimlorfkihirul wad Bortt n Iron ii which Lor nearly fifty a Iii i Humr in Andrew you Niini Hur How Lica Lily Brownlow conic Nundo in of Kuy to thu to out thu 1iiiiidcnt u duh Patch input heartily do Rulnik it us thu thing it tho right Tiu with very Ratlfy Long to All in him Hedli of Ihu Tuut ten cd ecu yet fur to wanly loin to Koy and Ilia Wulw had not i Hoy nut und punned upon Ike inn of in thu n Yonne Ittu Inrid Kant ten Cut Iii or thu Ijuin Ramiu Lbrown in wan Ida Cimi Iii Liun u Yousik Durao showed Lind in Tomt Purl of tho Pill my visor dimly lining thu col i Niwot he Wuu Kly walk a Kuwint Icilinc Ltd Elk Public Provato Kuy it thu Iliou ung Ngod to it lady Whu in now Hill Wilfo and lion i no him nine not Ildr Torii As to t Hutu it Livinio Nikii who to u photo of Brownlow Hurt Koy Tod or u thu Thuru Wuh a Thurp tilt hut Ween which Ond cd in Thill not spouting to Inu pinot lick for Twenty thu Cuiyu about la Sliwi Elrow Lawn term in tho Honrato und Andrew jul Nihon Wuh elected to tho vacant i Khz inon hit Flor a Nhuon Ivr Tir Uppole nerd Kuy to ill Ihu vacancy until Ihu incl Iii of Ihu while a Kuy Luitel Hoko at Iki iils in thu and Ohore at Lii la at Liu hotel Thero tie to insight Camu and Jinx died Milf upon him Towt in no null cull ii Pun who wan then inn loud to bin room and bed by Palij Bycul in they Hud not hop Ken for Twenty und Kuy thought it Tii it to jury Ulo Vuic Clisly he wan Dion occupying nuut in to my nuts prove Only of coupled of Ilo put u bold fuck on and walked Down tho Truot from bin hotel to Lbrown lows think Wilri n cup Loii thu mail ont that could i Al Irum Muir to Lar Okulow could not pm Back the Loam at to Shook the Benator Aguin and they burled Trio and from Tomt Doy until the iwo Wero fait toilet me Lemr to ild Udelpha it in now in the world to Alvo Woi ids opinion it to live Irrol after your own but Ilia Kocat Man ii he in the Ali Antof a tet Hoot Niew tho of ii it u not in much thought compoly a very in Porlant How to enjoy Ned Loury to be to Bill your bal no without toe of i or of Fuk Ift
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