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Southern Californian And Kern Weekly Courier Newspaper Archives Jun 14 1877, Page 1

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Southern Californian And Kern County Weekly Courier (Newspaper) - June 14, 1877, Bakersfield, California Southern californian Kern county weekly Kern june pbofe88ional and business Pool suffers her services to the ladles of bakery fold and Vicinity m it nurse of word addressed to her at Stockton will receive prompt h february attorney Counselor at Kern office la the rear of in Kern Valley january Kern Valley Bank Comer Obeiter Avenne and eighteenth incorporated february directors new goods recently attorney Nurt Counselor it Inyo practice in my the Courti of the May George attorney and Counselor tit Kern in Cheater Adobe May attorney and Counselor at Kern Arcade Obeiter May John b by and Exchange on san Francisco and the principal Oil Lea of the Pacific deposits and interest allowed at the rate of 0 per cent per if left six Eastern Exchange and Legal tenders bought and Diaw direct on All the principal foreign collections made state and county Bonds and warrants and every kind of legitimate banking business Auril at tiie cheap Cash store a new Era in Trade Jay Johnston a new Chester the latest styles the lowest prices Best selection of t general merchandise Ever brought to this groceries and dry Alvin attorney at Law notary Kern door null of the olympic May millinery l it in pke8no will practice in the courts of Kern May Samuel attorney Cuil coup wolof it and office on Cheater nil in the Gazette will lie found it hum her morning and paid to mining Law and May n ladies and gentlemen Packard of located in second door Louth of the Kern Vii lloy often to the ladle of Sumner and a Complete assortment of Bill livery and fancy come Tibig of tic mid Moit Annh Lonalie fitting and Diu Makino made a to ladle Are invited to Call and examine my and ii Ildren hats and toys and fancy tobacco and Wall count sind ladies dress table boots and shoes made to order from selected the California a to on National rep pays the Are times when everything scorns to go from seven Noil in old farm on Tor morning till ton in tho which his tinn in which to Are in a you Rise in such dec dial capital i and tho room is and a Button is and tho Beefsteak land w tho location ical Campaign will t of California and tho stove and the pipes and you Start for holds had i ure is to to nettled from head to Trio v be of tho duties of elect next Winter senator to succeed Whoso term of of Over senators who sixteen Are dem Nate and Assembly on have 120 o Odds in favor Long things Are potty losses on tho part of the in Bottlo upsets and spoils tho some one turns tho Damper wrong and tho Gas an agent comos determined to insure your life when it is already insured inure than it is Worth and you Are afraid some Ono will Knock you on the head for fire bowed the ii ripening fan fed the cont children Hai Ory i Doser by tho ways Hail i they had its in tho Holdover publicans will have m of your policy but to Sticks to showing you pictures of Little fool schoolhouse gents business cheap and diagonals for dress furnishing goods fancy groceries bought for and sold at the lowest Cash provisions and advances we do not recon lie any Anoll Nii or clump John our urn Tram the Flat Tolani Houpei of thu my Johnston cordially till old free Nodi to cell nil snap int new whether Ilion lib to ii Ruhui or they will be court Turnly rust Flud january which will be to a United Sta senator tho Sor in joint convention to overcome to tho democrats tho a hard two years ago the party which caused the preponderance of demo senator Sargent is Date for with prospects of carrying the majority of his party notwithstanding the Vio Lence of tho attacks made in tho interests of rival an Effort is being made to use the Dis closures of tho defaulting Navy paymasters to pre vent the Success of senator Sargent but As the excitement wears it appears that the reputation of tho senator is not materially involved in this the Bottom facts of the Pinnoy affair arc hummed up in a confession that to busied himself in which no Ono could pre vent him from doing insinuated himself into the Good graces of tho local party managers received u Petty office us lilo Reward of his services then used his Ollice to As Sist himself in Stock credit the to a land was Rich and Woodlands had fed the tho Orchards had their Strong branches with and die pastures had id hero tho Inai Ali constantly on hand an a Artmont of canned and fresh Bonamo involve Oil for Largo a i null ring of Assolin total Stock who Nugo Tiatco Falso Cortili Catich of with tho Banks As collateral be Charles attorney Puiul Counselor it Merced will practice in the courts of Kern january o v n t v Riby Nicias Kern Vepe Etna tit Tonton paid to Date Nisi of women and children and offline and reside no on in the Homo formerly occupied by two doom of the Adobe january 1877 c will ampneliv3 Chestek splendid Claret wine at Only 50 cents a ii a k e u 8 f i e and Keun Olloe at Drury drug residence lit the Arlington and Kern offline with where he can to found at All hour of tho mud la the evening it ills mull 10unty Surveyor and Deputy i Neil Kern office in the rear of the Kern vally january keep constantly hand a Large and varied Nii orment of candies and Toi Iacco and told it fancy agent for the ban Fra nolo daily Post and weekly sole agent for Bishops celebrated cough and lung orders from tho country promptly at to lowest Market tho Public Aro invited to Call Ami examine my Stock before purchasing january shipping and Green m Otto Aci minist and s Engineer and office Wotli in the rear of the Kern Valley May it aker8field does All kind sowing or surveying and in inns All Kindt of Edge tools repaired and civis for All work done and at reasonable May Cross s Grain and All farm products bought and sold on having prepared to Ali pie of All the product of the Valley at the Best Market Deal Codi Litlo of a targe and general abhor tent of dry pro and everything Niu ally found in a noun lev new goods and latest styles Oon stantly the he Ghent Price paid fur All kinds of Orden filled and delivered Ullh Anil the Only country store Tomt a delivery Wagon and to Terri come and tee fur o a n i i o com Kern of Wool Hay and Drain bought May Stanley importers wholesale Dea Leim brat and Chain com Mcmilon san May wines and 410 flt ont ban Francisco May travelling purity to a Large amount was caught in the crisis attending the failure of tho bunk of California was unable to raise Money on stocks to redeem Loans made on the false and left the country As a the responsibility of appointing him to office rested solely on the superintendent of the who first made him chief and after wards procured his Transfer to the Navy pay this was done at a Timo when the superintendent of tho mint claimed political Alle Giance to senator and was without tho influence of senator who had Little or no know ledge of Penneys there is no either in Penneys so called disclosures or that either senator Here sent Ativo Pago or any other Public officer had any cause to suspect Pinnoy of dishonest tho Mero statement of tho fact that he possessed sufficient address and plausibility to deceive the Banks and to swindle them largely is proof that his was Good up to the time he left the and it does not appear strange that he through local deceive the delegation in Congress by making himself of ser vice in stale it is to be hoped that the people of California will not suffer senator Sargent to to unjustly made the victim of a self confessed who is now seeking to make Ponce with his creditors and the Public by playing into the hands of factions which an endeavouring to defeat the California senator has won a reputation in National affairs which entitles him to the Rompc Alful hearing of his it will be diff even if for California to Send a substitute to fill his Burvant once gave this advice to u Mounir writer Tim Ennd tho hourglass and deaths scythe and a making it a sure thing that you will die before your Timo unless you take in his beside All you have a cold in your head and a Grain of Sand in your and Are a walk ing the Day is out of and no surgeon can set the probability is that if you look at tho weather vane you will find the wind and you remember you have lost much sleep it May be that it is yourself out of joint instead of tho to careful not to write Many letters while in this you will perhaps pen some things that you May to sorry for lot in remember that those Nettles of life Are part of our life would got nauseating if it were All the table would be but poorly set with nothing on it but to need a Little Vine and Horton us Mil that brings the tears oven when we do not feel if the world were All smoothness and sweetness we should never to ready for Emi Gration to a higher and the blustering March and weeping april prepare us a shining the world in u hitching instead of growl ing at present let us humor our nature a and try to Bury tho Blue hours of our As to would one of those occurrences distasteful to men often make their and those with whom they come in con miserable by nursing a sour and morose when a sudden and Linn momentary Resolution would Lingo dispelled the entire let us try it at the times when we become the dead sea of there Are no fishes in tho great halt tho Only living thing be Neath its Waters is a worm about a Quarter of an Inch this worm shows up beautifully under thu Lens of a when storms Rise this worm is driven ashore by thou and devoured by tho Black found a pure Stream pouring into the it was filled with chubs and the fish became Anil were driven Down into tho briny the in Stant they touched tho Waters they came to tho belly and died without a the water in remarkably buoyant eggs mid potatoes flout on it like Hood and myself stripped and went Ion they were connected with associations that could never to everything was hero but my neighbor was a Good Farmer and thrived but no had nursed tho belief that farm ing dont pay to could Tseo that to was making interest on what tho farm would soil after throwing in All his 1 firmly believe that Farmers do not give their land credit for half it does for in tho Caso of my neighbor with his family of six i have made a car foul estimate of what to should Havo Given tho farm credit and tho following is tho without numbering this article with the Fig ures for each separate Wagon making and printing of every Deirl plod promptly executed at Ifal Offlee of Moit painting sign and Carriage and paper in All its work Dono in tho Best manner and with by John Lee nineteenth Street next door to Nelder Auri wre 1176 Morgan a nnounoh8to Tiik Pui Imo that ii Bat taken and extended and improved the shop formerly occupied by ind i Dow prepared to execute All work in till line with and in a de Alandius in Dallal at a great reduction in blacksmithing and Wagon making material furnished the Trade at easy j our arvo that you Ivo Uheiji Hov Oral Kronfli in your or 1 if you will Himly thu Kingl Iii that you will ind it Quito Riipi Lilu of All tho Kdouh you May 1 Havu Al Way found it and in All that j Havu written 1 do not Rochill an in Htiu Ico when t a Vii Sci noted to use a foreign but on Hoa Roht 1 found a bettor Ono in my own Ippun u into in Wii dining i Divot into tho Luko from a Long built for tho who of Shinall it Cambot Liat Fon orly plied on tho tho hopi Littion with tho water Wuh to Salty that ooh and ouch Bogun to Rhinart to buoyant that j found no difficulty in floating Ovon Whon the air exhaust of in my a 1 struck so should give credit for thous of his House and Homes and pleasure for for fruit and butter and family clothing and groceries paid for out of receipts of the for net profit above All other which would average the mini of tho value of the whole of the above for one according to my is now this is pretty Good in Terest on the value of my neighbor Harris a Little for his labor my neighbor has gone to tho whore he expects to live on the in Terest of his Money without doing much of anything himself but look after Good chances to Maku a having had no expo Ricoo with the expenses of City to believes he cite live there in the same Stylo As in the for about a let us sue How far to is mis his House and barn rent la thu his groceries and his his family his pens of his Amu Tab extra Church car milk Small swindlers and foot up for one on a Low nor has tho worst Boon told for your Farmer once hurried into tho tide of City with in is a fish for which Many a shark has a watery and he in one of a thousand if to escapes the snares of those he fondly imagines his warm est stand by tho old Tny whoever you believing that farming dont nothing Els can when Farmers Are the whole business world and Prosperity will Knock first at the far morn let a Farmer who has an itching for City life rent his farm for Ono and make a trial of life in the and we in Throe cases out of to will to when to comes to pay from Mamu Auk Sucre Nimoh a in nah mod Dohty to much that in a your or two to particular attention will paid to House interference will be nod Allan a of the Boot and do Yeiuei of the Borte will be alien Jed to bar a kill jul and experienced tall cant summon up courage Ono go 1 Whoso in wore glued to to kiss the woman the vanishing Pant his four hours times a it a stretch three a Zivku to sit by a Pine table for which you paid three dollars ton years ago than Send Home a new Extension Black Walnut and Promise to pay next a disk await Farmer has evolved he think gentle opon and tho is All that tho Hoe of Oriso in tho hons of being half tho invalids Tii Khakh u Good wide ditch be tween haying and out for tho Beach i foil As Light As a in Spito of All 1 could do my head would Fly out of the the lightness of the water and surging of tho Waves forced my foot from under a person who could not swim might easily be drowned in five foot of his head would go Down like a Lump of and his feet would Fly up Liko a pair of the water is As Clear As Socca so Clear that the Bottom could be soon at a depth of Twenty when to reached tho Shore and crawled out upon the Sand in the Light of the our bodies were thickly covered with Salt to Woro compelled to go the Small Stream from which to Hud driven tho chubs and and Wash off in fresh water before put Ting on our our hair was filled with grains of Salt that could not be washed the mormons occasionally visit tho Lake in droves for tho purpose of Many say their is improved by Leav ing the Salt upon their and dressing without drying font wife standing by tho Bod Side of her dying husband she re Marks to the Hes Boon alingorin1 arid till now tho on co his life was insured in has miss Lumont is to Bollo of an Iowa All tho Young men Are desirous of by oozing in rent for a dwelling having fewer Convenio Biccs than tho Plum old Homestead when to conies to buy All Iii in fact All of those necessaries and luxuries which he enjoyed on tho almost without to will find that will go no farther toward mooting his family expenses than in Cash would on the Rural some one sensibly says tho most agreeable of All companions is a Frank without any High pretensions to in oppressive greatness Orio who loves and undoes Hailds tho use of it obliging alike at All hours Buovo of a m Golden and steadfast As an for such a Ono to gladly Exchange i to greatest tho Tkv most Brilliant tho profoundest said u boy who kicked in tho Foo by Over Boas Good looking As i my tho 1 dont think youll to us handsome As you wore but youll it Groat Deal v a paper says tho rim onial Harvest is in Thunder dont of got your Dlos ready and go to work a Kent my y my of tho been by tho scotch and return to Canada with
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