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Southern Californian And Kern Weekly Courier Newspaper Archives Jul 26 1877, Page 1

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Southern Californian And Kern County Weekly Courier (Newspaper) - July 26, 1877, Bakersfield, California Southern californian Kern county weekly Kern july and business o Pool of feb Yieh services to the of and Vicinity nub8e of word addressed to Lior at Stockton will a Shelve prompt Leftri to ii february attorney and coup Schlor in 11ern orate la the rear of the Kern Valley january Kern Valley Bank Corner Cheater Avorio and eighteenth incorporated februa11y directors John new goods recently real estate insurance attorney Counselor it into prattle i in All the of tho May geob6e attorney Ami coining Lar it Teun tour East of Dunn a drug May attorney nil Cou Nelor it Kevin Cuoni now Cheater Alvin attorney it tool try Kehn door in Atli of the olympic mud on san Francisco null Trio principal cities of the Rucille deposits mid interest allowed at tho Rato of 0 per cent per if loft six a Kocim exc Noe and Legal tenders bought and Diu direct on All tho principal foreign collect ions made Batto and county Bonila and warrants and every kind of legitimate banking business april cheap Cash store rpm Nisor or general merchandise Ever brought to this land for Sale millinery flies no practice la the courts of Horn county May Samuel attorney nil Counselor it bakeu8field and giiockr1es and dry ladies and on curator and in Tom Quiette will Lin found it 811111 her morning and particular Rattei Itlen raid to a Lluc and May Charles attorney Ami Counselor it merged will practice in the courts of Kern county january Packard now in Dah Litsi Bec Imd door South of Trio Kern Valley offers to Tia Ludua of Sui minor Ami n Complete Izmir Mont if Hilll Lavry nil fancy coital Atlig of lie nil Moat nah Lonnale and childrens pitting and made a tho lad lab Are invited to Call and examine my hats and toys and fancy tobacco and Wall Clov Crimont unit Ilal Lorail land to and Elvei attention in Trot thru to none Pru Miro Ami mining Neil nil a county Nign tlaloc on fitful Ami collection Hong a limit nil charge at Ali it Eft nil attn Dot to paying in tick to depose of their property by a Aloir rec Lineiro will Ilo Wall by leaving Turlieu it Tutu 1 Imti for town and unit Denro nil Landu liner avid nil throughout the several go Oil Muir Ituen Karen a1no Slipp Ami in Juno the general land Agency of California snip ourm Tullu i Tiftik of 11rck1vi3r and non farms Tinl Uther heal Kab to to of till Miffy Talm Lamm Hafl u trustworthy Aff pit it tho county Ribiat of Enoh Ami Active Nof intr in eau turn to c Binm to it nil to promote inn Kraylon ail Hamir Pirich Flern for Laius to it for Hwn Illy Ami Lutu Cimmy by full widely Ami Liy All Otlin he us by Nullon in alms to tin Trio Iii ont com Hytti Nuthie Atul Knori Agency of tho pm ten t Hal id Ami Fidelity and Energy in tho Hiramu Motlon of All Liubinco to of 40 taxable a discussion is going on in Cor turn que riots a to Tiu legality of a Sci Trutt Assoc finont on growing five my l k s South of Bakers Field tho Stuto i Taal of Tonkos Trio Hidu of Tiu and instructs asses sors Grain on Tom other a Gnu that when land in at its full Cash value such assessment covers growing the yearly assessment of land includes everything tho land can be made to it is from this capacity to produce a crop that the Hind acquires its value for assessable or other Lund that will produce nothing is assessed at a Mere nominal is the Justice of assessing land on til 1c line of the Kern Island Tiik of at or per on tho Assumption thai it will produce a and standing by ready to assess tho crop the moment that it shows itself in discussing the question Trio com pares growing crops As taxable property to solvent All the constituent elements of value insolvent debts arc Taxell in hoi Iid other this classification seems of tho there is less ground for the taxation of growing crops than of solvent Trio latter Are More nearly property than the they May be taxed in other forms but they Are More tangible is property to the owners than growing they can be turned into Money at less sacrifice on their Fane they Are in a less degree exposed to in Tiro destruction or to partial loss or an untimely Frost greatly impairs or on Tiroly destroys the value of a fruit crop North wind at a a few Davs of certain season o v w t y physician s u h c e o m Kern in penal attention paid to do Teiei of women and children and of Floe and residence on 1jth in the lieu in fur Murly occupied by Tiro doors of the Adobe january 1877 Otto and Axi Kern office at Drury drug Ile Iodence it Trio Arlington one fall kinds of of sewing balance Tor surveying and i quips All 1c i Ltd i of Edge Ile Palrei tempered Rou All work done Ami at read Nablo May Cuil aunty on Lucid 1111 abhor Lmont of canned and fresh splendid c la hut wine at Only 50 cents a Bole agent foil Bis hours celebrated cough and lung travelling and Agni in fur Horn Tonj Isle me watchmaker and in Iii inapt Guird hit Iii Currier Alnut Wotli sir Iii Ulm Cui incr Twenty rive dollars per a m Kevin office in Llu Napa Jollu attended to at All of the Dity and May Axi s Deputy Mickral Kern Moe la the rear of the Kern vally january Sample my b a k e h h v i e l d orders from tho country promptly at Trio lowest Market Trio in Lilic invited to cull and examine my Stock Bonuro Pur Cliant january jjav1no us Catkin in fur die pm Troko of Garry Long on Tulili i would nol lilt Trio Luistro Miiko of the of Miu town and my Cliar Gua will by and i will Kuar Nutce All work in ii by me to Glou place of Lurn nuni drug Ilio Arlor Ikumi june painting on third Cash on third in one and on third in two water upon and office with in the rear of the Kern Valley May tho coolest Retreat in the town of the next Miuor and Lari in the Market Tuii aimed at Tsitri William and will to pm naked to Hli old Fri Blacksmith no Wagon making and John Bun of Wool Hay and Orala bought May brat w an Grain ily Stanley importers in wines and 410 front ban May Morgan a in Dunckh to tub Ili Buu that Iii had taken and largely Ute Ltd and improved the Eliop fur Murly Orocu filed try and ii now prepared to execute All work in he line with and in a at a great reduction in blacksmithing and Wagon making material furnished tho Trade at easy part Lulai at Fallon will be Ald to Iio Hsk will be and Al Inonu us Iho Boot Aad Vlcher in Lieuie til the hone to by a ill Alful 7altr ii o u s e sign and Carriage and paper in All its work done in tho Best manner and with by John lice Lilue Lanui Street next door to Nilde Raburn Kuril i Ture ih70 alternate tracts Only for Sale Moores Scrivn Tirrit 1iaih mix Witk would Anim Rico to the Anil Kent Lomeii who the Pariona adornment of 11 line Mil of that hat Pat United la nor lilo i Bat new Linen before the Culillo for a ipacs of two vean and Bun in every Init nue Given eur thru Imtair Autlin an to what it no Mineral or Duma Yang Kiili Itaniemi in in Dili audit i i to prevent Hull falling out after foil null known Ciupei of Laduew Bubo Ociee fully Trevind Hipe Zettlin Widau la my it will full How Liik crop of liar on All Ila Getup Buldin Iii even to i Moit pronounced u will pre1 liar from turning y forwarded to All parti of Tea three Market Man Oal Hornli agents july diminishes n shout crop by Ono or grass Worms and Oiler May blight a crop Whon noisily arrived at Kiwi n com mon souse boo huh Plain Tunit simply in the singes to become should not in subject to a separate assessment assessment of land Slu Kulil cover All that Lime come frn Iii it until Lii year comes if i i whatever it May is then Little to by tilt for tin in Prico or other it prop girly by Ornum to Thuri is a Prin Riplo of Layalion lying dih jute than Usiri Aniual Argil in Iii ii to Trio fugal anti oily of Achi Shoih to tax growing which to Transl will in time Nini Lily Tom Inch Oilra of raising that is that nothing Bat of Iho past urn justly Thi right if hociota to tax a Man for what to May is at least kaon if Llu right it is had Tony or Tom Law May pm poly Ulto a Tilhou of what it last year and previous years Over Anil ii ovo tho of Bill Lial right has Llu Law Loas Nemih thai Ilio will anything Thia year ill rating if to tho surplus goes to Well Hin to Pablo for i next year it lion be Coupon an which in i Hilly this principle forbids All forum of lie Siisi of copt for tho pros Ticki Tiomi of Homi which Atlas to Crimo and such kinds of in Sines should to Rig la Lod by and May to i Cosmod to pro Mirn to Voiiso to Hooi itly for Iho tails which Low from jul Prodis Olive Indi try in Ita necessary form should not to men should nol bed Theoni Agol from trying to Nikko a living by Iho knowledge i Hoy Stihl something to tho government How ouster Howard talked with Trio Camp followers regarding tho curator Mas and disclosed some now thib body of or it portion of was with sitting Bull in Llinat bloody and thus tho Story Howard relates May Jjo do bonded not suspect ing his Mission among and in of Hist residence among and relationship with talked to him ii one of they state that Many of listers men wore killed by mounted ran Over and killed Thorn with their the poor follows were huddled together hero and a lion and fought at great disadvantage yet they killed a Groat Many of their fighting desperately to tho sitting Hull asserted that the Batullo lasted Only thirty Mii Nitos All ending with Iho to Leith of ouster and n few men and a fliers who had tallied around this forlorn Hope had gotten Oil born distance and could have changed his turned and ordered a the devoted party rushed upon the indians with shooting Down tho astonished a Mingos right and Ulster killed live Whon his pistol emptied and the foe pressing about he closed with a Grap pling boating out tho brains with the was shot a his victim foil to the this doubtless trims Lory supports tho theory advanced by military men at tho Lime of the idea of some desperate final act receiving support from the position and Loca Tion of the group of bodies about thai seeing his command and fearing to face the or scorn ing to live when his soldiers Lay dead about had deliberately rushed to certain ills body was not at Iho indians thinking Yujin a soul but being soon All thai remained of the famous Gen eral was propped up against tho corpses of two and so loft to receive the advancing but too Lulu Ioor Tom oysters heart with idiot Cut As previously but to was barbarous by killed with lieutenant Sturgiss was knocked Oil his shot and his body stripped and thrown into the it must be stnrgchh1 death which is thus Des us the indians toll of this poor follow As a Young Warrior who Rode with a Buckskin coat strapped to his Saddle and it is known to was to they also relate that two who threw Down their guns and were advised to return to their people and toll Thorn nil the Ali whiles would follow ouster unless they would Lei the Sioux the poor follows but tho next probably crazy from at tempted to when they encountered Homo who had been engaged against and worn Howard Roco nixed Many ouster trophies in tho among Thorn Tookos Saddle and a Llu thinks this Caine of Lum Tilos must to severely dealt with that hitting Bull must Bose cured or or else the seasons location for Privily Ufiufi of to this lands ire in a condition for immediate further add Rosa Iii a n Coal an or Mill Takosh oui a to firm Moi item to i Iii no certainty i hat Hinric eith during that Timo will Cut str Iii la Loim they and until they Thiru in Iio Tilini to what this Law Takce it Iii Kum from Tom of Whon tho Man to comm Linrod of paying for Liliu privilege of at to int trying to earn a lie thrown tho bunion of Iii hip Axil and that of his family upon Jiow much belter to open every Usu Nijiu of India try to him and encourage him to it top Nim Helf us Long Asho when his labor brings in Moro than Iho noon of the so that at Iho end of Tiu year he has something in Iho form of a Boc Mcm u proper subject for tho Tux s my Btu tins wombs Sihvo Boon tho of arid it has taken millions of years to onfranohi8o Thorn Ovon tho ornaments of their por Soith no but tho Budges of tho Gold on Braco Lut wan onto Iho Mundo of a Mas Novar to forcibly tho of being until his wife informs him that if to Hud Boon two Inthou tailor old pin its would have made two new a stirs for his surrenders will go Al for i am convinced that general Miles shares in Sopin an account of a Icovy Fht Tilky Are tho Happy ways of things each one a stroke of Genius or of Lovo now repealed or hardened to form at last u Rich with its details if they Aro super to Aro the Dew drops we Ipoh give such a depth to tho morning manners Aro vory com Inucci Stablo men catch Thorn from in tho to boasts of tho lesson she had Given the Nobles in on tho Otago and in real Talma taught Napoleon tho Art of go Nius invents Iino which tho Baron and Baronok vory and by the advantage of a pal belter the toy stereotype Tiu lesson they have f Larnid into a tho Power of manner is element As Unanue Blablo As tho nobility cannot in any country to Dis and no Moro in tho King woman can Ouist choir Thoro arc certain Good tiers which Are Learned in Good and that Force if a pal son Siivo to or she must and is Over where though without Beauty of wealth or give a boy Ana you give him tho Mastery Opal zoos and where to goes to Una no Dino trouble of earning or Thorn they solicit him to in nor dui Tiiu web in lao Yea Somo of tho to Havo been left
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