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Southern Californian And Kern Weekly Courier Newspaper Archives Jul 19 1877, Page 1

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Southern Californian And Kern County Weekly Courier (Newspaper) - July 19, 1877, Bakersfield, California Southern c Al form an Kern county weekly Kern july professional and business Pool qvfer9 her services to the in Lea of bake Rafoeld and Vicinity nurse of word addressed to Dor at Stockton will receive prompt Luforid to h february Kern Valley Ank Corner Cheater Avenue and eighteenth incorporated february directors attorney Counselor at Kern in Thi of the Kern Valley january John attorney and Counselor it Inyo pro Tom la All Poutu of tho May 1877 George attorney Counselor it Kern door Tut of eur naps drug May 1877 Ouy and sell on san Francixco nod tho Utica of Trio Pacific deposits and interest allowed at 10 rate of 9 Par cent per if left six i Ciunyk and Legal tenders ought and draw direct of All tho principal foreign collections made Stato and county Bonds and warrants and every kind of legit Ranato banking business april attorney and it 1u3rn count1 be i biter May Alvin attorney at in ke11n door Louth of the Olympio Mav l Al x e Fie no will tract Sci in tho courts of Loru conty May Samuel attorney null coup Violor it Bakersfield and office in Cli calf and u to at sum nor morning attention paita mining Law und May Charles attorney quid us Merced will practice in Trio courts of Kern county january physician Axl 8 v 11 o k o Kern Peel Al attention paid to discuss of women in Cal Ndreu and Otu coast re Muente on Liu in the House formerly by i two doors West of Slih Dadubo january 1877 Ai keen Offlee at Drury i drug Kes Denoe at the Arlington am Sulf Tox ke11n in Len rapt drug Calls it tend to at All Bouri of the Day and May Surv Koit am Deputy i Neil Keun in the rear of the Kern fully january Ai with in the rear of the Ker value play in o r w a it n i x a s ke11n bbl Mant of wont Hay und Drain Bough and Hoy brat and g b a i Ciuni Ifon an May millinery Packard no in a Couch door South of tho Kern Valley i link others to tho ladles of Suu inor n of by Minery Ana fancy consisting of Uio ii Teit oud most fashionable of fitting and in Udo a tho ladies Aro invited to Call and n Otto Aso Uil new Cir oods recently f at cheap Cash store t i11zst selection of general merchandise Ever brought to this groceries and dry ladies and gentlemen and childrens hats and Etc toys and fancy liquors tobacco and Wall rams for Otin n und it de fihe graded bams or Mlo by May Alfalfa for nalkhioi1ty Acker of unfed not together with Thi first now Addesi mj3lf real estate a id ifs Nance of Ternent Nurl Railroad lamps and not Tillon to mutters pertaining to to Man procures and mining Anil sold trs and Runty in film on and makes Oole Wiliins of Nentis houses and to Xii dilute of a mites and attends to pitying taxes parties wishing to dlr poin it Thill properly by will a Well by leaving Turlieu hrs null in i Havo for town both Tui loss an1 residence and lands i Provod and throughout the Valley several Good Mountain farms sheep and Slock Itow lots june Bakersfield does All kinds of sowing Lnla Cosor Surrey Luff and pumps All Allidi of a flee upon Lori Pitcl tempered a Vas run All work done and at Ria Oziablo May Sample e b a k aim 8 f i e l d Conat Nutly on hnn1 an of canned and fresh Amo splendid wine at Only 00 a kits a Aci knt Foll Bishops celebrated cough and lung the general und Agency of 400 California is nun franc lion opposite Dank tech Ives and exclusively upon farms and other Tea a state of All Desorb plonk negro tintes in n it the Florin to him of and a pants in out lilo i Uinins and to promote Poil Fralon and nor no pm Hilmorn for land to it or adder loses liberally and by full Ritli Louns we dry and Liv nil other Irwim note is Well As Liy in Lac Pirisi Onzil elms to tin Iho inight Coin Nyte Mallo und Roll Nile if Iho in Nullo la sell oils and in ranges fld Allty and Nargy in the if All business entrusted to travelling and agents for Kern incl if okra from Trio country promptly at Trio lowest Market Trio Enlil in no inv toil to cull and oin mini my std Cli before Purlin bin the coolest Retreat in the town of the my idiom Neil in Iho jul Urkel at thu ii and will Blu see he old Juno Wagon making and Santos concerning tho capture of this toted now in of our county tho los Angeles Star f thu 10th says tho inst my inbox of n desperate of horse by Togo rub ct3 and snap coed Santos it last Fullon nto tho Pluto lies of tho and will doubtless do tho Stuto Soto Abor for the just few Yomara of his sotello is a of to notorious Chico Lugo now in san and tho in com Jenny with Josh Tupi also in tho state Havo car rid on if re landed depredations in this and adjoining counties for Over a Vear topic was the first Lobo capt and was tried for complicity i n the robbery of tho Newhall which insulted in his a Short time after the Brothers were tracked to a Canyon in the Sun Ber Nardino Whitro Mico was Santos being in recon Nixon by tho Ollices by reason of having so nerd off his shaggy although Chico was almost certainly known to have been guilty f to was allowed to proud guilty of till ciia1ujic of Mui Idyk being deferred until his term of Norv Ifo Hia two compan ions in Santos has led the life of a solitary outlaw for the past two or three keeping Well Clear of tho Oili jars sent in and undoubtedly Aii loj to a consid Erable extent by friends and sym among his in Friday last while Riding in tho mountains near it a Paul a Young espied a horse hitched to some Bushes quilt a Little distance ahead of and n closer observation showed tho form of lying in tho Stade of a tree smoking a Lopez recognized the outlaw at once until quietly made preparations for his leading his own horse into a Clum pot Bushes und securing softly crept towards Lii keeping tho tree on a line Liu Iween them until to had up Prou Chod within u few when to suddenly Jatros Untch lilo of a six Todtor it sotello Hea Dimi funding a threw to with Len it see roly tying his him la Lake in after a preliminary examination lit was to not Iii of the lira my Llo to this City yesterday and idd Gud in tho county in inn Ned us that during the Tri fruit Leos speeches at to Woodstock is describe Gazette us a Post township Ham Miles of Trio township a divided All to anguished from each Otic igniting the Center with thu prefix so and West to tho other w 1 1 i i remember nil it was recalled Tome tonight in when tho name of general Grant Naino up in Trio course of conversation the wonderful scone Tomt transpired in that Little place in Virginia on the Atli of it was Latu in the afternoon when it to Caiiou known Tomt Gonnal Hud Hent Lor go Crul Grunt to Mir Rumour into Oast he Judi tit Vij i i b Mil i in i t him it was Between a Anil Oclock kind w lion met in Trio Little room in the House where Trio surrender of Leos army took 1 know Thoro is a belief that thu surrender took place Nilor an apply Iron where Grant mid Loo met Index changed a Fow tho Surron Dor took plane in Trio loft hand room of that old fashioned double of around which All tho out lying Woodstock Othor portions of Iho United states Stales Aro Al ill further from Trio Tro of a Cooling Light Only is it is tilt Rod through tho outlying Reader will now me watchmaker and in ill Knafl Drill a topic Nort Lieut Corner Lueto Finch Hornet Ai it Trier ii Avino in for Hie purpose of carrying on this i would tie patronage of my Mai tins own and my charges will he and i will Liy me in Glou Rte Lako to this Philo Santos appeared vory ing up a to Garding his and acknowledging his Porifio spation in lilo no nitrous Lago robberies with which to is and for which his companions Havo already been i Hoo Hargos of magi Roli Bory Aro Laid tho Tooru of tin is Lollo As it also tho Roli Bory of hoi Iio Chin Anion in Krit Neis in to Cany and of Horwot suspicions that of Young Kong Tol Sinapi last or Currea in Iho Vicinity of Iho of the House had a Long Piazza which along the full length of it was one of Thusa Ordinary Virginia i houses with a passageway running in Rouglin lilo Center of in that ittle room where the mooting took Ila co sat two Young a of chief Justice Marshall of tho supremo reducing to writing Iho terms of tho Hurron Dor on behalf of Llo Giorl Lee tho a Man with Dusky groan Othow of that celebrated Hud acting under general they wore reducing to writing tho torn of the surrender of Trio army of Northern Virginia to tho army of tho gathered around tho room wore several of whom 1 was at Somodi Tanto apart sat two men Ono tho most remarkable Man of his any and Gen tho larger and older of the two was the Nihoul sinking in his 11 in hair was while As Iho driven j Horo was not speck upon his coat not a spot up on those Gau Nilola that to Woro which Woro an Bright and fair As a Ladys that was Lobert Jho other was Ulysses 8 sri Ingolf with that of Loo his boots Woro neatly covered with Ono Button of his tho buttonhole wus not where it should i Avo Hud hourly gone astray and Lio Woro no Whilo Lou was fully und faultlessly tho Contu ovation Wiki not rapid by any Ivory hotly loll Trio overpowering inf i of tho a very Ono prow pm Thoy Woro Iho proceedings bet Woon lilo two Solors in Ono of lilo most remarkable transactions of tho Oon words hint Woun glint and Loo Woro general to for not being fully noticing thu loss of tho secretaries wore said gun Havo and i i k i v1 m v understand Why James Blaino Tinl Laniel Chamberlain selected Woodstock As tho Point from which to proclaim Iho now political Dis the fourth of july was die Day and Woodstock tho attacked tho Adir i end 1 have no sword i Boon Riding ail and h of the worthy but yet no evidence Han Beon Muci Rcd against fair to meet his former cooled rules in u very he met Wilh hut cold Norih of nil Iho haughtiness Ulitt Ioramo him won Dir Lilly never Niido any in inn in a formal and in thy Ontl Pitvor to Tako away Iho Groin awkwardness of tho said i dont always War a lion Auto a kurd in a very inconvenient that Wati a Rimini Rulilo Johs Stanley importers a wines and 410 of joint ban May m7 Cilwik Morgan a to tub i hat Iii has tid ind Lin Pruvf to firn irly Liy and is now to exec Mike All work in by Tolna with Hull in o unit Bandsuh Sumbul it a great reduction in blacksmithing and Wagon making material furnished the Trade at easy particular attention will i paid to will be and Ullmer oof to Baboon and Oltimer of to by a skillful and of Treur 1liiri of in Ilburn Ness Drue has Adi ipod a now fido on tho Hidi Root of which has Good Sueiho in Iti Quiros Nolier if All applications Lor Pardon shall in published Throo weeks in a a whore tho r in trial Iho tho Imti co ii o i s sign and Carriage and paper in All its work done in tho Host Mannor and with by John Lee next door to Kemp airs in Rel do Lily Luad Andrws Oil by to Tato tho Niino of Iho Coli Vii and the nature of tho in and Thoro Zoino with tin Applit Ilion for Parr Lon a Ila Enion of tho Chiiko from tho judge Anil Iho promo hiking Alio Ruoy noting Thoro in in Mich ii Enol tho reasons tho object of thin Oxon Llemit Anlo a to show that n movement for Pardon on to that tho Community most inter hold May Tako helps to if doomed 1iirdons Aro granted to a Micro to lie Many Good in favor of and none again it if tho Truiti could to got it Woodd to found that tho general hoi Iho of tho Community in Opp Oil to fou Only two names that to Havo Hoard Nook of of As Likely to Como Votoro tho to publican joint convention of Buluro Kern Aro Kun Gulun of county Slough in this and l Gutter of Korn know nothing of but we do know hug Glos in a thorough Farmer and a Man that would do Honor to to thing for him to Tomt in Wah in the Projko Idieo of Ono who wan about to hit Sundor hib Only bowed trying to to Liuyu awkward ohm of tho in i Vireil what Beni line of that while Rodo in Llo might Mil Vitt to wan not to ii Oral Ami to plied j loll Linin at Iho ii Riiho on tho Pii Iii Nkoy ail Havo not soon him Truro wart Ono when Cluro Wuh it con Virtia Tiomi Bethoon Grant and which no Ono in tho room Jho Hurron Dor took tho form of tho Woro All d in Tuluo form by tho chief it in tho Proko Noo of Oach oth when the Turins of the Hiir Romolor hit All Boon tho Hurron Dor Loo cold and and bowed to every portion in lilo room on our i to Zombor oath Ono of in thought tin Hud Boon Puii fully bowed to and then to wont out and Pii Hood Down tho Lilloo in front of tho and Bohl Rodo that Gray Horwot that carried him All Over Vir Ginia and Whon to had gone away to Learned Wlms hit Liiv Oruil conv Kimation waa Citi vioral uru it Kallod Hia nil Ionek about him and build you go to tho Twenty Anil you to and to on naming tho Anil Auk of Ory Man Vulio i Iii Throe Raitio Ifil to turn Oyer two of go to the and go to tho Quarter in on tho Anil rations Wab curried to the army of Northern George Sharpt port Timon at on its Southern policy and Jih Iino on its alleged an notation a remarkably bold and Ubalo that finont of tho of promo to Juh lican View of tho hooves senator a Lorton far tho jihad of As a Loath or of who is not supposed to to tanking in might Well Uli rink from taking himself a Posi Tion which in Alfoot reopens tho Southern it is of Little Uso in a political Point of View to upon hitch an occasion to pro claim Tom president loins party and in Chor Hod no Inov Umont Wuh Boonton plated to Sot him neither Blaino nor Chui Borlain Aro Sonti inon Talian to gusto the Virtimo bewailing a condition of Ulf Imru which Thoy did not prop Iwu to it is Wirf to avoid tho Oon Lusion that this Woodstock Oclo Braimi was a premeditated that Shiino and self selected that Rhioe and thai Day for tho Romul Ulion of a political Creed in opposition to tho policy of tho adminis Blanc opposes tho administration in its mexican pol y on tho ground that it May Lead to and War May Load to Annex to Iio ints to tho fact that nearly All Iho territory Annex of Hau but ii to tho Southern to that Whon incorporated Iii family of a tans it added to tho in Leoneo of that portion of lilo Jho Puro Nihoof is an of option to this but Minino Ditl not know wherein alas a was a mon1 valuable acquisition to Iho Union than or tho other states which Havo come through the annexation of Southorn Julaino would Envor tho annexation of Cau although truth compelled him admit that Canada had shown no disposition to to Annex of tho order to to Puih Iio brigand into Molioo and Micro it Royit Thorn and take Thorn Iho Bordor for trial und Lili Iino said that Anim Ilar policy pair Hood on Trio Canadian Ordor Touhl product a War with croat Britain within sixty Nygrin to Lii slut Clinent Hli Iino in on Tiroly but Britain Tooh not admit her self to to pow Lokk to Rohl rain her own Mexico in of loot Isioro is just this difference tho two and it in a him soil Why n cot near this kind should not Boison of if Mexico would preserve tho Himo conditions on tho Illo that Groat Britain pro Merves along tho whole Canadian then would to no talk of Pui hiting Solloi iders across tho Bor la Lailios antagonism to tho resident1 mexican policy in very Likely a part of to general attitude of which has for some time itself in under cur but which May now to bind to to the re Marks of Jhan Borlain in regard to tho Previd Niiori views on Silver indicates that their opposition will cover nil ohse Lial Points of tho s tin question has been judicially a great Many Tii Iiona and ought to to Well understood by Whitt that school vouchers Havo no Logid right to compel their pupils to perform menial work about the school tho latest Faao is Rose in Mondoc no in Whin judge Tom pie has granted u writ of mandamus re Quiring the do fondant to re Toivo tho plaintiff again of n Pupil of Hia if the school not tho decision is based upon the fact that tho Pupil was exp m Fik drip it mint Bent Plano for for refusing to swoop out the to and that by reason of a of the Stato Board a teacher right to require such Leader from Arkansas country resp noted chief being off Rhual no
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