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Southern Californian And Kern County Weekly Courier (Newspaper) - July 12, 1877, Bakersfield, California Hern Kern county Ifor Nian r professional and business Kern july Pool her nervice8 to the ladies of bake rifled and Vicinity u nurse of word add cited to her at Stockton receive prompt refer to it february Kern Valley Bank Corner Chester arcane and eighteenth incorporated february directors attorney ail Counselor at Kern Offlee la the of tin Kern Valley Jai Arr Joun b attorney and Counselor at Inyo Prat does la All the Courti of the May 1877 George attorney and Counselor it Kern floor East of Durn Apt drug 1877 new goods recently a new Era in Trade in and Bell Exchange on san Francuck and Trio principal cities of tho pad Flo deposits and interest allowed at Trio Rato of 9 per cent per if left six East Ken Exchange and Legal tenders bought Anil draw direct on All the principal foreign collections made state and county Bonds and warrants and Ever kind of legit Imato banking business april cheap Cash store h Bent selection of l general merchandise Ever brought to this attorney Ana Counselor at kei1n Coons new histor May groceries and Jay Johnston new Chester the latest styles the lowest prices comprising ladies dress table bouts and shoos inn clo to order from Sti located Alvin attorney at Law notary Ken door of the olympic Mav millinery Xii dry ladies and gentlemen w it e Fresno will la of Kern Way Packard Samuel attorney it Iid counsel iat baker8field and sum on Chi tar Anil in the wait the will be found it sum morning Ana partly Nln intent inn raid u mining Law and my mow located second door Louth of Trio Kern Valley Oft arb to the ladles of Susiner and a of full Lutery Anil fancy of the in not and Mont Insolo Niblo and childrens hats and toys and fancy tobacco and Wall gents business cheap and diagonals for dress Charles attorney and Counselor itt Merced will practice in the court of Kern county january kitting and Dibiese Mauno made a tho ladle am in riled to Call and examine my furnishing goods fancy groceries bought for Natl sold at Trio lowest Cash provisions and i Plihal a Hancks mad1c on Wool do not Reo Rolze any auction i Linn Jehu thoughts for farm it would to both fur Trio pit Blat Good and their own if twin farm labourer would indulge in Nob or thoughts concern stir Trio relation which of int by Loon himself Anil he Anil tho condition which will bring oui com or failure too Ohof u too much to of poet that a Man who had let to advantage of duo Ivion or Leisure fur rut notion All at become a hut Tutu Aro some no Plain and Horny to to Attu Lovd by a Bim Plu nil Kiihn Tomt Thuro acc ii no a Cuso Lor nut lot in Muntiu a few of Thorn it id evident Tomt to by stir lax in to Kinnke tho in boor ii Usu must no Hoti that he May it Lului end it the sumo Mir plus Irum it to Iovu this he imn Youit Tilini to build year blur pair lie Gnu put him Mir Plumah to it Thor until Hia Money a Lull Juki us Trio Wall Timu on or tho Coral Nul Coll on it will not by Many yen re Bifora Oliero Boti Murkli Nievod to Manuo it Ptim Clit us a i ill which will become a Humo and tho Lul Jinx will be Cumo a an Only follow Tom Mill and coi Munt it in tvs debit that thu Moth Odol hiring Ami Shibu Rizii Mont in pc Tim in Cuhl origin does nut Sivu thu Lubor to any Cornu of Lor big Initia to work a Purl of tho to tho Iliani sikh Puiul tramp do int tho Balu Uco of thu will Zuver make a Mun Lucy Linn hut an out oust and a to Micoud a nmn might work and Iii motto must Olulo and Hixt Iklo nut to hip jul More than he Eiith kits tho it Heimy Yon to say work by thu but How Nihill we men id hire a by Trio year our Empl Juh keep ii Only when Thuy Minnut do without and then to thoth u no Ilu uht True ii but where Lien Tholan Ltd Ilo Bably the Luhofer Wall Piru ind in Gilliu Yehh until the Harvest work nud then he re to work except it i Kwh Laid thu Farmer compelled to hln1 him be Tiwu he the pulpit and the to have an and yet to am Arnoot fearful it nor Hull by Insoon Murod if we Ket it from tho and to apply it to tho it in apparent that our theatres to a Rulo in a floor inglut it in quite Liotla Nahlin that our churches Aro not Puc Cudini Well in then inter years Thoy Nuht employ different Chi Lichen adhere la thu Nemo Pren hers year after 1nbllo Onslo Linn Iri Viii the to Ihu Utar Ryb tem would it not Lio Well for the in lilt to follow the example to tune Tutlo thu Mott pm Lihcit he toil ran Italy draw fur a they k from City to and Tlam Elui Viii tho ii an Good la them utter of i Trofo toll compote when every filid of Zubor u thoroughly filled with Blu the Lirong and a killed Oro Willnus the weak and inf Lldon out of tho it to a matter of sur pro to Hwat old Biml Coa men Polato their Opp orients m to in and Leif Good Alcor Dodg to in Worth bin Bulg he in it in Truo that toe rank and flip of u full to that at Tolmei it in Pomme to Couro a clerk help in however hum lilo a yet tho cumhur of inferior at present hold lug posit lot is thu Argielo docs not prop oho to treat of tho matter of getting a a pfc in Hunt i Tiiu us Kwh i Kutzuk that Are Mir Mounil with their lint of How to keep in the Bohny visit Luck Liskh secure pinning clerks career there i Noth they land fresh Ami Aro Giitl Olivo fog boo learning because they no tho most Knod but ingrained competitor Oom wears Ilo us tho had Fri in the haunted nil inn and Lincea Liru of his is the and to it is so in every department of into Leo inn Trio Sun ii orator cannot Uziuk hold tho sumo listeners Tom Hii Iii Wuttur in nut cannot do the Wiwi How will n Formor out us Usu lire Porchat it Liui Muk of the Iruin my Johnston cordially inv Lton Lii uld friends Turull Anil Limp not Liln now nil Wanh to pure Lihu or they will lie ror Elved Jui amry Otto c of hey physician and 8 u b k o h attention paid to Ali Gaaei of women and children and office and Ren Odence on Jtb in the Home formerly occupied by two Doon went of the Adobe january 1877 hym Iciak ak1 Keith Obee at Drury drug Arlington Redd nce it the a3d k e ii s f i e l d Danei All Liudi sewing balance for surveying and pump All kind i of Edge Toola mid tempered Roit All work Dune and at Arraio Noble my constantly on hand an assortment of canned and fresh splendid wine at Only 60 cents a sole a knt for Bishops celebrated cough and lung orders from tho country promptly at tho lowest Maikut tho Public Aro invited to Call and examine my Stock purchasing january Green it k and Kehn in Burnap drug Calls attended at All of tire any and buy to Lihtz Surveyor avid depot Mineral Ken offset in the rear of the vally january Sample 7 a it Side ii Isth e shipping and of a Large and general Piror Timnit of dry and every thing ii bully found in a you utry keep n Man under hitch conditions1 Only to Long As Trio Man is Nhsn Lurly m in order to work by Ihu year tho Luli urtus habit must to very Ilo is o Tomt thu partner can Only my him it Tilow nil to must on he own hint Whilo to in is Siirid his living through the he can win k fur Low wag ii Anil Mill la much by Lei of than by working part of thu year und trumping Iho no hint u our farm la borers would consider their slut Aulon better and Pindur Hinnd the real truths nil possibilities of Success which Liu before limn by p a Nihil work and constant saving of Lull Thoy Wou lil not Only transform Lull would have u must wholesome Izill Iionia upon tho agricultural Pra Clico in ibis Vul Wunt muru diversity of pro our Farnier need to product Inoru nil buy they to Grutly Ihu Umo int of Luburn find work upon the they Honvo in Ninny perms Nunt improvements which will inc Riiho their pro dirt Ivy arc or Lugii Iii Ilia Durier nullity of tin if it in evident Tomt they in pinot do tins in Tiu present Rule Dumi Deil by labor All Llars of farm production Havu shown Liivi Hiou of Arleu Tincu Lului curly hut in Bur has Lonu us Light to a Liim tint old tune lev us doing it Imd compelled Rin ploy Oslo hike Jairt ii Little of it ii Thoy Puiul Linn restrained thut wholesome ten Dency to invest Vincnt unit it which would Honvo Houn lied if our armours could Iovu Hud trustworthy for lung terms of her Lnu it wages which they Cirild of Ford to Tycho Are things for to Cun Slali Thoy must know Thill thu i mails which Iovu prevail re largely Naniong them Imti Alvrn them reputation Lor nothing but Muoio lability and Utler disregard for their own inti All Ihly must to they must show Tomt they Oon Kiihr choir interests ii nil ins und by con stunt service nil Iho acceptance of Suci pay As Iho Ilir Mur can Ulford to Thoy my by tho of their own nil them Cru Ninny other in this con Tii Clion which to inight but push Lily our paragraph is Iofik enough Ali july to serve As u int to Hii Iii who need Olio thing Moru we Wou lil wiil Tomt is thu Chi ilium in lifter Cal Cliff Ichih of this Shubo of tho subject has Como up in uni blk form in thu Clunn Grain und to Pinto from tho Colusa Hun Sony Elm up and m Nutly Truo common la to and Uminn Tomt som of our finn cars have Rucci Viil folic vhf unit they inight ii ploy forever hold Pill ton upon tho Namo la Ihu orator from stump to rarely aim Rose thu to inc my Linco Muro Toniu Kimico or twice and upon Iho Saul sch Jet in Recty Inoru limn tho Mulh Onixt Church Dianci Pliny Rei Pirics it Niom Beis to travel the to is a nmn of rare who May be 1 tho second time to the Hamu of innit of our orthodox Cockri Kaliopi a Ceniu for preach Iii to the mime and thu result in we nil it they Como to to rom Poich Ino Aily women and men of in Lolly a time with aspire Loiis fir new new new Nijiu Ieiri of Bill Nway from and tho Church it for and with their Bill lint a uts cannot hold tho Hamdu audience if tho plays cannot Honcle upon the sum for Moro than a Brief period if Tonij Imit lecturers and orators Aru driven to travel for their hearers ii the most write them Elvira out if men and women of the most Brilliant minds Wei iry their hearers or Readum Why should the Clergyman us pct use Mellon from an Universal Rule they Uro not Inoru Nice Moro versa than persons in other intellectual Iii Hippo us Yuri in you Are employed in wear1 ruins bully b Toro at a Low now if you do diet huh such an Are strictly required Anil Aro in mrous to you Are already our of if Altir airy nil must Siili int to thu is Iuliu ii Ivo 111 Sun Lii Luisiii thru ii ill Luis Iii Umi Nunt for thur Ami their Iancin Luis in tho Intiso to a huh they Llulu Stuib Lillis Mill Thini h Mil it oily Iii lliiri1 not Tahiti id and clo Piunt hut Livni Lut ilium tin t Thum k out to preach Trio Wospil is did thu api Milus Ami Early lift thrill As Willil 1itrr tho nil our word Lor it Tiluy would stir up n now n thigh ism r Ali Niimi Tiluy would of Venlo lilo in Lului Valley of dry Tony would hrs Ilsc a Rimli uni i r Tom ribs of i Tolbirt Wiiki Isola Somis to Han knt hits tobit her to hour him at Lark Ihu very iitaili1 of thu i Sislian Krom Man inn claim in Kors Usu Herti irom isow hero to Cilinio in a he we land Drish Nurten Huml ride of he Eliout ilk a Roa Liik up nil mown Ihu Anil limit Moxim of tho and Siravo King Lily of Ihu Crosh to Meul him in Coin luit no Onu Iiri nid la Trio innit of Tiu Ohri Slian to Cross sword with our last Hubb Atli Ami next i Hull ii Niit empty thur Hinnell Aioli Iricks of Wiiiam n Ami Ini Ilu this is an of inti Ali canal combat Worth threw times your i u you Aro ambitious a Little being Zunac Louir of your Yon naturally want to no Hii Whir in tho hut you must Roiti ambit that every Man wishes to got a Good it tho lowest possible most bits Luosa men Aro posse bad of that por m which Unn Blob to Nam to boo that Good Good Aro Moro profitable than Poon Rones at a lower this in precisely Why an Cui Plovc Loci or Konopi nil Ity tho Law of Ufa a Man cannot re main Ilo must either go up or if you Aro contented to stay the Bottom of no Toon elbowed off tho ladder by i Iii Yousik and at Letlo Unchu Alapit who Anu a of Hunch to if you Pauai mail any Somo smarter nmn Steps upon your Ana Down you lint if you strive to make youself Good Mac Kummu to your do Moro than you Aru paid for Yon cannot fall to gel you compel if Mourna Turo nothing can Kern it but Aspiras Oisiu must by of tho right stamp to moot Bellish i in Ilio in their own Whilo thu principles of and Loy Nulty urn it in Moro he cod to Giro than to receive la a truth a old a tho Hills it will never there no a few thing which a cloth Iho Nicl take into and Mako a part of Bli everyday to hell Goudi is the prime of cot of 11 Toro and to do this the a Tab Toiner should to tru Etcil to ovary possible advantage within tho honorable Reion co of to and Stoulil Nuur by allowed to Oon Eliot in be Glt Antii tin notably so in tilling orders coming in from a great in trading Havo Bucu won and lost through Otto Nylon and a Laukness in this Home body has Bald that tho Only Hiiro things Oro death and of and he might have in every store and mercantile establishment Thuro Cru innumerable Small very Amiul Lilik of goods involves Muro or Lees a watchful Eyo and careful band should pro Hido Over tho Dost Lulea of Trio sugar and not fun broken Short orb on con Wear and tear of tools and fix and All tho other Runny incidental to an eco should be kept on tho Money drawer this highly important of tho business boars tho Lamo re lation to thu Moru Hant and customers that a Bank docs to tho and a similar policy u common Dada there u Iii Uli Moro i would Lilio to butane Reki ird for space la a newspaper column Tilmon Leshiw to to every Clork known How to a Ivanou himself Tetter thin i can Lull there is not to least doubt of Ipi Luu and if Iho Christian would keep pure with it Nii Ihl Liehlia Ilse it is not Inu Luif Cross s dipl run s Robert of the coolest Retreat in the town of the beat and Calgari in the Market Dupen aed bit Phillips and will be pleased to tee Hli old june with in the rear of the Kern value May Grain and All farm products bought and sold on having we prepared to Ali Post of All the pro duo of the Valley at the Best Market new goods and latest styles Coni Tully the lil Gutel Price paid for nil k i Lull of order and Dell Ernd Ullh Proir Nebb and the Only country store that keep a delivery Wagon and or Loveri Woodi to Termi come and Lee for juju dry we want to Honvo n la till Plain talk with those of our own men who expect to live hero by or who now Aru huh ing of in thu Harvest in order to Ket a i dirt in thu most of tho present of column county Ivo Boon Day labor ers lilt we can count you a Hun any whom to Havo known us labor Urs for Othor who Cru now Well to do Home of tin m Worth from to them men Are not Wihlm Neil of on the am proud of tho fact hint they Honvo worked them selves from Tom As it they have no we Stuver a Guimil Yon on tho unch Onu of ilium would by Only too Luil to you u Whilo to Imit that thu Syslin m of lure Iii la this tale gurus n Hinl ship on Ali thu who depend i their by reason of Iho work nil coming on in u von must admit that thu Chur Ucler of Trio White labor which has Beon Avul Lable for work him anything hut tho fun curb of this county Wero Elmol Ulula about two years to employ Chi Iii he in Hie Lini vast a lion Crews of men Wou lil inure them just is they Wero in the greatest there in not Trio highest trouble now about any Man gelling employment who is known Lobo but you us nor body Tomt Farmer is Jimmie by us non Unco in not a harm bikers As Niue Oziablo to link you what Joun Stanley importers and Kern Bali bit of Wool Uay and Orala bought Bray vet o o l Ani cumin Fiak Wagon making and Hay in Ngu of of of of us thu Krowk goof All in bettor than tho to thai is a More work for the Guod of tho Man Whoso interests Aro with Endeavor to please him try to to Nellt to Winitt making Mostro open in Iho country pro for made Tiluy Honvo tho fat nude diary in thu shape of refuse and tho Potash of Hoda can now to easily obtained for us with much less labor Tau was formerly required when the Potash had to to extracted from thu plot of woo Dibbi at Uhuru Wood is mud for fuel Tell u yet if has no Homo ado buy Camilla can get it at any spot Bocari if whore Ourand use it in this Way for Bard soap take Ono Pound of of unto three pounds of or live or six Pound of Ordinary soup and Throe Gallons of water put All together in a Kettle Over the Uro and acid ing Hiruo or Lour handfuls of Salt before tho boiling is Init Len Lahod from two to three hours bulling will to Trio experienced Boap Collur will know by in Appo Armanoo when it has boiled to Novice will soon where eur holc soda cannot to obtained ret common washing or and by tho Addi Tion of Lime Nemko it after Trio follow ing which is tho Ono generally in use it the am which makes an excellent ship take six Podumis of washing Loda and three pounds of in slicked Limo Alico together in any watertight Iron limit la in be stand Hur on two gallon of Iii Lynu water a tar until tho Limo is slacked and thu soda then allow it to take Trio clean Lye from the top and pour it on Iho which thru Poni Idi common her pings Aro to to Inen ii boiling then mid Aii Uther Gullon of Waler in tho Hull legs of tho Boila and stir ring As thin Lyo is then to to added to Tom Othor Whilo bold ii also throw in about mix Iii Iii Hail haul of Salt about half an hour before it in Dunn Bull two without tho Salt either of Thom will Multi u hum soft snap but for a real Hoft soup up Tanh must to thin you can buy for thu purpose if you extract from Wood Uhlich Liy a Ling a let to Nih it it is being win stud ill Iho it i Iii become too much n thing of and upholstery of cushioned Ami Hue thah Casid to Houg it is ii Pren Clurs Cru i inn nil Ilia Lui Liller is demo iils men Hon Martin Ami Knox nil Ito Elaml Capla Miof the Ehu Ruli in has Loo Many lathe nil line Church Anil tall Sti Cpl und Niko it Hilmu tells Young Illi Iichi to Kivo Loo Nizich Lille lion to Uli Nirh Inilla m it in too much in army on to Lions in and it does not Linnille its fool nud heavy artillery ii Ili Otilli in meant Reu Lulu if thu Church Wou lil Lex it thu lol Ilyo for if it would convert let it Hunt them Down they will not Kii to thu us lieu on humbly where Thuy urn nut i Ted win re they Lime no puts whore they Wuu lil not Welcome where their poor clothes and unkempt hails would Como in Ooi incl with Lino Broadcloth nil costly Bon tho preacher go Down to thu wharves got upon thu Hun Iii ferry Hunts to out with thu Pic ulcers Hunt Ihu and comb Iho byways and cellars for and not Lenl away to thur rouser Nulud a Dillon Anil uni meet Siu Iier to Keek them for Thuy wont do on sympathy in Ullh Iho Chris Tian it is part of our thu Chris Tau religion uni lilies our und thu very of our Jover Meul is Luiu it is entwined with our very Hulub Lizun to Aru not prepared Ion ii it overthrown until Honcut link bettor in prove Ileal to Taliu its i in worst Gnu plus Cru within its ii it Over it will to from r nil dry rot now eating it its Al and but by us Shults from argue London Linci t Linn rendered nor vied by Cal Liivik note Linn to thu Viln rising irom Ilio use of ii Rohnl Ilii Luu hot a Hiiva thu Loritt tiling to lie observed in Krait Bent is temper mice in nil heal gives Rise to be cling of i Xhu nution thin lends to thinking Ropo Arteil doses of alcohol in some shape or than which nothing cum bowl do not any that a strictly Lumpen to m in never Guu Sun i Lorolie but to do aver that a Man who Kurps bin Voiiso Ami his if to a wholesale de alarm in wines and 410 front ban May travelling i aet ill Evant Oil Kite my by add reef Lor 10 tary painting ii o u s e sign and Carriage and paper in All its work done in the Best manner and with by John Lee nineteenth Stutt next to it Mermiris lure Storf Morgan nnouncb8to the Pim Imo that us Liat taken and largely Txton Dod and Imp Ruml the shop formerly Orocu filed by Lakeri and in now prepared to execute All work in Bli line will and in a Deatan dub ban Leal at a great reduction in you Are to do to got yourself a Honda it is Vul Denully la rat to Al u in the cosh capital of thu is will an Iho Law the or tho Hupp cum Yon do not Mako anything Whilo you Are this Cash Cupi tul you have it least made in Tiposo Iii Lucuil of Jilin Long in with a crowd of Laxy to punish Iii ii Urr nor for employing you Tonko Olf your goal Home walk into a her vast hold and any to tho Farmer i want in Luko thu Nanco of Ono of the Flo i urn not afraid of and an for you can Lex that self after you Ivo tried if i no not Worth As much in a pay to Lens if lout earn my bread kick to out of thu you would get n commence to Mako your Cash capita your watch a round and to if you cant Malio yourself a Little morn useful Thun Mako bin in Well by Pipit link Tom we Nilow of Ihu nil club Liyim Liilie Hilf a Viii atom ill to Ihu fun Linh if Liln Liy till Ihling Silil who livid i Niper in a Vity Kiili jct and Cal for a with int Teliin in i lick Urzua Tomt u Cincil Ami without loints it or Irmok in ii Nollier Jii Irto a arc Mil Iii idd Aillik Hinish trotto Puiul i Iii Der Trio Linn Ullh Thorn and pour Iii on an Uli i Imp Rel or Nib will do to hold if then u n Holo in thu Bottom for Trio liquid to Drain tho limn spors formerly Naod for Tali porno Hoard Thiau Liik Al Onildo of Lomo Many but Oldom mod for toilet per Pooh a Noan made with it tog in in to tie o Colour Uther than Shoho highly pure mod Oil i or or and if Yon dont Hoo ii yourself in Don Mil it Good we Aro the worst mistaken Man that of ctr wrote an Arti remark ii Tom Necic Nimety of Trup Dranou in on thu ii Urt of Ili Nitu a linux lome Ilkin to do Urpi Shtil to the huh in thnh by Loo lord Lily Over nil Uver it full in Milln tho Jinni finlly from Hui Haruku Iii Joyci Liy mini Sidh been it May to into unlink now to twi int her Olin Loh in Plern of Iilah pure inn Wyllo in Lulu ii reported Iii sir Llan Alil tho jul Fanth of tropical 1 blacksmithing and Wagon making material furnished the Trade at easy particular attention will be paid to Hoime inter Boce will and the Boot and other duh Mai of Hebrow Loly a Ibl Lirl Bud lies written the when i wan tumbled Over Ullh heat apoplexy Lorty thru others Weru All Ami nil died within three a cont 1 do not int Maion Kizik of is Enid Iho tho Sun had no ally in n Trees for in my i bout Horn Iacino Leal proud tho Pyllu Hobby of Holod in her Hobo troops will along tho Linos of in rid Iho Bun hid company in bout Horn with no ally in in my gradually tho intention of cutting them Down and using ixe Oming bettor understood by tho to Wood for ties soon Ai Thoy attain sult and it is Gratifying to and that the inn Kal por Linb and occasion it in 1r11 ten jul that Trio tits now in place will Kronow striving to Only Hiiri tho Public on few until ulis Impf taut our readers at Tieso Truoi Aront to Ron Liea there bring these fore Blu remarking will to enough Wood obtained to not Only Dor tho notice of Thor keep tho Roud already Bull ten but Alio to furnish for Ita Extension o tie film r than Shoho highly bin which Aro in ado front be Moil impure if por furled soap u wanted the common Hob Palow can be Mortali and Perfumo of any Duil Rod Hind can be add cd Rutlt will ii rather Strong for and Candle i much to to Honma Lilik now no longer be dreaded by Iho women to Whoso lot it by us Ino thoth to Havu in will on Othor ill Lar All the map needed la a family for Nix Mont Lih can to Wolly Miido in a a Anglo it i bomb Lomoh Laid that the Houp conure than it could be bought rvs Hap it but then Yoti Bato tho Stu faction of in owing from what Tell called the Creek sukh sir Hai Nuol tho afr lot was taking Leavo of King of that potentate asked him Ai a Pirtle ular favor to leave lady Baker Tell nol Rucci licit Rilio Kukora and in High ignition by told tho Klimik that if be Over Nudo Inch a rtt Cucit again he would Boot Lidy who overheard Aad undo stood Fult that a word from ice would not to out of and Garo Tueff Nowaroh a Ploce of her in Trio Biro Nani a Gnaga the could his for a while waa greatly Bol Conn Olumi of having Given an poach up and it Ohio Iti a Loti Dave Lomo of Ali or own of own boy whom the in the Prew Noe of Groat unknown and unknowable Evory american he the right to do own and room gnaw her m the head of the and hut once a week a must Concu build Itobi u tha hat Gupta were really a you i did not mean to offend Yon your 1 will Gore you and i thought you would Havo Lions to give me it u of to my Vail Tori a Lvov ajl Lalii would ilk ii Fly you dont Thortis id Tod of f Dot w Dom
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