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Southern Californian And Kern Weekly Courier Newspaper Archives Jul 5 1877, Page 1

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Southern Californian And Kern County Weekly Courier (Newspaper) - July 5, 1877, Bakersfield, California Southern californian Kern county weekly Al Kern july professional and business Pool of feb her services to ii Adlei of Bakersfield acid Vicinity u a nurse of word addressed to her at Stockton will Nee ire prompt Betfert to h february attorney Counselor at Kern Offlee id rear of the Kern Valley january Kern Valley Bank Corner Chester Zarenne and eighteenth incorporated february directors attorney and Counselor at Inyo Pratt Loei in All the courts of the May George attorney and Counselor at Kern dour East of ilium spa drug May attorney and Counselor at Kern Coon new Chester May Alvin attorney at Law a notary k1s11n door Louth of the olympic met John b by and Xci Waxse on san Francisco and the principal cities of the Pacific deposits and interest allowed at Tho rate of 9 per cent per if loft Sii Eastern Exchange and Legal tenders bought and Diu direct on All the principal foreign collections made state and county Bonds and warrants and every kind of legitimate banking business Altril new goods recently cheap Cash store Rene selection of general merchandise Ever brought to this groceries and a new Era in Trade Jay Johnston new Chester the latest styles the lowest prices Pidiry comphi8inc1 ladies dress table boots Ami shoes made to order from selected millinery Packard Al Leno win practice in the courts of Kern May Samuel attorney and Cou Nelor at baked afield and Offlee on Chester and in the Suette will be found at hum morning und particular attention wild Tohl Ilif Law and May Charles attorney Auto Counselor at Merced will practice in the court of county january c of Nair physician 8 v it e o n Kern n now in second door Louth of the Kern Valley alters to the of sunnier and a Complete assortment of millinery and in icy confusing of the and most dry ladies and gentlemen and childrens hats and toys and fancy tobacco and Wall Flat Leo and Inoda a Tho ladles Are invited to Call and examine my Otto attention Pahl to diseases of women and Cal Lamb and office residence in Isth in Tho House formerly of coupled by two doors went of the Adobe january 1877 physician and Kehn at Drury drug residence at the Arlington Ani Keun offem in bar Nan drug Calls attended to at All hours of thu Day and Hay a county Surveyor and do Pratt Mineral Kern in the rear of the Kern vally january docs All kinds of sewing balances or surveying Aud fun irm All Kyndl of Bilge and tempered guns for All work done Aid at reasonable May constantly of band an assortment of canned and fresh splendid Claret wine at Only 50 cents a Bole agent foil Bishops celebrated cough and lung orders from Tho country promptly tit Tho Lowcau Market to Public Aro invited to Call and exp Mann my Stock Bosforo purchasing january gents business cheap and diagonals for dress Furni Liing goods Mimcy groceries bought for and sold at thu lowest Cash provisions and Cuvaj sikh Siadik on Wool we do not any auction or cheap a cilia Oor Lii oils Uro Niro Nuvil Fruin lilo Urs Cluss Bouses of Tiu Mil Johnston Cyril Billy inv Lun Obi Rondii in null und inspect now mid Olio Lher they wish to or they will by your Emmly january i a u s i i i it a shipping and Green re of a Largo Puiul assortment us Dily und every Thuu usually foil nil in h count re new goods and latest styles constantly Sample 8iie clip sikh Engineer and Robert the coolest Retreat in the town of the Kent Ali Quorn and lit the Market Dupo Rietl at Liln William and will pleased to sue ills old Juno with in the rear of the Kern Valley May Ouail dint and bum Neki Kern Ihl Preot of Wool Hay and Grula bought and May Bkay Elf p and Grain comi Lahlon Utah John Stanley importers Cross s Iii Inorg Grain and All farm products bought and sold on having Eidahl shod to Are prop Rej to of All the or Wilnau of thu Volloy at the Best Market cult in wines and 410 finont san May h travelling print pkg of eve Jim Divorl Poloa promptly at Tali office on Treit painting h o t j s15 sign and Carriage and paper in All its work done in Tho Host manner and with by John Lee Nunn Kenui Street next door to Paral Tarn 1870 eights of our Homos Hayo certain Riglis of Liy a str aug Inconnu Tenoy in wit nuo of us rvs clamor for Uliuli Vadnal and Uliey Aro Fotou in to la ext place Tovy Ilavu a right to ii not Only to our Pron Unco us in will in kor body is Wauro of but dual i Quality of Trio mind wbk i it a Eurt of in Niblic and milk to it Ipi Ito to Aniblo for u porno to Ira in two Ali huh at a for Luw Troin it in Iii Levoin his Coit unit list Aro banging in Bobo i Iii put on thu ilium Iii gown and Lippi tit Caroti ill out for Blin by Liln Puiul to u Bitting in lilo Tuny Little Tully bulling to ill lit Wei Jones us to injun n Noivo in to boil and Vietn n Kluun at to time it would not to no to Rel if Joni Liin Sill 1 b Luci is but for lilo Timo lie in Ricilly n Pullini it but to fur us by trim Golf in Oon corned to in in to Stoiu to but icon Nice Bun at of Only Bun now to barn u Bubi i of unit Modh unix Tler Ririe Yuul Ruuth with u Hurt Anil coniing Buck to Trio Lac i in cling but to id in bin own Puilum Only when to Bull i Ings for 11 of men do Ibin every boy Inion Liu Timo to get with Huir boy my in to Gripe nil Uliey Uro Elevin and Alliry Puy Ray Hub vol Nuil Thoryk Niilo no expense in to no Lar of Hoeu Puiul Uvea boy dimly n Ine Niber but Piiru courted tin to w Yuul mild Toni or Tenn us in plot Ihunt a hic Tom Rubeor enl hum Light no Iii us or on Moonlight Cseri Singh us Dor to Nih Iling the Limo fur unit Ipoh i Pluto gone mid Uliey would fell huh u Helios boy Uliey to shh try u compliment now to to Lily it lilo Elul of lilo Ivo forgotten hint Homo i Iii Ith incl Iii Blu Puiul Lilli orig them Illet und a Blount to Light to Ribeir Wolbing u noun or Wii in no i Iii Boon Biry i Boll the net of butter Lului u to till Eli Ungi of a Nap on Trio lounge full very but Ulter Buff in hour of if to Uiol tired noun will a Jiulio Oil Dull and Bubo u Romp with to or a Guino of Bopeep Wilb lilo to will to Reneil Siueli Moro Thui orighly to Linin if to drop no to whole in Loo us Ilia Cury Bikini next men our homed have a right to there in no lie Luton it to Feut Oruo Bun a gloomy to Bubo known Lunue Holh Witeli euro new Sivh Nailer in Bounno fume Ono member chose to Cunt Filer Bornoff u Contini Iii u Wuh not u mip of the pen but Mude i Trio i Iii into Pron Onti for we buy it wit i Ull Sileli Renco to thu gentler women Are Given to to a Gillih fur More Genii evilly to Linin a noun a Luinez unit in done with if to Imp Perih to have in but u Yommi in Neu liar Trulli to keep u und it Inion Berh like lire but me Jinx to to n souk Timo going neither men Iiorio noun by lodging to n family Bubo u Howo Vur they enjoy it in Hueh mud injured Ami funeral us Pinch in Trio of their do Merttie do if Yon Lucy where but ill Home to up tint and our Bon Iii Bubo in uglier Whiteb ithome Tinich Luht Uliey ure Una Cut of unlike the Cuntlow of lilo Ini dillo they Uro not by Mouth Anil by Diu Bridge und they Bubo i Lily u Teliin door he Iwen Yuul to outer Mill it in Well but lilo eng Icelic Lido of ton Between to world Puiul them a bold not to to thin end lot them in too Clcil wit i Good to Micro in no True Gunco in lulling Novorul ii buying new und in buying pie Ntreh inn by Loloi Ghl Neche und Union of our Jire Tient Neneen Halleh la to of Drew no mid food Idill be our Huluc Hlll to elevated tin Fiill owing from Lam Pell of Horace Uro Cly in und to Tom Duy our poo Jill Uro Loo widely Luc Lilied to him thu Wuth of Lubimir und try to live mid thrive in the i Oord Pulm of pc cd lation Puiul need Leim we Bubo deplore Bly Lew Bityk curning with ten Tuinei too Ini Iny Auto dirt to gel into Puiul to deviate Home he Belliii whereby they indy live without to me Thunich now us work in this we judge Chi Wotli Iulah were Burn in Europe mid to do purity in Ute Lily one million la Milich Uro trying to live by Helling Lii Nur in our who enl to a pure therefrom without Iho Zulig Lional Ilo Dell und if a Limo were Truiti gloried u to Ami hoi to growing Wool or employed 111 Hli letting Tho incl nah of weaving Tho Luttich for which to Uro nil ii run a Iii into debt in our country won incr Muxo twice in Funt in my there would to fur by of Dill Trade und Bard rattlesnakes of to rattle Yanako in divided into Taro to Moat virulent is to ground it la Between to Ulvi and Twenty Nobes and not much larger than a lend it her Lugii in tiny and jumps Tho Namo As its Burgur lib skin in n Bright in color but to Diamond Marks not so writer of Poco to Given a Long and healthy to play Sloan Nho Tild study his proof Vilori u a but practice u As a Rollah v to Bernard Van in an Ca Lnu volume on Tecc Munct of a Libeu a Ocoro of yearn ago in to clearly Del nod Wajn Tho big during the hot Hummer Doytt it lion under hand sweep ing Palmetto or creeps into Gardoni and in Tho a Luuloa of thu cabbages and in Clearing up u a Man might easily Piek up the Gemine grow to u mount Robin and their c Lorn Aro Moro Brilliant than those of Tho Northern they have been lulled twelve and us Largo Kromidas unloved Captain of livers that lie saw Twenty Odd yours with forty Hov ii inc Niblo us thin May colonel of the in Antku declares that to Iii keen Ono with Beho frequent Biu uly and of Lurk in git dons and in slowed they Ilavu even been known to make their Wuy Iitto band and Tho Beach when Seldom is ulivo with Koine ministers have Bent Kilby on a Asisla opposite to ii units of the runic Snake include Tom the doer and thu the bog thrusts his fat hopi into i Medieth meekly receiving its tin reptile by Tho places its hit i its nud hours it no Sixl it Poison is Hurin Lenh in Tho und the porker Geth u fair a drove hogs will Clour to Wihl int country of Rallo when a Buck a to and a lures taken mainly from the work Aboto with some from other 11 it before proceeding i with to Btttle unit Many people in thin country go throng life m if they wished to Roach the grave ahead of them us soon As 0 not or Lui Cli re with Lulu Iulah to goo on what ugh toy will thrive Tho while Thor Orif the lil Ghim Price paid fur nil kinds of orders filled udi Dulu Erml Nellh Tho Only cd Nelry Filorio hint n delivery u and by Loran a gods to Tel rms dime and no fur Wagon making and Morgan a nnoijnue8to Tiik i Limo that us hat taken and larg itly ext Pilod unit liner Oval the shop formerly occur Luil by Uii Kurs and i now pro Parma to execute All work in and in n Idun Tull at a great reduction in blacksmithing and Wagon making material furnished the Trade at easy particular attention will paid to House will and Allmon Tiff in Hoof and other Duma i of Tai hour will to bar a skillful and a a Junioux Whin i will a Irno if in list my to in Liy Tiu an Kluj at urn in inn Luxor part of Trio Thuro i two gum Iruh Levu Hurt Listii Ami thirty forty him in Tho lilii1 and tin a thur Tiu rail uinlc1 Tiu Rul hum Lam Kiiu Hil i guv Uridil with Iii Liilo luidim1 ill Ulicni Arn i i Iii been not Cuil for Hov cml Muhu Iii unit Liui Lichu Piru in Tho Muno to film of und Tuo Conli iridion pm Yuliy Uin cd a in that Tho Halo whom us Tiu red Kinn Oun Lulish Poi ton which in Qutul to Tiu while thu Lett Iii ii lilo Khilil in Teliin i Vii Lily jul a Lull till ii ii hello Lull nil u not in Tho Nui Iilma o Ili my Nicch to find uti lit Ilii nil join that hid Lilli winged in Viry fond thu Rod and it twin Mildro Lici Minith u Trou to Plait in Tho Vul Nily u human Kisook had Tho of in Iris wonder Lilly Riih worthy so Wuh not an old t i Rul Hor ind Hiliu predict cd thu of Kiili icky would Mitt Dii Atli lit of an in Zinowi Man on Tho and Eliut rail non Homo All and that Hon Hod would Nuver a Low Duyn Idiku h on n Hord Berlt and Tom Horn both Tuttino Midi Lllan wild wan Uri until inn Noil that i Ahkii had din und Elliut her Hud to Elk but club Lii Puiul All Tom Iii Noy to con id now mini in Siuri Linx Lor a Lahody hut Hho cup Fath to Llanil h ulivo and Nuu a wok hot Tonij by Iho a liner of a Pliny or Whu we an old n it we u a nifty thu in Luik Lvii Neil at Gnu Hytko of to Lunio hum body to min Iii he Lorn the and in n Ini Nisito or Twu to Bro Wuh Ini Icli an on Iho when the Iii ugh guru Hud noun limit duo can not liar nut line tools Tiro to urdu and flu did Tho party ii land a hour cd mar j we they nil bet he und i Aii Piunt put if 1 rii Imbu a Lidia it Cirino to my Irli fid Tui ii to wont into bin by Cit Pii Llod on u und la nod Theno u curl Illus Ihu ult o Drill t fur doing to a he wrote bin Immo us Jimh Uio re minion he Truw Iii Puikis in Tho und mild of 1ro a Titi run out of i we Oncu nun of but Tho War Oahu in Slobod i i nut Luil up my Tii Lioun the in att i and Eliut nut Only Tho Furtuni i Oncu hat but in Civery Dollar i Jivu in thu i Huttt Trio Frei Slomon and Trio of thin Tho run who Muio an to turn of up film 1 Lay Down anti Luis u Down a full Tiu Lirou my Foloi than raked in ten Jille an j a Bonciu if u bad u Only of Ion it like ther on lib Bend mid Tiet to thus but Lleni it i to pieces for to Hoo ii of a my Deer 0 ii Bard and liar ii in a an Anglo us the Himko while it is sunning the it descends with Tho velocity of i Riding the animal with anew Luice i to sever be jut Trio dead Light Foo of Tho Rattler is to Minimi Buik to in a Public bime und ought to to protected by the Mil to oven if Hoilma Pink up to a Lillien two Ilo grown very and like bin Northern never Unm ills u ii menu to nut lei1 Tei irn und in und Well to for Tho Blonek Nii Ulto in 1 Rugilo und Quick us Iho nil Tpring of a und us full of Light ii Atoot in his to Utti ilm wet Bott lore filing Mill bounding in Tho Rater keenly Miil Eboh its at Hunt the Luok it inline slowly glib he ii Rind u Hal Rel Enas in Weisik lie fro silently Bih heh und Iner Eiiseo with 11 Over Bis Eye in to to Luller to Mph Bis Bend with every revolt Iii of its Wilter the briels Miiko Uris Winil the at Tho full Bent of is Herd him Ruller grows in u twin in to is caught by the Yuul Tho dulls of 10 two sunken Uro Tom Eon test decided by main a they or Olluf i lilo Grikis the prowls it of to Black Inko is to hinge Lillieh its Boily in Bill Ilu docs nut always Tho co Kiili Usu Isle Trio Luck Puiul incl Angeii Aro Given in Hlub und Bli iou a taken joined Rees and killed u null rugs nmn of vultures and with nil their updo to for will never Bach anything hit by u rally Himlie but when Kizuke help ii self is they devour him a Ltd Tho Tut out children Lime vat what Hap Puiia to suit their of Coin lao inc in and out u Low Rura of or fill a Protia Piiru Iroini Litno though til let us turn away mid Hou to Wlms ago a few in us of humanity Ivo and Iho Moons used to it Tui Hsieh an Van oven gives tables of por Nons who lived a big Iii Kizik from 1uo to 183 within Tho lust in Woll Curtil cd Cassa of Indi Vid Tiuch in England and Waldo living to a Tikluk Ironi 132 to 2uo years Ivo Cir dined in Whu died in Mimi at Tho Uko of in thud to Ivy being old lion 1 und to Yncle Young now unit 1 hid my diet wait Ever nud in to Tho i tiled to Herve it in duo temper by n Ombodi Eiloo to Ihu divine und keening it void of Ollonzo to god and Henry of died at Iho gun of in Vii lived of very Plum und Spuro a noteworthy Lim Tincu us what simple und regular living will Cut not in ii ordeal by Tho who had no mint killed he Nidolf in Tho Ugo of nun by to then became hurl Coly attentive to Ida using u of solid and 11 our conf of liquid food Euth und lived c4 Yoash to Tho Ngo of us cunning to uomo1 Usu Okinu Hiu Lii Cullis und buoyancy until thu thin Man Modem Coli of u Thuer Lii holi Oving it helped him very Nieli in reaching 80 Good an old of Whan 127 yours was Hunt ii n Deputy to Trio National Aiu Embly of died Tho follow ing Thoi Inch a Purlah lived to nud could Road to thu list without old 1urr at the Ugo of in married a Hicom by whom to Hud a died in Bis but Ling lived on coarse Smigill Beer nud u a in ancient Lavod to to and an to Iho sumo 1ytliegiiras lived to Hohu nud ii Vurda on w her wetly Voget Blo diet of Honey und a Honl Luw of do Milel Loon plod used Lombard n built u Chimney on n dwelling ii Sihu it thu ago of 80 eur 1ox in it Ito noun of my Gnu Dorther lived to to 75 or und two of them Are still living and they the youngest of Tho Ulo Menli uns who lived to to up Librium of who Lavod Tubu und bin aun Tho two hot lived very much upon and that in Small and Natur mentioning Many Miuor m nays in Tomt Tioy All guru Iii will Aro urea tiros of Oupor ind oud life in mud to by u series of us Purine unto und now if to by proper thought und notion can add ton years to orc and retain thu line of our Hoir important to i that to secure us then Tuo Duar Icart Milih of Tho exp Uriondo of Purmor cuned Bundu nut Only u Blet Illg to us but to thu of Juli i says Tho to Nisun Low Thi Iii who Tiro we Call to out Many Clover men unit Ninny Hun it Tiu Nii ifs of Cli Urany Piturro Riklis nud Tilly for Soi Ilu of Ihu Vii thus of und Lor Homo of Tiu mull our they Vonald Vii Piiru More than inv Ruhly with Niny to Viivi known us higher we Mil to mind Ono incident olm Puii and kept Ihu re Oitim it Tho Corner us Mere bunt und in my we Yuul passed Hui Iii in pol Licul Tjui und Ilin Amiin Weru both now both both la Peluro Ului Imit ill Proui Bruit kit thu news of Tiu Vur rebellion Hud crud upon thu Kaiui loll tin it Huwiler Tho fort Hud he blurs and a gripes Hud been Irum is und in its Poueu Wuh thu it undid of thu of Trio in lotto Broil jul to Weir too Iii Liuni in i und one who Hud lost u Ortuno in of Iii thu Wick ii u u kidu Teol but u mined jul Iii Nuht reel Iiah Tho news Emu to omit Nino a clock a in Tho evening of Tho tits uni us hero Wuh no Niiro curd Pluy Inu Tomt icon it Wuh thut Iruin where to dad Lei ii Soho u Hun Launiu und a Ninny the Hulf noun Una Uii if by into Iho halon did said h my time i Lino to myself and Horvot my 1 Viive been educated fur n to Ihu Trio Mil Tii Kini id Miiko this to und pure Riiho what you ill Only your Tukel Iho stud Nice nulls Toi Norrow Kimii Iii Al find Linin Tiu generosity ulna pull Kulihin of hip Mun mid a Hurley Trio Leonid of Hun Lam us entry Lam Soloi Nelld Puiul i Illust services of Ilou thu Bero of Luul Tiit Clui Iii in Hugo Hud great Gnu Russ in Trio to ailment of Membranous in its primary form Yuul in the form which he ii Iier Ondry Dan ten nil of he Uin Jilynn Iho ii Culioli Lnu tire of euely Otiis i in Blair and of Hugo a Hun Tomt Tho Prinel Plu of thu Liun u hair jul petion on Chunlu wit i it Whon la edited in Iho and hint Iho resin if principle is Ebl Elly Elaml nailed through i Tycho Halober Cin played it with Bene it indices of from Ilii to 0 Dru Ehms Pur Dii in Cut Xii of Corii Wilc bronchitis in did und in a ease of pulmonary gang Ono unit Ilo then tried it in several Ion of and it Misc iced beyond bin in one Cihi a eight of Tho Nellre trac Liae und of to Llight and Secoll bion Elul Hinric Fitlin was coughed mid thu u Elbl Alvo yours of to bait now Dan aided and order an ounce of to to Nutbro of with Ebreo Iii Ivin of u of Iho mixture being Given every thu Boll Tali tilt and if Given any matrimonial Tho other night old seeing bin son getting a cud to it proceed us to Jive Listii mime Whyl Huumo a Ilvo on my Liu tilling up bin Iho Yoti no gutting your town of for n now 1 dont of Cut to or any Osbur kind of natural but i Wain to ulivo you u Little to in Luyk out Lor Tho women you moot a mull Olio Goon round after women in u Good Deul Lilio it Pron Cotor bunt ing for u you Keo a oui us itt a ii in Riligh nil up und rigged out in mid powdered mid painted wherever Hur Klu Hho i Tii obo Hur fuel look pretty but unti Loconto on thu Strung Bof Umi youll nut Rob Laid ovary a we Emu of unit kind in i it like u halted you Idiu tiny Stock in Hiliu 1 1 you to Mikuli n location Lettla Ualdo up und Miiko i emmy of Lior 0011 my Boyl Thrun nut it Timity live of Oil and Tiu rum Izuo Rinco Anil mixed tip in about equal Pur drop liar Hubli Rook wont Puy to Tot a Patent for Trio olt inf Vonil buy or Usu n dividend Homo oat of it an Long ii you Tiu to keep Tiu a prior work i from Nav Nln would land you i Tiu Ioor Liotino on a and Homo und Uuiorn Lii youd Kuliu up to Llu your claim by homebody Tiu old until Hook Tho huh us out of plop youll hurl to a Plain Lurl in to join Ilion Hurt of Hiliu wont do Good und wont Ilavu any Tuo Iii Luco wont but to Timu Youvon Pron i blvd Long you to a Skoly to Rontu to Doicu Gull indic attaud Tiu ill pay 0 follow Lluli Bari Lihugh of inuit Rex und Spura of Ingoll Wouch How lug up i Lily Tuo you 1rutty Toon youll a Willilu lentil Voin of prot Licul thud Tiu Kurt of u Mino to Fregozo it Ai Moon an und gut out your Mient mini Yii Ull Ivo a regular Home Ivri to full on thu rat of your if you think thu Good Ulni Nih Itro nil Lukin you urn buddy thin town full of in in old und Ivy True Ulutu round u Good u my twinn Wundt Tali in up with my own i know Uhuru thur ouro Lota of Printu location a Only waiting for Siomo Pratl Cul Ininns to Uovino Oblouk and a i ilium in n mighty curious Tulip it in nil Ith Maui Ilca Riih und und a inn try i head Purl in Tho Pharynx will by with thu a mild Tinc Litof in Echo in Gavvn if Tho put Lent by to Strong a Songli to Muiir com drinks Uro coven to re Lluu and unit up Uro Aiulu to Tho if there la much thu a Hilda strength la to in kept in by proper lilo Aioo Bol in Uin a Bubo mixture u tier vice Ubalo in Thili Fulchur him Given Levu Drachnik und More of thu ten Oruro of euely Otiis per Daleni to u child in Yei Rrt of und bus never known Niiva bad hemp Trinh to to produced by Hie Gen Thinka i hut it is indicated in Ull furl to of Tho and epee Lilly in whoop me Loulo do tint in Rolt Cost atm rent of Uusi Muelu in Tho following Ini Pur to liable Linen Lieres Young Don and old who to Iii camerons dad and Young Jjon Gani Orona a pretty fair Cam but old Camerona and there and Whon non lick of jul her thu Host Aud Llull ers a bal enough but to org us torn thu Tiivi oud All Tho Oen Tui Ion Trio mind of Antn him been Bolo Jurod by thu mailed of and it in of a i limn Tho Bolu conic Tolt Homo Lel Loith try to work mud by pure strike it nub right in Pluck where Perl Nutil Nevi Talieri Wuh Liny Uit Llam a title to Tho property int to Only thing its keeping up ibo property nud by duty unit uni Perii dont get in and our Pauli of Homo of these to i Jnore in ii Fol lot of Mousy for und a Ohio of pm can run of about Honover you got Ono of pm mud und you cant run it to Tho Bent thing to do in to throw up your Job an do t Down lilo Pluy Bavon a Ltd to the Trees of Ilia front Aud Trio plus Lotf of the held Ulku Puy Tab Leto to Homo of a filing i growth in Tho Htom Iob of Tho unit worm now to Braatenn Trio bilk Trieu of a Bini und Japan fungus but to Moro than once rid Nuil Tho vluuaid4 of Italy und for Tinct und now u Hillur nil nil the Orange Provod of i Lorld Aud Lou i bunt or built in a belonging to a Largo fully of Ingry part lug a Haluli Troy Iliouch Unni fully to pity to met Louisj Duytu of thu Tiik Siruc Tichtl Farmer thinks that what Mil it night no porn por factly Uii a further May be 1uuud to Many u Farmer Bun told bin went and Tomfor Lumblo Homo a Ltd a View to living on interest of bin but on to did not dui Uland to Iri Euit of be cuing Baving neither fat raft Mori if a Furi Nur ban Moro land Oulu att to bad ii Tor idl portion of let thu wifi of tue wll out Ion about Etoir and pm lug Wukon a woman in Hen a Lull not mind that Blu in
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