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Southern Californian And Kern Weekly Courier Newspaper Archives Jan 25 1877, Page 1

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Southern Californian And Kern County Weekly Courier (Newspaper) - January 25, 1877, Bakersfield, California 4 news Agency Obee in the of Ken jul str i 1 o if or Kern Jateff falter Kew offem on Chetter Hotoi and special attention paid to of women and children and office and on 3lit Back of of Stetson Houghton at s18 California san jan4tf Howard United states at drag attorney and Counselor at and a Patriot Adorney of Kern county attorney add ooun8blob into Feu sea in All the of the and Counselor at prot Ling in the dui let Obeleen door Louth the Kern Valley 18tf George attorney and Counselor at Adobe store attorney at Arcade on Cheater Avenue attorney at Law 4 notary w door sent of the Olympio will pwt Lee in the of Kern if de and Wius jibe kept in a style not unworthy of tha celebrated Maison of Parisi lie Well known Wail preside in person in the will strive to Merit a continuance of the generous patronage that the Public have hereto fore so freely and kindly bestowed upon in connection with the House is a firs class where none but the Best brands of to Dis se4tf Arlington Southeast Corner Chester Avenue and third Street James Samuel Law Valley Dank Ken Valley Maiette w1b be at flu inner morning and part Heulur attention to mining Law and a Ftp Marks attorneys Counselor at in tie Merced Dunk front Iryll attend the Touru at Kern Feblot physician and at Drury drug Cheater the Arlington a Star Eclectic physician and Otolea id Houie opposite the will be found Ai Bli Ottoo Tetkea net on Profe Illonal 73m22 surgeon oboe at the French physio Ian and Olavee with where be can be few no and in the a Voung he j Tho popular and experienced has sole and exclusive control of the dining Fine furnished in modern House l shape no dark elegant billiard Saloon and bar on the first polite attendants partition in every do jo8tf circulating newspapers and books and a Large and Complete assortment of miscellaneous comprising juvenile and Blank suitable presented photograph and autograph Gold pens and Cribb Ngo stereoscopic views and toilet gents dressing Combs and hand razors and Best toilet and shaving Lubins and Kim mops toys comprising a varied assortment of Crandall music diaries in great arranged expressly for Tho Pacific Standard including paper and Blank Bristol playing writing pocket Call Cash Glass and new books received direct from the Coons invites Tho Public to Call and examine his Stock at the express and Telegraph Chester near nineteenth Remington sewing fire agricultural the Neil Niton be wind Mann Tab Bat rapidly into favor m Pommel no the Best combination of Elloitt raved 1erfcct look it i a shuttle machine with Auto Aatlo drop deign bean la and tha Tery the Kkt Minton 8kwino machine liar Teo Elved at Many throughout the United unit without Effort took the Ortyl medal of he Ghent Orter of medal that wan awarded at the late Vienna the he Minton works also the new shot Poi Lleve with Patent joint a Marvel of of Lelih and be Jinni nil the iuplh8 by nine different and renowned throughout the world for Hunting and target at of mile metallic agricultural improved Momiko 8teul Road Patent Hay Cotton 1hon Good agents Send fur to re Minton Dessle new Kern a Pioneer notes the changes that occurred within the past ten prospects for the superintendent Poulio Reid Tunoa ear North end of Heiter Roy Lotf parked county Surveyor and Mineral 6 Bow Leui c Kohls of of Godfrey attobnev8 k ooun8e10rh at los Colie Oulom a e in the Southern of Rattra and att and to be or tha e part men a a Ehiogu und und do general in Henry Dutto i read and median Bank f f of firm of Pope pc f Slat leu county lot French Northwest Corner Chester Avenue and Hannings this hotel is kept in firs class is elegantly to no hotel Oil the Railroad South of san Francisco or North of Lou furniture and bedding the Saloon attached to Tho hotel will always be supplied with the choicest wines Etc polite and attentive attendants in every department of the House every Effort Avill be Trade to please terms always Eclectic Magazine foreign thirty third Tim eco Brtio reprint a from Alt the foreign Anil journals their Ollo Liml Iliili Ullner ecu tiling of la Librn Trevol and Iii Iun Nurt Pace with the program of the human nil my an the Ilin the on Opportunity for obtaining thai within Blaney formerly the Exchange hotel main t ibb above House been rebuilt and newly accommodation of the travelling the Are Large Anil com Well and Are arranged Gle or in Mill for of tub tablk8 will be with Theu Eit the Market and every attention Given to the Comfort of the stagb8 arrive and depart Dally there in Donn Netlon with the Hume a which furl shed a Ltd the Belt of Jui Tuuri and proprietor Jeanary millinery and fancy Packard having located in Sec Ond door South of Tho to Tho ladies of and Vicinity a Complete assortment of millinery and fancy goods consisting of Tho latest and most fitting and dress making made a Call and see and satisfy do21tf the held the Moutlon in wry and it to Leved that the present in greater and he thur Tau Ilerd of let Eutura than any no Iloilo on can Hope to do that Emolu Lively upon Home a knowledge of the Ait rent literature of other count Lei i Iti All wlm would Koup and Only u inti Luralie a mull if the in rerun a of Tho Frei the it lion Hail Anthony Krou Ile of Arlen Ito Ort veome to John Alfred a Tiunan William Thun i will Len Ilia any and lilo hard oiirpenler1 flux Norman Herbert and other equally regular Natl Oulu in the body of the lib Liero Are four y not Looi foreign lilo Rory role use and Ulii with to the Ali Armnler of the Tho aim of ibo eco Kiiu in to without mid truer Nuuanu Noli Nui Zibor lome thing to every Infin Liiri of the fully it it to unit great of n to pro lit in Well in in bold and hopi Ahful the u8 Pii Biu to refill Nof ooh number of the Oon Toliu n ban Honl in u in the Init Artzillo Lili inner Tutuh single 4s Conti one copy one 9o two Flo Tallal fur Ihram the and any c4 Magazine to one and Jon tug tree to All aim rum u i Loelf Lunil new furniture dealer on hand a laugh and Vail by a8sohtmbnt of in Lor and Jodi toxin 011a1ks Wall Likong cloture to bang and done at Short in Oun Netlon Ullh Purn litre he vovv1nh and cask bpm of every Iii Flea until my to none in Nim born no Way kept in Irlam to a Lull i a Kino Korn f editor after an absence of five and a half years from this i no de lighted to find that the face of Tio Iuro and business about the lakes and this Groat Valley has changed for the bettor a railway you now to Tonko you and your products to and from a Large of land has been reclaimed and fenced in with red Cedar boards and More than a thousand Tiloa of and near Tia Many Miles of Clit Choh and irrigating canals have Boon projected and carried out to Many of which is Tho Only Chance of salvation for Tho settler this dry in this great ship loads of vegetables and fruit Are now grown whore not ainu but Sago Wormwood and weeds wore Tho Standard production of Tho cattle and sheep by Tho Hundred thousand Thon roamed Over this expansive Valley at Arenow Corr titled or have Boon driven to the butchers to trouble Tho actual Settlor no Tho Lawless mex ican and some other two footed Kino have to look to other resources for their Tho Hoot horse and Lasso Are changed to Good teams and agricultural implements in this Short period of and thousands of tons of lame cultivated Hay is out by und stacked or baled for where formerly not a Spear of Hay was produced and Barley and crops of Grain Are annually taken from Tho car Den vegetables Are now whore Nono wore cultivated cab Bage withstand Tho Winter and Barrios grow in Groat Luxuriance Tho eucalyptus is boing planted and proves a decided and will to eventually an article of Commerce and for Homo Lor Cabinet and for thu Honey this industrious in sect if now gathering up its stores As busily As Lioy will to found to work in the month of May in Tho now England the Juie ulystus proves a Hardy Evergreen which grows in Australia to a Groat but duly two years from very Small uru standing by thu roil silos near Twenty Teot in height and four or Ivy inches in put there Only two years a million a an enthusiastic citizen declared yesterday that an Inch of rain in this state was Worth a million Dot he certainly did not make lift overestimate in this the agricultural products of this state last year wore Worth not less Thlin Voth no Moro rain than and fallen this year up to the 10th of january Only Tho fruit crop g Estlie Jet would Havo would Havo done tolerably the Cereal crops would have been a three or four inches of in addition to what has fallen within Tho last two will to sufficient to mature most of these now that Tho ruin has it brings also a Promise of it 1ms put heart into Tho whole farming they will shape All their operations for a dry with just enough moist ure to Rinir Forward the crops where Tho tillage is after the Middle of and in a dry to cannot expect Moro than four or five inches of rain at Tho if this is Well distributed to shall got fair crops Over a considerable except on irrigated lands wheat and other cereals will to a failure in Tho son Joaquin irrigating canals will to pushed by private and those who can turn water on their lands this year will probably find their account in High prices for Pas Hizy and Thoro is Little Prospect that Moro than twelve inches of rain will fall in any of Tho const counties or in most of the Interior it is reasonably Cor Tain that it will to relatively a dry the present Rains will re Vive Tho which by Frost and drouth had Boon nearly the Grain crops will to brought in Many instances Grain sown late had not oven sprouted in others it loud germinated and some Fields will Havo to to sown but in most on sos the rain vill brine out enough dormant seed to make a Good Thoro never wore Sti Many resources in Tho state for dry weather farming us All Tho reclaimed tulo All Tho lands in Tho san Joaquin Valloy where water can to will of course produce Largo Tho area of n i Fulla Lias been greatly increased during tha last two Iho Fields Range from live acres up or t mental an body Job the heart is by anxious counter Ian As Thoro is nor bus in if Tho and Trio Suttora for not on Nutriment 3o8ciou is aggravating each othe is not a bound spot Boily Tho whole Machi Man by turns Folio or or Ayi Tii la a Ooin non form o suon being Tho j practical lessons Novor sit Dew with an anxious Ordiste bettor a Iii for then much Moro food hungrier stomachs thai eating under Suph stances can and Vrell prolong and aggravate the of if never sit after any intense mental Liy Sicili and rays ii Able Libora Toly to injure Bod and no Minhas Ami boarding so tool Tor Piid Kara in Pant of Wool and Grain Bough my St Row Flor 10 Otway pm United states hotel los the largest u4 Pfost Tommo Dioroi hotel set lion 8tm i the and mined beg to inform the travel ing Public that they Well known and from their thu truly Bardun will kor private Hare Iii Ltd of at moderate r the exist lure we have formed throughout the state with the travelling oui my Tyty a guarantee that thai be ther dial to Tantalo Cuit Teflon to keeping the the for the twi out and at oar All Spring at Gull Una late of san Frankel icon next Dott West of Tiik Ohk Noii cutting and fitting hade a Plain und fancy sowing of nil kinds done on reasonable apprentices the patronage of the ladies of Sumner and surround ing country respectfully third Between Mali and Ilell Ioui 1hb musical instil Motlon he 1 might the mint improved Clerman in the hoarding Hii Hool u thorough la Vilna Anil education living in the country Waii Nave the Opportunity of tending their Uli Irmi to Angeles under the mint careful at the Ludl Luta Lemon will be Given in the Erna to Lan and prof Ewor incl Ruolo at the Brooklyn m Ori Mih Lewlou 4c Jacob Novoj Tif some Fields of yield Throe out for yielding from live to ton tons of Good Wilh a ready to argot for that can to upon this farm May to lout id Noc Tirino tro38 from soon to Tun inches in settings of Only four und and Puar from Throe to six inches in of Iho same and most of Ilioof Trees measure from fifteen to eighteen Feut in 1 assisted in erecting the first wooden building in the present Village of Only eleven yours named thu town and petitioned and Nogol Cutuil with the Post master for Apos Toillie and Tho of the mails to and from this present county where to find one of Tho bust models of u court House looming up und furnished and in practical use that can to found else in any Village on thin a Small free Church und from schools All conducted with propriety und pro Novor go ing bodily by some As being used done Ovorn 1he Wisest thing to under such is a Cracker and a cup of either Black or in ten minutes you a Groe of refreshment which will to pleasant to a Hundred and in a few in stations to five Hundred Tho Turgor Fiok Lasaro of course provided Midi irrigating Thoro was a und some thing that no rain would fall Notor now old settlers had Boon looking for precedents and found Oil or two Back some thirty years ago or Tho country was settled by to Rhino Moor hearing an old Citi now say that to came into Tho 13uy of some whore about the year As first of Inonu of a not enough rain had full on in two successive to Aftanis to produce and Tho wore very Giad to to helped out by a donation of ships Agri culture at that time was in a very Ordo i Oasis wore the principal which wore planted in april after the Rains had this with plenty of a oof was the main the cattle of course and the drouth must have Boon if u bean crop could not to it is quite within Bounds to Fay that every Inch of rain which Falls after this Date will to Worth i Mil lion of dollars to tha state and Ivory foot of Tho mountains will to Worth nearly As Niliah More to the to you not of the tf4nkwj which a gloss of liquor affy for Thote gives stimulus and a Little St Reni before it Nutriment to to drawn from thu Cream und tints gradually and by Safe to regain its usual Vispi in u couple of hours you i full meal provided it does it later than two hours Down if Thon Takel for that in Cracker and and the in you will fool a Frob Huss an not recently notf1 will to advised require to who will make while it is a fast of no Uri Sor vation Antong into Liger that eating bodily is roof til tint cause of alarming ant1 1 Jet and Ornot Roeu those things every family make it a Rolind with kindly Ful hut nor a your tic Christa Doros sign end Carriage and hair Dye it Ilia 8apb81 end la Shii it Noli the Mui Ual ural Iliad of Blok or not stain the and i earlly a and a upon Ertry Well Upp fund Tullet for i Jolly or sold to 153 old retired Livia Active placed in lilt by and but Honor to Tho and much Moro might to with truth und Honor of this newly settled whore nothing but wild boasts and Somis vagus made it their Only two decades Back Ward in Tho history of this Korn and Tulare Iris in not written wholly for the Pur pose of tolling your neighbor what to already but per this letter May Roach some famil that now resides on the wrong Sid of Tho Sierra nevadas and desires to know what Are w w hut prospects and of noes for him und ids to in e his emigrating and settling in All its work done in the Best manner and with by John nineteenth Street next to Vantol Tare Oto Tzib Brunot Atli per Ca mud bit own of and Oil re Robt and Alto v pot Lelve and Radical euro for to am nil nerve it comp alter in Luu thoroughly toiled wonderful oui Alvo of it duly to Moke it known to suffering actuated by thu Delro to Rel Uvo Burman will ire not Delro with full Durao Toliu for quid by Rouru anal tub Grain and Wool Gio wors of California May eventually learn that it is for their interest to Send their products to Market in n merchant Able Many lots of wheat Havo this year Boon sold at exceedingly Low prices Boott Tuo Tho Farmer Hud not taken Suju Clont cafe in re moving Tho foul matter to Render thai lot Iier Toad of boing a gainer by Hift att to input to Palm off dirt us shout to did not got Tho real value of the wheat Shnur a o now made Oono Ornong Tho condition of California Wool As tout to Turkot this u Liat Boon of Cordingly dirty and put tip in 06 slovenly a manner to greatly reduce its Naar Tot bus torn and lot that Tho table in a to mar Tho b Tient Tongue or i you pestilent Lou Thoro was grand philosophy in be old5 in of having a 11 attention Tab to taken of the Distaso by with twp pub Monroe mock sri two t bxeoutj5d a Bali at be i onions Aro silted a Sio Kropin tray will utmost Horio they should to changed every half in the room of a smallpox patient they Blister and decompose very but will Lite spread of the their application has Ulaj proved of factual mtho5aw of Nnake the blk no Man Clover Vin Lioio paid or Flo Al War and of Rolft Wool should h m i a
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